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Cherokee Radio Code Help

paulh2paulh2 Posts: 3
Can anyone help supply radio code. Have a jeep cherokee 1997 limited facelift, standard in jeep today and its asking for radio code?

sn/ T BD AA 183 7 38926

many thanks


  • brifebrife Posts: 1
    I just bought a jeep so I may be off base but on Saab's the radio code is generally labeled and attached to the radio which you have to pull the radio. I may be off base, but since no one else has responded thought it might give you some help. :shades:
  • anietieanietie Posts: 2
    hello, pls where can i locate my radio code? and how can i used it to keep my radio working.
  • anietieanietie Posts: 2
    hello , thanks
    just need to know, how do i set the code?
  • bazzerbazzer Posts: 1
    had same prob with mine here in ireland so downloaded unlock codes for them you take the middle numbers in your case 1837 and that came up with the code 2465 let me no if this is correct that mine wasent a fluke i had to pay 30 euros for the software download supposed to do most cars
  • mojo30mojo30 Posts: 1
    My serial number is TBC AA 0377 28763 any help with unlocking code.Thank you.
  • dwh70dwh70 Posts: 1
    call the local jeep cherokee dealer. they will ask you the registration number and your name, and then tell you the code. simples.
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