pt cruiser power steering line failure

harhartharhart Member Posts: 2
repeated pressure line failure. line cracks behind flare at pump. pump & rack were replaced, system was flushed ,


  • harhartharhart Member Posts: 2
    resevoir has fine mesh screen on bottom that was blocked with debris
  • lindasue58lindasue58 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2002 which I purchased new. I have had no problems until now. After the last oil change (about a month ago) I noticed when turning the steering wheel that there was this creaking sound. It only happens when I am going slow (turning a street corner), backing and turning (like out of the driveway or parking space). I have not noticed it at all if I am steering on a curve or a gradual turning of the steering wheel.
  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    I noticed when turning the steering wheel that there was this creaking sound.

    Check the power steering fluid level and the PS pump belt for excessive play.

    Also, did you check for a similar problem in the message right above yours? (wire mesh screen blocked)
  • lindasue58lindasue58 Member Posts: 3
    I did check the power steering fluid and it is fine. I did see the message above and wondered about that. I do have an appointment with a car repair place this Sat., so hopefully they are honest and I will have some answers.
    One thing is that the creaking primarily occurs after the turn when I am steering back. Also, it does not always do this and it seems to become more noticable after I have been driving for awhile.
    Thank you for the feedback!
  • drejdrej Member Posts: 119
    Our Cruiser ( 65 K mi) had thrown a trouble code for Pwr steering, Any Ideas of what this could be? any folks have this trouble code. I checked fluid all is ok , a little dirty but not bad. D~
  • superraksuperrak Member Posts: 1
    When starting my 2001 Cruiser, I had no power steering. I tried to move the car, but the steering was nearly impossible. I pulled back into the parking spot, left the car running and then suddenly I had power steering back. In the next 15 minutes or so, I heard a periodical "swishing sound" come from the car, but since then I have driven the car about 150 miles and have had no further issues. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Thanks
  • unicron1unicron1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi this message is old, but this incident just happened to my 2000 Dodge Neon today while I was driving.

    I was able to pull off the road and avoid an accident. As I straightened the wheel back to center after getting out of the way, it just fixed itself and I drove home worried, but without incident.

    Anything ever come about with your problem Superrak???
  • redsoxfrankredsoxfrank Member Posts: 1
    I notice this morning that my power steering in my 2008 PT Cruiser didn't work under 20 MPH. Does anybody have any idea whta the problem is? I have about 60g miles
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