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2009 Toyota Corolla Problems and Repairs



  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    I plan to purchase a 2009 1.8L engine at a junk yard and use it to learn all about the engine through dis-assembly and re-assembly.
    I contacted several yards and was told they would contact me when one becomes available.
    I have the engine stand in my garage ready for use.

    Stay tuned for updates.
  • I have a 2009 Corolla that I purchased in June 08. It has 22,000 miles on it and it on it's third set of brakes, with 4000 miles on the newest set of brakes and they are squealing again, have been since about 1000 miles. Been to Toyota again and again, they keep saying that there is nothing wrong with the car. They've done both brake replacements at no cost, but say they will not do it again. Both times, they've replaced the brake pads and the rotors. Will never purchase another Toyota and intend to dump this one as soon as I can.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    Definitely a problem with the transmission's electronic shifting controls. Take 'er back in for warranty work.

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  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    You didn't say if the noise is from the front or rear brakes or both.
    I would speak to the service manager. Usually noise can be a result
    of dirty parts, vibration, or even cheap parts. Providing all parts are
    clean an upgrade to better quality pads/shoes and a thorough inspection
    of involved parts should quiet your brakes.

    Of course this assumes nothing mechanical or defective is involved.

    I bought a new 1986 Toyota pickup and it still had the original brakes
    on it when traded in 1996 after 85,000 mi.

    Good luck with your brake problem.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Brake noise is not necessarily an indication of worn pads, rotors, shoes or drums. It could just be from dirt or dust from the environment you are driving in. Perhaps a little "Brakleen" sprayed on the brake parts would resolve your problem.
  • loncliplonclip Posts: 13
    My 2009 Corolla has spongey unpredictable brakes. If pressure is held on the pedal when stopped the pedal will slowly go to the floor. The dealer says it is normal for this car. It does stop but not like every car I have driven for 50 years! I think the brakes are dangerous. Is this really normal? :mad:
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    So the dealer told you that brakes that go to the floor are normal, without laughing?

    did you mean literally TO the floor or rather a small drop TOWARDS the floor and then it holds tight?

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  • loncliplonclip Posts: 13
    To The Floor! He even says his own car does the same thing. True, it doesn`t allow the car to move as if brakes are giving out entirely, but it is disturbing and at least aggravating. If you rest the foot lightly on the brake pedal, it won`t go down.... much.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    You might suggest that the two of you test a similar car in inventory or that a mechanic test the car around the block and report to the both of you.

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  • loncliplonclip Posts: 13
    Thanks, Mr. Shift. I plan to check with the dealer where I bought the car rather than the one in my hometown to see if they reach the same conclusion. Whatever the case, I won`t be driving a Toyota Corolla for very long if the condition really is normal and can`t be corrected. I drove old jalopies in my youth that had spongey brakes and leaky master cylinders, but a new car that drives that way doesn`t cut it for me. Back to Fords!!
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53 have a serious problem if they go to the floor. This car is
    unsafe to drive not only for you but anyone else on the road. It should
    be parked and not driven until fixed.

    Make the dealer provide a flatbed wrecker to transport it to the
    dealership for repair and a free loaner until repaired if necessary.

    If the dealer balks be sure to contact the regional service rep.
    about this problem. Contact emails and phone numbers can
    be found with a web search.
  • I bought a 2010 Corolla 7 days ago. After 150 miles I took it to the dealer because the brake pedal goes to one inch from the floor. They tell me it's normal. To me it's down right TERRIFYING........I don't know what to do.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Take it back and ask to drive another 2010 to see if it's the same way. It's absolutely not normal. Mine certainly doesn't go anywhere near the floor.
  • BakkaBakka Posts: 12
    I agree.

    That is absurd. If nothing else, go to a different dealer and drive your same model. Once you establish the difference, confront your service manager.
  • loncliplonclip Posts: 13
    Well, the whole thing has been checked out by the selling dealer and just as my local dealer says, the condition is normal. I tried another car and it is exactly like mine, so I guess they are right. They assure me the brakes are not going to fail and I have the print-out from each service call identifying the complaint and the dealers` conclusions. I bent the general manager`s ear about the situation and got nothing constructive from him. I just wanted to be sure all the bases were touched. So far I haven`t contacted Toyota via the 800 number. I may just bide my time until I can sell or trade the car. I bought this car to get great mileage when gas was high and I am a little reluctant to get rid of that fantastic mileage, but this brake problem and an accumulation of a few other minor things have really put the car in a negative light for me. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. C`est la vie!
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    Wow.....I wonder why all these same year Corolla's brakes go to
    varying distances to the floor?.......what's going on it
    possible depending on which plant it was built?......somebody
    needs to conduct a field survey......lets' see, mine was built in Japan
    and the brake pedal does not go anywhere near the floor.

    That leaves the plant in Canada and NUMMI to checkout....
    Is everybody using metric measurements or what?
  • berriberri Posts: 7,749
    Since it looks like Toyota will be closing the Freemont CA Corolla plant soon, do you think its safe to buy or will the UAW start sabotaging cars with cans in the fender?
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    I'm sure the brake travel is standard throughout the plants. I believe it's the varying opinions of what "to the floor" is. To me "to the floor" means the pedal actually touches the floor for braking to occur. I doubt that this is what's actually happening to those that state this. My 2009 brakes perfectly and the pedal goes no here near the floor.
  • cass01cass01 Posts: 10
    I've had my 2009 corolla for a year now. Ever since we've had it, at 30-40 mph the rpm's will all of a sudden DROP from a100-500 rpm's and then it will shoot back up. (usually around 1400-1100) The car will feel like it is wanting to die on me or like I have hit a road of tar. When we first got it, it was horrible. Almost impossible to drive at 30. Now still sucks, but not as bad.If I just barely (and I mean barely) let up on the accelerator at the 30-40 range, the rpm's look like a dancing drunk in a Saturday night bar. No problem at higher speeds. Sometime coasting from 45 down will cause the same thing to happen. The dealership says that is how all Toyotas drive and that they are just 'different' from what I have driven before. That's for darn sure. I've had it in four times and they've duplicated it, but again, 'that's how they drive'. Anyone have the same problem, and any solutions? I really want to drive my car down the road at 30 and not want to take a ballbat to it.
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    That's pretty bad when the dealer keeps telling you that's the way
    they all work.......I can tell you mine certainly doesn't do that. I did
    have an occassional idle problem when the car was shifted into drive or reverse,
    but that disappeared after a couple of months and a bottle of Gumout
    fuel system cleaner.

    As terceltom said before, drive another new Corolla at the dealership
    and compare it to yours then have the service manager do the same.

    Beyond those suggestions, you can always contact the Toyota
    regional service rep. for help.
  • cass01cass01 Posts: 10
    I did drive another Corolla and it did NOT drive the same way. I told the dealership (they were the one that offered the loaner to me) that I did not have the same problem with the loaner, a 2010. But they just said 'huh' and shoved me out the door. I called the regional and they want me to take it to another dealership, which I will do, but I wanted to check Edmund's to have some backup with me when I went to the other dealership.
  • loncliplonclip Posts: 13
    My Corolla does something similar when driving at low speeds. I have come to the conclusion that I am not a Toyota person! If Toyota drivers put up with all these idiosyncracies and still love these cars, well, all I can say is I`m not one of them. I`ll be getting rid of mine as soon as the budget allows.
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    Sorry to hear that your so dissatisfied that you want
    to get rid of the car........don't forget how costly
    that dissatisfaction will be......the depreciation alone
    could be about $1,500-2,000, then add new fees, taxes,
    licenses, etc. it gets expensive fast.

    A less costly way would be to get a "Lemon Law"
    attorney. Of course you must document all your efforts
    in dealing with this car and the dealers response to repair it and meet
    all the requirements of the law for your state.....but
    if you are successful it would be the least expensive way
    to go and you could end up with a new car.

    Good luck.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Well, I would say you need a lemon before you try to invoke the lemon law. I highly doubt they would make Toyota give the owner a new car just because they did not like, or were unable to adjust to a new type steering. All Corolla's being equal, I'm sure Toyota would claim that out of millions of Corolla's sold and only a relatively small number of drivers that can't get used to there upgrade would not make the Corolla qualify as lemon.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    FYI for Toyota owners this may effect.

    Toyota recalls 95,700 Toyota, Scion cars in U.S

    DETROIT — Toyota Motor Corp is recalling about 95,700 Toyota and Scion vehicles sold in the United States because ice could accumulate on their braking systems and make it harder for drivers to slow down.

    The recall involves 2009 and 2010 model year Toyota Corolla, Corolla Matrix and 2008 and 2009 Scion xD vehicles, all equipped with 1.8 liter engines, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

    If people drive the cars in extremely low temperatures, ice may accumulate at the brake system port and decrease braking power and lengthen vehicle stopping distances, Toyota said.

    Since the condition can happen at low temperatures, Toyota's recall applies to vehicle owners in 19 states: Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
  • Oh great so since i live in california but frequest cold states my car will not be recalled?? I would really love to know how they don't recall them for everyone?? My 2009 corolla was built in the US and had the radio replaced right away because it was freezing up and then my brakes were replaced at 10,000 miles, completely down to damaging my rotors. I also have the 30-40 mile an hour funky rpm thing, and was told that it was normal for the corolla to do this and I believed him cause I went from a full sized suv to this car. I now know it seems to be a problem, and i have 15,000 miles currently and am having brake issues again! All in all love the car but will think twice about going to our winter locations if the brakes wont stop me.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    If I were you I'd take the car to the dealer and explain your situation. They might do the recall action because you drive a lot on cold states. If they refuse, you could contact Toyota Customer Service about it. Odds are they would not want to risk being held liable should you have a problem with the brakes while driving in cold weather.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    My state was not on the list (Washington) and i will be talking to my dealer and i am sure they will make it right. I an 5 miles from Idaho and 80 miles from Montana. We had a record year with over 100 inches of snow in this area last year. I think that there states listed are guidlines but not in stone.

  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    Thankfully my state is not is not listed......but anyhow it usually
    doesn't get driven when the weather is bad. It's not a trailer queen,
    but rather a garage queen.

    More Corolla news..........Toyota is throwing in the towel at the
    NUMMI facility in Fremont, CA and shifting their Corolla production to existing facilities
    in Canada and Toyota City, Japan. About 4,700 people averaging about $65K/yr will be idled.

    I've toured the Toyota City plants and it's well worth your time if you
    are ever in the Tokyo area. The Corollas are built at the Kanto facility.
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