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Toyota Yaris Interior and Passenger Comfort Concerns

bobokadofbobokadof Posts: 9
edited October 2014 in Toyota
I'm considering a Yaris in the near future.....but i havent gone to test drive one yet or anything. however, whats the front/rear leg room like in the Yaris. i'm 6'00" so would there be room for an adult to sit behind me while i'm driving without giving up any of my legrrom in the front?


  • ripwilsonripwilson Posts: 13
    Hello, all:

    I travel a lot and sleep in my car at rest areas to save money (in lieu of hotel bills).

    Of primary importance to me is the seatback on the liftback model. Either driver or passenger, it doesn't matter. One of two possible configurations I need: 1) Will it recline all the way back to join the rear seat? 2) Will it fold all the way down (forward) flat, so that I can use the area from the dash to the rear liftback as a bed?

    I am ready to go for the Honda Fit because it allows both configurations. In "refresh mode" as Honda calls it, the seat reclines flat to mate perfectly with the back seat to allow a decent sleeping position. In the second configuration, the passenger seatback folds forward to become flat, forming an even, constant flat plane that stretches all the way from the dash to the liftback door. Honda claims this length is 7'10", and can fit a surfboard.

    This is the single most important feature to me.

    Again, anybody with a liftback, can you try to configure the seats as mentioned above and let me know what you encounter? If possible, can you also stretch a tape measure from the dash to the liftback door. I cannot find this dimension anywhere.

    I have tried to research the seat configurations and "sleeping" length in all the Yaris Liftback reviews but cannot find any mention of this. Dealers don't know because there are none in my area.

    Flamers, please withhold any smarta**ed comments about the sleeping and desire to save money. Please, either respond with the desired info or don't respond at all.

    Thanks for your help,
  • lol no flames here, i will let you k now in two weeks when mine comes in. i hadnt thought about snoozing in mine, but i guess if i could i would in certain situations. :D
  • ripwilsonripwilson Posts: 13
    I went online this morning with Edgar, a Toyota Yaris chat rep. He informed me I cannot fold the seat forward nor recline it back far enough so that it makes contact with the rear seat. He didn't know the exact maximum recline angle, but I can't fault him for that. That is a fairly obscure figure.

    At any rate, I need to be able to snooze in the car during road breaks and at school. The good folks at Toyota didn't factor snoozing into the liftback. I don't know about the sedan.

    This is surprising to me. I am returning to school in my 40s. If this car is aimed at the entry-level/youth market, surely Toyota should recognize many of these people are in university. A person might have, for example, a 9 am class and then have a few hours down time until the next class. In my case, it is too far a drive to return home and then drive back again for the next class. I'm better off just catching a few winks in my car (if my studies are current). Or it is great for those who are on the road a lot and choose to sleep at rest areas instead of hotels (lots of highway control offered on Fit, not on Yaris). This is where the Honda Fit excels. It is clear Honda thought about this snoozing utility when they designed the Fit.

    I went to the local Honda dealer this morning and test drove the base model with auto trans. It was fantastic. I ordered the sport model, only $1,000 more, for the upgrade in equipment.

    The Yaris liftback with All Weather Guard and Convenience packages can be had for about $13,100. That's a great deal. The Fit Sport costs about $3,000 more, but it has many more safety features and lots more included goodies.
    The ultimate question is whether the extra $3,000 can be justified for the safety equipment and options. I think it can.

    Good luck with your Yaris liftback. It is a beautiful car and will certainly develop a cult following. I am a collector, also. I have been looking at the VINs of the Yarii liftbacks that are currently in the system. The last six digits (production sequence number) on many of them are 00XXXX. This means they are within the first 10,000 produced. If you can find one with a VIN of 000XXX, it obviously means you have one that was one of the first 1,000 produced. In either case, many years down the road, if the vehicle is well-cared for, this low VIN will command a premium. Cult following + low VIN = high resale value. So you are buying at the right time.

    Enjoy the Yaris. I am sure you will be pleased with it.

  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    There appears to be only three sleeping positions in the hatchback. Front seats reclined as far back as they will go, curled up in the back seat and lieing flat on your back in the back seat. There is a slight hump in the middle of the back seat that provides back support, but your knees will be bent. Front seat reclined appears to be the most comfortable because legs can be stretched out. Seats appear to contain some type of memory foam and are very comfortable.
  • Hey! I recently purchased a 2007 Toyota Yaris sedan. It's a nice car and is AMAZING on gas. Unfortunately, I've noticed that with only 1500 miles on my car, the AC is acting crazy. It runs fine but then sometimes, about 20 minutes after turning it on, an acrid, burning smell comes from it and I'm forced to turn it off. I have a warranty so I'm not worried about it ... I just don't know what that smell is! It smells like burning rubber and charcoal. Maybe a wire? What do you guys think? Has anyone else had this problem?

  • I am having the same problem with my Toyota Yaris that I purchased in June. A horrible smell after the ac is on for a while. It almost smells like mold, but i can't figure it out. Were you able to get it fixed? I haven't brought mine in yet.
  • My girlfriend the other day was moving some stuff,and she scratched the plastic right next to the cup holder on the passenger side! Should i take it to the dealer and have them fix it? or is it even fixable?!
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    If the car is your girlfriend's, the scratch is her problem to deal with. If it's your car, you might be able to polish the scratch out with jeweler's rouge if it's not too deep. Otherwise either live with it as is, have the dealer's parts department order up a replacement piece, or look into ordering up a faux woodgrain, brushed metal, or carbon fiber look set of self-adhesive decorative appliques custom die-cut to the shapes of the various dash, console, and door panel armrest pieces of your model car. (Most auto enthusiast magazines have advertisements in their back pages from the various suppliers of these kits.)
  • I have a blackberry with a solid plastic case and it rubs up against the door's plastic. If you use a moist cloth, you can usually buff the light scratches away. If it's deep, you're going to have to live with it I guess.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    It's not just height--it's inseam too, right? ;) Since everyone is different, it's best to check it out for yourself and either "sit behind yourself" (if you will have six-footers sitting behind you regularly) or bring along an adult of the size you are likely to carry in back. If you want the hatchback, be sure to check out a car with the rear seat that adjusts fore-aft.

    The last time I bought a new car, I had my oldest son and a friend of his along to give the back seat a good test. It "passed" for them, so I wound up buying the car vs. a larger, more expensive car I thought I needed.
  • hotdog6hotdog6 Posts: 1
    I too have the same problem I am told it is mold in one of the filters smells to me like a "bad sock smell" anyway a friend told me that there is a spray the dealers have to spray on the filter to kill it the mold the smell only comes out when the setting is on recirculate if I leave it on fresh air it is ok I am going to take mine in to find out :(
  • blazhoblazho Posts: 1
    I have a brand new Yaris, 1.3 litters, 86 hp. However, when I turn the A/C on, the compressor makes a sound as it would 'die on me'. Also, when I accelarate, I can hear the A/C compressor changing its speed, in a pretty noisy manner. The Toyota dealer explained to me that all 1.3 litters, 86 hps Yarises produce this sound. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thank you in advance.
  • did anybody find out what the cause of the stinking a/c on their yaris? I've been 3 times to the dealer!
  • a_doga_dog Posts: 1
    I have the same issue with bad smell of AC. It smells moldy (not sweet). I have brought my car to Toyota 6 times already (I think, gotta check my records). The first few times I was there, they cleaned the ducts, said they will change the filter (but did not because at the end they said it does not have filter - Is that true?), and blamed it on me for keeping the air on recirc. I had to argue with them (basically telling them to fool someone else). Eventually one of the people there told me that there is a memo from Toyota that says some part of the air conditioner was incorrectly designed, causing moisture to accumulate and mold to build up. They called this the "AC amplifier." (What is that?) They replaced it. I was hoping it would fix the problem, but a few weeks later, the bad smell came back (not that it was ever completely gone). I brought my car to Toyota again (2 days ago) and they told me that they have cleaned the ducts again and applied air freshener (sometimes, I think that they just apply air freshener without cleaning the ducts or at least sufficiently cleaning the ducts). I also talked to the customer service manager about nemerous things, for example one of their personnel told me that my car has Puerto Rico specs instead of US specs (Can someone shed a light on this?), which freaked me out and I was trying to get to the bottom of it, but until now, I have not heard them say it definitely is of US specs (Before you ask, I bought it in Iowa and do not plan to go to Puerto Rico). Initially Toyota (corporate)could not find my VIN in their computers, which really made me very suspicious. Anyway, I talked about the lemon law as well. That guy quickly asked someone else to talk to me. Among other things that we talked about, he said he is going to call me the next day to find out more info and he did. He said that they will have to change something (the entire duct system or something - not filter) completely under the glove compartment. He also said that the Yaris does not come standard with cabin air filter, but he will glady put it on for me for free.
    Hope this helps and if someone can answer my questions (who does not work for Toyota, unless Toyota expertise is required), please fell free to do so.
    Does anyone have a problem with the body and paint of the car being easily scratched and dented?
  • I have a 2007 red Yaris that I bought new. I recently noticed that the paint on my front bumper was beginning to peel off down to a white undercoat of some kind. This condition started several months ago with some small nicks that I thought was from stones kicking up from normal driving. When I took it to a body shop they told me that this was not a normal condition. They told me that the paint Toyota uses is very durable, and even with 'dings' it should not peel. They could not understand the white undercoat and said that it is usually black. They suggested that at some point the dealer may have installed a new bumper on this vehicle and repainted it. I am about to take it back to the dealer but would like to know if anyone else has had this problem or can offer any feedback.
  • My long legs, which tend to splay outward, makes the Yaris uncomfortable for me. It's the liftback model. I do think that with the rear seats down and the front seats forward, I could nap back there. I'd lie at an angle, and bend my knees slightly. Getting out of the car might be challenging. It's worth a try. I once slept on an ironing board in a '63 VW Beetle.
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Wow, it took two years and five months to get a response to my last post. I guess not many people have not tried to sleep in a Yaris Hatchback.
  • 1st the he is right the yaris does not come with cabin air filter but it is equipped for it, the slot is behind the glove compartment (at least for the US market). I had the same problem my drain for the A/C was clogged and water started to drain on my rugs, that might be where your smell is coming from. Check to see if your floor is wet and hope you are not just out of warranty like i was.
  • I think the water is coming from the air conditioning system. Maybe it's not draining properly. How do I trouble shoot this problem. Anyone have a solution. Thanks for any help.
  • I've never seen so many multiple headlight reflections from any rear window that has horizontal defroster wires?

    Do the reflections bother you? Did you comment on the reflections when you completed your Questionaire/survey to Toyota?

    I understand these reflections go with all Toyota models rear windows.

    The rear window reflections are my only complaint.

    Personally, I would have preferred the vehicle to come with vinyl floor instead of carpets, like the old Beetles
  • dakedake Posts: 131
    I've never noticed it. Do you wear glasses? Some of the reflections might come from the lenses. We had all the windows tinted by the dealer though, so that might make a difference.
  • Bill2009Bill2009 Posts: 3
    Nope, I don't wear glasses.

    The reflections occur only at night when vehicle headlights are behind me. The Salesman told me he had the same problem with his Camry.
  • It smells because Toyota did not put in a cabin air filter nor a mesh screen behind the intake vents to prevent the leaves from entering. If you want you can call this number :1-800-331-4331 and add your compliant to case # 0906126566. This seems to be a problem with all the yaris's and they will do nothing about it until they get enough complaints.
  • If your Yaris smells really bad when running the AC, its because Toyota did not put in a cabin air filter nor a mesh screen behind the intake vents to prevent the leaves from entering. If you want you can call this number:1-800-331-4331 and add your compliant to case # 0906126566. This seems to be a problem with all the yaris's and they will do nothing about it until they get enough complaints.

    Or you can continue to pay over $70.00 bucks every time to have your Yaris's AC vents and the back up of leaves (which is causing the smell) flushed every year for the life of the car.
  • verliererverlierer Posts: 2
    Hello renenwetet,
    I am having a similar problem. Called Toyota, and also created a "case." (#0906130016) I told them about your previous case number above, and they said that they do not add complaints to a particular case number. They simply create a new case number for each new complaint.
    I have a 2007 yaris hatchback. I have taken the car into the dealership three times now, because the A/C drainage would clog with "leaves" and drop water into the interior of the car. Now (the third time) the A/C doesn't work at all. I've been told that I don't have a cabin air filter, which is allowing debris into the A/C evaporator. This caused the blow motor to burn out. I am also being told that this is not covered under warranty! The reason given is because the dealership is not responsible for foreign debris. I must live in an area with an abnormal amount of dust and debris in the air, they say. I live in the suburbs of Northern Virginia, it must be the sand dunes in the WalMart parking lot. :-) Again, even though I've had the same problem three times in two years, this is the first I've heard of the cabin filter.
    I hope others with this problem will raise complaints. The A/C is complete shot, over $500 in repairs, and the carpet is ruined in a car that is less than 2 years old. Then I'm told that even though the problem is that I don't have a filter (which was never installed) and that this problem is not covered under the warranty. "Its the same as when you get in a car accident, you can't expect us to pay for it, can you?" Is what I was told by the dealership...
    Funny, I don't buy that logic. (and I'll never again buy a Toy.) :lemon:
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    I think that if I had the problem caused by lack of a cabin air filter on my Yaris (which I don't on my 2007 Yaris hatchback), I would probably break down, go on Ebay and spend the $15 including shipping, it would take to buy one for my car.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    I think I would fight this one a while longer. If I was told that the reason for massive expensive failures was caused by lack of a cabin filter which Toyota has chosen to not install in US Yarii and is not even suggested in the owners manual, and also has been driven in a normal environment, I would elevate it to the top of Toyota if necessary. If I got no satisfaction I would hit the BBB, my state attorney general, and any of the independent auto quality companies to include JD Power and Consumer Reports.

    If I was in your situation and eventually got no satisfaction, I also would never buy a Toyota again. Support the customer or become the next GM or Chrysler.
  • verliererverlierer Posts: 2
    Thanks for the replies!
    Yes, I definitely will be installing the filter. My owner's manual doesn't mention anything about the cabin air filter being a possible problem for the A/C. If I had known, of course I would have gotten one.
    I do plan on talking to BBB, etc about this, but to be fair, the conversation hasn't gone past my local dealership, at this time.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Good luck and let us know how things progress.
  • frosty8frosty8 Posts: 4
    I am getting ready to buy 2 yaris and was wondering if I install the cabin filter if it will take care of this problem. Is this something a person can do themselves or would a Toyota service person have to install.
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