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Dodge Journey Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    We bought a 2007 Chrysler pacifica AWD Touring Aug.31 07. Because 08 is the last of the PAC I have looked at the Journey in several web sites and was really interested in if this was the PAC's replacement. The outside looks a lot like the PAC.
    However, The Journey is a left over form Daimlers ideas on how to make more money, but make cheap. The insides of the Journey have the same old cheap plastic as in the Jeep Compass/Patroit/ Caliber. The seats were smaller than other brands of vans this size, and fit and finish were ok but sure lackes a quality look and feel. The out side is quite plane and no chrome except the grill.
    The Journey I saw had the three row seating, air. and the 2.4L 4 cyl 4 speed outo trans. The price was just below $24,000.
    The 2.4 L engine is at best not very powerful, but with the added weight of a van it's not a good choice!
    My take, if Chrysler LLC. does not get some quality interiors in their vehicles then KIA has a better chance of becoming #4 in sales, not Chrysler LLC. I am very glad we bought the Pacifica which gets a honest 22 to 25 mpg.

  • au1994au1994 GAPosts: 1,615
    Stopped by the dealer early yesterday morning before anyone was around and looked at a few Journey's. Really like the outside. Looks very proportional and since I am a fan of the Dodge "look" I thought it was very attractive.

    My dealer had 1 red R/T, a silver base model and a white SXT and a green SXT. Interiors on the upper models looks good to me. I have an 06 Ram so I am familiar with the Dodge interiors. I would like to see one close up on the inside before I make a final judgement. The interior of the base model looked a little spartan though. Seats in the upper models looked comfortable as well. I have found seats in different manufacturers fit body types and definitions of comfort differently. I think my Ram is comfortable, as was the PT Cruiser we had. But I have had a 4Runner that I thought was fine, but others could not bear but a short trip in.

    I'd like to drive one, but I am concerned about the power and torque on the 4 cyl. I am very disappointed in the mpg rating in the 6, 16 & 23?? That's terrible if you ask me. When we replace the Passat in our fleet I'll still be looking for something that gets 20 mpg minimum in the city and still has some get up and go.

    Why didn't the US get the 2.7 V-6? It may not have made 20 mpg but a better compromise that the 2 engine offerings out there now.

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  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    au1994: The 2.4 L engine has very little low end torque. Not only is it dull on the punch it is a gutless engine, and a gas sucker as well. I would think the 3.5 would do better in mpg over the 2.4. The 3.5 has a 6 speed auto trans which is far better than the 4 speed aoto that comes with the 2.4.
    The only one I saw was the base with the 2.4 and the CHEAP interior and it was $ 23,000.+ and it had no chrome except the Dodge Ram badge on the front. Everything on this one look cheap. Made in Mexico, so fit and finish on the outside was very good. I believe it would be even better if made in the USA!
    Perhaps Chrysler LLC. will see that DCX was going cheap to make more $, and correct some of this cheap ill fitting plastic junk, and make some real quality molded plastic that fits and looks and feel nice.

  • au1994au1994 GAPosts: 1,615
    You know, I should iave remembered, but I think the 2.4 was the engine on our 01 PT. That car could not get out of its own way and yes, the mpg was less than stellar for a car that size. Pretty good car otherwise. Put 60k on it and was in the shop once for a recall. Very comfortable interior and very functional with the fold down and pull out seats. If I knew I could get a steady 18 in town with a Journey and the 3.5, you could sign me up today!

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  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    The 2.4 engine in your PT is not the same engine. This new "World Engine" is crap that was designed by Hyndia, KIA and D. Chrysler. It's a real winner and deserves a fickel finger of fait award. I would see if a dealer would let you test drive one and see what you think.

  • au1994au1994 GAPosts: 1,615
    Too scared to test drive. I might like it too much or rationalize the mpg on the V-6 and drive off the lot with one! We're at least a year away from a new car, unfortunately. Although looking on the Dodge website it looks like I would qualify for the loyalty rebate since I currently have a Ram...Hmm...

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  • My total cost out the door for my Journey was just over $20,000.00. I purchased the SRT V6 with the 3rd row seating. I went down to look at the one advertised for $13,888.00 but when I test drove it I found out it was the 4 cylinder and oh boy was it gutless! The price was nice if you don't want any power. It did have a lot of added options. I upgraded to the V6 and very happy with it. The transmission switches gears I feel prematurely when taking off as a slow speed. I get about 18 MPG. I don't take off fast but I do have a lead foot on the hwy. I now gas is a concern for many and was for me also but I think overall for a small SUV it does well on gas you just can't be the first one off the starting line.
  • My purchase price after all incentives was a little over $27,000. This was about $2,000 less than when I initially placed my order in December '08. I ordered a FWD R/T with just about everything (no navigation, satellite TV, towing, or smoking).
    So far I love it! None of the issues others have mentioned on the various feedback sites. Maybe I'm the beneficiary of waiting to have mine built this past January after the shut-downs. They had ample time to straighten out some of the early first year issues.
    So far, so good! ;)
  • knowit2knowit2 Posts: 7
    We bought the SXT. Standard SXT with 7 seat package.
    We bought for 18,910 (without TTL before trade with destination) with financing at 2.9% for 4 years.
    I had them give us an extra $750 for our trade in, a 9 yr old GMC Safari.

    Overall we are pleased. The SXT really seams loaded, dual sided ac/heat control, back ac/heater control, can coolers, dual exhaust, 3.5L with 6 speed tranny. If you want a CUV that you don't ever see around this is one for you.
  • antithesisantithesis Posts: 9
    The wife and I just bought an SXT FWD with the 3rd row option, Dual temperature ac/heater. remote start and some other little add ons. The MSRP was about $26,300 with black exterior and the dark interior with slate grey. It was listed in the newspaper for 16k and we got it for that price. We traded in our 2004 Murano for 12k too.
    We like the vehicle. We loaded it up with 3 adults and 2 kids and got about 24 mpg on a 300 mile roadtrip, which was hard to get in the Murano.
    Its not perfect but at the price it was totally worth it.
  • I see from these posts that some people have scored pretty big discounts off MSRP on Journeys. One post details an SXT w/ 3rd row, (MSRP $26,300) selling for $16K. Where can I get one at that price?

    Desire a 2009 SXT or RT with 3rd row option. With the 2010 model year coming fast, l am looking for a dealer that will offer a strong price break to move an 09 off the lot. I am in Texas but would consider working with an out of state dealer.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Try They may have one at a price you're looking for. Good luck.
  • Looking at 2010 Journey's and I'm not seeing very big discounts. I was hoping to get $1500 rebate plus another $1500 off from the dealer. It's not happening. Dealer offering $1000 discounts (in addition to $1500 rebate) off a R/T model which has a $30,000 sticker. Curious what other people are seeing.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609

  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Journey is getting a major makeover -- supposedly 2010.
  • True, but I like the current model, especially for the price. I'm sure the re-design will have a more upscale interior and a more powerful engine, but this will surely drive up the price. The current interior on the R/T isn't fancy, but it's not cheap looking either. The new slate interior color looks nicer than last year's 2-tone. The engine is an old design, but it was quiet and smooth and had enough power. I was impressed. I just wish the discounts on the 2010's were a little better.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The really big discounts are on cars you probably don't want. They are out there and will occur occaisionally -- example 10k off routan's. Usually if you want a big price cut -- you have to compromise and buy something you may only sort of like. People cashed in big last spring on popular models that were in oversupply. Seems the mfgrs have learned a lesson and kept inventory low on even the slow sellers. Something might break on the journeys this winter. I agree -- the package is very attractive. Upgrades in driveline and interior may put it on my list in a few years.
  • Well, I finally got the dealer to discount $1500 on top of the $1500 rebate. Negotiated price was $26,700 from a sticker of $29,695. This is for an ordered R/T model with front-wheel drive and nav. The car is due sometime in Jan. If the rebate should increase by then, I get the higher rebate! Best part of the negotiating process was checking out a Challenger SRT on the showroom floor ;-)

  • We just purchased a 2010 Dodge Journey SE 2.4l. With $3,000 down and $2,500 in incentives we paid $16,700. Rick Hendrick Dodge in Charleston,SC. No pressure sales and Finance person was not a JERK! Vehicle is very spacious and somewhat quiet.Comfortable seating. My wife has a Pontiac G6 and the seats in the Journey are 100% better. Brilliant Silver w/black interior. No "Bells and Whistles". We don't need all the other stuff. Although we did have to purchase the Cruise Control ( Not an option on this SE) $300 installed by Dealer. Better than the extra $3,000-$4,000 to upgrade!!!..........not for us! All-in-all...Happy with this experience! God is good!!!!!!!!! :)
  • We test drove a Journey this week and during the trip it seemed the transmission shifted in and out too frequently. Has anyone experienced this?
  • eguimoyeguimoy Posts: 1
    Yes, I bought a Dodge Journey last September, 2009 and I had the same problem twice and I recently took the car to the Dealer and they did not find anything wrong with the car. They told me it this happen again just to bring it back to the dealer.
    Does any body else knows about this problem?
  • 2010 Dodge Journey SXT suv with AWD brand new never sold what should i expect to pay? Add says $26,759 after rebates.This would be the first brand new car we have bought and don't want to be taken for a ride.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    If elong to AAA then they can be of help, also this web site has a place to look.

    Have you neen in US branch of service? If so Chrysler also has a discount. Go to this is a very large dealer that sells at prices lower thn I have ever see. The prices a r shown with the discount. I think most dealers should cmepretty close. ( I don't work for Yark, or have bought a car from Yark. I just used their prices to geta dealer match.)
  • ricoucfricoucf Posts: 21
    Nobody has bought a Journey sxt V6 recently? Please post if you had this is the only way to really help each other out.
  • llevyllevy Posts: 5
    :D :D 2013 Journey Crew with third row and chrome wheels. MSRP 30,640. OTD price for car (excluding tax and tags, no fees) $25,140. That's $600 below invoice and $3500 in rebates ($2K Customer, $1K Lease, $500 Auto Show) Circle Dodge in Brick NJ. HIGHLY recommend Circle and Jim. Old-Time throwback dealership, no games, lots of stock and ridiculous deals. :D

    Run, don't walk to grab '13 Journeys at current offers. If you want a thrid row crossover even remotely close to this price, FUHGEDDABOUT anything else. Hyundai and Kia have stupidly priced themselves out of contention with third row options. :confuse:

    Let's pray reliability matches the looks, drive and price....
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • rdn71rdn71 Posts: 1
    I just bought a Dodge Journey 2013 SXT. It's amazing!
  • steven_rosariosteven_rosario Posts: 2
    edited November 2013
    Ok just wanna let you guysknow for reference
    2013 SXT BLACKTOP brand new 2 miles on odometer
    Base price: 23,095
    Total price: 27,680
    Options: leather, black top, 3rd row seating & big screen Uconnect.

    Total sale price after negotiating for the vehicle before tax
  • 4_ur_info4_ur_info Posts: 1

    2013 3.6 L Dodge Journey SXT - about 28,000 km.

    On June 1, 2014, was getting off a highway onto a ramp, stepped on brakes to slow down to ramp speed limit and then the brakes locked suddenly, and the vehicle came to an abrupt halt with the ignition still running. As expected everyone in the vehicle lurched forward. What a major scare! Have not had another incident since then. Have limited confidence in the vehicle now and am not willing to take it on long distance trips.

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