1995.5 Rodeo w/3.2L V6 Newbie questions...

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Hi, newbie here. Just picked up a 1995.5 Rodeo w/3.2L V6 247,000 miles. A couple of questions. Is the 1995.5 Rodeo an OBD1 or OBD2 for engine diag. computer? Also, I can shift into 4L or 4HI and the indicator light comes on, but won't go into 4WD. Whats the best place to start looking for the problem. I'm assuming the auto lock hubs. Anything else??
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    All I know is it became mandatory in the US in 1996 for OBD2. Don't know about 1995.
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    I would think the auto- lockers need rebuilt. if one doesn't lock, then the power is lost through that wheel. I converted to manual lockers, for $125 you can get the positive lock, and a couple MPG more. My '97 was always turning the front drive shafts, and I got another 2+ MPG so far.
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    i have a 1995.5 isuzu rodeo it attempts to start but won't start .. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    my rodeo got wet inside, as a result it will know longer start. also does anyone know if there is a fuel shut off switch?
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