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Buick Enclave Leaks When It Rains

mickicdmickicd Posts: 24
I bought my new Enclave on Jan. 15th and that night, it rained. It not only rained outside my car, it rained inside! It appears the seals and moon roof leak. The water was coming in and running down inside the walls of the car. The water soaked everything and got back inside the walls were there are many wires and speakers. I took the car into a Buick dealership today. They were not very friendly and didn't seem concerned at all. I'll post the outcome.


  • flrobflrob Posts: 1
    Purchased my Enclave 06-2007. Had a dry summer, no problems. This fall and winter I have had numerous leaks around the moonroof and antenna on the rear of the vehicle. The latest incidence is a leak at the top of the windshield on the passenger side. This is ceasing to be an inconvenience. I am going to dealer tomorrow to try to get a repair (#2) If this is not successful I am going to have to try another avenue. Will keep posted.
  • I just picked mine up this weekend & when I got it home the entire area under the storage box by the liftgate was soaked & apparently had been wet for some time since there was rust on some of the metal & the insulation liner was wet. Did your dealership have to replace your liner & what was the outcome? I hope mine got wet from the dealer giving the car a wash & not a leak from the liftgate. Let me know your results.
  • That is where mine was wet too. I urge everyone, after it rains to look in the back by the liftgate under the box. It appears there are dealerships out there that either don't know about the problem, or do and are selling them anyway.
    I took mine in to be serviced. They called me the next day and said they fixed the leak. I asked them if they replaced the padding and I didn't get a response to the question. The service guy put me on hold and then said they would have to special order the padding (jute) and they did. It rained again and my car leaked again. I toook the car in and they couldn't find a leak. It rained yet again a couple days ago and my car leaked again. I am taking it back to be serviced on Monday of next week. Now here's the thing...I ran into a lady with the same car as mine and her car leaked too! However, they replaced the carpet, padding, metel runners (anything that was rusting), back speakers and I believe the rear seat and the header. She has a family member that works at GM. She was the one to show me the rust in my car because they didn't service it properly. Also, they stripped the inside of her car completely to dry it out. She said not only do I have rust, but I will also get or may have mold. I called Bose and they said the speakers should absolutely be exchanged as they are paper. So, there you have it. My appt. on Monday will be the 4th time. I reported everything to the Better Business Bureau and I will take the steps necessary in order to follow our state Lemon Law.
    Stay tuned folks.
  • curious if this issue is specific to a particlar model ? Cx , CXL AWD, etc. May not be - have you all compared notes on that? Wonder if it was specifc mfr dates?

    Would you not have bought the Enclave if you had read (your) issues from 4 or 5 post prior?
  • vramvram Posts: 1
    FWIW, we were looking at an Enclave until we read of the leaking problems. We decided that we did not want to deal with another GM issue on a brand new car since we've had this problem in the past. In fact, when we sold our last Buick in 2001, we said we would never buy another GM product. We were recently willing to reconsider that decision since we drove the Enclave and really like it. It's disappointing to say the least. :mad:
  • I agree, it is very disappointing. My car is in for service now and I may be a week before I get it back. I will be surprised if the problem is resolved.
  • I have a 2008 GMC Acadia which is the less luxiourios verson of the Buick Enclave. It's been in the shop 5 times for a water leak which appears to be tied to the sunroof. We even had an electrical short which was tied to the leak. I told the dealer I wanted a new car and that according to the NY Lemon Law guidles I qualify for one ( the car is only 6 monthes old with 5000 miles.) My main concern was permenant damage caused by the leak (electrical and rust). They didn't make it easy for me. They were going to offer me incentives. Which I would have refused. Here is what you have to do. Mention the lemon law if it applies based on the state you live in. Tell them that you are going to go to arbitration to get your money back and take your business someplace else if they don't replace your car with a new one. Be very firm and nasty if necessary. Remember your paying a lot of your hard earned money each month for this vehicle. They will surely replace your vehicle because they won't want to lose your business and it puts a black mark on their dealership if they have to refund your money. Do not trust these people. They are out to make money, not lose it. I hope this was helpful.
  • natalulunatalulu Posts: 12
    Don't know how many thousands of these type cars have been sold - but so far so good on mine (2/08) . Keep looking, listening, waiting for all these horrible events to happen. Then I reflect back to my Volvo XC70 which went dead every few weeks, would loose the radio program and ignition wouldn't work until it was re-programmed and what a hassle that was the entire 3 years I had it. But apparently it wasn't a problem with ALL Volvos, just mine! So I'm thinking that with the 1000's of Enclaves & GMCs sold these a fluky issues and not big enough for a recall.
    haven't found a perfect car yet from Buick, Volvo, Toyota, Honda, over the years. They all have issues - bothersome as they are I don't think Buick is any worse than the others.
  • vettemomvettemom Posts: 5
    I purchase my Buick Enclave in Aug. 2007 and have had no problem until yesterday. I usually have my car parked in my garage but yesterday I had to leave it in the driveway all day while it was raining out. When I went to use it about 4 hours later the front carpet was soaked, the front sides were squishing wet along with the upper side material section near the seatbelt adjuster and back seat floor. There was water dripping down the sides near the floor. This has never happened before. The sides where the Bose speakers are and side airbag area are all wet and that concerns me. I am really concerned about rust, mold, and mildew. I have an appt. for tomorrow, any suggestions?
  • Make sure you aprise them of the technical service bullitan issued by GM to dealerships which tells them how to take care of the drainage tube that is too short. Read "Acadia problems" forum. This is your Enclave's ugly sister. It also has leaking problems. Many people have posted their experiences with this issue. I had the problem myself. The dealership replaced the drain tube, and I haven't had any leaking since. It is a known issue and GM really should recall the vehicles for this problem!
  • mickicdmickicd Posts: 24
    my leak is finally fixed, but it took at least 4 times to the dealership. Also, they never replaced the side airbags or bose speakers. And, the bolts in the very back under the carpet are rusted.
  • justme08justme08 Posts: 2
    I just had the worst experience with my Buick Enclave! I have owned the car since November, and have truly enjoyed it until now. Today, as I was driving down interstate, I could hear water sloshing above my head and all of a sudden the water started pouring out of the area near the emergency brake, soaking my foot. Shortly afterwards, the Park Assist Off signal appeared all with the warning bell and the brake light came on. I then lost all lights in the vehicle and had no turn signals or brake lights on the car. This seems to be a big safety hazard. My service advisor said he had not heard of any issues with these vehicles to date. However, I discovered this forum when I search for the Enclaves leaking. At this point, they are not sure what is wrong with it or how much damage has been done. :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • vettemomvettemom Posts: 5
    I brought my Enclave to the dealership and it took 2 weeks for them to dry out my car. They had to take off all the carpeting and headliner to dry them out. It was the drain tube in the sunroof. This has been a ongoing troubnle with these models. I have had no problem since it was replaced and no mold or mildew is showing and no smell so far. Good luck! :)
  • rugby65rugby65 Posts: 81
    I'm sure glad I checked this forum I have been admiring the buick Enclave. I've driven GM cars and trucks for 40 years and suffered with everyone of them until I bought my toyota Highlander in 2003 I now have 62000 miles and no problems. The only thing i miss is the chevrolet pickups.. really wanted to go back to GM but I'm not ready to return to all those trips to the service dept and be told they can't find any thing wrong.
    One thing I could never figure out was why the fleet vehicles were more problem free. where I worked i got a new gm pickup to drive every year and none of them every had a serious problem.
  • mwingemwinge Posts: 6
    all these wet Enclaves are scaring me. Are they on the earlier models or all models. I have an '08 purchased in April but it hasn't been in heavy rain yet. I have my own set of problems with this car-at 800 miles they pulled off one of the head because of tolerance discrepancies and now at 6000 miles and 2 weeks of intermittant check engine lights they tell me that they have to tear off one head and maybe both! Lexus doesn't seem so expensive now. Does anyone have expieriance with lemon law or GM buyback of problem cars?
  • A rainy evening commute in my Enclave CXL revealed leaks around the windshield with water dripping down to the floormats, plus a soaked beam on the right side of the windshield. Reaching up into the sunroof bay I found half an inch of accumulated water. Took in my Enclave this a.m. to the dealer and they told me that this is in fact a recall, although running my VIN revealed nothing tied to my car. Hence no letter in the mail informing me of a recall. Mysterious! Not sure if this is deemed not a problem with CXL or not, but mine sure leaks. It's drying nicely tonight and I'll pick it up tomorrow. Hoping it's fixed once and for all because otherwise this is a truly fine vehicle.
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    recall is for the older ones , it includes the instalation of drain tube extensions for the rear sunroof drains. the front drain outlets on old and new enclaves have four rubber flaps in them which restrict water flow and collect debris which does not allow front drains to drain and hence your overflow problem and wet floors and headliner. not a hard fix it just takes some time
  • Pleased to report that after the team at Capitol Buick in San Jose addressed the issue it appears to be fixed. Heavy rains this week and no more leaks! Took a few days for it to dry out but they furnished a rental so...back to enjoying a great vehicle.
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    glad to hear it
    good luck
  • justme08justme08 Posts: 2
    I just picked up my vehicle on Wednesday from the dealership (it is now Saturday). There was a leak in the front passenger side coming in through the visor area down into the dashboard. Now there is a leak coming through the dome lights which just ruined several things in the back area. Anyone have ideas on how to get this fixed (finally)? :sick:
  • vettemomvettemom Posts: 5
    I was lucky and it was fixed after the first time I brought my car to the dealership. They replaced the sunroof drain tube which is too short. They have not had a recall on this problem but they do know about it and I have had no problem since they replaced this. I was worried about the water damage but they dried out the roof and carpet and have had no other issues with this trouble. My email is [email protected] if you have any questions about this. Good luck.
  • missj2missj2 Posts: 3
    My enclave is back at the dealership for the 3rd time with water leaks. The 2nd time back they had it for 2 weeks, during which my son's breathing, bronchial, respiratory problems improved drastically. Got the car back withing 2 days he was wheezing and had to go back on breathing treatments. My car has been soaked with water several times inside this last time it sat at the dealership with windows up and south georgia heat. I think mold has developed and causing my son to be sick. No luck with GM yet they were very rude and blew me off. My dealership is cooperating trying to get GM to cooperate any suggestions
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    I would review the Lemon Laws in your state as a starting point.
  • mickicdmickicd Posts: 24
    I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles with the enclave. First file a complaint with the Better Buisness Bureau and also review your states Lemon Law. Keep all receipts and notes. Demand everything be replaced and examined for mold. Carpet and headliner etc. should be replaced. How many miles on the car? Is it still leaking?
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    there are two separate issues with the enclave. one with the main sunroof drains (front and rear) second with the stationary sunroof. GM has a recall out on affected vehicles and technical service bulletins on the problems. i would have to look , but i believe i may have the tsb's . if you want i can get you the numbers
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    have they identified the reason for the leaks? sunroof drains? mention the service bulletins on these vehicles , there are diagnostic procedures for known leaks .
  • missj2missj2 Posts: 3
    That would be great if you could find the tsb's. As we have had some terrible rain this last week and it is soaked inside but still at dealership and now the back hatch is just opening by itself. They also found another leak on the driver side middle. Thanks
  • rdellrdell Posts: 1
    Are these leaks only related to 08 models or are 09's experiencing the same problem?
  • tourguidetourguide Posts: 190
    These are the 08s. No 09s I have heard of have the problem.
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    i can get the info for you if you still need it
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