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Jeep Grand Cherokee Radio Problems



  • Thanks for the reply.
    Unfortunately Chrysler Germany has no idea if they can get the code, since the Serialnumber is not in their list (E405....).

    The model number is : 5269488.
    Supplier: 26777
    Date Code: 1304
    Issue: 1
    Serial Nuber; E40510134

    Any ideas ?
  • Cheers,
    I got the code.
    Are there any walkarounds to get rid of this 2 hour wait on the radio display ?

    Best Regards

  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    shoul be able to enter code and start right up without the wait
  • Unotunately not. Had the Battery disconnected and took out the radio for the serial, brand, etc...over night.
    Starts always with "Please wait 2hrs", then switching to "wait"...
    I never had the car running for 2 hrs, so I can't say if it works then...
    Thank you anyway and kind regards from Heinsberg, Germany.


    Would it be possible to use another radio in there ? :confuse:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You could try it with the key on but without the engine running. Some Honda radios work that way.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Here's the Volvo technique - maybe that'll help.

  • kyra9kyra9 Posts: 1
    Hi, I have exactly the same problem.
    I have given a bad code (because battery was low and I didn´t know something about code) My husband has a right code of course, but when I turn the radio on, there is wait for 2 hrs and then it switch to WAIT.

    I dont know how can I give the correct code now, I had tried it with engine off, but still nothing, still WAIT there :(

    pls could you help me?

    thanx katarina
  • Katarina,
    I didn't have time to try it until now.
    I'll keep you posted.

  • ronstlronstl Posts: 1
    My 98 GC has the original radio and recently only picks up 4 or so radio stations. It seems like there is no antenna attached to the radio. I pulled the antenna out of the fender well and everything looks good and connected but getting to the back of the radio was more than I was up to...

    The CD player works great as do all other features on the radio, just very poor reception.

    Has anyone come across this problem and can offer suggestions on what the problem could be?

  • abbottfabbottf Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a source for replacement bulbs for inside the radio. Went to dealer & the part nos are not listed in the radio diagram.
  • chicken4chicken4 Posts: 1
    antena has a connector by the fuse panel under the glove box, take the connector apart and pull out the spring inthere then connect it back up, worked for my buddy believe me, if your radio just seeks and cant pull a station
  • figue01figue01 Posts: 1
    The radio controls on the steering wheel not working
  • tjhendietjhendie Posts: 1

    the mode button on my 05 grand cherokee stopped working a few weeks ago, all the fuses r intact and all the other buttons on the radio work perfectly. battery died before the button stopped working, does anyone know how i could fix this or is it something a jeep dealer will have to fix
  • happy75happy75 Posts: 2
    scott, did you ever determined what was wrong with you radio? i have the exact problem with my infinity gold (1994grand cherokee.) i even purchased a remanufactured radio and still have the problem. hopefully you have a answer if so please share. i have the door panels off but dont know what to do
  • matt608matt608 Posts: 1

    I have a '05 Limited with the 6 disc changer with navigation. I got in my truck the other morning and the highs were the only thing that play music now. All my door speakers stopped working. I checked the fuse in the fuse box that was assigned to the amp and it was fine. The highs quit when i pulled it out. Does anyone know where the factory amp is physically located in the vehicle? Does anyone have any idea what this may be? Are there other fuses I should check?


  • did you ever get the cd player working, I have a 2005 with the same exact problem.
  • I have a 2011 4X4 Laredo with the 430N radio. I have an intermittent problem which is annoying. Generally when I go around a corner, the radio turns off returning to the clock screen. Within 5 minutes the radio comes on again. I had the radio back to the dealer and there were no error codes. Has any one had a similar experience or know what is going on ?
  • I am having the same problem on my 2011 overland. I turn left or right and radio shuts off, turns back on in about 20 seconds. It even resets my equalizer settings which is annoying the heck out of me. This seems to happen 1 or 2 times a day. I am taking it in for service tomorrow, hopefully they can fix what is wrong with it. If they find the problem, I will try to post their solution.
  • I have owned this Jeep for over two years and been very happy with it. I purchased it used; it's a 1999 GC with a 6 cylinder. The previous owner had installed an aftermarket stereo, and I have since installed a new Sony unit after experiencing the following issues. My issue is this: The front door speakers would intermittently not work and now don't work at all. The remote door lock would ALSO intermittently work to unlock, but always lock. Now the remote does not work to unlock at all. BOTH of these events seemed to happen concurrently. I'm wondering if the passenger control module could be the source of my problem as the two seem to be part of both systems (at least according to what I read in the manual). I would appreciate anyone's input as far as a resolution for the issue is concerned. Thanks in advance!
  • jrn325jrn325 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 2011 Lorado...Only when turning right.. Have you had a satisfactory resolution??
  • babsbluebabsblue Posts: 1
    I have an 04 GC. Bought used 4 years ago. The radio/CD player is original. The Single CD slot over the radio has had issues for over a year not playing in the winter when the heat has been on and not wanting to eject. It finally quit working, it just didn't show up on the display, so I use the CD changer in the back for CD use. Last week I started the car and the radio/clock display was not lit, but the radio & CD Changer were operating normally. This weekend my boyfriend checked the fuse which he said looked fine, but changed the fuse anyway. During the process we were checking the CD changer/radio which were working but still no display. When I drove the car home, the radio & CD in the slot were the only things that would work. It's been a year since the single CD worked and it had a CD stuck in it. Now, on the way home it's playing and the CD changer won't. When I ejected the CD it would not go back in. So now, there is no display, the CD Player & Changer will not work and it will not eject out of the changer. Radio still works. Good Grief! Does this sound repairable at the dealership?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Sometimes pulling the fuse will "reboot" the CD player so try that again.

    The How to Remove a Stuck CD discussion has some tips that may help.
  • Both of my remote openers stopped working after working intermittently. The problem was caused by a cold solder joint where the battery holder is soldered to the P/C board in the remote. Easy fix, if you know how to solder. Disassemble the remote. Remove the P/C board. Remove the battery. Note which way it is inserted so it'll be easier to re-install. Examine both battery clips to see which of the legs has come loose - both could be loose. Clamp an alligator clip so that it pushes down on the loose battery clip. Turn the board over so the loose solder joints can be heated with a low wattage P/C pencil soldering iron. I found that the battery clips snapped into place as soon as the joint was heated. Be sure to examine all legs on the clips to make sure all are down tight to the board. Add solder as required. I've had to do this twice on my remote and once on my wife's.
    Replace the battery. If it's a couple of years old, now is a good time to get a new one. Reassemble the remote. I haven't had to re-program mine.
  • I have a 2011 Overland with the 430N radio. Received a firmware update CD in the mail from Chrysler/Sirius that promised to add new feature - TravelLink. Followed instructions on disk jacket exactly, after pressing YES to the prompt “Upgrade …” the radio appears to have locked up. That was over 60 hours ago. It won’t finish update, never powers down, is unresponsive to all controls , won’t eject disk. Chrysler 800 number “service” no help – only wanted to reread me the jacket instructions. Anyone else receive this update disk, did it install properly for you and what can I do to get my radio/nav/backup camera/clock to reset?
  • xc90508xc90508 Posts: 26
    I received the same update, haven't loaded though. I think someone in the 2011 JGC forum said they received and had no problems loading.

    Good luck!
  • xc90508xc90508 Posts: 26
    Anyone else having Uconnect issues? I've had my 2011 JGC Laredo 26X with th 430N radio for about 9 months now. Back in May, the Uconnect stopped linking to my phone. Just noticed all of a sudden one day that it wasn't linking to my phone. Didn't see the battery and bars symbol like on a cell phone. Took it to the dealer. They "reset" the radio and then loaded updated software that they had to order. No problems since. Then in the last couple of weeks, when I leave work the phone appears to connect (NAV screen shows battery and bars). When I hit the phone button (on radio or steering wheel) there are several things that may happen...

    - Uconnect doesn't respond at all (sometimes the bars and battery go away)
    - Uconnect responds, but as if no phone is connected
    - Even locks up at times

    Ususally have to drive a while and even turn the car off and back on to get uconnect to work.
    But it is not the 10 or 15 seconds that it used to be.

    Thinking I will take it back to the dealer in the next week. At least maybe they can "reset " radio again. Not sure how they do that. I tried removing the fuse to cut power, but that didn't change anything. I reven set Uconnect back to factory settings and re-paired my phone. No help.

    Other than that, no problems. Hope they can fix this. Nothing major, but an annoyance!
  • I would like to see if any one had any idea on what is going on with my radio. i have lose the display. The radio still works and so does the cd player. all other lights on the radio is also working. The display comes on the first thing in the morning but goes out
  • My radio and Cd player work, but only 1 speaker works its the tweeter in the dash on the drivers side. Could this be a problem with in the radio its self? I do not have a clue.
  • hansohanso Posts: 2
    edited November 2011
    Jeep Grand Cherokee 2000.
    After a battey change the radio says no rds signal and keeps quiet. Now and then it works for a short while. It can not lock on any channels but if you tune it to a specific station i can work sometimes as mentioned above. We have tried with another antenna (inside the garage) and it did not improve the function.
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