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Jeep Commander Electrical Problem

My '06 Commander seems to be having some electrical problems. The rear assist lights come on, the auto high beam/low beam changes on the computer, the air bag light comes on & chimes. If the A/C is on, it goes from face to feet & back up. I've had it in & the dealer changed the ignition switch. This didn't fix it. I've searched the service bulletins but don't see anything specific to that problem. Any thoughts?


  • By the way, this all happens while driving - high speed, low speed, hot or cold. Thanks.
  • tomtom Posts: 8
    i also am having problem with my electrical system ...the windows don't work right sometimes they don't go up all the way ..the inside lights and gages blink and fad in and out ...and info????
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    So, now I've posted to the start/stall forum as well as this one on electrical problems.

    I still love the look of the car, but, the reason I went to a Jeep from a Jaguar was for reliability; my first car was a jeep, then after having a BMW Convertible I went back to a Jeep, then a Jaguar and now back to a Jeep...because of the reliability of the first two, but after this series of problems which The Dealer says they have no knowledge of, it's doubtful that I'd get another Jeep (though I bet I'll end up having this one forever).

    If any of you find out what is causing the electrical problem, please post the solution!

  • For the past month my 06 commander head lights decide to turn on and off when they please. Along with the control panel lights dimming and brightening on their own. Not going over any bumps, does it whenever, no matter if heat, radio etc are on or off. Took it to the dealer, which on the way there lights were blinking like crazy. they drove it and nothing. Cant find anything. Then it did it again this morning. This is a problem since we will be driving from AK to PA here in a month. I need info on this and any mechanic I take it to are stumped! Anyone else having issues?
  • jonboy48238jonboy48238 Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    I recently took my 2007 Commander Limited with a 4.7L engine in for a oil change. I have had not ONE problem with this vehicle, not one. I wanted to have synthetic oil in the engine, tranny and transfer case.

    Upon picking up my vehicle the service representative informed me that the oil was changed and that they had completed a software upgrade. Since this upgrade my Commander is doing almost everything that I have read in this chain one by one by one by one.

    First it was the back-up sensor, then the dashboard lights coming on a off then the driver side window not auto raising, ghost in the machine now.

    I work in the IT industry, if there is one rule we follow and that is NEVER upgrade unless it’s completely vetted out COMPLETELY. This upgrade was not, I guarantee you. This is a Chrysler software issue.

    I want my Jeep back
  • Hi sstaddie.... please let me know if you have figured out what was going on with your vehicle. I've had my 2006 commander since December of 2008. I love, love, LOVED this car, when I first got it. But that love has now turn to fear. I've had issues with the transmission, had to get Chrysler involved earlier this year. They ate the cost on most of the repairs even though my car was out side of warranty. But the headlight thing is just ridiculous. Every now and again my radio or console lights would flicker. Now it happens almost every time I drive. But the most scary thing is when the headlights would actually cut off. I've taken my car to the dealership twice, with no results. The 'computer' isn't showing anything wrong. I just took it in today as a matter of fact. I was supposed to take the car back next week to leave it overnight for the service techs to have their way with it for a day or so. Well, i make it home from work this evening with plans to run an errand. Lo and behold my car will not start. I mean WON'T start at all. I call road side assistance the guy couldn't charge my battery with his personal vehicle OR the box that had over 3000 cranking amps (which he said was enough to power a tractor trailer). He felt like it HAD to be something electrical...... so now I'm stuck in the house all weekend. But thank goodness I wasn't actually driving when my car went down. I am so frustrated and angry right now. I don't even want the car anymore I have big plans of getting rid of it.
  • Hello, I don't know if anyone has come to any solution to this problem yet or not, but I have found the problem with my '06 Commander light flickering. Mine is in the light switch itself. Happens more often if you have fog lights and switch is pulled out. Switch is bad
  • None of the mechanics in this area could tell me what the problem was. It would do it the entire way to the dealer, headlights flickering then console lights flickering, both going out at times. Then the guys at the dealer have it and it doesn't do it. I took the manager of the service station for a ride RIGHT after it did it for me on the way THERE, and HE gets in the Jeep and NOTHING! ARGH! It suddenly stopped once summer hit, then last week it did it again!! At first we thought maybe condensation somehow since I am in AK and it gets 40 below 0 and my garage is heated. But it would do it on warmer days too. The guy at the dealer couldn't figure it out since the headlights and console lights have nothing to do with each other. I have no idea who to get to fix this problem, since it doesn't show up when a mechanic actually has it. They probably think I am nuts. Thank goodness my husband has witnessed it.
  • Hello there, I have the V6 2007 Jeep Commander. I experienced some problems with every light on the dash flashing on and off. Now that I am back from a year long deployment from Iraq, where my Jeep sat for a year. I wasn't driven as much as I'd liked, but yet I still have these problems. Also I am starting to experiences some of the same problems as other people. The windows do not want to come up all the way. The locks act like they are locking while driving down the road. When opening the driver’s door, doesn't unlock the other doors or turn off the radio. I have to unlock and walk around to open the passenger door to turn off the radio. Knock on wood, I haven't had the stalling problems, but I can say that I am close. PLEASE help! Any IDEAS?
  • Okay so got ahold of Jeep and got a Case Manager. Made an appt with my local place again. THIS TIME I got it on video of what the lights and instrument panel were doing. The service manager is really nice, always was. waiting for my appt I figured out what I thought was the problem. The actual switch where I turned the lights on. Mechanic last year kept telling me they couldn't figure it out because the headlights and instrument panel lights weren't on the same circuit etc. BUT DUH (can't believe I didn't see this last year) they are on the same SWITCH together. So manager tells me the mechanic has to hook it up to stuff looking for any error codes etc. I told him it was a waste of time and this should be on record from last year. BUT didn't have my jeep for the day and they didn't find anything. Took it in the next day when I could leave it all day and low and behold they called and said good news we know what the problem is we just need to order the part...I said..yeah it was the switch right...and he said yeahhhh how did you know???

    DANG! SO it seems I have lucked out and it was only the switch and not al the other electrical problems alot of you are having. Keep you updated once they fix it.

  • I was sent a link to file a complaint (there are many already) at Perhaps someone will listen and help. My 2006 Commander stalls, will often not start and has electrical issues. My dealer has repeatedly told me that "they can not duplicate my concerns" or that I have purchased "bad gas." Yikes.
  • ahj4ahj4 Posts: 1
    Has anyone figured out what is wrong with the Commander- my car is stuck at a parking lot and will not start at all. Having it towed tomorrow. Just wondering what or where to tell the mechanic to start looking.
  • esp bas traction lights go on and off whenever they feel like. also the transmission light goes on and off, i have no cruise control now. it even turned off on me on hwy 77 going about 60 with a semi right next to me, very scary! took it to dealer, they told me it was the rain sensor module causing mayhem to all the sensors and quoted me 600 for the module. found it online for 80. not surprised...
  • mrswilsonmrswilson Posts: 2
    My 06 commander has had the head light issue, I am lucky enough to have a great mechanic who figured out the issue right away and warranty covered the issue. just a switch replacement. But now our commander is sitting outside our house stalled. It refuses to start, when u leave the driver door open the cd changer continously changes cds even tho the car isnt on. if you close the door then the cd changer stops. if I turn the ignition, it clicks and all the lights start flashing calling for me to get the rear park assist serviced and a key code error PO153, Transmission over temp and service 4wd system. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have put money into this thing and now I have a brand new baby and a non reliable car. I have actually driven down a hill and ALL my brakes locked up and slid me near a cliff!!!!! UGH frustrating!!! Ideas anyone???
  • mrswilsonmrswilson Posts: 2
    Issue with mine also. The jeep wont start, clicks when i turn the key. the screen says i need to service my 4wd system, PO 513 CODE, service park assist and transmission over temp. What???? Its stalled outside my house right now. Did u ever find the issue with your elecrtrical complications?
  • Hi I have a 2006 jeep commander ! I just took a 10 hr road trip and on the way home the cruise control stuck! Accelerating to 100 mph before I could cancel it! Do you think it could be the same problem?
  • You may think Im crazy, but I have experienced some of the same thigs as other people, with the flashing head lights and the stalling at red lights. I personally think that the jeep not cranking up is a totally different problem. I was at my local mall about two months ago and when I got done shopping and got in my car to leave, it would not crank. After trying everything under the sun, over the course of three days I randomly tried my spare key, which my girlfriend normally kept on her in case I got locked out. She had taken me up to the mall for my forth day of working on the car, and I realized I had left my key at home. She said "don't worry I have your spare" I took it from her, unlocked my car and stuck it in rolling down the driver window which had been my routine the past few days. My girlfriend said "let me hear the click noise its making so I turned the key and it crunk right up. Still to this day my other key will not work.
  • hogan3hogan3 Posts: 12
    I have a 2006 jeep commander. I been having a problem with the abs brakes. The abs will light up on dash also esp. I drive down the street on dry road with foot on gas and the abs will engage and start braking. It happens intermittly and when I take in to dealership they say can not duplicate problem.

    I also have had the headlights go off and on. The fan off and on and entire dash light up. Taken back to dealership twice so far. I don't know what to do at this point. I worry I will be driving down the highway and the brakes engaging.

    I already went through a lemon law case around 3 years ago. The inside of my windshield would leak. I would have to chip ice from inside of windshield durning winter. Took it in countless times.Finally they subed it out to a company that specialized in leaks and it got fixed.
  • I used to have those problems with the lights on my 06 commander, and they stopped once we replaced the blower motor because it burnt out. The headlights used to go off and on, the dashboard lights did the same. The fan blower finally went out, and when we replaced it, some of the wires were fried. I think that was causing the problem with our commander because it hasn't happened since we fixed it. I hope you get the issues worked out.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    (in addition to the many problems w/my commander that I have discussed here since 2009) I now have 'the sunroof-front windshield leak into the front passenger side' to the point that this morning I too had to scrape ice off of INSIDE of windshield. More: The puddle of water in the front passenger foot well took 20+ minutes to scoop out, and it is still wet after having been covered with large absorbent towel all day.

    I just spoke with chrysler corporate and they are calling me back tomorrow.

    I also earlier today called a few jeep dealer service centers in the area asking them only to call me back if any of them had actually had their own hands on a jeep commander for this sort of repair; a full business day down, and, so far, nobody has called me back. the last time i spoke with a dealer i was told that it would cost about $600 to repair the leak because they would be replacing all of the tubing that make up the sunroof drains.

    Please tell me what was the final solution that actually worked for your commander to stop this leaking.

    I have small confidence that Jeep Chrysler will do the right thing and admit this is a manufacturer's flaw, and am prepared to pay for the repair myself. That said, I want this to be a successful repair that doesn't take advantage of me $ as the dealer did when he did not file the warranty papers at time of purchase...
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    speaking with Chrysler Jeep Customer Relations Today and while the person I'm speaking with seems to be genuinely trying to determine how best to get this 'Jeep Commander Pandemic' attended to, it seems that the root of the ongoing'ness of the problem is that Jeep Chrysler Corporates Customer Service Policies simply don't allow The Company to take responsibility for putting faulty cars on the road & for the genuine remedy of the problem.

    At this point, this will be my 3rd and last Jeep purchase.

    Of course, this Jeep Commander will be mine forever, because I certainly can't sell it to anyone else knowing how much of a liability it is (cruise control switching on by itself being the worse example of that liability).
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    today, I endured 2 conversations with very polite but not at all genuinely 'helpful' , i.e., helpful in terms of actually solving the problem , Jeep Chrysler customer service representatives; they were - just as they were when I first purchased The Commander and called Chrysler Coporate regarding the 'stall problems' - more interested in selling me on the 'dealer diagnosis' which the coporate representatives still explain will then entitle me to be considered for a 'good will' rebate on repairs if the diagnosis determines that the problem is not from my negligence but is in fact a manufacturer if Chrysler Jeep doesn't already know that the problems came with the Commander at time of purchase. What's more, as i also told them in reply to what amounts to no more than a 'give us more of your $$$ gimmick', a.k.a. the dealer diagnosis, the last time they so encouragingly offered me this 'pay for diagnosis' for potential rebate, i didn't get the rebate with corporate telling me that they were not willing to 'rebuild' the car.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    EBC Modulei was also informed that there had been an electrical related safety recall. i never received notice of this recall but it regards the stall that occurs when the commander slows down before a hill then has to accelerate quickly, i.e., the stall feeling that occurs is actually addressed via this safety recall.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    are found here:

    but as you can see even though Jeep Corporate acknowledges the problems we have detailed as experiencing here on this forum, Jeep Corporate does not assume responsibility to the extent that it will repair them, i.e., buying Jeep apparenly ain't what it used to be; now, buying Jeep Chrysler comes with 'buyer beware' principle.

    why the US government bailed out such an unprincipled company as Jeep Chrysler has become is beyond the comprehension of reasonable Americans; bad investment of USA taxpayer dollars. (mercedese paying to get rid of it's investment in chrysler says it all...)
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    getting my Commander Folder in order for the attorney (I'm not too optimistic that Chrysler will come foward by tomorrow and accept responsibility for the state of my Commander) and reading 1st Certified Letter to Chrysler, i.e., my problems started with the simple 3,000mile oil change that i did at the dealer. the car was running perfectly until that oil change; from that point forward (literally, as The Certified Letter and receipts show, within 24 hours after that oil change, the Commander needed a new starter, and experienced stall problems when having to slow down and then accelerate on a slight incline.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    is very easy to contact NHTSA regarding these problems. there are on-line forms and phone number. if you are still experiencing these problems, please report them to NHTSA.

    going through my Commander Folder today i realized that my very first complaint to Chrysler Jeep about a brake-stall problem was eventually addressed by a safety recall (that i only found out about when i called in to Jeep regarding the water leak and electrical/cruise control problems).
  • ABS and ESP/BAS and some other lite with a skid mark lite stays lit....
    Any ideas why these are staying lit? I thought that maybe the brakes were getting bad so I changes the brakes all 4 wheels but to no availe
    does anyone have any idea why these lights are still lit. They effect my cruise control being on
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    has anyone else had this problem? it it/can it be related to the former rainwater leak via the sunroof drains?

    the leak of rain water has stopped on its own but this evening i opened sunroof and when i went to close it, it would not close. i had to shut engine off, turn on, turn off and on before it would close.

    also, incase it happens again, does anyone know how to close these sunroofs manually?

    thank you!
  • My 2006 Hemi does the same thing. Lights flicker on dash board after it rains or go through car wash. No solution from jeep dealers yet.
    I had the terrible water leak problem. Found out it was debris
    Getting in drain lines from sun roof by leaving it open under trees. Jeep blew
    out drain lines for $150.00. .
    Solved problem finally!
  • My 2006 leaked so bad I thought I was leaving sunroof open. It is from leaving it open under a tree
    Drain lines get clogged and need to be blown out $150.00 . Don't let them try and sell you new
    $600.00 lines a good blowout solves the problem. Took me 3 years to figure this out just one little twig left in the sunroof track can get lodged in drain tubes as well as baby acorns ect.
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