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2010 Toyota Camry



  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Yeah, just tell him to buy a Buick with the 3.8-liter V6, plastic intake manifold, and Dex-Clog. ;)
  • I found this one from YouTube. Special thanks to the guy who shared this to Camry owners.

  • I finally got another fill up after 300 plus miles and this time got 31 mpg. Mostly city driving and some interstate. I am probably a little driving faster and taking off from dead stop a little faster then I thought I was doing, because the car drives so smooth. I noticed I was cruising at 70 on the interstate and it felt like I was going 55. I am now at 900 miles, so my break in period will be over before I go to the mountains next week.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I was recently told (hearsay) that some cars now have a "kill switch" in that if you even lightly touch the brake pedal DBW is used to instantly drop the engine to idle.

    Good, GREAT idea that's been too long coming....

    But frankly these new cars that do not use an ignition key probably do need a "kill switch"...!!
  • Basically, the Avalon and the Camry have the same oil filter cartridge/housing.
    In the Youtube video, the plastic tube was not used.

    Here's a more detailed procedure why the need for the tube during oil change.
    I found this from another forum and please save the pdf in your hard drive.


    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
  • "Kill Switch" definition:
    An ignition key or (for Keyless ignition) a push button which will "immediately' shut off the Toyota's engine in case of a stuck accelerator pedal or malfunctioning computer controlled throttle.

    This "Kill Switch" will let you kill your Toyota before it ............................ fill in the blank.

    Toyota never ceases to amaze me on their crazy design practices, and the "Toyota can do no wrong" mentality.
    That oil filter change video on that Toyota Camry is a comedy!
    Most oil filters are 1 piece. This Toyota filter is in 4 pieces with a seperate filter paper, that's crazy!

    Also, it has an acceleration pedal that is so poorly designed, that it sticks, if you do not have the "perfect" floor mat!
    So, if the floor mat catches the accelerator pedal or computer controlled throttle
    malfunctions, the keyless start/stop feature cannot be enabled in a "WIDE OPEN THROTTLE" until it is held down for 3 seconds.
    In 3 seconds you can be at 45mph!
    How many seconds would it take you to figure this "3 second feature" out if you're in panic mode and accelerating towards 100mph!?

    Toyota designed a modern "Christine", not just one! .... 3.8 Million!

    (Christine is a horror novel by Stephen King, published in 1983. It tells the story of a vintage automobile apparently possessed by supernatural forces.)

    Seriously, people are getting killed in Toyota acceleration problem cars, it's a Toyota problem.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Floor mat problem...

    Has happened to me twice in the past ~10 years. First was in a new Mazda Miata test drive. The dealer had installed a protective floor mat which slipped forward under the brake pedal but over the gas pedal. The second was just 2 or 3 years ago and again in a Mazda but this time in a rented minivan. The floor mats were not secured and the same thing happened, step on the brake and the car surges forward.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Some people that are anti-Toyota are spinning this thing to say that Toyota is the devil. Funny, an independent mechanic I talked to today said that this whole floor mat thing is completely overblown, and he said the same thing I've been saying - it is not a problem, just use the hooks and don't stack up mats. He said that it was a terrible thing that happened to those people, but he put the blame on the dealership that made two big mistakes. He also went on to tell me that other cars can have the same problem! My advice to the people who seem to want to blame Toyota for everything - watch out, your favorite automaker will suffer from this whole thing - it will cost them too!!! If this one dealer did not make this very stupid mistake, we would not have this discussion.

    About the oil filter - a lot of the makers are going to this new design because you don't throw away nearly as much - just the actual filter and two small O-ring gaskets. I speak from experience - it is NOT hard to do, very easy, actually. It took about 10 minutes longer on my first time changing it. It will be even easier next time. More spinning.....
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "...spinning this.."

    But it is frustrating to think that in the case in point shifting the transaxle into neutral did not (seemingly) work. Additionally with the new non-key ignition there really should be an automatic engine KILL with hard braking. 3 seconds of hard braking, maybe..??

    " is not a problem.."

    Yes, only a problem for those now dead.
  • I don't look forward to changing my oil that's for sure. That new filter really disappoints me. I hope it is really a new/very improved filter and not something to make us bring the car in dealer to have it done. Oil change was one of the few things I could do in the past. I looked at these steps and went wtf?
    You provided great photos and steps but I still am wondering if they were thinking about the average car owner when they came up with this new design? It will be pricey enough using the synthetic oil. Add labor and whoopie!
    I know some of you have already gone to a mechanic for an oil change. What are they charging?
    I would be scared of Jiffy Lube (our closed) or other oil change store to attempt this. Firestone stripped my out a past Honda oil pan of mine years ago.
  • I haven't done the complete oil/filter change except the drain & refill @ 1k. After seeing the video and the pdf file, I think it is easy to do as long as you have the proper tools. In the video, he did the filter before draining the pan but usually I unscrew the drain plug to empty the pan and then the filter.

    I am not comfortable getting the o/c from those quick lube places especially JIFFY LUBE. The one near my place closed and an investigative news report on NBC forced Jiffy to close the branch. I was there once for a tranny service - gasket & fluid for a Previa and I noticed the oil guy finished in no time. I thought that was more complicated than an oil change. I was so doubtful of that and never came back to that place.
  • wayne21wayne21 Posts: 257
    I'm guessing the new filter was designed by the same people who did the two piece battery powered mop.
  • two piece battery powered mop..Now that is funny!
  • wayne21wayne21 Posts: 257
    It's the Swiffer Wetjet. A two piece battery-powered mop. And if you get the "large size" bottle it is too heavy for the bottom half of the mop and it separates the mop into two pieces while you're working.. It had to be the same designers!
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    I have done it, and it was easier than I thought. Just follow the directions on the filter box. Any questions, let me know.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    "SEEMINGLY" We don't know what happened yet, except that the dealer put in mats on top of the regular mats - bad move on ANY car. Yes, it is a problem for those unfortunate people, and I truly feel bad. However, the DEALER is the problem here. There is no denying that the dealer screwed up. I spoke to a mechanic about this incident - he said the same thing I've been saying all along. He said "Dealer" not Toyota.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    No,...Yes, the dealer screwed up but the main fault lies with Toyota lacking the foresight to realize the short-coming of the new "ignition" system that could not be quickly switched off in an emergency.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    " put mats.."

    At this point in time from what I have read we have no evidence of the floor mat being the actual cause.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..apparently caused.."

    Very first paragraph.

    No one has yet ruled out some sort of mechanical failure.
  • I've always been a DIY'er, and the change to cartridge oil filters from spin-on filters is, of course, primarily driven by environmental concerns. But, it's essentially "Back to the Past" as most cars prior to the early '60s used a cartridge filter.

    The reason I've always changed oil myself is to ensure it's done right. All dealers use entry-level staff for oil and lube work, sometimes these are high school kids working in a co-op work/study plan. Line mechanics do not change oil at dealerships.

    Here's the problem I've observed in the past: 1). the sump is quite often overfilled, and 2). the drain plug is over or under torqued. The latter is especially critical when a car has a cast aluminum oil sump. Over torquing the drain plug can crack the sump. Each car has a specified torque spec for the oil drain plug - how many lube specialists at dealers actually use a torque wrench for the oil drain plug. I'll betcha practically zero percent. And, over filling the sump is really harmful, as it leads to oil foaming, with a resultant reduction of lubrication especially in the critical areas of crankshaft main bearings, rod bearings, etc.

    This is why I continue to deal with the hassle of DIY oil/filter changes.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    CR complains this month that the interior dooe pull/grab handle of the Camry is bothering consumers since the 2006 design. I have never seen someone complaining about it (maybe i missed out somewhere), I personal thing it's a good design. Do anyone here think it needs to be changed?
  • It doesn't bother me, but it does look weak and a little cheap. Are they talking about the door lock itself - 'cos that I have a hard time knowing if its locked or not. Camry has a perfectly utilitarian interior with no frills. If anybody wants a perfectly designed door handle, they should perhaps look at a Euro sports car and pay 4X as much! I mean do these people not have any legitimate things to report that they actually have to find ergonomic problems with a silly door handle?
  • Ok, my first week's fill-up gave me 28.4MPG on mixed day-to-day driving. This includes driving 20MPH inside a campus dodging weary, suicidal students desperate to make speed bumps of themselves! In contrast, that is how much my Avalon gave me on the highway!
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    Anyone care to recommend where the Toyota Extended Service Plans can be purchased other than the selling dealer? Any places on line with decent pricing?

    Just picked up a '10 Camry LE 4cyl. w/ auto. and considering (possibly) a Platinum or Gold service agreeement.
  • ABC is doing a special report on the Camry during Tuesday night news. I think it will be about the mats and some ''other'' issues. Somebody please comment afterwords or leave a link about what this is about. I will be headed for the Smokies and will probably miss it. Would like to know if it is something important. Not sure if I will get signal for my laptop in the mountains. I think they said it will also be on the early news also. Since Toyota is telling us to pull our floor mat until they decide what they are going to do are they going to give free carpet shampoo for unprotected carpet? This is ridiculous. I'm will probably be in some mucky areas and would prefer to have some protection for the carpet. I offered to pay extra and swap out for all weather mats the day I bought the car but they said no.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Just buy a set of Weather Tec's, I put them in all my vehicles.

    You pull the original mat's, and put these down in their place. They clip right on to the driver side 'clips', which prevents them from floating around. They work great, have had them in our Camry for 3.5 years now. Even in the clay area we're in, they are great!
  • My mistake was letting them talk me into getting the mats that they knew had an issue. They should of offered an option since they knew that this recall was coming.
    I had to get the mats because the car already had them and they claimed the mats could not be removed. I was stuck w/the mats and an upgraded radio or wait another month for a car without these items. At the time (Oct. 1) I was leaving in a week for vacation but it was delayed until tomorrow. I do look forward to the XM radio during my trip.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Yes, the WeatherTechs are great. I have them in one of the Camrys. But, as I've said again and again, the regular Toyota carpet mats or the Toyota All-Weather mats ARE FINE, as long as you use the hooks and don't put mats on top of other mats - just use one mat. The directions are in the owner's manual. If you follow them, you won't have any problems. Same goes for all other makes and models of cars. You don't have to pull them out.

    Let me give you my first-hand experience - I have an 07 Camry with the recalled All-Weather mats. They were recalled because a few people decided to ignore the directions are not use the hooks and/or stack mats on top of one another. Guess what? I am STILL using the recalled All-Weather mats, and in 3 years, they have NEVER moved. My mechanic said the same thing as me.

    The WeatherTech mats come with all kinds of directions and warnings to use the hooks and don't use more than one mat. Sounds just like the Toyota owner's manual. ;)

    Anyway, just use you mats as per the directions and don't worry about it. Enjoy your car and your trip!
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    In case you haven't heard, the NHTSA cleared Toyota of any problems regarding the floormat/acceleration issue. The only thing that was said was what I have been saying all along - use the hooks to secure the correct floormat, and only use one floormat (don't stack one on top of another). Same rule for ANY car.
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