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Dodge Durango Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning



  • I have a 2001 SLT and my AC does the same thing...did you find a reason for this?
  • schnegschneg Posts: 1
    I have the strangest thing occurring. When I adjust the vent flow control to the defrost position the a/c compressor automatically engages. I have the a/c switch in the off position and it's only when I change the flow control to defrost. I can change the temperature to hot and it'll defrost my windows with warm / hot air but I can still here the compressor working. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.
  • kneffkneff Posts: 3
    My durango has decided to stop transferring air to my defrost and floor vents..Good air and heat thru the dash though. Switch regulator seems to be making something move insdie dash...Any suggestions how to approach this?
  • kneffkneff Posts: 3
    Did you succeed in getting your problem resolved? I am having the same issue..

  • kneffkneff Posts: 3
    I don't think it is working improperly. It actually is working as a dehumidifier if i understand the system. when you go to defrost position, the compressor will activate.

  • jojo77jojo77 Posts: 2
    Hi - I have a 2003 Durango SXT in Mass - its really cold and the heat up front just stopped working. The 3rd row controls work and blow hot/cold air but nothing is blowing from the front control. No fan movement at all, no heat at all- any suggestions on what it could be? I am broke and would rather not have to pay a diag.fee for something simple.
  • 02 Durango the lower settings on the fan control stopped working months ago. now the high doesn't work either now. what should i do?
  • karma777karma777 Posts: 1
    when i turn either my AC, Heater or defroster on there is very little blowing power even when i put it on high. please help.Any sugestions
  • smitty56smitty56 Posts: 2
    I have completely replaced the a/c system. Compressor , dryer all. It still loses freon somewhere , checked with dye etc. Still can;t find leak. Any suggestions ? What's this part I've seen in discussions under the dash or in the dask ? What is it's purpose? And how you get to it.... Thanks Smitty
  • I have a 2000 durango and have now had a couple times where there has been white smoke coming through all the vents. Happened this morning on way to work but coming home it didn't. Any ideas?
  • jp_and_3jp_and_3 Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Durango that has no heat. I have changed the thermostat (twice!), the radiator cap and the water pump. I also back flushed the system twice. Still no heat. The gauge max's out at about 1/4 of the way and I have driven this vehicle over 50 miles, stopped and was able to immediately open the radiator cap! Even the cap was barely warm to the touch. Is there a heat sensor or something that signals the thermostat to open and close? It seems like its stuck open but i've changed it twice! Any suggestions?? It is an automatic with a 5.2 liter engine. Obviously the vehicle has never overheated.
  • Just bought a 98 Durango. The AC and Heat have issues. Now that it is 90 degrees out I would like the AC to work.
    The compressor does not kick on.
    The compressor relay is ok.
    The freon is fully charged per my gauge on the refill cans I use on our other cars.

    Is there something missing to reset or replace to engage the compressor.

    There is also no hot air at all - always glows cool air.
  • this can be normal operation for this car. the A/C system may turn on while in defrost mode to take moisture out of the air. The air goes threw your heater core after the evaportor. will not affect your heating. the less moisture in your car the less chance of your windows fogging up. hope this helps.
  • i have the exact same issues and the exact same durango, but my second row works ok, did you ever find a solution please help, thanks
  • smitty56smitty56 Posts: 2
    Found my issue , it was the valve in which the freon goes in, it was blowing back and it should hold 200 pds pressure , but was slow leaking , cost 12 bucks , goe with the small issues first, then think big , I didn;t, costs me too.
  • so this $12 part solved all issues
  • So - what was the answer to no AC when stopped or running slow. I am told that there are 2 fans at the front of the engine - one is for AC and if it not working, AC only gets cold if you are moving over 40 MPH. Anyone else have this problem and what is the answer.
  • I need help with my A/C unit. My front A/C only works on the last/highest setting, Even then there is very little output. I can
    feel the air when I have my hands on the steering wheel but it doesn't really blow out. Any idea what this may be? I appreciate any comments. 2001 Dodge Durango.
    Thank you
  • dee64dee64 Posts: 8
    I'm pretty sure it's the diverter flap that is causing the prob. All vent settings are vacuum powered. Check vacuum connections to diaphrams under dash. I believe the hoses are colored (RED, BLK, BRN, BLU, YEL, GRN,) If connections are good and you have vacuum through all of them... then the diverter flap lever has come unhooked. when this happens, the systems default setting goes to the windshield defogger. It doesn't matter which vent you choose.

    How to fix? Well that's another story. Sorta pain in the azz. Gotta remove dash. chances are, when you do, you'll probably need to replace your leaking heater core and A/C evaporator also
  • bought a durango the rear ac fan will not come on. Where would I found out how to fix this problem. Getting power the the control knob.
  • Ok, well, I have a 98 dodge Durango like everyone else here. Haha... Anyhow, my ac simply will not blow out cold air. Only hot air or the outside tempurature. The thing next to the big fan on my engine will cycle, I think it's called a compressor, it's by the pully belts. I also refilled the valve with freon and the pressures normal. I see no gauges that are on and I also notice no unusual noises. Help would be greatly appritiated.
    Thank you to all who help :)
  • dee64dee64 Posts: 8
    This sounds wierd but go to the passenger side under the glove box and feel the carpet. Try to lift the carpet and feel the padding underneath. Is it wet?
  • ronkeyronkey Posts: 11
    Replace the expansion valve in the front,this is where you get the cold air,this turns the liquid into gas,also,replace the dryer too,this will keep the moister out of the system.
  • jgrangojgrango Posts: 1
    I have an 02 durango and over the past couple months the front ac has been cutting out, i have noticed that wiggling the wiring harness under the passenger side dash has helped kick it back on, but recently it has gone out for good. i have taken this harness off and behind the harness there is what looks like a small chip with a capacitor on it, does anyone know if this item is my issue and what this item is called?
  • tjmartintjmartin Posts: 1
    first let me say i am in Italy and brought my SUV over here when i got stationed here the ac went out got it charged went out a week later took it to a local mec and he went to charge it with dye included and said that the condenser under the dash was leaking due to when he went to charge it he smelled the coolant inside so i cant find anywhere that states that there is a condenser under the dash, i have a Chilton Repair Manual also no luck any ides?
  • dee64dee64 Posts: 8
    He probably meant the Evaporator Core
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    The A/C evaporator and the heater core are in the climate control plenum under the dash. Both are subject to leaks. If you change one it makes good sense to change both since you have to remove the dash to get the plenum out, a big job. It wouldn't surprise me if your heater core was leaking a little also.
  • I have a 2002 Durango that was stolen and recovered - stereo was ripped out, windows broken, sat in the rain with windows open for a couple of weeks, after recovery, a/c would only blow on high and no cold air - only hot. Also on the side the window was broken, the window raises only intermittently - repair shop replaced control module so now the fan blows on all speeds,replaced passenger window control twice, they have run a circuit tracer for the passenger window but cannot get it to replicate not raising more than once or twice, freon levels are all good - prior to theft and vandalism a/c and all controls worked great! Of course insurance says it is all coincidence - that the evaporator and some valve just happened to go out at the exact time the car was stolen (also defroster randomly goes off and on now) Can all of this be connected in any way
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    If the windows were all broken out (the windshield too?) then all bets are off - lots of water on the dash controls means trouble. I'm surprised that with that much damage an 02 wasn't a total loss.................I doubt if it's coincidence.
  • swanee_riverswanee_river Posts: 2
    edited September 2010
    In my 1998 durango my fuel gauge is being spastic. If I fill the tank, the gauge will drop to below empty and chime that it is low on fuel. A few seconds later it reads full. A few seconds later it drops to below empty and chimes again. This cycle continues until I am down 1/3 of a tank. Where do I even begin looking for a solution?
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