2008 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



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    FYI - This engine (I4) is the same as the last generation Camry (02-06), and I have not read or heard anything bad about it as far as reliability goes. But keep an eye on the coolant on yours, that is strange.
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    The original, legacy(pre-'98) transaxle design used a reasonably low volume gear type ATF pump but also included a fluid pressure "holding" accumulator so that high pump volumes were not required.

    When it came time to make the FWD transaxle more robust for fitting into the upcoming RX300 something had to "give", GO.....

    So the ATF pressure holding/sustaining accumulator was abandoned.

    By the time the '01 RX300 model year rolled around Toyota had realized their mistake and converted the series to a high(er) volume ATF pump to make up, at least partially, the difference.

    Than, as one would expect, the ATF began to be overheated and burned within just 40,000 miles.

    Now what..??

    Well, back to the low volume ATF pump but adopt DBW to prevent instances of a QUICK shift when these is insufficient ATF pressure to provide the shift capability.

    But. Someone forgot to tell the drivers that they should NEVER get themselves in situations wherein the DBW solution did not suffice.

    It appears that the very best solution might be to have a variable displacement ATF pump so that HIGH volumes can be pumped even with low engine RPM but still stick with low displacement with engine RPMs in the higher ranges.

    At least that's the solution Ford came to.
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    I live in Oklahoma. Like everybody else...I have the vibration also. I purchased my 2008 Camry in November of 2007 with only 29 miles on it (it now has 5900). It is an LE 4 cyl. At 40-43 MPH, I get the vibration driving up a slight incline holding it steady at 40-43. I took it back to the dealership I purchased it from, took the service manager on a test drive, he said that he hasn't come upon this problem before, but he did hear it and said that he didn't like it. They kept it for the day and also test drove another 08 camry with only 56 miles on it to compare to mine. It did the same thing. He called me back that evening and said that my car was ready to be picked up. He also stated that "the vibration you are hearing is a normal characteristic of that car". He also called Toyota and said that there was nothing he could do, but live with it. He told me to get a 2nd opinion if I wanted to. I took it to a regular transmission shop, who then told me that the converter needed work and that it has a vibration during lockup (which is not a norm). I then took it to a different dealership and we took him on a test drive, he felt the vibration. He then took it into the shop and "reset memory".....GUESS WHAT?.....it did it as soon as we left that dealership! Suprise Suprise! Like everybody else, my husband and I don't know where to turn. Here I paid 30K for this car and it vibrates?!? Does anybody know what I can do about this. I am not sure about the "lemon law", has it been too long? I used to have an '02 Camry...loved it but wanted something more sporty...so I got an '06 Mustang....the dash squeaked badly! So we traded it in on this 08 toyota camry, which I thought was the best, I was wrong. Any thoughts or words of encouagement would be helpful ?!?!
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    You paid 30k for a 4 cylinder Camry LE ??
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    Close to it....with the extended warranty and some extras and trade in....yeah
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    A 4 cylinder Camry LE with all the options should not cost you more than 22-23 grand maximum. A average transaction price for a 4 cylinder LE is around 21 maybe 22 grand. Even if you buy all the extended warranty and paint protection BS I still dont see how you could possibly pay 30 grand for a base level Camry. For that price I would expect to get a XLE V6 loaded to the max.
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    I said I had a trade in also which was tacked onto the loan. .I didn't ask for you to harass me about the amount I paid for the car, I am asking for help reguarding my transmission trouble.
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    My first thought when I read the original post was similar, how could he have spent 30K for an LE. Then I realized, that's not the point.......it shouldn't happen with a 25K car, or a 20K car, or a 15K car, or a 10K car.

    If he owes more on his vehicle, than the vehicle is worth...he is 'upside down' with the car. In order to trade it in, he has to pay off the difference. Sounds like he rolled this negative equity on the first vehicle, with the new vehicle, into a larger loan.
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    Thank you! Exactly, I said I had a trade in. Yes I went upside down on it because the 06 mustang I had was a POS also, rattley dash and such. But that is nobody elses business, so I wasn't gonna go there. Oh, also, I am a "her" not a him. I guess nobody is gonna help me with this transmission vibration, everybody just wants to talk about my 30K loan for this car that I am accused of pretending to have.
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    I was wondering what makes this situation "potentially dangerous"? I am trying to write a notification letter to Toyota and to my dealership where I purchased my 08 Camry LE from that vibrates and I need to proove that it is a safety issue.

    Thank you
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    The engine is lugging, it is in too high a gear, at too low a speed, where the engine doesn't have enough Horsepower and torque to drive the car. You can avoid the situation, by either pressing the accelerator down more (causing it to downshift and accelerate), or to move the gear selector to '4', as opposed to 'D'. Putting it in D, allows it to also go into overdrive lockup....which you are trying to avoid.

    I first noticed this problem on ours, when my daughter was driving, as she is a lot lighter on the gas that I. She just normally uses '4' around the city, and then if she gets on the interstate moves it to 'D'. Works fine for me in D, but I'm winding out the gears further.

    You may also try to change where you get fuel, to see if that makes any difference.
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    Anyone else have this problem. It seems every time I break hard or accelerate quickly, the seat jolts a bit forward and backward.

    I'm thinking about taking it in, but I've never had any luck with a Toyota dealership actually helping me. It seems they all say same thing, "it's suppose to do that." Go figure.
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    the passenger seat back in my Camry ratlles and vibrates when nobody sits in it, I find it annoying, but have done nothing about it yet
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    You have a tire out of balance. Go get your tires re-balanced, and rotated to other positions.
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    If you are responding to me, you are incorrect. First of all, I have under 3,000 miles. Secondly, I have had all of the wheels balanced because I switched from the standard wheels to the XLE/Hybrid Alloy Wheels. The problem has nothing to do with wheel balance. What it has to do with is a reclining mechanism that has too much play in it and was poorly designed.
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    I recently bought a 2008 Camry Hybrid. The right headlight is dimmer than the left headlight and also appears to be set not at the same level with the left headlight. At night, I can see the light from the left headlight shining a few feet further than the right. When I took the car to a dealership, they said it is normal and is designed as such. Does that sound legit to anyone?
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    Not likely; I'd try another dealer. The fact that the car is a hybrid would make no difference from any other Camry.
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    Purchased new 2008 Toyota Camry LE 4 Dr Sedan during October 2007. Encountered serious transmission problems at 40MPH and 60MPH. Contacted Toyota, Torrence California and was assigned a case number with "NO FIX IS AVAILABLE."
    I filed a request for arbitration under the Ct. Lemon Laws. During June 2008 Toyota
    complied with the Arbitrators ruling and refunded my full purchase price.

    Appealing to a higher authority does have merit.

    It is, however, a shame that Toyota forced me to obtain a legal solution and that does NOT help to enhance their reputation for quality, reliability or service.

    Buyers Beware!!
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    Hey dec426. I have a 2008 Camry LE like you that I purchased with 29 miles on it in November of 2007. I am having the same problem with the transmission or the computer in the car. I have had it in 2 dealerships and they told me it is a "normal characteristic of the car". What a load of crap! I am also filing for arbitration. They are suppose to call me and set up a time for an oral hearing at the dealership. Do you have any tips for me??? Did you have a lawyer present with you or did you do it your self? Did they give you a choice as to wether you got your money back or a different car? Thanks for your help!
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    dezral: I contacted the Department of Consumer Protection and they sent me a chck list of required items. The application has to be notarized. I opted for a oral hearing without a lawyer. Have you contacted Toyota USA, Torrence Calif.? Outline the problem, Contact the Toyota Field Specialist from the State where you bought the car, and have at least 3 failed attempts from dealers for repair. Itemize all these things in the request for Arbitration required documents. A filing fee is also required. Be able to verify what you say with work orders from dealers etc.
    A reliable witness that can verify your problem might help, one that has driven your vehicle and can express the problem encountered.

    Im my opinion it is worth the effort. Hope this helps. DEC
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    dezral: PS: I requested a full refund vs a replacement vehicle. The arbitrator
    takes all the statements etc and has 10 working days to render a
    verdict. If granted, Toyota has 30 days to reply. Hope tis helps.
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    I also contacted Toyota in Torrance, CA and they called me and told me to send the arbitration form that was in my owners manual to the address in Mount Clemens, MI. I sent all documents to them and one of their reps call me a couple of days ago and asked if I wanted an oral hearing or just send in paperwork, I opted also for the oral hearing. She said that they would call me back within a week or so and give me my appt date and time with the arbitrator. But, I didn't get a checklist like you. How do I get ahold of the "Toyota Field Specialist" in Oklahoma (where I am)? I took it to the dealership(s) a total of 3 times/5 days. The only thing they did was I took them for a test drive, they did feel/hear the vibration. They contacted Toyota, who said they couldn't do anything. I then took it to another dealership locally and they reset the memory, which didn't work. I took the back the next day, they kept it for 2 days and then also told me it was "normal". Do those count as "failed attempts", they told me it was a "normal characteristic" for these cars?? When do I pay the filiing fee and how much is it? I wasn't sure if I could use a lawyer or if I should just bring my husband and his best friend who would be my witnesses. I also didn't get anything notarized. ~~~Dezra
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    Why did you want a refund instead of a replacement? See my deal is, I traded in an 2006 Mustang for this Camry so I am upside down on it. Do you know how that would factor in on the refund? I need you to help me get all my ducks in a row so that I can win this case...I would like them to give me a Camry that does not vibrate, which apparently isn't a 4cyl LE, would they do a 6cyl or something or do you have a clue? I am sorry, I don't mean to be a pest but nobody seems to know how this process is and I am so furious that Toyota is saying its "normal" when it isn't! ~~~Dezra
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    Be careful...

    Keep in mind that in many of these "cases" the dealer service manager will often have been instructed in advance to keep the "question/problem" verbal, NO written record. I have even had instances wherein the service writer had obviously been given a "heads-up" and rather than continuing the service write-up handed me off to the service manager.

    I even had one case, Porsche, wherein upon this hand off to the service manager the service manager actually ripped up, destroyed, the write up that had already been completed after telling me "that's the way it was designed".
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    wwest: I am not sure I understand what you are saying. I have a written letter from the dealership I purchased the car from, after I took him on a test drive so that he could feel that vibration. I have written proof that he felt it. Is this what you are talking about or no?
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    Lemon laws in many states require that the dealer be given three opportunities to repair the flaw. I was simply pointing out that it might be difficult to obtain written records of these three "attempts" since the dealers will be reluctant to put such things in writing.
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    Oh ok, I think I understand now. Thank you wwest for your help. If you can think of anything else that might help my case, please let me know.
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    I spoke with the Owner at my dealer today about the vibration issue.....

    He told me that Toyota has issued a fix for "Shuddering at 56-72km/h (35-45mph)"

    It involves re-programming the ECU, and he says it will take less than 1 hour to fix.

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    I took my Camry to 2 dealers ships, one reset the ECU which did not take very long but on the way home, it started the vibrations again and has been doing it since. Sorry to tell you, but it will not help. I am taking mine to an arbitration hearing at the dealership July 9th. Maybe you should file for arbitration and see what it can do for you. Toyota knows what is happenening with these cars, they just don't want to deal with it and take the time and money to recall these transmissions! Good luck!
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    Did you have your ECU reprogrammed? or reset? I was told that they have a "new" program for the ECU and that it has only been available for a week or two now. When did you have yours done?

    I'm not trying to discourage you from filing for arbitration, I would have done the same months ago, if that legal route was available in my area.
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    The ECU was "reset" back on April 29th. That was the only choice they gave me. I took it back the next day and that is when the dealership called Toyota themselves and they said that it was normal and that there were "no fixes". I then filed for arbitration a month or so ago, so I am definately preceding with that. It is legal in Oklahoma (where I am from). I will let you know what happens after my hearing. All I have been told from day 1 was that there was "no fix" and that it was a "normal characteristic" for my car. Sorry but I don't by that, any vibration is NOT normal, especially on a brand new 2008 Toyota Camry and they are telling me it is. Please let me know if the "reprogramming" of the memory works for you. So your state does not have a Lemon Law?? I have had my car in the shop and even took it to a transmission shop 3 times for a total of 5 or 6 days. The transmission shop said that there was something wrong with the converter and it was not normal. Good luck!
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    You had the reprogram done before the latest TSB, which addresses this problem. Sorry to hear you had to get to this point before they came out with the fix.
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    It is not very likely that a dealer's service department would have reason to reset the ECU, ONLY reset the ECU. They would know, undoubtedly, that a reset, alone, would only result in a temporary change in ECU operation.

    It is even possible, quite concievable, that the service technician used the term "reset" when really meaning "reflash".
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    Do you have an '08 4cyl. Camry that successfully had the ECU re-programmed? I've not had mine done yet, so I'm still skeptical.


    I don't blame you one bit for proceeding with arbitration, Toyota OWES you a full refund on your car, in my opinion! Good luck.
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    No, but on Toyotanation website lots of people report that it works. I have an '07 4 cylinder, and had some hesitation. I had a TSB done last fall that took about 1/2 hour and fixed the hesitation. One of the new TSBs is said to replace the one I had done, and is reported to be better than the TSB I had done. The other TSB, if I recall, is for the vibration. I only had the hesitation.

    In summary, check the other website, and get the TSB done - you'll like the results.
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    Be careful...out there.

    When a reflash is done, or a simple reset, the engine/transaxle ECU's factory default parameters are loaded instead of the myriad of parameters your car has adjusted, been continuously adjusting via the "learning" process, since it first rolled off the factory floor.

    And forget, PLEASE, the old wives tale about the car learning YOUR specific driving techniques. Yes, it does learn and adapt to a few driver "habits" but it ERASES those each time the engine is restarted.

    But, for the first 500 miles or so after a reflash or ECU reset it will be restoring many control parameters as it learns the tolerances and recalibrates the systems accordingly.

    So, did the reflash work...!!

    You'll only really know after about 500 miles of driving.

    But my answer to that question is no, a resounding NO...!!

    Otherwise why would many '08 & '09 Toyota and Lexus FWD and F/AWD vehicles have a NCF, New Car Feature, that reacts to the lifting of the gas pedal in different ways depending on the RATE at which the gas pedal pressure is removed..??

    All in an effort to avoid, more often avoid, two gear changes in quick sequence.

    Now YOU get to learn how to manage the gas pedal release rate in order to avoid, mostly avoid, the 1-2 second transaxle downshift delay/hesitation.
  • dezraldezral Member Posts: 20
    drichard or anybody,
    Did you have yourECU reprogrammed with this new update? The Toyota dealership that I have my arbitration hearing through called me today and told me about it. I was wondering if it worked for you or anybody else. I am not sure if I go ahead and have them reprogram this if it will hurt my arbitration process, it is July 9th. They said it was no guarantee. Please let me know!
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    Please read my new reply post. You seem knowledgable, this poor lady needs your help!
  • dricharddrichard Member Posts: 7

    I had mine re-programmed yesterday. I've tried driving in "D" at 40 MPH, just like I described in my first post; I have been unable to get the vibration to happen.

    I'm very pleased that the ECU reprogramming has worked for me, but please keep in mind that I have only driven 60 miles since the reprogramming so far.

    ............. so far it seems to work!! :)
  • dezraldezral Member Posts: 20
    I am so glad to hear that. But, I am afraid that if I go have it reprogrammed and then it comes to my date for arbitration it will not do it because of the reprogramming and then after my chance for arbitration has passed it will start doing it again. I don't know what to do. I guess I should call the NCDS and ask some questions.
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    Where, what..??
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,722
    I had the first TSB done in October, EG036-07. This immediately improved the performance, and it is STILL running great today. It has not "start(ed) doing it again". I would expect this newest, updated TSB to also permanently change the programming - why would it not?

    Over at Toyotanation.com, everyone has great results after getting the TSB done.
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    I had the first TSB done to my Camry in April or May, it was the only one they had availiable at the time. I wasn't sure what makes this new one they have out different from the first one. I had found the TSB on the internet and took it to them (the dealership) and they said they knew about it. On my way home, my car started vibrating again. So that is why I am leary about this one. Since I am pursuing arbitration, I was not sure how to go about it. My arbitration hearing is next Wed (the 9th), so if I do the TSB and it starts vibrating in a week or longer, I am not sure if I will still be able to pursue arbitration again or not.
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    I went on a 1000 mile round trip vacation this past weekend. The vibration has not come back yet, and my mileage has improved by 3-4 MPiG. Cruise control also is improved.
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    I am having this problem for almost one year:

    when car is cooling down (means when just start running in the morning or after car rest for few hours and start), it does not have problem described below

    It happened when the car is getting warm up (after driving for around half an hour), when I stop the car at the traffic light or stop sign then try to go forward, it always hesitate to start, feel a stuck, has to press pedal hard, feeling like trying to separate two magnet

    There is one time, i stop at a right turn corner, my steering wheel is at right turn position, then press pedal, the pedal completely stuck, which means i can not give gas, however, the car can move a little bit, i pull it over the side and stop engine restart car, then it can move again.

    if i do not press break, the stuck feel never comes, it only comes after press break.

    it bothers me a lot every day, i tried a mechanic, he open the front lid and put some oil at one place and said it fixed, but it does not at all

    if any one experience same problem, please kindly help. Thanks in advance
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    I had my arbitration hearing on Wednesday, I think/hoped it went well. I asked for a repurchase. They told me that there was the new TSB that had come out in May, but I had already filed for arbitration by that time, so that is why I told them I didn't get it, that and the dealership called and told me about it a week before my hearing date. If they turn me down for repurchase then I will get the TSB done. I am glad that your car is better. I will keep you updated on what their decision is.
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    I hope your arbitration meeting went well for Toy does buy cars back, however one that has just a single problem as a tranny deal and it is widespread throughout a production model year the chance is slim of a repurchase..The Asians are rather brazen and arrogrant in fixing problems..

    I went through a buyback on a GM car in 1999 with a 1998 Olds Intrigue that had accumulated 26k miles..It had steering and brake issues, all fixed as necessary by the dealer and always furnished a loaner car. No lawyer was involved and correspondance was limited, however car was repurchased and cost me $826 to drive those 26k miles..I was issued a check from GM for the original purchase price less the mileage charge of 826.. I endorsed the check and handled it back to the dealer plus an another check to purchase another new 1999 Olds Intrigue..It had similiar problems but with less frequency, however I put a quick 75k miles on it and traded it in on a new 2002 Olds Intrigue..After 120k miles on it, it was traded on a 2006 Pontiac GPGT..

    I imagine that GM in the current economic climate would be a little hestiate to do the deal again..Maybe not..

    I did a similiar deal on a boat back in the late 70's. Wheras the manufacturer removed the engines from the original hull and installed them in a new hull..The new boat was sold immediately..It was a three yr deal of problems, however in the end it was a excellent outcome..

    Have owned 43 cars in my advanced age and never owned an Asian car, 41 Big3 cars and 2 Porsches..I was leaning toward a Camry SE-V6, but too many problems..Don't need the grief...

    Good Luck!!!
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    Hey motorcity6: Of course Toyota won. I just got the decision back yesterday. I will be taking my car in to Toyota to have the most recent TSB done probably Monday and see if that works. If not, what do you think my chances are in getting a lemon law lawyer and fighting it? Or should I just deal with it like everybody else? Thank you for all of your input, it really helps a lot. ~~~Dezra
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