BMW X5 Diesel Reliability

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Like some of you, I am eagerly awaiting arrival of BMW Diesel X5. I am sure the performance and mpg will turn out to be better than gas models. I am hoping mpg to be close to 25 highway. Any ideas when are we going to get more info? I am truly hoping there is no price jump for diesel engine.


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    Be rest assured that the diesel engines will attract about $2500 premium over the petrol engines.
    Fuel economy is certainly better than their petrol counterpart.
    The performance numbers are marginally lower than their petrol counterpart as well, however you get the ability to tow more stuff because of the torque.
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    We are now in July 2008 and there is still little news on this soon-to-arrive diesel X5. The press is expecting a debut in fall 2008.
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    When the Diesel arrives you can be sure you will be very pleasantly surprised. Diesel technology amongst European car makers is so advanced it is just unbelievable.

    The gas prices in Europe has driven car engine development to a totally new heights compared to N.A. development. This has resulted extremely efficient diesel engines and with those BMW is one of the best. Well, all the German car makers are very good at this so it really don't matter which one you pick. Just a little info from a few years ago when Audi won the 24 h Le Mans race with a diesel engine car.

    Pretty much all diesels on cars now are equipped with turbo charger and the way BMW has made it to work is that you would not know you are driving a diesel engine car if you did not hear it at all. Performance is just amazing.

    As an example of fuel mileage I was so pleased to be able to do this by myself just last week. I was on a trip to southern Germany and had a BMW 3 series station wagon as a rental car. You know those auto bahns, with no speed limit areas. This car with a 2.0 L diesel with turbo went 220 km/h (137.5 MPH) speed and it had automatic transmission. It had a fuel consumption pointer, which I forgot to check at this speed probably because you want to keep your eyes on the road, but I did check it at 180 km/h (=112.5 MPH) speed. It was pointing at 6.5 L/100 km (=36 MPG).!!!!!

    Now, X5 is an SUV, which means quite a lot wind resistance but with our driving speeds here in U.S. I don't think 25 MPG for it should be a problem assuming it comes with turbo charged engine, which should be a touch bigger than 2.0 L though.

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    The engine is a 3.0L inline 6 diesel. Someone on the diesel news board spotted one at the Post Office near Seattle WA. this week. I am also waiting to try one. I would expect it to be priced between the V6 and V8 as the Mercedes diesel SUVs are. The Mercedes ML320 CDI is only $1000 over the V6 and $7000 less than the V8. So they should be a comparable as the ML is a competitor to the X5
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    Spent some time talking to a bmw employee in L.A. who is getting the X5 diesel for himself as his next car and shared the following... thinks the cost will be a $2000 premium over a 3.0 gas. My sales rep says they are quoting $3000 over in training classes so this is probably cost and markup???. He drove one on a track and said it had all the umph of the 4.8 but not the high end power but pretty darn nice. Noise was not an issue. Expected MPG in the high 20s perhaps 25-27 not bad. So I'm sold on the idea of the engine but the issue is that it will sell at MSRP and have no real support expected for the residual and money factor so the lease quote was running well over $1100 for a "medium" equipped truck. I can get the same gas 3.0 for about $800 a month or less versus $1100+ I can pay for a lot of gas with the savings not to mention the diesel fuel is more per gallon as well. Frankly as much as I want to wait for the diesel, the cost differential makes it really hard to swallow.
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    Your points are well taken. Diesel has significant advantages but most sales are leases and lease terms are not expected to be favorable to this new model .... unless the economy continues to be soft and car companies give up and offer attractive terms. My ideal car would be a bare bone X5 with manual tranny and no electronic gimmics for a substantial price cut. One can hope. :)
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    One of the San Diego dealers claim the X5 diesels are on the way. He wanted me to come in and make selection. I told him to let me know when they are ready for a test drive. I am going to make my decision based on several criteria between the Mercedes GL or ML320 CDi and the X5. I am not taking a short around the block test drive as I did with the Sequoia. I want to make sure the vehicle has the torque to pull my Interstate grade without downshifting as the gas guzzling Sequoia does.

    I will NOT pay MSRP in this recession no matter how much I like the vehicle. The price of diesel should make dealing a bit easier. Though in San Diego today diesel and premium are very close in price. The other big advantage to diesel is 30% more range than the gas guzzler models. The X5 diesel has about 20% more torque than the V8 X5. The V8 is a lot more expensive than the V6 or the Diesel. No more gas guzzlers for me, ever.
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    That's a $4100 premium OVER the X5 3.0 which is more than I am willing to pay. Even with the improved fuel economy how long is it take to recoup the premium cost? Sure there's the tax break (unconfirmed to be $1300) but we barely drive more than 8500 miles a year so it simply won't make financial sense.

    Will wait to see what Audi decides to charge for the Q7 diesel and if all else fails... um, a MB-320CDI maybe? Nah, not desperate enough to buy a MB.
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    That's a $4100 premium OVER the X5 3.0 which is more than I am willing to pay

    You get the performance of the V8 with better economy than their premium gas guzzling 6. And the much longer range is a big seller for me. Nothing compares to the torque of a diesel in the mountains.

    Curious have you driven the X5 to compare with the MB ML? I would like to try them back to back before I decide. The Audi is just not very attractive to my eyes. The Mercedes is not great looking. The ML has the best comfort in the second row of any of the SUVs I have checked out. We have a good BMW dealer closer to us than any of the others. I am not going to give up my Sequoia until I get exactly what I want in a diesel SUV.
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    To answer to your question about the comarison of X5 to ML 320CDI. I just recently drove the Ml 320CDI. My wife were considering the ML 320 CDI for t he longest time, as the BMW X5 diesel was not available. After driving it, I don't like the 1-2 second hesitation from the turbo lag. It sucks. You step on it and it does not move. In my opinion it is a safety thing. Imagine you want to make a split decision manouver and you cant. or you do and it is too late as it took the car that one second to get out of the way.
    BMW X5 has twin turbo which compensates for the turbo lag. Plus it has more HP and torge. If you look att he 0-60 difference between the two, BMW X5 is faster by 1 second which is a lot. Might no seem like it but it is.
    Also according to their books, X5 is more fuel efficient in the city and highway(bonus). Just look up and all the specs are there
    Back in August I placed an order for the new X5 diesel and I should be getting the car at the beginning of Dec. I am confident the car will perform much better than the ML and I can't wait. I will update this comment when i get the car and let you know if it was worth the wait.
    Spoke to my sales man from BMW who had the truck on the track and said it performs just as the 4.8I. 0-80 km/h is instant.
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    Dealer I talked to had allocations expected to arrive in "early to mid december" and he was "underpromising and over delivering" as he quoted me. (translation, he expects to see the first units in the first week of December but can't guarantee it. Not too far off now.

    They are going to have to get real on the cost issue however. Not paying a premium no matter what. Sure the first couple will go as a novelty premium just because they are new....then......

    so lets do a little best case math.
    15,000 miles / 22 mpg = 682 gallons per year gas
    15,000 / 27 (generous) = 555 gals diesel
    = 127 gallons/yr savings

    682 gals * $3.00 per gallon = $2046
    555 gals * $3.30 per gallon (in LA) = $1831.50
    savings ~ $214.50 per year

    OK, I can hear someone saying it will probably be better "in town" but its going to have to do a LOT better in town to start making the cost differential gap close.

    So lets just be honest and say its a cheap 4.8 liter option with a high chance of not being any savings at all in the long run.
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    Actually, was invited by BMW to drive the X5 (4.8 w/sport pkg) at a local driving event where they also had an ML 500, XC90 sport and Lexus GX 470. Without question, the BMW handled head and shoulders above the rest. I have a 540 and felt the X5 was every bit as amazing in its handling. I vowed I would buy one at some point to replace our Land Cruiser and was patiently waiting for the diesel.

    But after doing the math, it just doesn't make financial sense (even with my BMW CCA discount and tax incentive)... BTW, was wrong about that it's $1550... and then no spare w/third row, run-flats... but that's more than you asked about!
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    Thanks for the hands on review. I agree it will be tough to justify the X5 at all for me. I just would like to do some cross country touring and I am known to head out across less than well traveled roads. Some dirt roads. That eliminates any of the sedans for me. My Sequoia is fine for most just a gas hog with a short range. The no spare is a down side for sure. You just never know when you will be where your cell will not reach AAA. Is a spare available without the 3rd row? I have no interest in hauling that many people anyway.

    I drove a used GL320 CDI and was not thrilled with the shifting of the transmission. It was very comfortable. I did not like the GX470 that we test drove before buying the Sequoia. I have friends with the X5s and all like them. Thanks again for the response.
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    "Spoke to my sales man from BMW who had the truck on the track and said it performs just as the 4.8I. 0-80 km/h is instant."

    Your salesman referred to an X5 as a "truck"? You need a new salesman... one who knows enough about BMW to know that the X5 is not a truck and that BMW does not build anything on a truck platform.
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    A vehicle can be classed as a truck even if it is a unit body.
    Doesn't have to be Body on Frame.
    The Cayenne has a 7700 lb tow rating but is unit body.
    It's tow rating is higher than some body on frame SUVs.

    in the coming years you will even be seeing full size trucks built on unit bodies.
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    Another thing about the X5 that is REALLY impressive is that with the vehicle on an incline and only 2 wheels touching the ground you can open and close the rear liftgate. Apparently no other CUV/SAV can do that. Some you can't even open the liftgate, others the liftgate can be opened but not closed.

    That's a stiff body structure.
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    Every time i look at a the X5 or any BMW for that matter I am floored by the MSRPs.
    Why haven't the MSRPs dropped with the increasing strength of the dollar? BMW must be laughing all the way to the bank since X5s are built in my home state.

    The base price for the 3.0 is $47,100. You can barely option a V6 SRX up to that price. Most of the things that are options on the BMW are standard on other vehicles.
    The 3.0s that I have looked at are $57K!!!!!!
    And that's with only 225lb ft of torque.

    The 4.8s I have looked at are $72K. It's just amazing.

    There are so many things I like about the X5. The front legroom is huge(the rear is not however). The visibililty is much better than most. You can get a leather dash.
    Shadowline trim on the outside. Lots of wheel packages. Beautiful leather and color choices. As solidly built as any vehicle i have been in. The doors close with a THUNK! It is a great package. The front end design is brilliant. I don't like the plastic fascias and fender lips, but those can be painted.

    I like it more than my SRX(which does some things better)
    The 6 X5 weighs and astonishing 700 lbs more than the SRX.
    .......and why isn't there a RWD version of the X5?

    But I am going to continue to shop this vehicle and hope for some great deals.

    The diesel is a very interesting option with 400lb ft of torque at only 1750rpms.
    i wonder how long the tranny will last behind that much torque? LOL.
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    Does anyone know if you can run biodiesel in the new 2009 X5 35d without any technical/engine issues? Will this potentially void the warranty? The ability to run biodiesel is one of the key reasons (outside similar performance with better mileage) I am looking to purchase the X5 35d. Thank you in advance for the education.

    Waiting to order....
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    You should call your local dealer and ask. But even then I would be super cautious - if the vehicle were ever to have a mechanical problem they could always blame the biodiesel and void your warranty. Make sure you read the fine print!
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    Has anyone gotten to test drive the diesel X5? I got an email saying they are at the dealership.
  • wademmillerwademmiller Member Posts: 4
    Good idea. I am thinking that I would hedge my bets...both that I would like to run biodiesel and this is a new engine in the US so will lease it rather than buy it just in case there are issues. The only other route I would think about is waiting even longer for the X5 hybrid and lease that too since it is so new for BMW.

    I am getting excited to pull the trigger but just need to weigh the options and see if the prices will soften per the comments above in this thread.

    Thanks for your thoughts.
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    Edmunds now has an inventory gizmo so you can search local dealer inventory.

    To get there, drill down to the 2009 X5 and click on View Inventory.

    I see some on the lots in LA but none around SD yet.
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    I got the email from BMW of Encinitas. I do not see any on their new inventory list. I will call them and make sure they have one before I drive all the way up there. They sent me a lot of emails to come up and fill out an order form. I told them I would not be interested before test driving the vehicle. I am also somewhat picky about colors white or very light color and tan leather. $60k+ you should get what you want.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaMember Posts: 31,450
    I found it listed at $61,920. In ALpine White with beige interior. I better get up there and check it out.

    Brecht BMW of Escondido also has a white one at $52,525. Wonder what you get for $9000 more at BMW of Encinitas?
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    Wonder what you get for $9000 more at BMW of Encinitas?

    Bigger smiles on the faces of the sales staff and management? ;)

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    The BMW cost for the diesel makes it a choice of just wanting a cool and different car. If your thinking cost savings like I am - BMW doesn't even make the list.

    I have a 94 landcruiser that does our long haul boat towing etc adventures- 14mpg sucks but we paid almost nothing for it 5 yrs ago. So it was a cheap hauler compared to the options being discussed.

    I'm now researching the MB Rclass given it has all the same under pinnings as the GL CDI only the R's are selling for half the price. The R is funky and not a SUV but assuming MB has corrected all the issues with their 7spd in the past say 4yrs the R could offer a very good value. Not sure what sort of weight or profile trailer your hauling but anything under 3500lbs and the R might be worth looking at. You get the same AWD - 7spd and engine as the ML only in a sleeker package that gets slightly better milege.

    My concerns are the same as everyone elses MB piss poor reliability record in what is mainly all the extra crap electrical stuff on their cars. The new 3L v6 diesels seem to have a good history though the 7spd automatic has a troubled history so far even though MB is putting it in virtually all their cars.

    My take on things is that there will be no American or Japanese light diesels arriving to our seriously hurting Auto market any time soon. Which MB is counting on and hedging their bets to be one of the top light diesel vehicle sources in the US. BMW makes a great diesel engine many say the best diesel engine but BMW's approach to the US market being a top end high priced car makes their diesels more of a novelty vs practical alternative.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaMember Posts: 31,450
    My only test drive was in a 2007 GL320 CDI. I was not thrilled with the 7 speed transmission. I don't know if it just takes getting used to or not. When I was exiting the Freeway it would not just coast to a stop. It would down shift and slow you down faster than I was used to. It had more than adequate acceleration. My wife did not like the looks of the R320 CDI or I would consider it in my quest for the perfect diesel SUV. I do want to test drive the X5 diesel. I prefer the inline 6 to the V6 MB design. I think there will be lots of room to negotiate as long as diesel stays much higher than gas. Friends that own the X5 say it is the best handling SUV on the planet. Even better than the Porsche. If the Cayenne was offered in a 6 cylinder diesel I would put it on the list also. The Audi is just too ugly for me to consider even with a diesel. Unless they completely change the body design.
  • martfurtmartfurt Member Posts: 2
    I actually have the 2009 x5 35d. Just picked it up on Dec 08, 2008. First in the city to have the x5 diesel. I absolutely love driving this car. The power is unbelivable. Torgue is great at any speeds. Absolutely no delay with this turbo diesel. Love it.
    Had to fill it up already and the mileage is pretty good. On a 85 litre tank I got 600 km in the city. Apparently it is supposed to get even better as the car gets broken in.
    I ordered the x5 xdrive35d back in august 2008 and let me tell you it was worth the wait. I was a little scared to buy it without driving it first or hearing what the diesel sounds like. People dont even know it is a diesel until i tell them. Very quiet and very very powerful.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaMember Posts: 31,450
    Keep us posted on your mileage. It is exciting for sure. To have that kind of power with great mileage. Only possible with a diesel engine.
  • cjh29cjh29 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone currently own this ? I am seriously considering buying the diesel X5 but wanted to talk to someone who owns the car and see what they have to say before making a final decision.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaMember Posts: 31,450
    I had a little time to kill this morning and stopped into BMW of San Diego. Unlike my last visit there in 2007, I was greeted as I came through the front door. I told the gentleman I would like to test the new X5 diesel. He asked to see my Driver's license and told me he would meet me out front. They had 3 in stock and the one we drove was base model. Sitting at idle the diesel sound is barely noticeable. Quieter than my 2005 Passat TDI. It does not take much throttle to get the beast rolling. I knew I was behind 425 ft lbs of torque and did not want to go crazy. I eased onto the roadway and headed for the freeway on ramp. About 1/4 throttle and you know this beauty will go. It is as smooth as my V8 Sequoia and about twice as fast. You get launched into traffic effortlessly. The one thing I did not notice is the transmission shifting up or down. It is much more seamless than the Mercedes 7 speed I tested. I gave it a bit of a kick to get out ahead of a crowd on the freeway when my salesman mentioned I was doing 85 MPH. I slowed back to 70 and realized just how easy it would be to get a ticket in that rocket. This was my first time to drive a BMW of any type. It is very positive steering and precise handling. I would love to take it on a cruise in the back country. The noise level is similar to the Sequoia. The seats are not as plush as the Sequoia. It is also noticeably smaller inside.

    If I did not own the 2007 Sequoia I think this would be more enticing. What I would be giving up in plush comfort is made up for in performance and handling. I like the idea of heading cross country and not having to worry about refueling for 600+ miles. I think it would be easy to get 30 MPG out on the open road.
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    I spoke with the mechanic at our local BMW service center and he said you can run biodiesel but no more than 5% because the engines are not designed to handle any more concentration than that..... Beause I have never seen anything lower than 20% (B20) in the winter months I am assuming this is their way of discouraging any biodiesel usage. I still don't believe that you can't run it... I'll keep researching and if anyone has information I'd sure like to know. It is a deciding factor for me from an environmental standpoint... I'd like to run up to B80 if possible and I would consider looking at the Q7 or other diesel SUV if BMW can't handle it. Thanks for any information.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaMember Posts: 31,450
    I think both BMW & Mercedes say B5, because it is mandated in Germany. The issue is the quality of the biodiesel. Until it becomes mainstream there could be problems. I know in Hawaii the biodiesel producer got a special waver for using their biodiesel in Mercedes E320 CDI. I think the biodiesel producers need to be the ones to plead the case to the automakers. Right now the ULSD is so clean and the price cheap. That will keep the biodiesel producers on the back burner. I know a fellow I worked with ran B20 in his 2005 F250 all the time and loved the stuff. He is in So Dakota. Some states are mandating biodiesel mix. Keep us posted if you buy the X5 diesel.
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    I went to the car show in Dallas yesterday, and the X5 diesel they were showing didn't have a sunroof-have any of you seen an X5 (of any type) without a sunroof? I'd be very interested - I need all the headroom I can get.
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    I thought SR standard. You all know that the BMW was forced to use urea to reduce emissions. This tank is 4 gallons and should last 11000 miles. If you use more due to agressive driving you pay for an extra tank of this out of pocket even during Maint period. Next, if you do not replace the urea when empty, your BMW has been programmed (US EPA mandate) to shut off and not start. How do you like that for government intervention? Funny how crowded little Europe manages to run their diesels without the federal govts help and they are known as healty people.
  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,056
    You're right, SR is standard for US versions, salesman emailed to say the one I saw was a European version. Still made in SC.
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Member Posts: 252
    Bashing the EPA (govt) is not fair in this case. Adding urea significantly reduces the emissions emitted by this auto. Which in turn helps the environment you and I share with others. Isn't this a small inconvenience for the greater good? You be the judge.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Isn't this a small inconvenience for the greater good? You be the judge.

    I am not judging but it would seem to be more than just a small inconvenience if the point at which the shut off occurs leaves you stranded in Timbuktu. I would have opted for an obnoxious warning light when the urea runs out rather than a heavy handed shut down but that's just me. :)

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  • coupedncalcoupedncal Member Posts: 252
    If it is any consolation, they prevent you from starting the car if urea runs out. Car already engaged can run on without any problem. :)
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    If it is any consolation ...

    Not much. I occasionally find myself stopping off in the wilderness to enjoy the scenery, take pictures, stretch my legs and so on - and I don't keep my engine running. Of course, that means having to restart it. :)

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    Hello, Triple A, I am at the top of Pike's Peak and my car won't start. Can I get a tow back to town? I have test driven and liked the X5 diesel a lot. The Urea is the deal killer for me. If I don't find some other diesel SUV, I will opt for a year old used ML320 CDI that does not use Urea. Urea injection is not a good system. There are better ways to cut NoX. It is really just CARB trying to keep diesel cars out of CA. The Non urea system was approved by the EPA.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    The Non urea system was approved by the EPA.

    I'm happy with anything that won't get me stranded. :)

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  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaMember Posts: 31,450
    I can live with flashing check engine lights on the dash. Not allowing a vehicle to start is unacceptable. It was all part of the deal to get CARB on board with diesels.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Flashing lights I could handle but I'd be a bit perturbed if the powers that be opted for chimes. :mad:

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    You're kidding right?
    Being stranded at the top of Pike's Peak is like being 'stranded' at the National Monument on the 4th of July... For one, you can't enter but from HWY-24 outside Manitou and the US Forest Service checks your brakes and advises on fuel levels and a tow to Winslow BMW in C-Springs is about $80.00. B, you’re never alone up there (if you drove). Um Nr. drei, why would you drive when it's only a ten mile hike or $15.00USD on the cog railway?

    I would venture a bet that running your blue empty would set you back much more tan $80.00 anyway.

    I am not countering a Gov Intervention argument here, but are you seriously comparing the ML320 to the X5 or just whining??? BMW's blue is newer, but seriously... the ML320:X5?????? Really???? Have you driven both? I suppose if all you care about is the recycled dinosaurs you’re putting in the tank, I could understand. But being that the Western station on HWY-24 is selling Diesel at $3.28/gal right now and is the lowest in all of Teller County, what’s your point? Especially when it comes to the X5 mileage vs. the ML320?

    I happened to have just bought an X5D in Germany (US Standard - taking it back to Colorado in 2yrs) and don't really see your point here.... The diesel blows the 4.8 away when rolling and the ML320 is not a comparison to the X5 (x3 maybe but there no X3d)

    Just wanted to weigh in a bit - but really more wanted to understand the comparison.
    You went with the ML320 over the X5 based on this alone?
    No offense…
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    I own a 2004 mdx with 90000 miles on it. we are starting to have small problems with it and thought it might be a good time to start looking. I fell in love with the X5 and am very interested in the diesel. I am a bit put off on the price tag, I have priced it out using my american express auto buying to about 63K (premium pkg, tech pkg, sport pkg, ipod, satelite, 3rd row and rear climate, comfort access) would like to add the tire insurace so this gets very pricey, can get top of the line mdx for about 45K. is the X5 worth it?
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    is the X5 worth it?

    Ultimately, only you can decide that. For myself, I would see $63K - $45K = $18K and ask what would I like to do with that $18K. :)

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    63k is very high. The quote I received last week for similar features was around 54k.

    Which X5 model are you mentioning here? Is it x3.0 or x4.8 or 35d (diesel)?

    I read on the MDX discussion site that Acura (Honda) is not producing any additional MDX cars this year (very low inventory) so the price now is around 49k with only tech package. In addition to the bad attitude of the Acura dealers sales persons, they are turning down deals for $200 or $300 difference.
  • zoey4zoey4 Member Posts: 5
    i am buying not leasing, the bmw quote was for diesel with tech, premium,and sport package, 3rd row and rear climate and comfort access. if i could get it for 54 i would probably do it. Acura has been very nice and they have been aggressively calling me.
  • zoey4zoey4 Member Posts: 5
    MSRP $61,975 You save
    off MSRP
    Invoice $57,302
    USAA Price Adjustment $498 above invoice

    USAA Member Price $57,800

    Color Exterior: Alpine White
    Interior: Tobacco

    Options •3RD ROW SEAT (4UB)
    •HEAD-UP DISPLAY (610)
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