Acura Integra Steering and Suspension Questions

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90' Integra. I am having an intermittent shaking in what feels like the front end. It will happen at low speed and high speed. It will come on and then maybe not happen for days. I know this much.
It is not the the wheels or tires. New tires and have had re-balanced, and rotated around the car to see if the vibration moved. It's not the brakes, I know what a warped rotor feels like and i don't feel it thru the brake pedal. I do know now that it definately occurs under load, more so on accelaration. The motor runs fine, no shake at idle or under load with the e-brake on. It will cease to shake when I depress the clutch and let it roll.
Thought CV joint but had them replaced about two years ago and this def was not a symptom. Had it to an alignment front end guy who said everything seemed tight, and of course we couldn't get it to shake for him.
Thought motor mounts, but doesn't explain why it's intermittent. Maybe a clutch issue? Flywheel?
It had a new clutch put in it back in September.
To me originally it felt like it was in the wheels (wobbling), but now that its been on and off since x-mas it feels more central.I just need to know who the heck to take it to.
Thank you for any input.


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    I'd seriously look at motor/trans mounts which fall apart on this era of Honda/Acura. I recently had to replace 3 out of 4 on one of my cars and since I'm cheap I had a hard time finding any good ones in the junkyard. I had to modify bolt hole locations on 2 of them that were slightly off because they were from a manual and I couldn't find any good ones for my automatic. Bad rubber formulation, gets dried out and splits or detaches from the metal. Vibrations do change depending on engine rpm and if it's mounts then it makes sense to me it would probably be worst at lowest speed when you're trying to get started and at high revs. Mine were bad enough they actually "clunked" when the trans shifted.
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    :sick: 96 Acura Integra- I am able to reverse & drive foward. However the steering wheel wont turn left/right, the wheels are locked! when I try to turn the steering wheel, it is stuck. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be????
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    make sure your power steering pulley and belt are functioning.
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  • msamsmsams Member Posts: 3
    My neighbor has a 97 acura GL with 150k + miles and last week asked me to service her power steering fluid. AS I recall It didn't require any fluid, but di d need brake fluid. A few days later the belt broke. She had another freind replace the brake and he told her that I had filled her system with motor oil and caused it to blow all the seals and freeze up the pump. Now she wants me to replace the whole system. I'll leave it there before I get more upset. No good deed? INput please.
  • msamsmsams Member Posts: 3
    Sorry he replaced the belt and apparently the reservoir.
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