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2008 Acura MDX

msladybugmsladybug Posts: 3
edited May 2014 in Acura
I just bought a new MDX after owning an RDX for 4 months and not liking it too much. The first day of driving it off the lot, my MDX no longer recognized the keys and would not let me change the personal settings within my steering wheel and the address book and home buttons within the nav (as well as many others buttons) were now blacked out. It worked fine for 1 whole day then all of a sudden both keys are not recognized for personal settings. Since the Nav is the same in the RDX I never had this issue at all so this is a new one for me to have to deal with. :-(


  • ballaballa Posts: 5
    The keys for your MDX allow you to turn the recognition feature on and off. The instructions are located on the back of the keys. You just need to press and hold both the lock and unlock buttons at the same time until you see the light blink on the remote, then make sure all of the doors are closed and unlock your doors and it should recognize the key.
  • Thank you very much for your reply. ;-)
  • In my RDX I was able to set up my menu so that when it got dark my menu would turn red and my map would be black.

    In my MDX 08, it seems to not work..I have to manually push the button to make it dark at night.

    Anyone know why it's not automatic in the MDX? :confuse:
  • Press the setup button, you won'tsee the day/night color selection in the first screen, use the interface dial (push it to the right, I think) to get to the next screen, then you will see the color selection, and you go from there. I bought mine a week ago and have read the manual a few times. The electronics in this thing is complicated.

    Good luck.
  • The owners manual is the best source for proper operation of all the features although boring to read, it will help you understand how things work instead of assuming things are broken.
  • achadha1achadha1 Posts: 65
    Anyone hearing anything about the 09 MDX? It is the third year of the model as this is usually the year they make changes...I am hoping for a hard drive of 10gb, keyless start, better third row access
  • I have an ’08 MDX purchased late November. I noticed early on subtle creaks and pops coming from either the front suspension or maybe the transmission while moving very slowly starting from a stop and braking to a stop. I don’t really notice it if I’m starting fast or breaking hard (maybe because of the additional noise) but during a normal acceleration from a stop or a slow breaking to a stop.
    I recently took it to the dealership and the tech said that they are aware of this, that it’s also been noticed in the ’07 MDX, but they don’t yet know what it is.
    Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, has your dealership been able to fix?
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    I've been wondering about this too. Consumer Guide is claiming no real changes for the '09 model year but I would expect Acura to make some feature upgrades in it's 3rd year of the model.

    Would be nice to see them make the back up camera standard, add a keyless starting feature with the tech package, update the navigation system (with features such as real time re-routing around traffic problems) and maybe give the stereo a once-over.

    Wife and I are looking to buy or lease in May so we won't be worrying too much about changes, we still feel MDX offers best overall bang for the buck in this segment.
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    They didn't change the first gen. MDX until the fourth model year (dual tail pipes, projector head lamps, upgraded stereo, HP increase). If they follow suit w/ the 2nd gen., it will be MY 2010 for any significant changes. ;)
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    Good to know. It's also being strongly rumored that a turbo diesel engine will make it's debut in the 2010 model year.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Not until 2010.

    Some changes might be done like a USB port.

    As for traffic re routing then yes that will be in the MMC. May get a hard drive but might not. Honda still likes the DVD Navi system but it might eventually go to hard drive. Keyless start is possible. Enhanced bluetooth is a likely feature.

    09 should be a carryover from 08.
  • tmarinertmariner Posts: 10
    I hear what sounds like a "valve tick: in my new 2008 MDX. I hear it from outside in the front and wonder if I am being too sensitive. The dealership says it is the fuel injector but I am having a tough time believing that the best engine builders in the world would not fix something like that.

    Otherwise, the car is insanely great.

    Is this common?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    The dealership says it is the fuel injector ...

    Did they say they couldn't fix it? It shouldn't be too hard to adjust the injector and lifters.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Went to see a dealer yesterday and he told me that I needed StoneX a film that will prevent rock chips. Its a film from 3M that is applied over the car but you cant really see this. Wants $499. Cool with the price but can you see the film? Does the product work? StoneX website is terminator like and looks goofy so I wanted real experience if any is out there.

  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    That price is too high. You can have a 3M clear bra put on virtually any car for under $500.

    The price will depend on what areas you want protected, normally they just put a section on the hood, front fender lips and the backs of the mirrors. You can typically get this done for closer to $200-$300 through an independant shop.

    I've never heard of StoneX but I would be very skeptical of it actually being a 3M product. I had a product called "Richochet" applied to one of my cars several years ago and it was also supposedly 3M but it was not. It yellowed and peeled after just a couple of years on the car.

    The 3M brand clear bra that I have on my 4 year old Audi on the other hand looks perfect still. Not a blemish in site and it has kept the front of the car looking very very good.

    You CAN see the clear bra but you really have to look for it. Definitely worth while for keeping the paint from getting chipped, etc, on these newer model cars.
  • So the clear bra is a film or like a car mask? Does it rest right on the hood? Having a hard time getting the concept of this thing?
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    The clear bra is a clear film, like window tint that is applied to areas of the car like the leading edge of the hood, etc. Once installed you just wash it and wax it like it's part of the car.

    All you have to do to see this is wander around any parking lot with newer cars. You will notice that some have this faint line at the front of the hood. That's the clear bra. If you run your finger over it you will realize that there is film applied to the hood and that's why you see the little line there.

    This product is more popular in some areas of the country than others, but pretty much found anywhere that expensive newer model cars are found.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    These pictures might help;


  • hemorsehemorse Posts: 34
    Does anyone know how I can get to the EDIT screen to delete an address in the address book? The manual simply says "Go to the edit screen", but I can't seem to find out how to get there! Also, saying "Edit Address" isn't doing it either.

  • hotch41hotch41 Posts: 61
    Could anyone confirm if all non-Tech/Entertainment models will have the power hatch? I heard that this will occur on '08 built starting about now as we speak. I never really understood why it wasn't standard in the first place with a $40K+ vehicle. Thanks!
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    If true I think that's the 1st anyone here has heard of it. I would honestly be more inclined to see the power hatch find its way into the tech model or for the backup camera to become standard equipment than for them to make the power hatch standard on all models.
  • hemorsehemorse Posts: 34
    The power hatch is ONLY available with the entertainment package. I had to opt for the full package, because I needed the power hatch. It should have been available as a separate add-on.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    He seems to be implying that there is a Mid-08 or 09 model change coming with this feature, but I would have expected to hear about it before now.
  • Just visited a dealer Saturday and asked about this option. For 2009 models power hatch will be an independently offered option, unlike now that it is ONLY available in the ent. package.
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    Power Hatch, as an independent option is NOW available. is asking $500.00 for it.
    Acura web site lists two more trim levels for MDX viz tech pkg with power hatch & Sports Pkg with power hatch - avail mid to late April

    Looks like no power hatch with base.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,323
    This morning, I went to Acura and drove the MDX for the second time. It was a terrific drive.

    The dealer confirmed what was stated several posts above, that ALL MODELS of the 2009 MDX would come with the power lift gate as a stand alone option.

    If anybody from Acura reads these posts:

    THANK YOU!! It's about time!! :)

    Now....about the stand alone rear camera, like the one offered in the new Toyota Highlander....
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    When are 2009 expected? I too am looking for MDX for my wife..she was leaning towards RX because she wants power hatch. Base RX is less expensive then MDX with power hatch

    But RX drives like a boat..So there is a hope for me
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,323
    I didn't ask my salesman when the 2009's come in-probably some time in the Fall-like September-November.
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    To be honest with you, unless they improve the rearview camera (screen brightness, "boot-up" time) it's pretty useless. Sometimes in the morning if i was in a hurry, I would start the car, put it in reverse, start backing out and I would be almost to the end of my driveway before the screen came on. I would much rather see sensors on the MDX. My buddy has them on his X5 and they work great.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,323
    This morning, when I told the salesman that I am only interested in the base MDX, he told me the rear-view camera is "indispensible". From my research, I had already found out that it is not.

    One can order rear sensors for the MDX as an option, but it costs nearly $1000 for the parts and installation. In my opinion, front and rear sensors should be standard. They come on my 545i sedan and I don't even need them. The MDX is another story.

    One must really adjust those side mirrors. I thought my side mirror was okay, but on my test drive (on a street) a sub-compact whizzed past me on my left, startling me and then cut me off and passed in front of me. I never saw him until he just about passed me. Perhaps, it was due to the salesman engaging too much of my attention. But, that sub-compact sure looked small down there as he passed me.

    As for the base lift gate-I found it required about the same effort to close as the trunk of the 545i. Not really a big deal.

    Overall, I came away highly impressed with the MDX, and I don't impress easily. It handles like a sedan, has a wonderful engine, is incredibly comfortable up front and has plenty of room in back for stuff. I found it fun to drive, something I never thought I could say about a vehicle of its size. Acura really hit the sweet spot with the current version of the MDX.
  • jimbo787jimbo787 Posts: 3
    does anyone know if the foot rest on an 08 mdx is removable
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,323
    Have you sat in the MDX? I am 6'2", 34" inseam and had no problem getting comfortable.

    When you lease a vehicle, you are severely restricted against making any changes to the vehicle. Perhaps the driver's seat travel can be adjusted by the service dept. to go further back a couple of inches.

    If you posted this problem yesterday, I would have asked my dealer today and had an answer for you at this time.
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    Thanks hpowders

    I finally found some time to test drive this afternoon. Really nice.
    I too am looking at late July to early Aug...but If I can get Power Hatch in base 2009 it would be sweet
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,323
    While I agree, having the power hatch would be sweet indeed, I would rather get a good deal on an outgoing 2008 MDX than to pay full MSRP on a new 2009 version.
    Let's face it, except for the power lift gate option, the 2008 and 2009 base MDX's will be virtually identical.

    A 2008 base MDX will be available for invoice in a few months almost everywhere at $37,228, in anticipation of the 2009's. The 2009 base MDX will debut at around roughly, $42,000-which includes full MSRP plus $1000 for the lift gate (I'm guessing on the lift gate price).

    I'll be quite content to save almost $5000 on an outgoing 2008 base MDX and forget about the power lift gate added to the base 2009 MDX.

    Just keep in mind, when you drive away in that spanking new 2009 MDX with the sparkling new power lift gate that first day, you have just lost over $5000 already in depreciation.
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    I agree..In the end every thing is based on the value...
    Lets see what happens and by how much 2008's are discounted when 09's arrive.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,323
    The key is finding out exactly WHEN the 2009 MDX's are scheduled to hit the showrooms. I expect invoice prices or better on the 2008's at that time.
  • jimbo787jimbo787 Posts: 3
    thanks for the reply. yes i have sat in and driven the foot felt as if it could easily slide between the footrest and the brake. sounds weird, i know,but i was wondering if anyone was experiencing the same sensation. i just feel that a vehicle of this calibar should pay more attention to these details . that being said, i love the vehicle, and wondered if something could be done about a potentially dangerous design.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,323
    Sorry, but I never experienced that.
  • achadha1achadha1 Posts: 65
    I am interested in a 3 row seating crossover. I have already tested the MDX with tech package and really enjoyed the ride. Tonight I decided to test drive an 08 limited highlander. Overall it is a nice car but its just so boring to drive no "wow factor". The price also is very high for a fully loaded one with the entertainemnt and navigation had an msrp of 42k too close to the mdx. The steering on the highlander was downright horrible way too loose. So I think i have narrowed it down to the MDX. I lov the rims on the sport i just wish they were also on the tech.
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    if you love the wheels and want the tech, buy the Sport. You get all the tech stuff. Also, the sport comes with better rims (they clean much easier), better tires, better leather, metal on the dash rather than plastic, bigger sway bars, and best of all the magnetic ride, which coupled with the SH-AWD is just fantastic. Not much difference in price, especially for what you get. I am very surprised I don't see more of them. For me, it wasn't a choice. buy the sport.
  • One big problem with the 2008 Acura MDX is the terrible color choices. Two colors are very similar- gray and a darker gray- then add silver and you wonder why does Acura always have issues with colors....

    Does anyone know when the 2009 MDX will come out and the colors available?
  • tmarinertmariner Posts: 10
    I would have loved the tech, but I wimped out and got a "base". Still an amazing machine with the SHAWD, etc. There is a bunch of difference at least in price between a base and a Tech -- But as with everything Honda, you get a lot for the extra money. I have a GPS, but it is ugly on a stick in front of the worthless time and date that comes when one forgoes the display.

    As to the color, I got the "middle" grey. It is not "Zaino'ed" yet, and even without the "show car shine" it is pretty outrageous looking, day or night. Had a black MDX that we more spectacular when it was clean, but I like the colors other than black on the 2007's and up.
  • allison5allison5 Posts: 130
    Got a question., What do people think of MDX with having a 3 kids and 2 adults. I have a 13,11 and 8 year old. We have a GMC Yukon now that desperately needs replacing NOW. I son't get a minivan as the seats don't have the support I need for a lower back injury that I had. I have looked at ALL SUV's that are in my price range. SO it is now either the MDX or another Yukon. The price of fuel is so high now it really scares me to think of filling up the yukon again. I am over 100.00 to fill that thing up. HOwever I want to make sure that there would be enough room for the 5 of us comfortably in MDX. We also bring a big dog with us to beach, mountains etc. Though dog doesn't come everytime maybe a dozen times a year. NOw sometimes when we go to the beach or snow hubby doesn't always come but I never know. He is self -employed so it is harder to him to take off. WHat should I do? I don't want to have any regrets either way., Thanks ahead of time
  • tmarinertmariner Posts: 10
    Since this is an MDX forum, I am honor bound to answer MDX. Actually, between the two I would answer MDX anyway. I would worry about the 8 year old in the back but we reguarly transport little folks of the ages you mention and they fight for the third seat. But you should bring them along when you visit your Acura dealer just to annoy the salesman. And to get their reaction.

    Somewhat better mileage with the MDX but I am only getting 18 mpg on mixed highway / city. Probably more luggage room interior with the Yukon, but there are roof racks. Better off the line with the 8 cylinder Yukon, but once that MDX 300 hp 6 hits 3500 rpm, it rocks and rolls in a hurry. And the handling -- no contest -- I take a base MDX around corners faster that I ought to and it just turns right or left angles with no fuss.

    Hold value -- again, no contest -- the Yukon drops more in value ten minutes off the lot than an MDX loses in the first two years. But if you are talking about the Yukon Hybrid, I'll bet that is a different story.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    MDX doesn't really get much better gas mileage than Yukon. Depending on trim level the Yukon gets between 13-14mpg average in city/highway driving. The MDX gets about 17mpg average in mixed driving.

    If gas costs really have you concerned than you could always look at a Hybrid Highlander which gets about 26mpg which will be a real cost savings over a 10 year, 150,000 lifespan assuming that gas prices continue to go up.

    In the handling and comfort department the MDX is in a class of its own (maybe the X5 BMW can run with it for $10,000 more) but the MDX is not going to save you much in fuel economy.

    I would expect to see a new motor from Honda for the MDX in the next year or so that has better gas mileage like the new Honda Pilot engine where it shuts off cylinders during cruise to cut gas use.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    one more thing to note is that the Acura MDX requires premium fuel, which is about a 10% increase cost over a vehicle with the same MPG that can run fine on regular unleaded.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Consider posting that in the Acura MDX MPG Real World Numbers discussion.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • how much did you have to pay for the "base" and where are you from? do you know what they would charge you for the Tech model at your place of purchase?

    I can get a deal and wondered whether i should grab it for the Tech (not through a dealer).
  • i posted a message in reply to tmariner, it was concerning the price of a Tech (model with navigation) mdx. Also would someone please discuss the pros and cons of buying the MDX with the Sport package suspension verses just buying the Tech package (for the great navigation). Or both. Thanks.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    There is a thread that discusses sport vs. non-sport here;!make=Acura&model=MDX&ed_makeind- ex=.f171455

    Sport version of the same model does bring down the residual, and Sport costs an extra $2,000, so in my opinion not worth it unless you plan on keeping the vehicle long term (10+ years).
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