Dodge Durango Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning

dodgejoshdodgejosh Member Posts: 1
The heater does not blow hot air just luke warm air. The coolant level is ok, the heater core hoses are not plugged, and the engine runs at good temp. What else could be causing this? Thanks


  • hotrodder101hotrodder101 Member Posts: 1
    Just do a backwords flush thru the system to clean out the screen goin into heater core. did you ad any radiator stop leak lately? your screen is clogged and this will help.
  • kman15kman15 Member Posts: 3
    it is also possible that the heater deflector door is not functioning correctly with the temp control. I have a similer problem with my 2004 durango the first was in the front, had heat coming out of the registers in August with the a/c running . 4 times to the dealer they finally found the diverter door was broken. fixed under warranty thank god. they had to remove the complete dash panel and upper dash pad.
    I now have the same problem with the rear heat and a/c cool but not hot with heat on and warm with the a/c running I'm fixing this one as vehicle is now out of warraty. A plastic stop piece broke on the motor turn knob, and it drives to far and it breaks the piece attached to the door.
    hope you get it fixed.
    ps on mine the part I needed to get has been upgraded with 6 new part numbers from the original.
    can any one help with the control if it needs to be calibrated so that it does not brake this item again?
    thanks Larry [email protected]
  • anglergirlanglergirl Member Posts: 5
    I have a 2001 Dodge Durango 4x4. Been a GREAT vehicle; very low mileage ... 52,000 original. I've been having an intermittant problem with the air conditioning. It will be working just fine; blowing cold air; and then it will just stop blowing cold air and start blowing hot ... or rather normal temperature air. Sometimes it seems as if turning the a.c. back off and on again will work; and other times there's nothing other than it randomly working again. I have no idea where to begin with the quest for the problem Have been told that if it's the "switch" repairs will start around $300-$400.00. I'd like to troubleshoot this on my own; or with some help from you folks; rather than letting my mechanic play guessing games. Anybody experience this or something similar?
    Please help!!!
  • dummy123dummy123 Member Posts: 1
    My front A/C Blower just quit. I pulled the blower motor and it seemed partially frozen. I could turn the fan but with way too much effort. I sprayed WD-40 on the shaft and seems like it turns freely now. Checked power to fan motor and it is getting no power. Seems like a fuse blew when the motor jammed. Problem is, I cannot find the fuse for the front blower. I have looked in the under hood fuse box, it has a fuse for the rear blower but not the front. I have checked the fuse panel inside the vehicle, still no luck. Is there another in line fuse some where or is it my fan control switch? HELP PLEASE !!
  • hypnotist1hypnotist1 Member Posts: 4
    the rear air conditioner on my 2003 dodge durango does not cool. the front air appears to be working normally. But the rear does not cool regardless of wheather i use the front controls or the rear controls. Any suggestions as to how I may be able to trouble shoot or correct the problem ? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated
  • curious22curious22 Member Posts: 1
    anglegirl / others:

    Did you get this fixed? I have the same problem, intermittent a/c compressor engaging on and off, a/c blows with no cooling when compressor cycles on and off. sometimes woks just fine.

    Ideas ? solutions??

  • hypnotist1hypnotist1 Member Posts: 4
    i took to a mechanic (not dodge shop) an he will have to trace electronics biggest problem is removing panels he said perhaps replace motor. will let u know
  • bmaticicbmaticic Member Posts: 1
    My AC in the front is blowing hot air and the rear air is blowing cold. I have been told that it is probably the actuator that is the problem and that it is common that this breaks. Does anyone know where the actuator is, or what it looks like? I believe it is on the passenger side under the dash. I have the dash pulled apart but dont know what exactly i am looking for. Can someone help. I would appreciate it

  • jcmachyjcmachy Member Posts: 1
    air blows cold then quits. start car and sometimes it turns on then not. when air is on if you touch blower switch it stops. however you can always turn on the compressor and air comes out when you are moving so it is not the compressor. been told they are known to be weak in the control module a $194.00 part. looking for conformation if this is a fix
  • jmvelasquezjmvelasquez Member Posts: 1
    i have the same issue on my 2001 durango, i couldnt find a fuse.

    did you find out whats wrong?
  • caidycaidy Member Posts: 2
    I think I have the same problem. Where the ac is on and blowing cold air then next thing you know it is not cold air, its just air blowing. It comes and goes. I had my freon checked today and they said it was full, so I dunno, Mine is a 2006 durango. Has anyone found what could be causing this yet? I like to fix things myself so simple language pls :)
  • pbisaacspbisaacs Member Posts: 3
    I have the same problem with my 2001 Durango. Have you had any luck?
  • bigo1968bigo1968 Member Posts: 3
    hi there. i have a 2003 slt plus and i had the same problem. there is a little transistor that controls the front blower motor. it is basically just a printed circuit board. it is located on the front passenger side of the vehicle up under the dash. there are 2 screws holding it in place. if you lay on the passenger floor and look straight up you will see it. the transistor is a dealer item, but it is very cheap. depending on where you live its about $20 bucks or so.
  • bigo1968bigo1968 Member Posts: 3
    hi everyone. i own a 2003 dodge durango slt plus with second row heatind and ventilation controls. the second row suddenly stopped working. the fan blows, it blows at the different speeds but it only blows the outside air temperature. there is no cooling when i turn the a/c on and there is no heat when i turn the temperature control up. the front controls for the rear heat and a/c has the same problem. everything works just fine for the heat and a/c controls for the front. thanks for all of your help in advance. it will be appreciated greatly.
  • pbisaacspbisaacs Member Posts: 3
    I have been trying to solve this problem for months - the second row cooling and heating not working. The fan blows but no temperature control. Can anybody out there help us?
  • hypnotist1hypnotist1 Member Posts: 4
    mechanic tore into the side panels on my durango and found that a damper(made of he advised that to replace would cost about $400 plus parts. and he ordered the pare said he would call when it came in. To date I have not heard from him. I have about decided to let it stay the way it is .. and perhaps let the next owner deal with it. have over 100,000 miles on it so about trade in time..
  • pbisaacspbisaacs Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply. I may just trade mine in as-is also.
    Merry Christmas!
  • jenscar03jenscar03 Member Posts: 3
    Hello! I am looking for advice on what could be causing dirty smoke to coming through my vents in my 2000 durango. I believe this smoke is causing a film on the windows. It is 12 degrees outside and I don't have any heat in the vehicle and to top it off, my other car won't start ( just posted on Chrysler 300M). Looking for an inexpensive way to fix this or even any suggestions on what it could be.
  • codyg2codyg2 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 2001 durango. my ac clutch went out. i was wondering if anyone knows of a smaller serpentine belt i could use to bypass the ac compressor. i don't really want to replace the compressor unit right now.
  • smpg2613smpg2613 Member Posts: 1
    OK, I have a problem that recently just started with our 2006 Dodge Durango. The A/C in all the vents up front do not blow cold air even though the A/C is turned on, however, the vents for thw back seats all blow ice cold air. Any ideas?
  • poochymomof5poochymomof5 Member Posts: 2
    I am also a 2006 Dodge Durango owner with this new problem that just began two weeks ago. My air conditioner worked great in the morning on my way to work. I came out at the end of the day and turned it on and it blew hot/warm air from the front cabin vents and the rear control is blowing very very cold air. My husband checked the freon and did add a small amount according to the gauges it is perfectly on target. The second thing he did was change the relay under the hood as instructed by many people trying to help us. That did not make a difference either. He has checked all the fuses under the dash, they all show good. If any one out there has any idea what we can do to fix this PLEASE PLEASE let us know as soon as possible. We have 7 children and in Mo mid summer with 8-9 people in the car at 95 plus temps, it is not a pretty sight! This is only a 2006 it should not have this problem yet. Please help! :cry:
  • markskmarksk Member Posts: 1
    we have a 2005 durango. at 59,000 miles, our compressor went out. fortunately we had a service contract to cover the $700+ repair. a few weeks ago, we took it in again (now 75k miles) and were told the evaporator was leaking. the dealer said it would be about $1200 to repair. at the advice of a friend, i took it to an independent mechanic who did work for him to take a look. he found the high pressure line from the compressor to the condensor is leaking. he also found no one has this part in stock. (why??) he was able to get the hose rebuilt. the repair was less than $200.
  • poochymomof5poochymomof5 Member Posts: 2
    Well we know we don't have a leak in the compressor because the compressor is cooling the rear cabin perfectly fine. The freon is not low, we have had it charged and it wouldn't even take a charge from the can and the gauges all show full.Unfortunately it is just the front cabin that is not cooling.Still trying to find the problem.Thanks!
  • jnorbergjnorberg Member Posts: 1
    compressor working,blower not,replaced blower and control panel still nothing,getting 9-10 volts to panel and blower. HELP!!!!! what am i missing?
  • bairdo1234bairdo1234 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Durango, our air worked fine last year. Just like two others I've read here, we also lost cold air up-front, but cold in back. Everything works fine other than no a/c up-front. We went to the dealership today for dioagnostics. We found that the front expansion valve is restricted, this cost us $75.00 to find out. The repair bill will be around $308.00 minus the $75.00 for testing. The dealership said this would fix the problem. We are waiting on parts, should be in tomorrow, but we are leaving tomorrow for vacation. The mechanic said that the valve restricts flow of freon to front of car, but allows to go to the back. It makes since to me so I guess we will have it repaired. I hope soon, thank GOD it is a small trip for vacation, hooott outside. I hope this helps others with the same problem. Other places than dealership probably be cheaper.
  • bairdo1234bairdo1234 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Durango, on the passenger side under the dach should be a resister, it has a plug-in and two srews holding it. This resister is by the blower motor. When you take it out it just looks like a long-flat piece of metal, this controls your blower speeds and fan. Mine had a bad prong, it works fine now. The part was under $10.00 at dealership.
  • bairdo1234bairdo1234 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 durango with the excact same problem, only my rear a/c works and the front doesn't. I took it to the dealership today and found the front expansion valve is restricted. Maybe youre rear a/c valve is restricted.
  • tappstapps Member Posts: 1
    Hey codyg2. Based on your email handle I'm assuming you have the generation 2 durango. I had the ac compressor clutch seize up on me. I bypassed the compressor pulley with a 7 ribbed 90.4 serp belt. I think anything from 89-91 should work. I'm also assuming you have the same routing and tension assembly as I do on my 1998 1st generation durango.
  • nsanfronsanfro Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 SLT, 2nd row has never really worked for heating but my main issue is the AC. It starts blowing warm air when you are at a stop light. Then when you start going again it will cool off.
    The 2nd issue with the AC is that if you have the AC on and are in stop and go traffic or going slow, 25-35mph, the engine starts to sound like a diesel engine, no kidding! If it is doing this and you give it some gas to speed up it growls even louder. However once you get up to 45 or so the sound will fade out and go back to normal.
    Perhaps the two issues are related. Is there a fan that might be not working?
    Has anyone had a similar problem? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
  • cidm1998cidm1998 Member Posts: 1
    1998 Durango 5.9l

    When turning my blower switch, just blows air through top wind shield/ defrost vents. does not change vents when I go to dash or floor settings, nor does my ac turn on. Checked all fuses seem to be fine. Blower speed switch works as well as the heat when on heat setting. Just cant hear the normal opening or changing of vents under the dash. Think could be switch meaning the one dial switch of the three that switches vents and triggers ac.
    any suggestions?
  • tprettytpretty Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 SLT and my AC does the same thing...did you find a reason for this?
  • schnegschneg Member Posts: 1
    I have the strangest thing occurring. When I adjust the vent flow control to the defrost position the a/c compressor automatically engages. I have the a/c switch in the off position and it's only when I change the flow control to defrost. I can change the temperature to hot and it'll defrost my windows with warm / hot air but I can still here the compressor working. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.
  • kneffkneff Member Posts: 3
    My durango has decided to stop transferring air to my defrost and floor vents..Good air and heat thru the dash though. Switch regulator seems to be making something move insdie dash...Any suggestions how to approach this?
  • kneffkneff Member Posts: 3
    Did you succeed in getting your problem resolved? I am having the same issue..

  • kneffkneff Member Posts: 3
    I don't think it is working improperly. It actually is working as a dehumidifier if i understand the system. when you go to defrost position, the compressor will activate.

  • jojo77jojo77 Member Posts: 2
    Hi - I have a 2003 Durango SXT in Mass - its really cold and the heat up front just stopped working. The 3rd row controls work and blow hot/cold air but nothing is blowing from the front control. No fan movement at all, no heat at all- any suggestions on what it could be? I am broke and would rather not have to pay a diag.fee for something simple.
  • chpfx1chpfx1 Member Posts: 1
    02 Durango the lower settings on the fan control stopped working months ago. now the high doesn't work either now. what should i do?
  • karma777karma777 Member Posts: 1
    when i turn either my AC, Heater or defroster on there is very little blowing power even when i put it on high. please help.Any sugestions
  • smitty56smitty56 Member Posts: 2
    I have completely replaced the a/c system. Compressor , dryer all. It still loses freon somewhere , checked with dye etc. Still can;t find leak. Any suggestions ? What's this part I've seen in discussions under the dash or in the dask ? What is it's purpose? And how you get to it.... Thanks Smitty
  • windrider422windrider422 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 durango and have now had a couple times where there has been white smoke coming through all the vents. Happened this morning on way to work but coming home it didn't. Any ideas?
  • jp_and_3jp_and_3 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Durango that has no heat. I have changed the thermostat (twice!), the radiator cap and the water pump. I also back flushed the system twice. Still no heat. The gauge max's out at about 1/4 of the way and I have driven this vehicle over 50 miles, stopped and was able to immediately open the radiator cap! Even the cap was barely warm to the touch. Is there a heat sensor or something that signals the thermostat to open and close? It seems like its stuck open but i've changed it twice! Any suggestions?? It is an automatic with a 5.2 liter engine. Obviously the vehicle has never overheated.
  • sonofadockersonofadocker Member Posts: 12
    Just bought a 98 Durango. The AC and Heat have issues. Now that it is 90 degrees out I would like the AC to work.
    The compressor does not kick on.
    The compressor relay is ok.
    The freon is fully charged per my gauge on the refill cans I use on our other cars.

    Is there something missing to reset or replace to engage the compressor.

    There is also no hot air at all - always glows cool air.
  • ssnyder2001ssnyder2001 Member Posts: 1
    this can be normal operation for this car. the A/C system may turn on while in defrost mode to take moisture out of the air. The air goes threw your heater core after the evaportor. will not affect your heating. the less moisture in your car the less chance of your windows fogging up. hope this helps.
  • christy2001christy2001 Member Posts: 2
    i have the exact same issues and the exact same durango, but my second row works ok, did you ever find a solution please help, thanks
  • smitty56smitty56 Member Posts: 2
    Found my issue , it was the valve in which the freon goes in, it was blowing back and it should hold 200 pds pressure , but was slow leaking , cost 12 bucks , goe with the small issues first, then think big , I didn;t, costs me too.
  • christy2001christy2001 Member Posts: 2
    so this $12 part solved all issues
  • musiceducationmusiceducation Member Posts: 1
    So - what was the answer to no AC when stopped or running slow. I am told that there are 2 fans at the front of the engine - one is for AC and if it not working, AC only gets cold if you are moving over 40 MPH. Anyone else have this problem and what is the answer.
  • sullivan1960sullivan1960 Member Posts: 1
    I need help with my A/C unit. My front A/C only works on the last/highest setting, Even then there is very little output. I can
    feel the air when I have my hands on the steering wheel but it doesn't really blow out. Any idea what this may be? I appreciate any comments. 2001 Dodge Durango.
    Thank you
  • dee64dee64 Member Posts: 8
    I'm pretty sure it's the diverter flap that is causing the prob. All vent settings are vacuum powered. Check vacuum connections to diaphrams under dash. I believe the hoses are colored (RED, BLK, BRN, BLU, YEL, GRN,) If connections are good and you have vacuum through all of them... then the diverter flap lever has come unhooked. when this happens, the systems default setting goes to the windshield defogger. It doesn't matter which vent you choose.

    How to fix? Well that's another story. Sorta pain in the azz. Gotta remove dash. chances are, when you do, you'll probably need to replace your leaking heater core and A/C evaporator also
  • will3sniderwill3snider Member Posts: 1
    bought a durango the rear ac fan will not come on. Where would I found out how to fix this problem. Getting power the the control knob.
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