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Jeep Grand Cherokee Radio Problems

kbr1350kbr1350 Posts: 1
edited August 2015 in Jeep
Turned on the jeep this morning, radio will not play. cant scroll through stations or toggle AM/FM so i know its more than just an issue with speakers. cd will not play. The CD player will take and eject a cd but will not play it. it will not switch tracks. the clock is on and working fine. Very weird... I have been through the obivous... knob is in the on position, fuses are all good.... Any ideas?

See also: Jeep Grand Cherokee Radio Removal and Installation (Video, 15:05)


  • The SAME exact thing happened to my radio!!!! I thought it as the fuses, so I bought new fuses, nothing was fixed. I pushed every button, still nothing. The clock orks still and some of the buttons are lit up. PLEASE let me know if you get yours fixed and how and what you did!!! :sick:
  • I just purchased a 2008 Grand Cherokee 2 weeks ago. On day 3, I stopped for gas and the radio w/ NAV stopped working. There was no sound from AM, FM, SAT, CD, or NAV. Yet I could apparently change stations. Several hours later, after the car sat for awhile, it worked again. I had the dealer check it and they found a TB for it. But several days later, the same thing happened. Believe it or not, it was just after I filled the tank again. Once the car sat for a while, the radio worked again. REALLY WEIRD! I haven't contacted the dealer again just yet.
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    I posted this on the gen'l JGC problems & maintenance forum but thought other owners might find it here first on this new radio oriented forum. From Feb 17:

    I have a newer 07 GC Laredo with X package and am wondering if any out there have figured out how to keep the radio in AUX mode.

    The audio system is a base single CD w/Bostons Acoustics amp adder. This REF model radio has AM/FM stereo, single-disc CD player w/bass, treble, balance, and fade control through on-screen menu -AND- front mount auxiliary audio input jack. I did not want Sirius since I have had XM for many years and own the Delphi portable XM that I dash mounted. In our 01 & 04 cars we used a cassette deck adapter to direct feed audio from the XM unit and the car audio always stays in cassette play when you turn it off/on. However this Jeep radio goes back to FM radio mode upon restarting the Jeep when you turn off the Jeep with the radio in AUX mode (the XM unit powers off/on automatically when is senses a loss of 12VDC power, 4 years old and perhaps "smarter" then the newer Jeep radio?).

    Anyone with a 07 or 08 model feeding the AUX with XM or even a MP3 player ie ipod figure out how to keep this Jeep radio in AUX mode?

    From Mar 14 07: I will answer my own question with what our dealer got from Jeep engineering: you must turn the radio OFF before turing off the ignition and then the radio stays in AUX mode when you start the car. But of course you have to turn the radio back on again as well.

    One of the crazier answers I have ever heard. The radio does not require that operation to stay in AM,FM or CD mode as you can switch off the car with the radio on and it goes back to the mode you left it in. Seems to me a true design bug! I don't think it's worth fighting, but one of my first (minor) disappointments with this new vehicle.
  • flammableflammable Posts: 1
    similar problem wev got, started off as an on and off problem but now dosnt work at all, thers like a squeeling constant static coming thru the speakers and if your able to get any proper sound its muffled, thought it might of been the speakers so we swaped them for new ones and the problems still there, its not just the radio it happens when a tape is in aswell, we tried putting a speaker directly to the radio and it worked perfectly but when its hooked up "properly" it dosnt, its really starting to get annoying now.
  • scott108scott108 Posts: 1
    i am not sure if i found the answer but here goes the question.

    the radio still lights up and i can change the channels, enter a cd etc but there is no sound. replaced the fuse but to no avail. any suggestions?? if 1 speaker is bad or the wire is disconnected will it effect all of the speakers.
  • After several repair visits, the dealer douwnloaded an update to the Nav system, whic was supposed to cure the periodic no-sound problem. But the update has changed the icons on the Nav system, but now it doesn't match the instruction in the manual. While I think the update added so features to the Nav system, which I like, it would be nice to have the addendum to the manual or a new manual. The Service Manager at the dealership has the same problem.
  • My '08 GC has had the REN stereo (MyGig without nav) replaced twice and still has the same problems. As I switch from mode to mode (satellite to hard drive to bluetooth, etc.) the volume controls become unresponsive. The volume levels go up and down, but the sound remains the same. I have to turn the volume down to zero, wait a few seconds, and then I can control it. Anyone else have these problems?
  • Does anyone know if there is a code to get my 6 disk cd player to work on my 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo? It stopped working after my battery was replaced. The radio still works, it's just that the cd player option is not there anymore.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Don't recall seeing anyone post about that problem before; it's always the radio code that's needed.

    You could try finding and pulling the fuse for the CD player and see it that resets it.
  • sound like your problem did you find a cure?
  • i have the same problem did find a cure, i thought my radio was bad so i replaced it ,and i still have that squeeling sound
  • Hey! I think that the dealer has finally been able to solve my problem. After several service visits, and two new uploads, the Nav works and I have been able to use it. The only remaining problem is that I believe that there is an addendum to the instruction manual because the icons are different, but no one can get it for me. I have contact Navtec and Jeep, who just send me back to the dealer. The dealer has been very helpful, but still not able to get me the instructions.
  • I just bought a used '08 GC and I have the same stereo. Mine did the same thing as you describe... volume display changes but the sound stays the same. I turned the stereo power off and then back on, and everything was fine. It hasn't repeated since.
  • I saw a couple of people post about a squealing sound coming from their MyGig Stereo unit. I just bought a used GC and mine is doing the same thing I think. Flammable described it as "a squeeling constant static coming thru the speakers". That's exactly what I'm hearing. It does it when the vehicle is driving or is parked. It does it at random times, and lasts for a random amount of time.

    Last night I was sitting in my garage and it started doing it. Engine was stopped, no key in ignition. Had been parked for an hour after driving home. Only the interior lights were on while I was digging through my glove box. I was able to climb around to try and find the source of the sound, and it sounds like it's coming from *inside* the MyGig unit itself. There was no CD in the unit.

    Has anyone discovered the source of this sound? Do I need a new MyGig unit? :confuse:
  • Took it to the dealership to have it looked at, and they just ordered me a new MyGig unit. If I get an explanation as to what was wrong I'll post it. :confuse:
  • I bought this radio on ebay, thingking that it would have fitted on my Grand cherokee 2008 Laredo.

    today I spent 2hours and 150$ to the jeep dealers here, and they said I can't mount this radio on the car.

    I've read somewhere else on the web, and the person who sold me the radio told the same, that I can mount this radio.

    Is there anyone who can help me?

    Thanks a lot.
  • dianne3dianne3 Posts: 1
    New 2008 Grand Cherokee with 3000 miles. Radio problem. Dealership cannot solve. When I turn the jeep on sometimes there is no sound out of the radio/GPS/UConnect. I turn off and back on and it is fixed. Was told it has all the software upgrades so they took out the radio and installed another radio. This one does the same thing. Anyone have this problem? I was told there was an error code UO184 in first radio. No error code on the second radio. They made me drive to the dealership while it wasn't working and still no error code.
  • Radio with NAVI....shuts off for no reason....sound bounces back between speakers....NAVI acts says bring it back when the problem shows...any ideas?
  • splotkinsplotkin Posts: 2
    My 07 GC radio did the same thing and eventually died completely. The fix was a new amplifier ($185.00) from the dealer. I had a car radio guy install it for $30.00 but can be done easily if you can figure out how to get to the location which is buried on the drivers side rear panel next to the rear hatch. The radio guy said that Jeep used to put the amplifier under the rear seat and in it's current location near the rear hatch, moisture gets to it. Jeep doesn't have a program or recall so you are out of luck. There is nothing wrong with the radio. The amplifier is digital and made by Damler Chrysler (same as Mercedes) and can't be diagnosed with a standard meter. Bite the bullet and just replace the amp or install an after-market radio but you most likely will lose the steering wheel volumn and track changing controls and the satellite radio interface as well.
  • splotkinsplotkin Posts: 2
    see post 21 above
  • 98jeep298jeep2 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 jeep grand cherokee limited. Factory stereo cd and tape. Might of happened when the battery connection came loose, not sure. The lighted button light up when the car lights come on and pressing the volume knob brings up the clock. Thats it. Will not turn on or accept CDs or tapes. Does not ask for a code. Any ideas?
  • There's two fuses for your radio. The memory circuit is tied in with something else that stays hot all the time. Check the "radio" fuse if your radio acts exactly the same when the ignition switch is turned off. If the clock always shows "12:00", check for an inoperative horn, cigarette lighter, power outlet, or interior lights. If you find something that is dead, check the appropriate fuse. That circuit also feeds the radio's memory circuit.

    These cd / cassette combo units are made by Mitsubishi for Chrysler vehicles, and are extremely high quality. There are four common problems that occur to these models. When a dealer ships one to me, I address all four issues right away so their customers won't experience any of the other problems in the future. However, a dead radio is not one of these problems unless the UPS basketball team handles it; then the power supply board can be cracked when the radio gets dropped. If that happens, you won't have any display at all.

    I suspect you will find a blown fuse due to the bad battery connections. The rapid repetitive voltage spikes can pop a fuse from the charging of the memory circuits in the various computers on the vehicle. This usually results in no permanent damage other than the fuse.

  • jag1049jag1049 Posts: 1
    FYI This may save someone some aggravation and a diagnosis bill from Jeep:

    My AM/FM portion of my 07 JeepGC worked fine but the SAT portion did not work. In fact it kept blinking on and off as if it were trying to find a signal. It appeared to be stuck on the last station that I used 184 and no volume. I tried some of the suggestions posted including disconnecting the battery but to no avail. I went on to my sirius radio account and treated the radio as if it were a new installation. I had a new activation signal sent and 5 minutes later my radio was working fine.
  • I bought this from a neighbor last year. Radio works intermittently. Will work fine for 1 week then nothing for 4 months. No AM, no FM, no cassette, no light except the dim backlighting when running lights are turned on. I checked/replaced all fuses and even swapped with another like unit but had same issues. Previous owner said problem started about 10 years ago when he had car phone installed; phone has since been disconnected. Both radio wiring harnesses appear fine. Any ideas?
  • Just picked up my new grand on friday i am impressed and i got a great deal with clunker program,it has the x package on it.... i wanted the navigation/rear camera group package but couldnt locate a jeep within a 500 mile radius with all the goodies on it.
    Can i have the nav-rear camera group package installed now or do you have to order from the factory that way. Thanks folks
  • I recently bought a 2002 grand Cherokee. The RB3 satnav/radio is not working. I get power on the radio but all it does is display the word 'Jeep' and nothing else. This will last for a little while, then a red light flashes and the unit turns off. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do
  • #1 thing that breaks down on them is the radio...Mine was two weeks in and had a little over a hundred mile son it. After the dealer switching them out four times. We installed a after market and have not had a problem ever since and also, recieved a sound that was ten times better by just changing the radio only. WOW And the price was cheaper for buying the new one and installation compared to what they charge us for the factory garbage ...even if it is infinity or factory...Major difference... I also, found out that Infinity only puts their name on it and they have nothing to do with manufacturing....WOW...
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    There is no need to post the same message more than once. :)

    tidester, host
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  • We just bought a 1994 Grand Cherokee here in Germany.
    Our Radio just keeps telling us 'Please wait for 2 hr', then switching to 'wait'.
    This weekend we had to travel to York, UK and a guy told us that we have to reset the code, since it was entered incorrectly.
    Any hints where to go to reset it ?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    should be able to get code from jeep

    check the internet for radio codes will need your cearal number and pos barcode number off radio sould be able to get codes then
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