Nissan Sentra Electrical Issues

minimouseminimouse Member Posts: 1
I have a 2000 Nissan Sentra GXE.

I'm having a strange problem with my left turn signal/brake light/headlight system and can't figure it out. when I turn on my left turn signal and it works fine until I press on the brake then the signal dims way down, the brake light flashes, and the lights over the license plate flashes as well. It gets even worse when the head lights are on. The right side works perfectly.
I've tried replacing the bulbs and checking the harness at the back light system by swapping it with the right side. I also checked to see if its a grounding problem by temporarily connecting my jumper cables from the negative terminal on the battery to the engine block - no help.
I would really appreciate any help or ideas anyone has for this.


  • venkatareddymvenkatareddym Member Posts: 1
    Recently Purchased a 2008 Nissan Sentra SL. Garmin GPS is connected to 12V power outlet, but it was still power on after shutoff the engine. when i went to dealer they are saying it was designed to supply the continues power supply. Is this happening to all of you guys.
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    not sure about the sentra, but the altima has 2 powerports. 1 stays on when the car is off and the other doesn't.
  • fusecantfindfusecantfind Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where the PCM or ECM fuse is loacated on a 1997 Sentra?,,Autozone told me thay cant due a code readout because one of the fuses are out or the plug port is bad
  • northsidekidnorthsidekid Member Posts: 1
    I Have a 1992 Nissan sentra.

    And sometimes anything to do with the dash board area (turn signals, brake lights, shifter and a/c you get the idea) will stop working and if you take the battery cable off for awhile it will work again. Any ideas on whats causing this? changed the fuses the battery cables already.
  • tmason1tmason1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a new 2008 Sentra and I was wondering if any is having troubles with the car leaking. The drivers side of this car is leaking when it rains and also the radio is having to be replaced because it stopped working and would only go to mute if any of the buttons were pushed. Also the radio lights remain on after the car is turned off.
  • nickerenickere Member Posts: 3
    I just purchased a new 2008 Sentra. It was raining on the way home from the car dealership when I felt a couple drops of water on my left foot while driving. I will be taking my car back to the dealer today about this. Apparently you are not the only one.
  • josehjoseh Member Posts: 1

    I have the same problem with my Sentra. Did you ever get an answer?

    Left turn signal/brake light/headlight system: When I turn on my left turn signal and it works fine until I press on the brake then the signal dims way down, the brake light flashes, and the back-up lights flashe as well. It gets even worse when the head lights are on. The right side works perfectly.
  • ltlewisltlewis Member Posts: 2
    The speedometer, fuel gauge, RPM gauge, engine temperature gauge stops working off and on. HELP.
  • ltlewisltlewis Member Posts: 2
    I purchased a used OEM gauge cluster off the internet and that solved my problem.
  • texassuetexassue Member Posts: 11
    edited August 2010
    I was prepared to love this car; my husband and I rented a Sentra on our vacation. Up to that point, I was looking at Mazda 3 and Honda Fit. But the 2010 Sentra we rented car drove like a peach and was roomy and quiet. I researched and it looked like the Sentra was super reliable. And I got a great deal on my new SR- or so I thought. Now, I am living a nightmare-

    1) Within the first 3 weeks of ownership, I got in the car twice to find out that the clock reset to 12 and the radio presets were gone- just like when you get a new battery. Dealership service maintained they were clueless about cause. Small irritant, right?

    2) Two weeks later, radio and clock went out entirely. Replaced, and service said that there was a short and burned out fuse. I thought to myself- in a NEW CAR?

    3) A week later, car did not start at all after I had been driving it fine all weekend with no problems. I jiggled the gear shift, thinking it wasn't all the way in park, and it then started. Drove 2 miles, suddenly ALL electrical systems went out and car lost power. Fortunately, I was not up on the highway and coasted into a plaza. No lights, no horn, no nuttin'. Water in five of the six battery cells was very low. Towed into dealership, where they replaced a "bad" battery. I insisted that they check to see why the battery would burn up water like that. I was told- "No problem could be found".

    4) Exactly ten days later, car is towed again from work. Completely dead electrical system again, although I had taken it out for an errand during lunch. I should mention that the evening before, when I ran up to the store, the car had no pickup and would not go over 30. When I came out of the store, it drove just fine.

    This time, the mechanic said he was "100% sure" that the problem is likely the one that caused the radio to go out and is the result of the failure of the factory to properly weld a connection behind the battery so that battery wasn't recharging. I was told, however, that the proper part to fix this was on national backorder. (Hmmm- do I smell a coming recall?) The proper part being called both a connector for a wire harness or the right battery terminal. After six days in the shop, with no loaner car furnished to me, I picked up the car tonight after the proper part came in and it was "repaired". I drove it home two miles this evening. Two hours later, when I got back in to visit a friend at the hospital, the dashboard lit up real purty and I still had a horn- but it didn't start. Not even a sputter. I looked in the battery and the water in all chambers was low. (Curiosity question- why was the battery not checked?) I put more water in then tried to start the car both in park and neutral. Nada.

    Service division was closed but I talked to dealership sales manager who told me another 2010 Sentra with exactly the same problem got towed in to them yesterday. The mechanic had last week told me he saw the same thing four months ago.

    By the way, I took this in twice before the electrical problems started because of a "popping sensation" under the floorboard when I turned the wheel to the right. It came and went, and shop said they couldn't replicate it so had nothing to fix. But if the steering system is electrical, I wonder if there is a relationship.

    Well, my "new car" , with a whopping 3100 miles on it, got towed in for the third time in 2 weeks tonight. But I am beginning to question whether this is fixable, and, if a bandaid is put on this, what confidence can I have that there aren't other slipshod quality problems awaiting me in the future? Meanwhile, my 175,000 mile Taurus that I thought was on its last legs and that my son now uses is going strong, air conditioning cold as the day I bought it.

    Is anyone else aware of such problems? What has been your experience? I am more upset than these words convey. If I bought a lemon computer, the store would exchange it - but I'll have to go through an arduous lemon law proceeding on this one. :mad:
  • texassuetexassue Member Posts: 11
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    Here is a followup on my note above. Well, knock on wood, the solution to the third tow-in was easy; they had not programmed my usual key. I hadn't tried the key I had left with them for the repair. The dealership took responsibility, picked up my key from work, dropped of the car to me. Hopefully, this is the problem and we have smooth sailing from now on. They also advised that battery was overfull and lowered the water level- my hubby was wrong about the water being low. :)
  • mammimammi Member Posts: 2
    i have a 2001 nissan sentra. the battery tests good, the alternator tests good. it may run 20 minutes with the battery fully charged then slowly dies. the battery needs jumped again. we put a new battery in it and it may have ran for about 2 days but now we have the same problem, any suggestions on what is going on??
  • chavez14chavez14 Member Posts: 1
    hey i was wondering if you ever fix your left turn signal problem im having the same issue and i cant figure it out........
  • fweversfwevers Member Posts: 1

    We're having the same exact issue with ours right now. How did you get it resolved ?
  • 67nova167nova1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi there having same prob can you help
  • gshanmugamgshanmugam Member Posts: 2

    Please share the soulition for the below problem....
    I am having 2004 Nissan Sentra 1.8S, having the same issue
    All my meters goes off and on frequently. The OFF and ON time is 2 to 3 seconds.

    "The speedometer, fuel gauge, RPM gauge, engine temperature gauge stops working off and on."

    Please share the solution.

  • asiangemasiangem Member Posts: 4
    My friend is a Honda Technician who has a 1992 Nissan Sentra which battery couldn’t keep the charge and wouldn't even power up the headlights or dome light inside the car; so he replaced the alternator, the starter, the battery and got a new battery cable connectors, ignition switch relay and fuse for the inside of the interior lights (these last two items he thinks also was causing an electrical short but may not be related to the problem) and the battery for this entire week has been perfectly charged.
  • gshanmugamgshanmugam Member Posts: 2
    Hello All,

    I gshanmugam posted the problem in this forum, want to share the solution...

    My problem was
    All my meters goes off and on frequently. The OFF and ON time is 2 to 3 seconds. "The speedometer, fuel gauge, RPM gauge, engine temperature gauge stops working off and on."

    Solution is...
    I took my car to the cluster repair specialist and he solved it in just 30 to 45min, and said some electronic part went out due to heat. No earth wire loose, now loose wire harness, no other sensor issue...

    It is just a clustor.

    Please refer the cluster specialist website "" and the person name is "Jorge".

    I had lot of web search for my problem, so want to share the solution.

  • tashaluv2tashaluv2 Member Posts: 3
    My car lost Lights first where Shifter is then some Dash Lights & idk how many times I replaced Dome Light Bulb & all fuses are Fine,then the Breaks started to Squeak drove me Batty so had all the breaks done worked ok for maybe a Day then SQUEAK aghhhh I asked the dealer what's goin on he said it's Break Dust but it never did that before & now & then it also doesn't wanna start so changed the plugs,better gas still CRAP & not even 50k on it,we just did the exhaust last weekend & there is a wire that was corroded off so we fixed that still same other that is ok safe car & I'm so NOT gonna take the dash apart to replace the bulbs heck NO & I'd rather drive my 98 or 02 Mitsubishi Eclipse way more fun think time to sell this one I've had it long enough,,,,,
  • macaroni1957macaroni1957 Member Posts: 1
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    My daughter is unable to start her 2010 Nissan Sentra again. Last October had same problem and the starter wire was loose. I checked voltage on battery and it was 11.8 with the headlights on and 12V with lights off so it did not seem too bad. I tried jumping but still would not turn over the starter. I am suspecting the starter wire again. Will check it after the rain stops.
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