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Hi, I am new to the board. I am the previously proud owner of an 04 xc90 T6. Previously because I have just been reading about all the transmission troubles and am now just waiting for something to happen. Ignorance truly was bliss in my case!
My questions are, can I do anything to avoid trashing the tranny?? I have been on other boards where the response was " it WILL go, be prepared" I have to say, I am not prepared to fork out 5000.00+- to replace this if I can at all avoid it. I was wondering if I should have the transmission flushed and if yes should I go to the dealer or to a tranny shop?? I am having numerous other problems with it as well but this one is the one I really want to avoid at all costs.
I have constant CONSTANT clunking, knocking and grinding from the front end. Have had both ball joints repaired and it still persists. I am at the point where I just want this thing to be quiet and if that means re-doing the front end with all new parts I will have to do it. I am just tired of doing one thing and a couple of weeks later having to take it back for another mystery sound.
So that is where I am, not happy about it either but willing to do whatever to make this transmission hold up.

thanks and I am glad to have found this site!



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    Pay very close attention to any slipping. Our transmission went with only 28,000 miles. I do not drive the hard hard by any means.
    Just be careful not to get stranded if it starts slipping. The dealer is less than a half mile away from our house and we literally coasted there with no gears left!
    Good luck to you, hopefully you will have more than we did!
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    So you are on your second tranny??? I have 90,000 miles on my xc90. What exactly would a notice if it were to start slipping?? I also don't drive it like a race car, just the kids to school and me around town. The situation as it stands with us is that we would get rid of it in a second but as we now owe more than we could get for it there is no point, we will just drive it till it falls apart... which at this rate looks like it won't be too long at all.

    K :cry:
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    Consider your self lucky that you got that many miles with out replacing the transmission. Mine went at 28,000 and it happened fast. Pay attention, when you accelerate if the car feels like you went into neutral, consider turning around!!!! If you feel that happen quickly get it to a shop. I also am a carpooling mom that does beat on the car, but it has given us a lot of problems. We are thinking about getting rid of with only 42,000 miles">. The funny thing about purchasing the xc90 we did not hesitate to think about reliabilty because volvo has a reputation for endurance. I guess the xc90 is the exception. Transmission, fuel pump, replace the steering, ac, front end, what next?
    The best investment was the extended warranty!
    Good luck!
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    We had the extended warranty and I swear as soon as it was done, everything started knocking, clunking and groaning. I am thinking that I am going to have the whole front end re-done. I have had it in the shop so many times for knocking sounds and they fix a ball joint or some sway bars etc etc and it is good for a few weeks and then we are right back to where we started. I am tired of paying for one thing after another after another, I would prefer to just get everything done at once and at least that way I know that the parts will al have approximately the same life span.
    I am so disappointed in this car. I would never have thought that a car that costs this much could give me this many problems.
    I am thinking about getting rid of mine as well but who in their right mind would ever buy it after hearing the sounds coming from it. I would have to fix it to sell it and if I am going to do that, I might as well just drive it.

    Thanks for the good luck wishes, who would have thought that with Volvo we wold need so much luck!! :confuse:
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    To Kari and Barbara........I have a 2004 T6 s80 sedan....what a pretty car! .but boy am I glad I found you all so I am not alone and "imagining things"...I am having transmission problems like you all described..only just with 1st gear. When at a stop light, then it turns green I step on accelerator the rpm goes up but car does not move then it slowly picks up speed and everything is fine..tho sometimes it slams into first with a fierce jerk....I even started to think it was the way I was pressing down on the gas pedal when I had high heels on...I took it to my volvo guy and we drove around together and it NEVER DID IT!
    ...of course no longer under warrentee at 65,ooo mi..........I am a mom and not a race car driver either.....just picking up kids you both fixed the transmission? How is it working now? My volvo repair guy did some sort of trick with the computer a few months ago and that seemed to help for a while but now the problem is back......also, I read on the site that the newer cars have each gear controlled by its own solenoid so it is possible it is a computer glitch and If you get it fixed soon enough maybe the transmission will not be damaged?? I am going back to my guy next week because the "check engine" light came on so maybe that will give me some insight to the problem....
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    I haven't done anything to the transmission yet on mine. I talked to the manager at the dealership and he told me that if you treat the car kindly it should do the same for you. So for me that means that at the next visit to the dealership, I have to not only change the struts and get the front end looked at, I have to get the transmission flushed and have them check it over. Mine sometimes does what you describe at the green lights. However the rpms don't really go up, it is almost like it just takes a bit to realize that I want it to go. I have said before, if I didn't love this car so much it would have been gone long ago.

    So for now I am trying to be proactive in maintaining the car in the best possible condition in the hopes that that way I will avoid some major work down the road.

    Good luck with yours and I hope your dealer can help you out.

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    My 2003 XC90 T6 transmission failed on the Motorway. My Volvo dealership has quoted £4000 to repair but cannot get the spare part for over a month due to the high demand for these spares.
    Web forums such as this are littered with unhappy XC90 owners with failed transmissions. Volvo are not admitting the extent of the problem yet but I intend to publicise it as this failure is so common and so dangerous when it happens that I will be pushing for a full safety recall.
    I have contacted VOSA and ROSPA (UK agencies that monitor car safety) for advice but would be grateful to hear from any other owners who have had XC90 transmission failure to build a case for a full no cost recall of these cars. The 2003/2004 models with GM transmissions seem particularly prone to failure.
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    I own a 2004 XC90 T-6 AWD with over 85k miles on it and have had NO transmission problems. I work the transmission very hard climbing hills and driving on unpaved mountain roads. I often use the transmission to brake the vehicle when driving on steep roads.

    I was led to believe the transmission in the 2004 is different than the one in the 2003. However, I do not claim to be a Volvo expert even though I have driven the brand for over 35 years.

    Next week may be a different story, but for now I am very happy with my XC90.

    - OldJim
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    I really like it when I come across a good xc90 story!! I really hope mine is one of the ones with no problems. I am going to look into the whole 2003 vs 2004 transmission to see what I can find out. I was under th eimpression that the bum tanny was on all T6 models which were discontinued in 2005.

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    I have a 2008 xc90 awd 6cyl when turning hard to the left i have a poping noise.
    Went to the dealer said i had a bent bolt in the lower control arm probabley caused
    by hitting a pot hole!. They would not cover it under warranty and wanted 450.00 to
    repair it, went to my local mech. charged me 60.00 dollars and i am as good as new,any one this issue with a bent bolt?
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    I had a similar thing on my xc90. I went to the mechanic and he said it was a loose bolt, not bent but not tightened properly. The sound went away for a few hundred kms and is now back off and on. That is what I find so frustrating is that it isn't a constant noise that can be pin pointed and fixed, I just took mine in to get new tires and I asked them to drive it and see what they thought the noise may be and when I went to pick it up, they said they couldn't make it make the noise. I am just getting used to all the pops clunks and groans from the front end, I think maybe it is just the way it is unfortunately.
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    I own a 2004 XC90 T6 and my transmission failed at just under 50,000 miles. I'm still having problems after replacing the transmission in January of this year. Volvo paid for the parts but I had to pay for the labor, $1500. I have taken it back to the dealer several times since. The car still jerks when I start up from a stop. It doesn't do it all the time. I am very interested in a class action suit against Volvo. A full no cost recall even sounds better. Let me know what needs to be done.
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    Count me in. As of yet I have not had transmission problems but I have ben told by a Volvo dealer that I will at some piont have to deal with this issue.... So if he knows that you can bet Volvo knows it and is just hoping no one organizes and actually makes this happen. I mean honestly, what engineer decided to put a GM transmission that GM usually put in their sunfire cars in a frigging volvo SUV???? did they save tons of money doing it??? did no one ever step in and say wait a minute lets look at the torque this motor is putting out compared to what this transmission can handle. I think that when you have a company thats motto is Volvo for life, they should stand behind that and actually make it possible for us T6 owners to actually trust this car to last us a decent amount of time. I find the most frustrating thing with my car right now is the lack of confidence I have in it. I find it unacceptable that I have a $50,000 car that is just 4 yrs old and I can't trust it to take me on vacation this summer two provinces over!! :confuse:
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    Where do I sign my name on the class action? At 92K miles, the dealership broke the news yesterday about seeing large chunks of metal shavings when changing my transmission fluid. I got a bill for $7500 (new trannie, new radiator, lines including labor), but dealership agreed to pay 50%...I'm sensing guilt from Volvo. I rather have them fund 100% after reading many XC90 transmission failure messages. Regardless, this is extremely disappointing considering my XC90 is less than 5 years, and have been consistent with my regular maintenance. :sick:
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    The Volvo response is that they always "pay for half" or "pay for the parts". It's all crap, who knows what the actual parts cost? They just pretend that they are doing you a big favor. The real Volvo automobile died when GM got involved. This is not your father's Volvo. I'll never buy one again.
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    I will never buy one either. I will also tell everyone I know to stay away from them.
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    I have a 2004 XC90 and the transmission failed at 83,000 miles three weeks ago. Very shocked since this is our fourth Volvo and never expected complete transmission failure at relatively low mileage. I do not expect to buy another Volvo (my wife's prior Volvo--a sedan--was a problem car as well so perhaps the engineering of Volvos has deteriorated significantly in the last 10 years).
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    I am not at all impressed with volvo. I bought this car thinking that it would be one of those things that you spend more on initially but end up saving money in the long run because it would last us forever. There is not a chance in hell this car will last us forever, not even close.
    I think engineering and quality have suffered, and many blame ford for this but truthfully, I have a ford windstar van sitting in my garage that we were going to sell once we bought the volvo, thank heavens we didn't because I think I should have at least one reliable vehicle in the garage! That van never gave us one day of worry or problems. People can say what they want but for the cost of this car, it sure is a piece of crap.
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    Two and a half weeks ago my 2004 T6 XC90 jerked for the first time. Took it to the dealer Friday,April 25th the car drove perfectly all day even after I picked it up. Saturday, April 26th at 9pm, I'm driving alone on the Interstate and the TRANSMISSION SERVICE URGENT light comes on, the car loses power the RPMs are running up with no acceleration. The vehicle has 53,897 miles on it!! All 4 tires were replaced at 21,000 miles due to excess wear of the factory Pirelli tires, the tie rod on the left side has been replaced (the infamous popping noise), the ball joint, and I'm on the second set of front brakes. What's up Volvo??

    This transmission thing breaks it for me with Volvo. I bought this vehicle believing it would be the last one I purchased for a long time...that I'd drive it till the wheels came off.....little did I know that would be less that 2 years after I owned it and that the transmission would be failing before the thing is even paid for.

    So if there's going to be a lawsuit, let's get it on. Write your letters to Volvo today and to your state's Attorney General (and the local media if it will help bring attention to this). The address, in case you need it:
    Volvo Cars of North America, LLC
    PO Box 914
    Rockleigh, N.J. 07647 :lemon:
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    I agree with you about GM. Had I known GM had anything to do with Volvo, I would have NEVER spent my hard earned money on it. I waited 20 years to buy the investment vehicle that would last forever...guess they got me good huh? Tires, brakes x2, now the transmission! And the guy at the dealership service desk was very honest about the fact the T6 has a bad rep. :lemon:
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    I have a loaded 2004 T6 and have spent WELL over $10,000 in repairs and service (about $3,000 was my fault) since owning this vehicle. Thank god I purchased the extended warranty, it paid for itself in just one visit! Today I was driving on the freeway and experienced this "slipping" and almost crashed as I was going 75 or 80 when my car decided it would be fun to bounce off the rev-limiter and provide no power. I tried going to manual mode but got nothing, and it finally caught a gear at very high rpm, and the back axel engaged so violently the DSTC system had to intervene. I have known this transmission was going to cause me trouble at one point or another, and I guess today will be the day. I had it towed to the dealer, and will be shocked if the transmission DOESN'T need to be replaced. I hit 64,000 miles today and have never missed a service and replace the tires every year (tread is completely gone by then) and brakes about twice a year. I would say I drive this car harder than the average driver, but nothing extreme.

    And also with the popping and grinding in the front end... I have experienced the very same thing and every time I take it in the dealer "fixes it," and a week or two later its back just as bad as before. So when I ever I take in for service I tell them about it and give me this speech about how it can't be duplicated or look at me like I'm crazy. I like to think that all the problems are due to it being Volvo's first SUV, and I've heard the V8 is a whole lot better. I am hoping the new transmission is smoother or faster, but I know I shouldn't get excited!
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    I have just joined the transmission failure club at 94K miles on my 05 T6. I have been quoted 5K for repairs and that will make 10K in repairs in 3 months.

    Sign me up for a class action on this one. This is the worst vehicle I have ever owned. On top of the repairs it eats tires every 20K mils (and that is pushing it ) I have to drop $800 in rubber.
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    Update on my XC90 repair bill...

    I got the dealership to pay 60% (from 50%) of original $7500 bill for my new transmission, radiator, lines and labor. I simply pointed the Dealership Service Manager and their Volvo Account Exec from SoCal to this discussion forum to help prove my point. I would still have rather NOT pay a single dime, which is why I am in the middle of crafting a scathing letter to Volvo Corporate. Thanks for the address dcxplant.

  • kari4kari4 Member Posts: 15
    I would gladly write a letter as well. I am looking at endless repair bills. Now the Cruise Control disengages during highway driving. Just one more thing.... I am now at the point where I don't think this car will ever NOT have a problem and nothing surprises me anymore, actually that is a lie, I would be surprised if I were able to drive this car without having things go wrong... THAT would be surprising!
  • dcxplantdcxplant Member Posts: 7
    You can file a complaint with the NHTSA by going to
  • wknepperwknepper Member Posts: 1
    I have a Volvo xc90 2005 with a v6 engine. My transmission is slipping and the transmission urgent light is one. I am in a fight with the volvo home office. This has been an obvious issue and they need to be held accountable. My service manager in Erie, PA is fighting for us to get help with the 5200.00 expense. We are at a 1200.00 allowance thus far and am not in the least bit satisfied. The home office's response was that if they did it for one they would have to do it for all. My response was, well if there are that many transmission issues, then you are accountable!! COUNT ME IN for a class action suit!!!
  • dcxplantdcxplant Member Posts: 7
    Good to hear somebody is trying to help with your issue. I just called my dealership service manager to let him know that they problem they tried the fix with the help of the Volvo engineers about 3 weeks ago didn't work. My T6 XC90 now has 54000 miles and is in the early stages of what was happening in the first place. Cost $1200 to replace the CEM some module that controls the vehicle. It took a full week for this service to happen. A manufacturing defect is a defect and Volvo corporate are accountable for this transmission issue, a much as the "reputation" for safety they are quick to publicize. I sent in a complaint to the NTHSA a couple of weeks ago. :lemon:
    Write letters to Volvo USA!!!
  • dcxplantdcxplant Member Posts: 7
    Agree about the tires...I'm on the second set. First ones replaced for excessive wear at 21000 miles. Those were Perilli, the Michelins aren't wearing as fast but look like they have about 70-80K miles on them.
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    I have 2005 T6 XC90 and has 44,000 miles. While I was driving my car I noticed a noise comes on and off. I took it to the dealer for a check to find out that I need a new transmission. Even though the car is still under warranty but I'm afraid that once it runs out I will have the same problem again. I agree about the tires, so far I changed my tires twice. I also took it back to the dealer so many times in the past 2 years for clicks and weird noises. I'm really frustrated even though I'm not paying anything so far. I have invested dearly for this car to only get frustrations rather than satisfaction. I second all comments and count me as the last victim for now!!
  • lhn5lhn5 Member Posts: 37
    I have a 2004 xc90 T5 and the transmission had to be replaced at 32k miles. Of course this was under warranty. Thank goodness we also have the extended warranty. About 4 weeks ago, at around 60k miles, the car started shifting a bit off, and soon the Urgent Transmission Service light comes on. We bring it to the dealer, they reset the light, it doesnt come back on, and they say everything is fine. Under protest they kept the car for 4 days and drove it all around and stuck with their story. The car drove ok for about 2 weeks, and started acting up again. Then the light came on again. We brought it in, and they drove it and said it is fine. They will hook it up to the computer tomorrow.

    They are already hinting that they expect to find nothing, and they will require us to pay for upgrading the software and a transmission flush before much more is done.

    I guess they won't be happy until the transmission fails on the freeway and people die. Any suggestions would be great. We have to stick together.
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    I have a 2004 T6 XC90 w/ 76K miles with a transmission that slips. The dealer - Power Volvo South Bay informed me the transmission needs to be replaced, but the warranty I bought from Volvo is refusing the pay for repairs. The word I get from Volvo is that the warranty inspector does not believe the problem is bad enough yet. The corporate warranty hotline tells me they won't pay until there is a "cause for failure" identified. I informed them of the sheer volume of complaints about the transmissions and complaints. Has a class action suit actually been filed? That's what Volvo told my husband yesterday. Where can I get info on this? Thanks.
  • dcxplantdcxplant Member Posts: 7
    Everyone needs to go to the NHTSA and file the problem for transmissions. The service manager told me the other day that the only way there could be a recall is if the NHTSA were to go to Volvo. And only if it is considered a safety issue will Volvo conduct a recall.

    Volvo Cars of North America, LLC -President/CEO Mr. Speck
    PO Box 914
    Rockleigh, N.J. 07647

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    I want to avoid the T6, am looking at a 2008 XC90 which carries a "six-speed Geartronic automatic". Any track record for this transmission? I am assuming this is not a T6, but please advise. thanks.
  • lhn5lhn5 Member Posts: 37
    They put our car on the lift and apparently saw some kind of visual defect...anyway we get a new one.
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    Hello to all xc90 lemon owners! My '04 T6 just had it's first transmission replaced at 45,000 miles. I felt the car hesitate when I applied the accelerator then the transmission warning light came on. Luckily I was a half mile from home. The car had been serviced at the dealer only 2 days prior (service + transmission flush). Apparently the coolant had leaked into the transmission. Thankfully I'd purchased the extended warranty. Up to this point I thought I was lucky having only had to replace the CD changer, a cable in the rear seat, numerous brake pads and rotors, and 2 sets of tires. By the way, don't buy the pirelli scorpions, they're terrible, worse than the michelin's.
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    Yep, had the same problems most everyone has had: tires every 25-30k miles, Michelin's and Pirelli, brakes every 1.5yrs (15k miles) and now at 64k miles the transmission! Deal is the dealer will do the material and I do the labor: $2100! Seems a whole lot of buyers are in the same boat with the vehicle issues. All this even though I've done every scheduled maintenance. I'm for a recall!
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    I find myself in a very similar situation. My 2005 XC90 landed at the dealership yesterday after the "Transmission Service Urgent" message appeared--got the same message from need a new transmission. I was shocked when I got this message considering the fact my vehicle only had 77,000 miles on it however; to my surprise after reading this forum this is NOT unusual--where is the reliability Volvo? We by no means drive our SUV hard. I spoke with the service manager at my dealership and he indicated to me that he would speak with a Volvo rep about providing some assistance with the repair cost, which made me a little curious---he's never offered to pay for any of my service outside of my warranty--then I realized he must be guilty of something and found all of your post. This is completely ridiculous and I haven't recieved a call about the price of my new transmission [yet] but I'm not sure I'm comfortable paying for anything to be honest with you.
  • embargoembargo Member Posts: 2
    Not sure if I should be felling good about having to pay anything. But, given all the information shared on this site (and my submission of a compliant to the Office of Defects Investigation on I was able to negotiate an out-of-pocket cost of $500--essentially they treated it as if it were a under an extended warranty. I'm sure I could have pushed for more, but this seem to be a fair deal given the orginally quoted price of $6800.00. BTW...this included the replacement of my radiator not sure I know the relationship? I hope this helps other in the future.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I was able to negotiate an out-of-pocket cost of $500

    Considering the alternative, that sounds pretty good!

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    I was just stranded last week with the Transmission service urgent message - 50 miles from home at 11pm. My dealer coolly informed me that the 2003 xc90 T6 needs a new transmission - $5300. This is outrageous for a car with only 85,000 miles. I am going to start writing letters today.

    It is too bad, I had a 740 GLE for 12years and was never stranded by that car. I have always loved Volvo.
  • dredgiedredgie Member Posts: 2
    How exactly did you do that? Was the information in these postings enough?
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I didn't do that. I was quoting the previous poster (embargo). Perhaps he will come back and provide more info.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • rippermanripperman Member Posts: 10
    I can't belive all of the bad things I'm reading about the transmissions in the xc-90. My 2004 xc-90 T6 is under warranty until 4/09 and belive me, I'm getting rid of it soon. It's got 39,000 miles and the trans makes a lite knocking sound when I shift from drive to reverse and back to drive again.

    Does anyone know if the trans fluid has to be changed? The dealer (a woman-no offense) told me no, becasue it's a sealed system.

  • rshaver13rshaver13 Member Posts: 1
    Count me in on a class action lawsuit against the volvo xc90 transmission!!! I had to have my transmission replaced at 80,000mi and have had problems too numerous to count! It's a lemon! Now I'm having the low beam bulb replacement problem and my driver's seat is stuck! I've had it! I really love the way the xc90 feels and drives when it's working... but enough is enough! I've got to find a good lawyer!
  • luvmyvolvoluvmyvolvo Member Posts: 10
    That's funny, because the dealer recommended that I have my transmission fluid changed despite the fact that the service isn't in the scheduled maintenance book. The service tech happened to be a man and I am a woman (I tend to get sold A LOT of unnecessary fluid flushes and/or "recommended services")

    So 2 days, a 45,000 mile service and a transmission service later and my transmission seized up on my way home.

    Apparently the coolant had leaked into the transmission so both the radiator and transmission were replaced under the extended warranty.

    I'd love to be included in a class action lawsuit!
  • kari4kari4 Member Posts: 15
    I am no longer on the waiting list for transmission failure, It happened on Friday night. This car is by far the biggest hunk of junk I have ever owned and I regret the day I ever decided to buy it.
    How is it possible that Volvo hasn't acknowledged this huge error on their part?? This is not something that I needed right now, and these are not just minor things to fix, this is a huge repair bill and Volvo knows it will happen to those of us with this disgusting car.
    I would love for someone to steal this car but they wouldn't get far enough away to make it worth their while. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • volvo4fivevolvo4five Member Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,

    Can anyone tell me if a class action lawsuit has been filed regarding the XC90 transmission failures? Please let me know. If so, I'm ready to join. The transmission failures, and Volvo's apparent disregard for their customers, are completely unacceptable. Seems to me that Volvo should be recalling each of these vehicles to have a new transmission installed at their expense.
  • mikey148mikey148 Member Posts: 4
    I have 04 XC90 T6 with 147,000Km (about 90,000 miles). I have always like this vehicle and the way it drives. The car has always been serviced at the dealership it was purchased at and has had any problem looked dealt with. My brother has the same vehicle with almost the same number of miles. He purchased the extended warranty, I did not. He has had his tranny replaced a while ago. We were talking the other day & I was expressing my concern about my slipping transmission when he told me that unbeknown to dealers, Volvo had been installing GM transmissions in these units (there may be other years involved, I cannot say). This shocked me! I have a great deal invested in this car and intended to keep it. A class action needs to be undertaken! I have never in all the vehicles I have owned (about 12 company vehicles over 30 years!) had a transmission problem. NOT even in a 2000 GMC Yukon I owned before the XC90! What gives with using a GM tranny (given Ford owns Volvo!). I am scheduled for service on August 11 and intend to ask some serious questions Monday morning. I'll keep you all posted when I ask about GM trannies. Mikey148 - Calgary, Canada :mad:
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    My story is similar to the other postings. I have 76K miles on my 05 XC90 T6 and I'm on my third set of tires. I thought that was ridiculous until last weekend.... my Transmission Service Urgent light appeared. Need I say more....The dealership informed me that the transmission needs to be replaced. I thought how could that be possible on a luxury pricey SUV with only 76k miles.

    My warranty expired at 50k miles and I purchased an after-market 100K warranty. The warranty company declined the repair stating that the transmission has to broken down to determine the root cause. Of course, Volvo states that it is not their procedure to tear down the transmission, but the diagnostic reports generates certain codes stating when the transmission needs to be replaced. What a vehicle needs a new transmission and warranty company has declined repairing the car.

    Fortunately, Volvo has agreed to pick up the cost of the transmission. However, my concern is how long will this transmission last before it goes out again? Also, is this the beginning of my problems and should I get rid of this car?

    I'm really disappointed with the reliability of this car as I drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee for 9 years and replaced the transmission at 185k miles...not under 80K miles. Of course, my last car, was 1/2 the price of this car....

    I was really impressed with the car as I love the look and feel of the vehicle. However, didn't like the fact that I have to replace tires at 20k intervals. However, this incident has cause me to reconsider driving a Volvo for life.
  • kmart5kmart5 Member Posts: 11
    I just joined this msg board because many others, evidently, are having the same probs as me. I have a 2004 XC90 T6. Trans failed at 38k, replaced under warranty, no charge (Santa Ana Volvo in CA - no real service complaints). Vehicle has about 65k now and trans just started slipping yesterday (just returned from 1100 mi roadtrip - luckily not stranded). I'm about to take it back to the dealer - any advice? I'd sure like to know how, and what the circumstances were of the previous poster who negotiated a $500 charge.
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