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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • boydlawboydlaw Posts: 4
    I have a 2004 T6 XC90 w/ 76K miles with a transmission that slips. The dealer - Power Volvo South Bay informed me the transmission needs to be replaced, but the warranty I bought from Volvo is refusing the pay for repairs. The word I get from Volvo is that the warranty inspector does not believe the problem is bad enough yet. The corporate warranty hotline tells me they won't pay until there is a "cause for failure" identified. I informed them of the sheer volume of complaints about the transmissions and complaints. Has a class action suit actually been filed? That's what Volvo told my husband yesterday. Where can I get info on this? Thanks.
  • dcxplantdcxplant Posts: 7
    Everyone needs to go to the NHTSA and file the problem for transmissions. The service manager told me the other day that the only way there could be a recall is if the NHTSA were to go to Volvo. And only if it is considered a safety issue will Volvo conduct a recall.

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  • willm1willm1 Posts: 1
    I want to avoid the T6, am looking at a 2008 XC90 which carries a "six-speed Geartronic automatic". Any track record for this transmission? I am assuming this is not a T6, but please advise. thanks.
  • lhn5lhn5 Posts: 37
    They put our car on the lift and apparently saw some kind of visual defect...anyway we get a new one.
  • luvmyvolvoluvmyvolvo Posts: 10
    Hello to all xc90 lemon owners! My '04 T6 just had it's first transmission replaced at 45,000 miles. I felt the car hesitate when I applied the accelerator then the transmission warning light came on. Luckily I was a half mile from home. The car had been serviced at the dealer only 2 days prior (service + transmission flush). Apparently the coolant had leaked into the transmission. Thankfully I'd purchased the extended warranty. Up to this point I thought I was lucky having only had to replace the CD changer, a cable in the rear seat, numerous brake pads and rotors, and 2 sets of tires. By the way, don't buy the pirelli scorpions, they're terrible, worse than the michelin's.
  • trout5996trout5996 Posts: 1
    Yep, had the same problems most everyone has had: tires every 25-30k miles, Michelin's and Pirelli, brakes every 1.5yrs (15k miles) and now at 64k miles the transmission! Deal is the dealer will do the material and I do the labor: $2100! Seems a whole lot of buyers are in the same boat with the vehicle issues. All this even though I've done every scheduled maintenance. I'm for a recall!
  • embargoembargo Posts: 2
    I find myself in a very similar situation. My 2005 XC90 landed at the dealership yesterday after the "Transmission Service Urgent" message appeared--got the same message from need a new transmission. I was shocked when I got this message considering the fact my vehicle only had 77,000 miles on it however; to my surprise after reading this forum this is NOT unusual--where is the reliability Volvo? We by no means drive our SUV hard. I spoke with the service manager at my dealership and he indicated to me that he would speak with a Volvo rep about providing some assistance with the repair cost, which made me a little curious---he's never offered to pay for any of my service outside of my warranty--then I realized he must be guilty of something and found all of your post. This is completely ridiculous and I haven't recieved a call about the price of my new transmission [yet] but I'm not sure I'm comfortable paying for anything to be honest with you.
  • embargoembargo Posts: 2
    Not sure if I should be felling good about having to pay anything. But, given all the information shared on this site (and my submission of a compliant to the Office of Defects Investigation on I was able to negotiate an out-of-pocket cost of $500--essentially they treated it as if it were a under an extended warranty. I'm sure I could have pushed for more, but this seem to be a fair deal given the orginally quoted price of $6800.00. BTW...this included the replacement of my radiator not sure I know the relationship? I hope this helps other in the future.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I was able to negotiate an out-of-pocket cost of $500

    Considering the alternative, that sounds pretty good!

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • dredgiedredgie Posts: 2
    I was just stranded last week with the Transmission service urgent message - 50 miles from home at 11pm. My dealer coolly informed me that the 2003 xc90 T6 needs a new transmission - $5300. This is outrageous for a car with only 85,000 miles. I am going to start writing letters today.

    It is too bad, I had a 740 GLE for 12years and was never stranded by that car. I have always loved Volvo.
  • dredgiedredgie Posts: 2
    How exactly did you do that? Was the information in these postings enough?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I didn't do that. I was quoting the previous poster (embargo). Perhaps he will come back and provide more info.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • rippermanripperman Posts: 10
    I can't belive all of the bad things I'm reading about the transmissions in the xc-90. My 2004 xc-90 T6 is under warranty until 4/09 and belive me, I'm getting rid of it soon. It's got 39,000 miles and the trans makes a lite knocking sound when I shift from drive to reverse and back to drive again.

    Does anyone know if the trans fluid has to be changed? The dealer (a woman-no offense) told me no, becasue it's a sealed system.

  • Count me in on a class action lawsuit against the volvo xc90 transmission!!! I had to have my transmission replaced at 80,000mi and have had problems too numerous to count! It's a lemon! Now I'm having the low beam bulb replacement problem and my driver's seat is stuck! I've had it! I really love the way the xc90 feels and drives when it's working... but enough is enough! I've got to find a good lawyer!
  • That's funny, because the dealer recommended that I have my transmission fluid changed despite the fact that the service isn't in the scheduled maintenance book. The service tech happened to be a man and I am a woman (I tend to get sold A LOT of unnecessary fluid flushes and/or "recommended services")

    So 2 days, a 45,000 mile service and a transmission service later and my transmission seized up on my way home.

    Apparently the coolant had leaked into the transmission so both the radiator and transmission were replaced under the extended warranty.

    I'd love to be included in a class action lawsuit!
  • kari4kari4 Posts: 15
    I am no longer on the waiting list for transmission failure, It happened on Friday night. This car is by far the biggest hunk of junk I have ever owned and I regret the day I ever decided to buy it.
    How is it possible that Volvo hasn't acknowledged this huge error on their part?? This is not something that I needed right now, and these are not just minor things to fix, this is a huge repair bill and Volvo knows it will happen to those of us with this disgusting car.
    I would love for someone to steal this car but they wouldn't get far enough away to make it worth their while. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Hi everyone,

    Can anyone tell me if a class action lawsuit has been filed regarding the XC90 transmission failures? Please let me know. If so, I'm ready to join. The transmission failures, and Volvo's apparent disregard for their customers, are completely unacceptable. Seems to me that Volvo should be recalling each of these vehicles to have a new transmission installed at their expense.
  • I have 04 XC90 T6 with 147,000Km (about 90,000 miles). I have always like this vehicle and the way it drives. The car has always been serviced at the dealership it was purchased at and has had any problem looked dealt with. My brother has the same vehicle with almost the same number of miles. He purchased the extended warranty, I did not. He has had his tranny replaced a while ago. We were talking the other day & I was expressing my concern about my slipping transmission when he told me that unbeknown to dealers, Volvo had been installing GM transmissions in these units (there may be other years involved, I cannot say). This shocked me! I have a great deal invested in this car and intended to keep it. A class action needs to be undertaken! I have never in all the vehicles I have owned (about 12 company vehicles over 30 years!) had a transmission problem. NOT even in a 2000 GMC Yukon I owned before the XC90! What gives with using a GM tranny (given Ford owns Volvo!). I am scheduled for service on August 11 and intend to ask some serious questions Monday morning. I'll keep you all posted when I ask about GM trannies. Mikey148 - Calgary, Canada :mad:
  • My story is similar to the other postings. I have 76K miles on my 05 XC90 T6 and I'm on my third set of tires. I thought that was ridiculous until last weekend.... my Transmission Service Urgent light appeared. Need I say more....The dealership informed me that the transmission needs to be replaced. I thought how could that be possible on a luxury pricey SUV with only 76k miles.

    My warranty expired at 50k miles and I purchased an after-market 100K warranty. The warranty company declined the repair stating that the transmission has to broken down to determine the root cause. Of course, Volvo states that it is not their procedure to tear down the transmission, but the diagnostic reports generates certain codes stating when the transmission needs to be replaced. What a vehicle needs a new transmission and warranty company has declined repairing the car.

    Fortunately, Volvo has agreed to pick up the cost of the transmission. However, my concern is how long will this transmission last before it goes out again? Also, is this the beginning of my problems and should I get rid of this car?

    I'm really disappointed with the reliability of this car as I drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee for 9 years and replaced the transmission at 185k miles...not under 80K miles. Of course, my last car, was 1/2 the price of this car....

    I was really impressed with the car as I love the look and feel of the vehicle. However, didn't like the fact that I have to replace tires at 20k intervals. However, this incident has cause me to reconsider driving a Volvo for life.
  • kmart5kmart5 Posts: 11
    I just joined this msg board because many others, evidently, are having the same probs as me. I have a 2004 XC90 T6. Trans failed at 38k, replaced under warranty, no charge (Santa Ana Volvo in CA - no real service complaints). Vehicle has about 65k now and trans just started slipping yesterday (just returned from 1100 mi roadtrip - luckily not stranded). I'm about to take it back to the dealer - any advice? I'd sure like to know how, and what the circumstances were of the previous poster who negotiated a $500 charge.
  • Re: XC90 T6 with GM Transmissions!? Well, here it is 3 weeks later and I have had the transmission replaced (see message #50 for original concerns & issues). I took the car in for it's 148K service interval and prioritized an R&R on the tranny. They could find nothing via the computer scope and test driving offered the same results. The mechanic (from the dealership) even took it home, hoping that it would act up either on the way home or in the morning when the engine/tranny was cool. Nothing! I left the next day on a 1400 km trip, pulling a light (but loaded) trailer. The car performed flawlessly there & back. On August 18, the vehicle's message centre displayed "Transmission Sevice - Urgent". I immediately took it in and they put in on the scope and confirmed that all that could be done was a replacement. Cdn$5800.00. The dealership seemed well schooled on handling disgruntled customers - they even had a tranny in stock - that I found unusual! Maybe this happens more than anyone realizes. I still love the vehicle and how it drives - Volvo should do the right thing and acknowledge that the problem should be a warranty issue. Mikey148 - Calgary, Canada :cry:
  • Hello!
    Thanks to everyone who posted here. My transmission urgent sign flashed on and my transmission needed to be replaced (2003 xc90) out of warranty with 67,000 miles. I took it to the dealer and didn't need more than to hint around that I knew what the deal was for my service rep to contact volvo and try and get them to cover it. I paid only $360 as a deductible for the entire replacement of the transmission and they gave me a loaner while they were working everything out. The whole thing sucked but I was happy with the resolution. :)
  • kmart5kmart5 Posts: 11
    Kerrymwhite -

    Who was your dealer? Also, can you find out who your service rep spoke to at Volvo, and what terminology he used to get them to pay? I think that would be very effective information for everyone on this bulletin board to have ! (I'm sure Volvo would like to keep solving these one at a time and only greasing the "squeaky wheels").

    Maybe give your service rep a glowing review ( "I'm just calling to get the correct spelling of your the way, you did you talk to a Volvo?) in a letter to the dealership in return for the info.

    Please forgive the suggestion but we have to be as creative as possible.
  • Very common for car makers to bring in parts from others. Volvo does not hide the fact that it's a GM tranny. When you look at the country of manufacturer for transmission, it lists US on the window sticker. Because of the size of the T6 engine and the fact that Volvo transversly mounts engines, there was a need for a very compact trans that could handle the power of the T6 engine. Didn't work so well.

    Another example is the V8 in the XC90 and S80 is made by Yamaha, per Volvo's specs.

    Yet another is the models with the keyless drive have buttons on them that unlock the doors by pressing them from the outside of the car as long as the remote is close to the door. Well, those buttons are made by Denso. Those EXACT buttons are also on a Toyota Prius. ;)
  • I just went through the same thing, an 04 xc90 with 69k miles. How did you get Volvo to pay for this? Did they pick up costs of transmission and labor? Planning to call Volvo this week and would appreciate any tips.
  • Interestingly, my dealer called us back after the second call we made to them and have offered to pay for the transmission (but we must pay $1800 in labor), because we've been a "good" customer. I found that very bizarre. I'm thinking of calling Volvo North America to see if I can get them to pick up labor. Where did you end up with them?
  • You wont be happy for long. Last January, my transmission was replaced with only 48K miles. Last week, August, 28th to be exact, I was 100 miles outside of my home town on my way to a long awaited vacation and my Transmission Service Urgent light came on again. I had to turn around and drive back to the dealer were I was informed my car, with an additional 8K miles since January, needs another new transmission! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Yes, Volvo picked up the transmission and labor. I only paid for the 75k maintenance check that totaled less than $300.00. They classified the replacement as part of the warranty. My service representative was instrumental of getting Volvo to pick up the cost due to my extreme dissatisfaction of the transmission going out so soon on such a pricey SUV. However, my plan is to file a compliant with Volvo North America of my misfortune of the transmission having to be replaced on the car. Good luck!
  • Thanks, will try again, they're only offering to pay for the transmission, need to cover the $1800 in labor myself
  • Baffledtxn - Could you tell us which dealership take your XC90 to? I'm going to have to take mine in very soon - it sure would be nice to have a list of other dealerships that have taken care of thier customers.
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