1997 Silverado 5.7 with Flowmaster50's

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Recent addition of Flowmaster50 dual exhaust is more pleasing to the ear than the stock exhaust but, I can't help but wonder what it would sound like with the Flowmaster50's replaced with straight pipes. I grew up with the 50's Chevy V8's and "glasspacks". All the dual exhaust systems I remember had a much better sound than the mufflers of today. Today's sound is a hollow echo chamber rather than a "mellow burble". What would a good choice be for more audio and less "echo" chamber. Louder is better!


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    As long as you keep the catalytics on there you are limited in your audio choices. There are free-flow catalytics that you can buy that probably would give a nicer tone.

    Just flowmasters with straight pipes and no cats would be obnoxious to drive after the first ten minutes I would think.

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    That thought had occured to me but I would sure like to hear it before spending 'mo money. Don't mind spending some $ to get the right result but jeeeez I hate to buy and try 6 different combos to get to the finish line. I was going to get the 40's but the muffler guy talked me out of it due to the in-cab resonance issues with the 40's.
    I still get a little of that in the cab but I keep thinkin "it's resonating IN the mufflers so get rid of them"! It would be relatively low cost to just take the Flowmaster out and replace with a straight pipe. I think I'll try it. I can always get the Flowmasters put back if my windows start cracking.
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    Well sure by all means try it out. I've done that a couple of times. I do find though, that low speed resonance and high speed resonance are two different things. I remember when I put one exhaust on my Porsche 928 it sounded great on the rack but at 75 mph it was boomin' in the passenger compartment. So I switched to an Ansa, which sounded fairly tame on the rack but just right on the highway. Then one day I heard this other 928 go past me---I know the guy---and later on called him up and asked him what HE had on his. So then I went BACK again to my friends who installed the Ansa and asked them to swap out this new unit. Well, it was different AGAIN...sounded BAD on the rack from the get go. Go figure.
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    Yup, it's always an interesting adventure looking for that perfect sound! And what you think is cool may not be what the next guy is lookin for! The only issue I will have is how loud will it be on those winter mornings when I remote start it at 6AM and it's "burbling" outside. Will the neighbors get pissed?
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    Yeah, they will, but then, he has a dog that I fantasize about detonating into sub-orbit with a simulated artillery device they use in basic training in the Army. :mad:

    But seriously, it's important to test the sound/resonance at highway speeds. You might actually like the new sound for the first two weeks and then slowly--it becomes more of an annoyance on the highway.

    One tip I can give you is to test the new mufflers while hill-climbing a slight incline in high gear. That's when things get most annoying.
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    Look into SLP and see if they make something for the truck. They have an exhaust setup called the Loudmouth which is intended to imitate the old muscle-car sound. I have them on my Mustang....not sure if they make it for a truck.

    It is insanely loud w/o cats. I have high-flow cats on mine rather then stock.
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    it time to change tanny fuild and last time chevy did it and my brakes and my shock and used really cheap produces :cry: and so im going to do it my self and i need to know how much tranny fuild i need thanks :P
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    Flow master does sound good, but personally I prefer Borla !!!!!!!

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