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Pacifica Air Conditioning System Questions

petej2petej2 Posts: 13
how do i replace the a/c filter on a 2005 pacifica


  • It's pretty simple. Look under the passenger footwell area. You will see a long black retangle box with 2 black sliding pieces of metal. Slide them to the side, and the bottom of the box can be removed by hand. Reach inside, and pull out the air filter. :shades:

    Replace and reverse the steps.

  • petej2petej2 Posts: 13
    are you sure, i dont see anything like that
  • inosinos Posts: 1
    We just bought a 2004 used pacifica. We love it, but the a/c does not seem to blowing out as I think it should. Is there something I am overlooking on the controls?
  • 04pac04pac Posts: 4
    The heat/AC blower motor just became super loud on my 04 Pac. The dealer will honor my extended warranty as long as it is not just leaves or debris. It sounds like a bearing to me.
  • rgaineyrgainey Posts: 1
  • orchid33orchid33 Posts: 1
    As my title stated is enquiry about, is there ant tools, equipments or instrument to measure the air conditioning system in the car? As example any car?Is there any way that we can know how to troubleshooting the car air cond system? As example the places for the car air-cond that easy spoil and causes sound which is the blade, pump and fan. But for the car system, the air cond system is use what kind of gases, i mean the refrigerant 134 or else?
    Thank you for helping me. Sorry for inconvinent. Thanks.
  • My air freezes after 30 miles. I shut it off for 30 more and it is restored. I had the refrigerant levels checked, and my mechanic swears the evaporator temperature sensor is bad, the clutch never disengages. We have a pretty good diagram on where & how, but can't find the sensor. He found a cover at the right spot on the expansion valve with a bit of rubber under and nothing under that. No wires either. Two local Chrysler dealers were called, but no help.

    Does anybody remember being there?
  • dadpagedadpage Posts: 1
    is replacing a blower motor in a 04 Pacifica easy or will I need a mechanic?
  • navy58navy58 Posts: 1
    A/C works intermitently. Blows Cold air (40 degrees), works fine but periodically it will begin blowing warm air. After a some period of time i.e, 30mins, 1 hour or what ever, it will begin blowing cold again. Some times when I switch if\t off and back on, it will work, most times not. When I start the car after its been off for a while, it works, sometimes not. Freon fine, only one code showed up once, referring to the a/c clutch not getting power(???). Two different garages checked, one was a dealer, no luck. any ideas?
  • I have a 2005 pacific. A few months ago the control panel for the climate control stopped working. you can still turn the a/c on, but you can not control temp, where the air is directed, fan speed, or even turn on the rear air.
    Could you help?
  • robvtrobvt Posts: 1
    I have an 05 Pacifica. The vanes on the vents in the dash will move up and down easily but right to left they are very tight. One is stuck and will not move. Can this be corrected without tearing into the dash? Is there a lubricant that will not damage the plastic or nylon parts?
  • Hi, did you ever find a solution to this problem? I am having the same issue.
  • On Aug. 10 2009 jeraldjr87 posted a question about his climate controls not working. I am having the same problem. 1/2 of the controls work and 1/2 don't. The Chrysler dealer said some part (please let me know the name someone!) and the removal of the dashboard to fix it would cost about 1000.00. I hope there is a better way.

    Can someone tell me the Part name, and if the dashboard needs to be removed.

    Thank you!
  • I have a 2005 Pacifica AWD. With the A/C on, the air flow will stop after a while especially when the ambient temperature in the cabin is not hot enough to keep the coils from freezing. It happens at this time of year but not in the summer heat when the inside of the car is hot. I do use the A/C now because of the radient heat from the sun and it is just plain old needed.

    Anyone have this issue and a resolution?

  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    My 2004 Pacifica HVAC system has stopped functioning properly. The fan runs at top speed, no matter what temperature is requested. In the auto or manual, all I can change is the temperature and output port. I can not change the fan speed regardless of the temperature requested or trying to change the fan speed.

    I noticed that when I try to turn off the system, the fan appears to run even faster! Bottom line, I can't slow it down and I can't stop it!

    Any ideas what has failed? I kind of expect repairs not to be cheap, but does anyone know the ballpark for repairs?

    Many thanks....

  • I am having the same problem has anyone found out what it was. I have an 04
  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    I've been told it is a resistor block that costs around $60 plus about $40 in labor (half hour job). In the next two weeks I plan to to get it done.

    ---Paul in Southern NJ
  • About a month ago my 2005 AWD's air conditioning stopped blowing cold. Right after that happened it will not allow ANY temperature or air setting to blow out of the defrost port on the top of the dash, or the foot ports? What can i check for or do to fix this? :confuse:
  • toms66toms66 Posts: 1
    It's a piece-of-cake, Get a new blower motor resistor pack from any auto parts, NAPA,etc, Open the glove box, press in the sides gently so it will swing down out of the way, and there it is, all you need is a 1/4 in ratchet with extension and a 8mm socket, pull the old resistor out, disconnect the 2 cables. reconnect to the new resistor pack and screw it back in and your done----15 min. max.
  • Thank you! I had the same issue, checked the relay and fuse then saw your post, I replaced it in 5 minutes, part cost me $108 (CAD) from Canadian Tire. Thanks again.
  • everettteverettt Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    I have 04 pacifica and the ac works fine for about 30min to an hour and then it will start to barely blow out the top vents and only blow out the bottom. During the winter it will blow cold air at the feet on the passengers side. The blower motor works fine and the temp sensor in the middle of the ac controls gets pretty warm when the heat is on. Any ideas thanx
  • goobersgoobers Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    dual climate will not get cold on driver side i did the reset and the air is still not getting cold wondering if it's a problem with the door actuator
  • cred1cred1 Posts: 2
    I have an 04 Pacifica0. 3 days ago, the right side & rear a/c was fine & the left side was not cooling at all. I returned 30 mins later, it wouldn't even turn on & after driving for 10 mins, it started to blow the same-passenger & rear fine, driver's side warm. Went out of town for 3 days, came back, now NOTHING is cool. Is this a freeon issue? The relay switch would completely keep it from blowing, right? Please help, I have a 2 yr old, live in Texas and do NOT have the money to pay 400+ to get this fixed!
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 201
    My 04 would not blow any cold air. I took it into my dealer last week and they refilled the Freon. Cost $180 and it now works fine. They say it is a very slow leak that they can't detect.
  • cred1cred1 Posts: 2
    Holy Moses Alive......I went to O'reilly's and purchased a can for $27! I haven't had a problem since. Man, $180 is ALOT for a refill on freon....If they told you they can't detect a leak, that just short for'll be back in a couple of months. They have neon fluid that can be put into your system to see exactly where it is leaking, no matter how big or small, a leak is a leak (saw them do that in my lexus)! I have enough though to last me till Nov, that's when it's getting traded!
  • merlmaramerlmara Posts: 1
    The a/c is not blowing cold air. I changed the filter behind the glove box. Added freon to the system. The gauge says the system is overcharged, so now I have to bleed it a little. The Blower is working but the air is still not cold. could it be the compressor.
  • stevenwstevenw Posts: 18
    My car is a Chrysler 300, not a Pac but this may be similar. When we would take long drives, after about an hours or two, the AC would fade out. Both the temp (would get warm) and the blower (would almost stop blowing). There is a TSB on this for the 300 and the solution is a PCM module flash. Dealer did that and car is thyrowing enough AC to hang meat. Maybe same issu on Pac's with this type of problem??

    TSB Number: 2400504
  • bob782bob782 Posts: 3
    Did the new resistor block solve the fan issue for you? I've same problem.
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