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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • laws65laws65 Posts: 69
    HI Molly,

    I think we should all keep each others names and emails handy-as we may need them. First and foremost, I'm very sorry you've had to go through this again. I debated the same thing, let the bank take it and put in a $7k transmission. Please email me at and I can definitely let you know what I did to get it paid for by Volvo. I'd be happy to help in anyway that I can.

    Take care.

  • mollywmmollywm Posts: 7
    Thanks Lisa. This is tremendous help. I will write the letters as suggested and be another squeaky wheel. I should have mentioned in my first post, I have maintained the car at a Volvo certified mechanic; it has received every service suggested. This should not have happened.

  • laws65laws65 Posts: 69
    I actually only heard a "new and updated" transmission. I couldn't get more details than that, which is a little sketchy. I must say after driving it for a month with the new tranny, there is a definite dead spot going up hills when the tranny won't engage....I don't have much faith.

  • laws65laws65 Posts: 69
    No, it shouldn't have happened! So, go be squeeky, have faith in yourself, and keep plugging away. I'll let you know what else I hear!


    Has anyone filed an investigation through this website?
  • mollywmmollywm Posts: 7
    I have not filled out the form mentioned by rosanchez76 --,-- but I will. It looks like a relatively short form. The more of us who report the problem, the more chance we will get attention.
  • laws65laws65 Posts: 69
    HI Rosasanchez76,

    Form for NTSB is very short, took less than five minutes to fill out. If your not sure what to put for any of the drop downs, let me know, and I'll be glad to help.
    The more of us that fill this out the more the National Transportation Safety Board will be aware of this major defect!

  • bernardbaybernardbay Posts: 5
    Could you send me the pic or pdf? i tried downloading the pictures but can't read the text in the pictures.

  • laws65laws65 Posts: 69

    You can also send them an email.
    Here's the link:

    Good luck

  • bernardbaybernardbay Posts: 5
    Hi Lisa,

    I'm on another continent, can I also log a complain?

  • jimo3jimo3 Posts: 1
    Hi all. I am at this point considering myself somewhat lucky. My 04 xc90 crapped out but is covered under warranty. Problem is the dealer and Volvo have refused any temporary transportation for less that 530.00 and it is going to be at least 3 weeks before it is repaired as the transmissions are backordered. Does anyone have any advice as to how to get Volvo to pay for temp ? We are in Chapel Hill NC
  • verot6verot6 Posts: 21
    Just signed up & started reading these messages but to late for me. My '03 T6 with just about 70k mi. is in the local independant Volve Authorized repair shop. :sick:

    Dropped it off this morning after having to push it out of my driveway. I pulled into the garage last night & went to adjust the position of the car & had no reverse! I have heard about this GM transmission on other forums but kept my fingers crossed that maybe mine was different.

    Several months ago I started to experience a "bang" in the tranny upon take off, that stopped but then upon acceleration either from a dead stop or after slowing down then accelerating it would slip. RPM's would go up then gear would engage & away we'd go....

    Anybody who can point me in the right direction to get involved in a class action suit against Volvo to help recoup my losses (service manager this morning - first words out of his mouth "probably gonna need a new transmission" that was before he even saw the car let alone put it on the rack & look under the hood).

    Got to have transportation so we'll see what happens. I will take it for a second opinion. :lemon:
  • laws65laws65 Posts: 69
    HI Verot6,

    Here's what I did to get the tranny replaced for free in March.

    1. Online complaint to your state's Attorney General.
    2. Online complaint to your state's Consumer Protection
    3. Online complaint form to Volvo.
    4. Online complaint to NTSB.

    Then be very vocal that this shouldn't have happened. If need be, the dealer who replaced my transmissions, and I was told I was one of the first to have it done with the "new/upgraded" transmission was with Gengras Volvo in East Hartford, CT.
    I hope this brings you luck. Remember squeeky grease gets heard.
    I'd love to join in on a Class Action if anyone knows someone or knows how....

  • verot6verot6 Posts: 21
    Thats positive to hear. Can you elaborate a little? I am not the original owner of the car, I have no extended warranty.....

    When did you start the process, did you take it to a dealer (the one you may have bought the car from), did you actually have it replaced (how much $$) & then get reimbursed...... just looking to understand the details.

    I certainly cannot deal with thousands of dollars for a transmission right know.

    My local authorized Volvo repair shop just quoted me a "salvaged tranny" from an '03 T6 with 78,000 miles (5k more than my car has on the odometer) for $3,500 plus labor...... ouch.

    I am going to get started on "squeaky" I may have to resort to "grinding"!!! :mad:

    It is just so unbelievable that Volvo would not have corrected this problem after the first 100 failures & i am sure there has been at least that many on record if not 10 times that amount.

    Thanks, anybody got any words of wisdom? :confuse:
  • carguy85carguy85 Posts: 9
    Our dealer always provides loaner vehicles to valued customers!! I'd go elsewhere even if you have to have it towed. They figure they have you in the bag.
  • carguy85carguy85 Posts: 9
    There is no such thing as a "local independent Authorized Volvo repair facility. If it isn't a dealer; it's not an authorized Volvo Cars facility. It's an independent shop. FYI
  • laws65laws65 Posts: 69
    HI Verto6,

    I purchased mine used as well, only a year ago, so I took it back to the wholesaler that I purchased it through, complained to them and everyone in my original email to you. I wasn't about to pay for that! I told them I would call the bank to come and get it with a bad transmission! Then I think they knew I was serious.

    I think Volvo is just trying to pass as much of this off for as long as they can, hence why all the written and the more written complaints, the better. WE might be able to force a recall!

    Keep pushing!

  • verot6verot6 Posts: 21
    Thanks, I had'nt even thought of a reply to the seller. It was a specialty wholesaler(internet) with a "as is" document in the final sale.... I am going to finish the compalints. I already sent one to FL. A.G. I think I will call the wholesaler I bought it from.

    I need my transportation so I've put it in the shop of a very well respected foreign auto repairs in town. Hope to get money back someday....

    I too thought about walking away...... but! I like the car.
  • laws65laws65 Posts: 69
    Yes, I bought mine from a wholesaler last year too. I think they were a little worried, esp if you financed through them. Then their on the hook to a certain financial extent. Keep complaining though, most have on line complaint forms and it's quick and easy!
    Good luck!

  • luvmyvolvoluvmyvolvo Posts: 10

    I'd be curious to find out what your foreign auto repair shop said caused the transmission failure in the first place. I was told by the dealer that they could not pin point the source of the failure, that is why a recall cannot be done. I think more people should bring their cars to independent volvo specialists to identify the problem to build a stronger case against volvo manufactoring. The dealerships are basically putting the same rebuilt transmission back into people's cars at the owners cost.

    Let me know what your shop finds and hopefully other mechanics will come to the same conclusion and we can push for a recall.

    I too like the car, despite all it's inherent problems!
  • verot6verot6 Posts: 21
    Well at first inspection I was told that the transmission fluid appeared to have "air bubbles" which ment a breach in a seal or connection somewhere? also the fluid has a very bad "burnt" smell to it (I smelled it myself) but other than the "computer diagnosis" that said the transmission was in "limp mode" no other symptoms until they pull it out (by the way I'm told requires dropping the engine...) no woder it is so expensive.

    My mechanic has found a "improved" version of this transmission from an out of state shop who's specialty is transmissio rebuilds. Comes with 2 yr. unlimeted mile warranty (wow) hopefully I wont need to test it.

    He also forwarned me that there may be unforseen damage but wont know until they get torn apart. I have decided to go ahead & have the main engine seals replaced while they got it torn own to save on future labor costs. It was also reccomended that they will put full synthetic fluid in the newly rebuilt (not the one they are pulling out of my car, straight off the bench.

    Anyone who knows more please chime in. I've also been told if yours hasnt gone yet & its got less miles than max. life (around 60k I'm told) you should have it flushed & put in the full synthetic. It may make a difference.

    As soon as I know more I will continue to share information.......

    Wish me luck. I am so praying this gets me back on the road for many, many more miles. If I can get another 100K miles (plus the 18K that I already drove it -it had 57k miles on it when I bought it) thats 175K divide that by what I paid (used $14,000) & the trnsmission ($5k) thats about $6.21 per mile cost for just the car & the new tranny......

    Oh well you gotta laugh a little so it doesnt hurt when you get he repair bills. However I do agree the more we write letters & compile information on this "defect" we all may stand a chance to recoup some or all of our losses.

    VeroT6 :shades:
  • kari4kari4 Posts: 15
    So, I have had to also get a new tranny put in my xc90 (no surprise there really) I heard from my mechanic that it is actuallly better to rebulid than replace with the same peice of junk?? that when they rebulid, they rebuild it with the specifications that better suit the torque that the motor is putting out?? I have no idea but I have heard of people having to replace time after time and am wondering if anyone who has had a re build has also had to have it done again??

    Would get rid of this hunk of junk in a heart beat but now EVERYONE knows about the T6 so not only do we have a lemon, we are stuck with it because no one else would EVER buy it off us... Volvo for life?? Damn right, thanks to the T6. :lemon:
  • beth36093beth36093 Posts: 1
    I have never owned a Volvo and am looking at a 2004 XC90 T6AWD. However, I have been reading some of the conversations on this vehicle and have become quite leary. Can anyone tell me more about this vehicle?
  • laws65laws65 Posts: 69
    I wouldn't waste your money. Tranny replacements every 20k are common, way too common, along with other major money replacement parts. But one that's newer than 2005, or don't bother-but just my opinion....
    We've all had too many problems.

  • gsquared1gsquared1 Posts: 1

    Wanted to thank you for the information you provided as my XC90's tranny went on Sunday as soon the the vehicle reached the 70,000 mile mark. Like clock work the Transmission Service Urgent message appeared and the vehicle would not shift out of 3rd gear. Of course the day I took it to the dealer to be looked at it ran nice with little transmission jerking from 1st to 2nd gear. Anyway, I educated myself on the XC90 over the past few days and went to the dealer and played the part of the uneducated consumer. Then once they told me I needed a new transmission and it would cost $6500 I started to ask the questions about this being a known issue and reading the message boards and seeing that Volvo sometimes covers some of or all the costs. The service rep advised me that the service manager would need to review this and said they would call me back the next day when he returns to the office. In the meantime I filed a complaint with the NTSB, Volvo Corporate and the NJ Attorney General. The next morning the dealer had called me and advised they would assist with the cost of the repair and took the price down to $2750 which to me was extremely helpful and I told them to set it up since the transmissions are on back order. Later in the day Volvo corporate called me and advised they received my complaint from the following evening. They asked some questions and advised they would be calling the Volvo dealer I was working with. Much to my surprise Volvo corporate called me 30 minutes later and advised that they would cover the cost of the new transmission, equipment and labor. :shades: I couldn't believe my ears. So the moral of the story, I guess it pays to raise your complaints as Volvo has been extremely responsive and the customer service experience from Volvo corporate and the dealer has been very impressive. Also I guess this is proof that Lisa's suggestion was not a once off fix as I did exactly what she outlined and got a response and a new transmission from Volvo within 24 hours of my logging a complaint to them. In this day and age its great to see a company like Volvo standing behind their product and admitting they have a fault and will do whatever is necessary to correct it. So those of you in need of the standard XC90 transmission replacement, ask the questions, write to Volvo and be heard cause I guess its true that if you don't ask you will never get it.

  • sahughessahughes Posts: 5
    Lisa -- Thanks for your helpful advise re: the XC90 transmission issue -- what online form did you use to contact Volvo -- I do not see a complaint form on their website, only a contact us form.

    Thanks, SCOTT
  • verot6verot6 Posts: 21
    To all of us lucky T6 owners, Thanks to Lisa looks like we are getting somewhere. I have filed all my complaint e-mails to Florida Attorney General, NTSB, NHTSA, Consumer Affairs & Volvo USA in N.J. (I submitted my compalint under the "Contact Us" section on the Volvo website)

    Hoping to hear back from Volvo Corporate in the next 24 hrs. I have not had my T6 to a dealer yet. Anybody think I should pull it out of my local foreign service shop & have it towed to a dealership???

    Saying a prayer & hoping I can save my hard any dollars for ...oh lets say tires & brakes.
  • sahughessahughes Posts: 5
    Good news -- I only had to mention to my dealer that I was aware of the transmission problem (from the info. I received on this website). The service rep. just called to tell me Volvo was taking care of the problem 100% (including parts labor and tax -- totalling $6900). I purchased this vehicle 4 months ago (not from the Volvo dealer) and it only has 55K miles on it. The only issue is that there is a backlog on the parts and it may take a week to get it fixed. Sounds like Volvo is now handling this issue well. :shades:
  • verot6verot6 Posts: 21
    Hello Old Jim,

    Hows that tranny holding up in your '04 T6? You must have 100k miles on it by know since your last post (3/31/08)

    So just wondering, you should certainly cosider yourself one of the lucky few. ;)

    I bought the car for all the right reasons & never expected the transmission to fall out @ 75K miles.
  • verot6verot6 Posts: 21
    WOW :surprise:

    I am really starting to like all this good news. Sounds like I may need to get to the dealership to get support.....

    What year is yours [sahughes]?

    Anybody got anything to say about me leaving it at mechanic or taking it to dealership......

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