How long a wait for Mercury Mariner Hyrbid

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I live in Miami. I am trying to get a Mariner Hybrid. I know I need to do a special order but every dealer is giving me different timeframe for delivery. One dealer said 6-8 weeks, another says 6-8 months and the worst is saying only in 2009. How long does it take if I place an order tomorrow? Can anybody please help me?


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    We ordered a Mariner Hybrid for my wife on December 20. The dealer told us we could expect it between 3-6 mos. We ordered anyway and, to our delight, they called us on February 4 to tell us that it had arrived. Our salesman told us that that the turnaround time for our order was much shorter than typical. We live in New Jersey.

    According to the dealer, the limiting step in production of the hybrids is the availability of the HV batteries from Sanyo, who also sells to Toyota. He tells me that the Toyota orders get priority. He also told me that the Mariner Hybrids are coming through faster than the Escapes.
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    A reporter hopes to speak with consumers who want to buy hybrid SUVs that are having a hard time finding them at dealerships and/or are frustrated by dealers marking up the prices on the hybrids. If you are a consumer looking to purchase a hybrid SUV, please respond to [email protected] with your daytime contact information no later than Tuesday, March 25, 2008.
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    My wife and I placed an order at the end of August 2008 in San Antonio, Texas. It did not arrive until February 12, 2009 (but, Ford/Mercury had very little production of any vehicles during January); we were unable to pick it up until February 14th (nice Valentine's Day present). It took almost 6 months. I read at some other sites that others waited 5 months.
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    But the real question, was it worth the wait?
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