Need help- Crank Position Sensor

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Read through the chilton and I'm as far as getting the balancer bolt out- supposedly you should be able to pull off the balancer by hand- I've been yankin it for days now- I don't think I could fit a pulley puller in there so close to the inner fender- anyone know any tips or tricks??

(1998 3.8L Intrigue)


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    I changed the CPS on my 01 Intrigue. Hopefully, its the same process that I used. I tried to pull out the CPS for a long, long time before I got it out. You can't get it out by hand its too awkward of a position to get enough force using just your hand. I used my socket wrench extension as a lever to pry it out. It came out immediately using that extension. Make sure that the electrical connector is disconnected before you pry out the CPS. I hope that helps. BTW, do they have a Chilton manual for the 01 intrigue ? I couldn't find one anywhere.
  • jaquiejaquie Member Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Intrigue. I am trying to find the Crank sensor. Could you tell me where it is located?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    In the 3.5L Intrigue, it is located behind the starter.
  • spiral37spiral37 Member Posts: 1
    need help - location of it and how to remove
  • dieselissydieselissy Member Posts: 34
    Hi , I just did mine,this weekend and it was not too bad. you will need a 10MM & a 15MM combo wrench. pentrating oil would bee too bad either. In order to remove the crankshaft sensor, you wil have to get the starter down. Make sure to disconnect the battery before starting. There are 2 15 MM bolts if you look straight up. Loosen them and the starter will drop. Then remove the wires from the starter and remove the toy starter. (really small starter for such a powerful engine), next if you look straight up where the starter was, you will see a electrical wire connected to the plug with a bolt going thru the sensor where it is held in place. Use your 10MM wrench to remove the bolt hoding the sensor. once the bolt is out, use the screwdriver to pry the sensor from the holding plate. It should come out fairly easy. Once out, reinstall in the same order and push the new sensor in until it pops, meaning past the oring which holds it in place. Make sure you connect the sensor before reinstalling the starter. It took me ahwile to wiggle the starter back into place, but after a few tries you will do it too.!!!! I also changed the cam sensor on top!!! This one is located underneath the Dexcool fill bottle and much simpler to replace. Take a look at your new sensor and see what it looks like before taking out the old ones to have an idea on how the bracket and sensor looks like!!!! good luck and email me should you have any questions. :shades: :shades: :)
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    I recently bought a 2000 intrigue 3.5l v6 gx model with 109,000 miles on it. I took it to autozone and had the battery and alternator tested and my alternator was only running at 55 amps so i replaced the alternator and had it tested it again and the amp output was 141. well now the battery is not being charged by alt. what gives? also i had the service engine soon indicator come on so i had that tested and was told it is the crankshaft position sensor. i am due to have that replace this weekend. any assistance from experienced intrigue owners would be greatly appreciated. i am ready to throw my hands up. but i read several post in this forum that this is a really good car so please any insight. :)
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    There are so many complaints about the factory crank sensor (including mine)- A LOT of people have them replaced. I sometimes see a bad battery over-draw on an alternator causing alternator failure.... or the other way round. I've seen bad alternators drain batteries down too far to revive. Have them both replaced, along with the crank sensor and you should be fine.

    PS- be easy with that tranny - I hear from multiple people that they bite the dust if you over do it with high miles.

    I do beat the crap outta mine and she still runs great- tranny does some wierd stuff once in a while.

    Always here to answer anyone's q's... [email protected]

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    '98 Climate control says exterior temp is 32 although it's over 70 and the ac won't come on. If the car sits and is running the exterior temp never changes. If you drive the car, within 2 to 3 miles the temp jumps to 40+ and the ac will come on.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    You need to change the air temperature sensor. It's located in front of the radiator.
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    Thank you for your detailed description on how to replace the crankshaft position sensor. I am about to replace it on my 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue, but I am concerned regarding this:
    "The only problem with doing this repair yourself is that you will not be able to preform the crankshaft position variation learn procedure with out a factory scan tool. The vehicle may crank an run, but the timing advance curves will be wrong so the vehicle will probably cut off every time you remove your foot from the gas pedal."
    (read from here

    Do you know anything about this issue?
  • daddyoscottdaddyoscott Member Posts: 3
    Found it, replaced it, works fine.

    Thank you.
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    I've got an '02 Intrigue and a problem that I suspect is related to either the starter or the crank sensor. Mine has never stalled while driving, but on rare occasions it won't try to start (it's as if the starter is disconnected, it doesn't even try to crank). I've got power to everything else... Wiring connections to the starter seem fine, I wiggle the connections to the starter and the leads off of the battery (in case there's a connection issue due to corrosion), disconnect the battery and reconnect, but nothing... Then usually about 12-24hrs later, try to start it up for the hell-of-it and it starts right up. works fine for months, then at random it will refuse to start again. Is there anything I should check out (voltage?) or replace (wiring, starter, sensor, other?) even though at the moment it's starting up fine?


  • dukecebrellidukecebrelli Member Posts: 3
    Well, even if you had a bad sensor, the motor would still try and crank. I just found out recently that the ignition switch they used in these cars (and its sister cars) were known to have connection issues. Not sure, but next time it doesn't send power to the starter, try wiggling the key around while in the start position.

    (The proper test would be to use a volt meter to see if power is making it to the starter solenoid from the ignition switch)

    -Duke Cebrelli
    [email protected]
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    IF it makes no notion to start I would say Ignition switch.
    If it was the crank sensor it would at least try to turn over.

    Owned my intrigue for many years now.
    Replaced it ignition switch twice.
    Contactors get scorched and burnt inside.
    I have actually repaired them but don’t even mess with it.
    They are about 80 dollars at AutoZone.
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    bucknljake, I am having the exact same issue as you described. Did you ever figure out what it was?

  • kimphotokimphoto Member Posts: 7
    Ok for 1 year i been having that stalling/engine cut out after 11 min (when engine warmed up), so when the check engine lite came on, my friend's code reader said crank sendor b. BUT i also noticed when I recharged my AC DELCO battery i didnt have that stall problem, but as the days pass, the stalling problem will slowly pop up. first as a studder but continues to drive, next day again, and the next it will stall but restart easy. I recheck the battery and the volts were about 12, I recherged and runs fine, then repeats the problem. Can a bad battery or alternator affect the Crank shaft sensor to fail or give a false code?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    change the crankshaft sensor. It is a very common problem with the Intrigue.
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    yea i agree i been going to the shop now just about eveyweek to find out why my car is having a startin issue and that seems to be the conclusion had everything from a battery to a ignition switch changed! no light was on for the computer to read.
  • ginkeysginkeys Member Posts: 2
    my intrigue had stalled about 4 weeks ago, prior to that i had startin issues.. sure enought the car rpms so idelin and the car completly shuts down. i got it towed to the shot and the engine light was on of course. and it came for a crankshaft sensor, however the mechanic had giving it a battery test and it was completyly dead. which tells me its a alternater problem. NOPE my mechanic tested that said"it was fine". now im gettin frustrated so i go back and there were no lights on. i hate having a feelin when i turn the car off that it possibly wont start. i had brought the car back to the shop again.(i had been there for numerous other intrigue issues aswell i wont get into) this prob has been the worst(btw) anyway. and he took a look at the sensor and said it looked fine. how can you tell i believe if it was in my code history then its probably bad. :cry:
  • 01intrigue01intrigue Member Posts: 92
    I assume the starter is known to be good. My starter went out a couple weeks ago on my 2001 GLS.
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