2008 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



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    Take it to the dealer and let them work their wonders..If it doesn't work, ask for a new tranny..The last effort would be a lawyer..Keep us posted..
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    Hi there,
    I guess i have some news...Good news for CAMRY 2008 owners regarding vibration problems. I am going to post everything that i know in this post alone.

    I was given to know by Toyota service fella that a new service bulletin (Fix for Vibration/shift ) for 2008 camry was released and they have already fixed a couple of camries without any further complaints. If this is true it will be a good news for all of us 2008 camry owners who have this Vibration/shift problem at 40 to 50 mph speed. The engine slows down drastically without retaining the speed for atleast few seconds after releasing the gas pedal, forcing the driver to press the gas pedal in order to keep the momentum.

    Today i went to Toyota dealer (gail toyota in CT and spoke to a MR jim) to check my cruise control which had a slight problem. It wasnt really a problem, but i was doing something wrong. ANYWAY my cruise control was just fine. I asked jim, if the toyota has released any fix for the vibration/shift problem. He said he himself has done the fix on one camry 2008 and the customer has not called him back even after a week with any complaints. Looks like the camry is working just fine after this fix.

    I dont know if this is true or not. I love to believe this great news. I CANNOT JUST WAIT for my next oil change when i have set up an appointment to get that "FIX". He told me the firmware update was just released and they hook up the computer to one of camry's system and it takes about ONE HOUR to get this whole thing fixed.

    I have my next oil change coming up at 5400 miles ( iam at 4400). I shall keep posting about my experience after the fix as well.

    Meanwhile if anyone else has heard similar news regaring this fix, please post here. I hope i am not the only one to report this.

    I just cannot believe this is happening...but i will still keep my fingers crossed unless until i get my car fixed during my next oil change.

    However we have to remain compromised when it comes to seeing the image of the dashboard on the windshield and rear mirror, which is very annoying.Iam sure there is no fix for that.....

    God bless all 2008 camry owners.

    Thanks for reading. Please confirm this news if anyone else heard the same thing.

    Thanks again

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    Here is the lemon law for Oklahoma! This is a paste from the state's lemon law website

    What exactly is a lemon law? In the dictionary a lemon law is explained as a law obligating manufactures to repair, replace, or refund the price of motor vehicles that prove to be defective. The lemon law is designed to protect consumers that purchase new vehicles. All fifty states in the United States have lemon laws, but each state has different principles and procedures. But how do you know what defects qualify your vehicle, and how do you prove it? Basically, if your car has been repaired for the same defect four or more times and the problem is still occurring, you have a lemon. Of course, the defect must be something significant which substantially hinders the vehicle’s use, value or safety.

    Oklahoma Lemon Laws cover "Any motor driven vehicle required to be registered, excluding vehicles above 10,000 pounds GVW and the living facilities of motor homes."

    Manufacturers are entitled to 4 repair attempts or 45 days out of service before it qualifies under Oklahoma Law as a Lemon.

    Cars are covered under the Oklahoma Lemon Law for Warranty period or 1 year.

    I hope this helps. Your Camry's problems certainly hinder use and value. Quite arguably if the acceleration is unresponsive its also a safety issue.

    I also hope that you did not submit to to "legally binding" arbitration. I would recommend that you never ever do that. Toyota uses arbitration to dodge lemon laws whenever they can. If you can invoke statute law and get rid of a bad car, why on Earth would you risk being bound by the compromises and ridiculous settlements that can occur in arbitration? Invoke your rights and get rid get rid of this Camry lemon before its too late.
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    "The engine slows down drastically without retaining the speed for at least a few seconds after releasing the gas pedal, forcing the driver to press the gas pedal in order to keep the momentum."

    Sounds to me as if you are a "VICTIM" of Toyota's latest effort to FIX the 1-2 second transaxle downshift delay/hesitation.

    Under the new FIX you are supposed to learn how to manage the release of the gas pedal in order to avoid an upshift followed quickly by a downshift. The NCF, New Car Feature, indicates that if you lift the gas pedal slowly the engine/transaxle ECU will "assume" that your intent is to enter "cruise" mode and thereby it will upshift. On the other hand a "quick" release/lift of the gas pedal would more likely mean you wish to slow the car using engine compression braking and the engine/transaxle ECU will tend to keep the transaxle in the current lower gear ratio.

    It sounds as if you may be confusing the engine/transaxle ECU by lifting the gas pedal a bit too quickly when you actual intent is to enter cruise mode.

    I would assume that what you need to do is give the ECU time to "learn", for you specifically, ALONE, the difference between a quick lift of the gas pedal and a slow one. That would probably mean restricting the car to only you driving. :mad: Or in the alternative you can "learn" how better to modulate the gas pedal in order to more accurately "tell" the ECU your future, IMMEDIATE future intent. ;)

    But be careful of what you ask, that new TSB may mean going back to the old way, incurring the 1-2 second downshift delay/hesitation in certain specific situations.
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    mcase2: Thank you so much for your words of wisdom...where were you at before my arbitration date?!?! I could have used you to help me more. I did read the OK lemon law, and did notice that it said 4 repairs, and I only had 3. So, from there I knew I was doomed. I took the chance anyways and lost. I do agree with you that it is a safety issue, Toyota argued with me and said it wasn't. I am a woman so don't know much about cars except that a vibration like that isn't "NORMAL" like they said it was, I mean they said "NORMAL CHARACTERISTIC" whatever, they just don't want to admit they made a mistake. Since I did not win my case, I took it to the dealer (since that was my only option) and had the new TSB done that they offered me 1 week before my arbitration date and that came out right after I had already filed arbitration. So far so good, no vibration yet that I have noticed anyway. I haven't had many chances to try to make it do it. They said in my "decision letter" that I could either accept the arbitrators decision or reject it. I rejected it just in case it acts up again after this new TSB, I will still have until November to persue further action, if needed. How do I know if I submitted to a legally binding arbitration?? One more trip to the dealership for a repair on this car for a vibration and it will be a "lemon". I have already had to take it in for a defective CD player and my passenger side seatbelt thingy on the door sounds like it has a spring loose...at least nothing else big. Thanks again! ~~Dezra
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    Hi wwest,
    Thank you for your reply. I did try to release the gas pedal slowly and saw lil bit of improvement, but not quite a lot though. And you know if you are conscious of the gas pedal all the time, then thats not called driving. It should be done involuntarily in my opinion, without worrying about it.Anyway its for sure is a problem from Toyota and this learning process is just to comfort ourselves i guess.

    Anyway i will ask the dealer if the TSB has had any success in the last 3 weeks. Based on which i will proceed with the fix. I shall keep you posted.

    Thank you again.
  • mcase2mcase2 Member Posts: 160
    Without reading any documents you may have signed I cannot say if the arbitration was binding. From here it sounds like you were involved in an "in house" Toyota arbitration process that did not involve the courts. If you did not specifically sign away your option to go to court this process probably is not legally binding. At this point having a lawyer you know and trust read what you agreed to and review any documents you signed in this process might not be a bad idea. You need to know where you stand and this would be the first step.
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    I had Toyota perform the T-SB-0068-08 Enhnacement to Shifting Performance. The Car seems to be much more ready to downshift when making a turn. I have had the car back for one day, but it definitely seems to be markedly improved and a worthwhile update. I will post more as I drive the car more. I am very glad I had it done.
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    What year Camry 4 cylinder do you have, and had you previously put on one of the earlier 2 TSB's? (They were out in the 2007 timeframe)
  • adamw812adamw812 Member Posts: 32
    it is a 2008, with a September 2007 production date
  • james108james108 Member Posts: 34
    Hi, I have my 2009 Camry LE V6 for 2 months, recently I notice a small buzz sound beneath the dash when cruising at around 30 mph. Have any one experienced the same problem? The buzz noise is on and off in the speed range of 25-35 mph. Thanks.
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    hello folks,i recently went to test drive a 08 camry LE with auto and 4cyl that my local toyota dealership was offering a sale on..i have been reading about all of the problems that people are haveing with the vibrations and the slugish tranmission shifting so i took the camry on a nice long test drive with the salesmen by my side..as we got into the car i asked him if some of the issues that have been happening with the camry such as the tranny issues,vibrations at 40 mph,and sluggish engine performence have been corrected by toyota and he said oh yes they have been all corected begining with the 08 model year..he said that those issues were with the 07 camry models and not to worry.anyway,as we got going with the test drive i immiedietly noticed the tranny problem and how sluggish the car was.the salesmen was embarresed to say the least and i also felt the car vibrating when i got to about 45 mph..he suggested that i go on the highway but this test drive was over for me as far as i was concerned and i returned to the dealership..i think it's a discrace that toyota has still not addresed these issues with the camry and thank god i test drove the car before i purchased it unlike some other camry owners..live and learn i guess..
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    That problem is resolved with a TSB, which obviously had not yet been installed on your test vehicle. Too bad. The TSB is a new software load for the computer, which takes less than 1/2 hour for them to load on.

    I think if you ask that salesman to have the service mgr put the TSB on, and you took it for another test drive.... you'd have a totally different viewpoint.
  • lucky_777lucky_777 Member Posts: 205
    TSB-0068-08 that updates transmission software was issued on May 21, 2008. All the never vehicles should already have it done from the factory. Most likely car that you drove was manufactured prior to this TSB date. You can search on TSB number and find out that issue with shifting was completely resolved.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,722
    Yes, kiawah and lucky 777 are right, the car you drove did not have the latest TSBs, only takes half hour. NOT all the '08s have the new software - I would bet that the one you drove was produced before the May '08 TSB.
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    I have an 08 camry v6 LE, and have been noticing random "knock" noises coming out of the floor/door area. I went to my toyota dealer and after an hour they showed me a TSB stating some 08 Camry's had broken welds in the door pillars.
    There is no recall, and no solution for the problem...., what should I do?
    Has anyone else out there got this problem?
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    What did the TSB state that the dealer was to do? Ignore it? First I've heard of this. Might consider calling Toyota corporate and get a case number assigned to you for this.
  • pskinnerpskinner Member Posts: 3
    The Toyota TSB stated it was a limited nuber of cars but didn't state how many.
    Also said that there was no fix for the problem..
    The service manager took a look at my car and said the it was in a "no access" spot. There was no way to get to the spot without removing "a whole lot of metal" as he stated...
    This is kinda scary since I just got burned by buying an 08 Ford Escape which turned out to be a gas guzzling piece of junk.

    So, I shoud just call Toyota's 1-800 service # and get a case number. What will this do for me?
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    Ask for them to repurchase the vehicle under lemon law, and give you a new vehicle. You have a vehicle under warranty, with a structural defect, and they're telling you they can't fix it at the dealership. Get a regional rep to meet you at the dealership to review your case.
  • pskinnerpskinner Member Posts: 3
    I am in Nova Scotia Canada, as far as I know there is no lemon law here....
    What other options does that leaave me?
    I tried the CAMVAP thing before but it's more of a joke than anything..., can take years to get a resolution.
    I am going to the dealer Tri-Mac Toyota in port hawkesbury tomorrow to talk to them again.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    2008 Camry (Hertz) I4 automatic w/23,732.

    162 miles / Little Rock, AR / Olive Branch MS, 9PM-11:30PM, 5.52 gallons, 29.3 MPG.

    Mostly FLAT country, constant use of A/C & CC, 75 MPH, downshifts (mostly unobtrusive) only on slight rise overpasses.

    Peppy I4 IMMHO regaining 75 MPH from ~60MPH quickly and smoothy under CC resume.

    Comfortable ride but noisey engine under acceleration.

    1-2 second engine downshift delay most definitely present, easily replicated, at 35MPH w/quick re-acceleration.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,722
    Sounds like it needs to have TSB068-08 done, a 25 minute reprogramming of the ECM. The downshifts on slight overpasses and 1-2 second downshift delay are the complaints that people have before they have this TSB done - after they have it done, no complaints.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    The downshifts that I experienced, other than being somewhat delayed due to CC, were quite appropreate in my opinion. Maybe a bit more "abrupt" than if I had downshifted earlier myself due to the upcoming incline, but not beyond an acceptable level all things being considered.

    Since the TSB is not likely to be able to actually solve the base problem, mechanical design flaw, my guess is that the modified TSB firmware simply reduces the occurance of these events via more closely "watching" the gas pedal movement and controlling the transaxle shift pattern accordingly.
  • phd86phd86 Member Posts: 110
    that experiences downshift on overpasses, and get 29 mpg on the freeway, that is; mine does. Ignore the transmission - turn up the radio; don't look at your gas receipt, and/or don't pay cash.

    In my particular experience...they all do that....and I have driven quite a few different recent camries. I wouldn't worry about it at all.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    I did not see anything unusual or attention-getting with the way the Camry drove, impressed overall was I if anything.

    I would NEVER own or purchase a FWD vehicle but were I to do so I would find a way to switch off that center console panel "back-lighting" that is so annoying for night-time driving.
  • retire4meretire4me Member Posts: 2
    I have a 08 XLE V6 that has a delay in shifting most notable somewhere around 40 to 45 MPH. I have had it in to the dealer once in June for this and they said that they could not find anything wrong. They said I need to have their mechanic go out on a test drive to see if it occurs. Tthe problem doesn't all the time, I can go for weeks before it reoccurs.
    Will the new TSB (TSB068-08) correct this issue?
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Because of an internal design change to reduce weight and improve FE the Toyota and Lexus transaxles will often have, in certain well specified circumstances, a 1-2 second delay in downshifting. My guess is that the same thing might occur in upshifting.
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    Yes, the TSB will address that shifting problem. Takes 1/2 hour for the dealership to download the new software for it.
  • dezraldezral Member Posts: 20
    I have a 2008 LE and mine did the same, I took into the dealership sometime in Sept and it doesnt do it anymore, I had the TSB done, took a few minutes and I am very happy now.
  • georgezzqgeorgezzq Member Posts: 1
    hi, I got the same problem like yours,did u get fix it? Can u let me know? Thanks
  • 4ruth4ruth Member Posts: 11
    My post was not about a buzz noise, but about mileage.
  • 19bill5619bill56 Member Posts: 5
    I want to drain the power steering fluid and re-fill with Mobil 1 ATF. Am I able to do this at the PS pump? If so, at what place on the pump?
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    Suck it out of the reservoir, or disconnect where the reservoir hose connects to the pump.

    But the bigger question is WHY would you want to do this?
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Yes, WHY...??

    And why ATF unless that is what the factory uses/recommends.
  • 19bill5619bill56 Member Posts: 5
    power steering fluid is ATF anyway, so why not use a superior fluid like Mobil 1? I guess the theory is, like Mobil 1 motor oil, there's less wear on parts, which means longer service life for the component it's used in.
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    There's little likelihood of any parts failure that would be affected by the change in power steering fluid. How long do you plan to own this car, anyway?
  • 19bill5619bill56 Member Posts: 5
    Until it isn't feasible to keep pouring money into it because of its age. I've always had good luck with the pre-owned vehicles I've had over the years, but I decided that I wanted at least 1 new car. You know, for that new car smell, the warranty, peace of mind, technological advancements, etc. I did keep the old car to use for going to work, throwing lumber and tools in it without having to care about scratches or dents. Another benefit of keeping the old car is that after having the Camry for a year now, it has only 5K miles on it.
  • 19bill5619bill56 Member Posts: 5
    That's what Toyota has in the system from the factory. In the owners manual, it says if you need to add fluid to the reservoir, use a DEXRON II or III ATF.
  • JimRacJimRac Member Posts: 1
    I have a similar problem with my 2009 Camry LE, purchased in later October '08.

    Noticed the first week that the driver's seat intermittently seems to move while in driving. The movement can be in any direction, but primarily seems to occur during turns (moves side-to-side) or at freeways speeds moves vertically) over the crest of a hill.

    As mentioned, this is an intermittent problem. It actually stopped happening for appox. 3 weeks at one point, then started up again.

    I took it in to the dealer this morning. After the tech looked it over, the Service rep told me that the seat was bolted down correctly, that the rail in electric seats has a certain amount of play in it, and this was what I've been experiencing.

    I've never experienced this particular sort of "play" with an electric seat before, and told him so. He suggested that when I bring the car in for it's first service in the next couple of months, that we arrange to have a Toyota field engineer look at it.

    If this is still bugging me at that time, then that's what I'll do.

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,722
    Another idea - try driving another LE Camry and see if it has any movement. I had a car a long time ago that had very slight front to back seat movement, and they replaced the seat track - problem solved.
  • vernjvernj Member Posts: 1
    Has anybody had problems with CD stuck in the stock Toyota CD player?
  • mrdisco33mrdisco33 Member Posts: 58
    I purchased an 09 Camry LE V6 (Canadian model). I have not been pleased with my car after several months of ownership. Does anyone else have the following issues:

    1. The plastic garnish surrounding the clock is completely popped up in the front. If you look at your dash it should be a smooth transition between this piece and the rest of the upper dashboard. Not mine. The dealer claims it's a fit and finish issue with this piece and there's nothing they can do to fix it. WTF.
    2. There is a buzzing noise coming from my brake pedal. It's most noticeable when I first start the car on a cold morning and use the brakes.
    3. The seatbelts squeek when your body shifts forward. They applied silicone lubricant which didn't solve the problem
    4. The plastic piece on the driver's side B-pillar seems to be bowing out.

    These things really bother me as I paid a premium for the Toyota logo. Conventional wisdom would dictate that such issues is more commonly found on an American or Korean car. I'm at a loss to see my new car with more defects than my 12yo American car. :(
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    The buzzing noise is probably from the ABS unit up in the front right of the engine compartment, which goes thru a self test first start. It's documented in the owners manual, and you won't hear it at all in about 3 months (from what I've experienced).

    Don't have the other issues in my 07.
  • mrdisco33mrdisco33 Member Posts: 58
    This sound seems to be coming from the foot well. It varies in intensity when I depress the brake pedal. I've had the car for about 9 months now and it seems to have gotten worse during the cold winter months.
  • bluebird74bluebird74 Member Posts: 1
    Hello, did you get any satisfaction on this? I know exactly what you are talking about, and mine is bad in this cold weather. I was told today by the dealer it was NORMAL, associated with a vacuum tube for the power assist brakes. It's an obnoxious, very electrical noise, underneath the driver dash but slightly above the break. Ridiculous. I am not going to accept that this is normal.
  • 4ruth4ruth Member Posts: 11
    I have written a couple of times about my inability to get more than 22 mpg with my new used Camry. I thank all who have responded.

    It has now been to 3 dealers. The last one told me that there is a computer in the car that learns a person's driving style after a few hundred miles and then it automatically drives the car in that style. Supposedly they took my car to the Toyota place (I bought it from a Honda place but the mechanic there is Toyota certified) and had it put on a machine that reset the computer so that it would learn my driving style. Since then, I have gotten about 2mpg more both in mixed and highway mileage. I think that 18 and 24 mpg still stinks. Tires are all okay. 30,000 mile check up has been completed. The factory related problem has been repaired. Toyota is saying that they can do nothing more.

    Anyone with any other ideas?
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    I forgot now if you have a 4-cylinder or V6. If it's a 4, that's not very good mileage. But gas mileage is one of those things that's hard to pin down because of all of the variabilities in driving conditions (trip length, traffic density, ambient temperature, braking and accelerating, use of cruise control, etc.) Yes, the the computer "learns" but it shouldn't be a major factor compared to these others.

    I think when the weather warms up (if you don't live in a warm climate year round), you should take the car for a long drive on the interstate at say 65 mph. Maybe a 300-mile round trip or so, and then tell us what gas mileage you get, by filling up before you leave and refilling at the same gas station and pump when you return.
  • hvtec2002hvtec2002 Member Posts: 19
    I have been mixing between high way, city, warming up in the morning and trafficking.

    And the car has only 700 miles on it right now.

    271.65 miles in my speedometer
    10.340 gal at the pump.
  • ucdebbucdebb Member Posts: 2
    I purchased a 09 Camry LE (4 cylinder) in January 2009. I am having problems with the plastic garnish around the clock, too. It is on the left side towards the windshield and is higher than the transition to the rest of the dashboard. I have returned car to the dealership's service dept. in my area THREE times and the issue is still not corrected. After the last visit, they suggested to let the hot temperatures heat the piece and perhaps it will level out with the rest of the dashboard. I don't think that will work since we have had hot temps this summer already. Have you resolved this issue yet? I am certainly curious if there is something the service dept can do to resolve this issue.
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