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2010 Toyota Camry



  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Anything that is 0W-20 is fine, but it will be synthetic. I use Mobil 1, $6.27 per quart at Wal-Mart. They don't make it in the large gallon jugs yet, just quarts.
  • When I made the deal for my 2010 Camry I had the dealer throw in a set of rubber mats and the rubber trunk liner as well. I didn't notice the other day when picking up the vehicle, but now I see that the rubber mats that were put in the car are not the custom fit design that is Camry specific. The Toyota logo is on them but the name of the dealership is also embossed as well. The dealer must have a third party company who manufactures these mats for them. They do not have small holes near the bottom so as to allow them to be hooked in place. He placed them on top of the fabric mats that were already in the car. They cover the majority of the floor and look nice but I am worried about them moving around and having the gas pedal becoming stuck and thus creating an accident like what has recently happened to an unfortunate family in the U.S. Perhaps my salesman is not aware of the horrific tragedy that has occured. I was under the impression that I was going to recieve a set of rubber mats specific for the 2010 Toyota Camry. Am I worrying about this too much and over analyzing the situation or should I go back to the dealer and complain?
  • All Toyota winter rubber mats that are designed for a specific vehicle have been recalled by Toyota and Toyota dealers are not allowed to sell them. This is probably why you received the ones you did so this way if something happens, Toyota is not responsible. I was told that once the mats do get re-released or if you use other winter mats, take out the carpet mats first and lock them in place with the provided hole.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I'd go back and get a refund. You don't want mats that can slide around, at least for the driver. As koho955 mentioned, a redesigned rubber mat plus a change in the gas pedal will be performed under a recall, so you should just use the carpet mats for now, but make sure the latter are properly secured!
  • skilauskilau Posts: 26
    Quiet, yes. Soft? No. I've driven two current-gen Camry models; an LE-V6 and an SE-V6. The SE was definitely stiffer in the ride department, but I didn't notice either of them being particularly noisy. I drive an Accord though, which tend to be noisier than Toyotas in general.

    Agreed 100%.
    That was exactly my take as well when I test drove both of them. The LE-V6 rode smoother and took bumps a lot better. The SE-V6 was stiffer, and you could "feel" the road more. I drove a Dakota truck before this, and the SE-V6 felt more like that ride. If I could have gotten a "happy medium", I would have gone with that, but since I didn't find something in the middle, I went with the LE-V6.
  • skilauskilau Posts: 26

    Wow, that is absolutely amazing.

    With all the Toyota Floormat stuff in the news these days, I cannot believe the dealer would give you those mats without the holes, let ALONE the fact that he put the 2nd set of mats on top of the first...

    That is just unbelievable!

    Maybe you could excuse the average joe not knowing about it, but when a Toyota dealer, whose cars are literally right now, in recall for floormats such as yours, and doesn't either know about the stacking issue, or simply doesn't care, thats just plain frightening.

    I don't know if I would go back to the dealer first, or whether I would instead call Toyota right now and tell them about the complete incompetence of your dealer.

    Either way, you have a real serious issue here, regardless of what people might think of the recall itself...
    Your dealer violated a direct order for the recall when they gave you those hookless mats and put them on top of the existing mats.
    I am still flabbergasted at that!
  • xluxlu Posts: 457
    I rented a Toyota Camry in this summer vacation right after renting a Pontiac G6. Boy, the Camry was much worse. In addition to the boring and cheap looking inside out (the gray seat cloth was the cheapest interior of any cars I've seen), the car wobbled like a boat, had very insecure handling, significant wind noise, and intrusive suspension. The radio console was overly big and empty and served no purpose.

    BTW, go check the user comments in the Yahoo Auto to see how many transmission problems this car has.
  • I have driven a Pontiac G6 before and found it to be absolutely terrible. It is such a low budget vehicle. If you read up on it you'll see that the quality/reliability is abysmal. I won't say it is butt ugly but it isn't striking either. I do like the fat spoke chrome wheels. I think they are available on the GT version. The G6 is suited for the car rental market. The fabric seat material is the worst on the market and the plastics used inside are horrific. I suppose we all have our own opinions.

    The transmission in the 2010 Camry doesn't have any problems. People have been saying that when the vehicle is new the tranny seems to hunt for gears/downshift especially when slowing down/coasting. This is supposedly due to the fact that the Camry comes with a fuel shut off feature. Also, when brand new, the vehicle must learn your specific driving style. It might be a few thousand km's/miles before the tranny smooths out. I am not concerned about it at all.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    My 2005 Prius was in the shop as a result of an event with an already-expired deer in my lane at 10:30 PM on a rural highway going home.

    Awaiting parts and repairs for the next two weeks I drove a 2010 XLE 4c Camry back and forth every day. I had heard that the new 2.5L 1AR engine was spectacular in terms of smoothness and fuel economy but I was more than shocked.

    For the last 10 years I've been driving the same 150 miles every day on the same route in the same conditions. The speed limit ranges from 35 to 65 with a few stop lights. 85% of it is rural highway, 15% is suburban driving.

    I've done it in a ...
    '93 Ford Escort, 5m getting about 32 mpg over 30,000 miles
    '97 Camry LE, 2.2L 4AT getting about 32 mpg over 130,000 miles
    '00 Camry CE, 2.2L 4AT getting about 32 mpg over 70,000 miles
    05 Prius getting 47.5 mpg lifetime over 135,000 miles
    08 Camry hybrid getting 39 mpg over 1000 miles
    07 Highlander hybrid getting 29 mpg over several hundred miles
    04 Highlander V6 getting 23 mpg over 2000+ miles

    So the 2010 Camry for 1000 miles was a good test of its capabilities. It had already been broken in for 2500 miles.

    Initial fillup. From the gas station to the highway is about 10 miles.
    ...@ a constant 35 mph in suburban driving with no stops.... 44 mpg! HUH??
    ...stopped at a light to get on the highway then getting onto the highway the display began to fade quickly from 44 to 42 to 40
    ...but at a constant 55 mph, the speed limit, I could hold the display of the tank average right at 39 mpg.
    ...every stop and start up was a significant penalty ( City-type driving ).
    ...the tank average on the display ended up at 38 mpg

    Tank #2 with no special efforts at playing with the pedal ala the Prius hypermiler games ended up at 36 mpg
    Tank #3 ditto... 36 mpg, but climbing.

    What I found interesting was that at a constant cruising type of driving the tank average on the display began to add 0.1 mpg for every 15-20 min that the Camry was being driven. I built it up to 39 mpg several times....then city stop and start driving intervened to drive the tank average down to 36 mpg again. Start all over again.

    For me there are two key points here...
    These results for me are very equivalent to what I've been able to achieve in the Camry hybrid over 1000 miles of highway driving. The benefit of course in the TCH is that the city driving doesn't penalize the driver as much as it does the driver of the non-hybrid.

    The other is that the next Gen TCH - if replacing the 2.4L with the new 1AR 2.5L engine - will very likely have fuel economy ratings almost as good as my 2005 Prius!!!
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Yes take out the carpetted mats from underneath and secure the All Weather mats to the anchors. Be safe.
  • When I picked up the Camry the other day it had 10 km's on the odometer and a FULL tank of gas. I will report how many km's I am able to get out of it before having to fill it up. I rarely drive on the highway and instead drive alot in the city. I am confident that the car will get great gas mileage even though I am usually in stop and go traffic. We'll soon see.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Yes, I have a 2010 and I use Toyota All Weather rubber mats secured with the hooks. They are great, and they do NOT move at all, and they are 100% safe.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    ".....must learn your specific driving style.."

    In that case that would be one very confused Camry, both my wife and I drive and we have VERY different driving styles. She does weight a bit less, perhaps that's how the car tells who is driving..??
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "...transmission...doesn't have any problems..."

    Downshifting a FWD to facilitate improved FE via fuel cut is not so discomforting with a 4 speed, but with 6(9) speed...?? Besides which, downshifting a FWD vehicle can be fraught with peril on a wintertime adverse condition roadbed.

    Additionally Toyota seems to have continued with the transaxle design flaw embedded subsequent to '98.


    Abolition hesitation wwest -dfg
  • This is indeed true! I have brought my car in because it was shifting rough and they reset the computer / I don't know. The car did shift way smoother and after a week or two if shifted smooth as silk! Go figure!
  • Hi koho955, was shifting rough and they reset the computer / I don't know...
    I've got same problem with my 2010 Camry (was purchased in September 2009). Transmission behaves weird shifting from 3rd to 4th gear (city). I think it's good idea
    to go for service to reset the computer too. What did they say in the invoice when your car had been serviced? A friend of mine has Subaru Impreza. Subaru's manual recommends to reset the computer after first thousand miles. I did'n find anything about it in Camry's manual. Thank you for the info!
    WHO ELSE HAS SAME QUIRK? Please respond.
  • I plugged the USB cable from my mp3 player into the port but it's not working. It says something like bluetooth audio player not connected or something. How does this have anything to do with bluetooth? It is really pissing me off. My mother drives a Kia Soul and when I connected my mp3 via the usb cable it worked right away and my music played just fine. Her Soul comes with bluetooth also. I tried reading the manual but can't seem to understand wtf is going on. Can anyone help me with this? What am I doing wrong or what am I not doing? I thought these things were supposed to be easy. My mp3 player is very current. It's a Sony. I know it is not because it is old. All I want to do is play my music. That is one of the reasons why I upgraded to the higher level of Camry. PLEASE HELP! Also, my Camry is supposed to have Sirius satellite radio but there isn't anywhere on the radio that shows the Sirius logo. Is it built into the radio without any advertisment on the outside? I would like to listen to Howard Stern.
  • The only thing the invoice says is;
    Check Transmission...shifting rough.
    The tech wrote under that.....Reset Transmission.
    Is was a N/C and it worked.
  • koho955, thank you!
    I will go for service to get mine fixed too. I have another story: back of the passenger seat rattles on the rough road. It is pissing me off. We have another Camry in the family: 2003 LE V6. I would say the seats are much better in 2003 model.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    back of the passenger seat rattles on the rough road.

    Mine did too if no one was sitting in it. I forgot about that one. It gets real annoying after a while.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    I am not surprised.....

    Anyway, this is NOT a common problem with 2007-2009, BUT there are not many 2010s on the road. I know my 2010 does not have any rattles.

    In fact, I don't recall ever reading any complaints about that, so yours is the first. Time will tell if it is just yours or a problem with many 2010s. I would guess that it is just yours, because the seats are the same for the 2007 through 2010. Take it to the dealer when you get a chance.
  • Hi mcdawgg,
    I'm glad you don't have this problem. I wouldn't say that: ...there are not many 2010s on the road. There are too many 2010s on the road already! For how long have you been driving yours 2010? This rattle appeared after >2 months of driving. I will go for service for sure after Thanksgiving. By the way what was the point of final assembly of your car?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    2010s vs. 2007 through 2009 - not many 2010s that I see, compared to 2007 - 2009, and the 2010s really were not available until late spring of this year, vs. the 2007s that were available in 2006! I still have not read anyone but you with this problem - guess you are just lucky. :) I am not just talking about Edmunds - other websites I check also.

    I have had my 2010 for 4 months, and assembly was Georgetown, Kentucky, like the vast majority of Camrys, and I have not found a single thing wrong yet - zero assembly errors, not even a scratch!, and I am VERY picky. Nice to say that about an American built car (assembled in the USA with at least 80% North American components!!).

    Please let us know what the dealer finds.
  • I don't have a mp3 player but I was told a flash drive would work. Whoever designed the usb port way up in the dash should be fired. What were they thinking? Don't dare try this while driving. I had to get a flashlight and get on my knees on passenger side to insert flash drive. If using usb make sure it is glowing or it is not connected properly. Very poor place to put this connection. First couple of times the radio did not recognize the usb. Then no problem. I just went on a long trip and brought a flash drive w/around 2000 songs. If you don't make folders by different artist, type of music or however you want to seperate music then you would have 2000 songs in a row. I have a Santana, Clapton, Hendrix, slow music, fast music etc.....Did not have time to make more folders. My radio was the upgraded version with bluetooth, florescent light display and 3 month of Sirius satellite radio. The XM radio came in very handy during my road trip to the mountains 2 weeks ago. Gonna miss the satellite radio but can't see paying the monthly charge. I was hoping it had NFL games but it did not. A couple of times my hand accidentally rubs control on steering wheel and changes station, so I wonder about the control placement on steering wheel. I called the Toyota toll free number with questions about the satellite radio and as usual the person I was connected with did not have a clue to my question and could not find anyone that could help. I have emailed Toyota and informed them that every time I call with a question all they do is get the manual out and read what I have already read. They will tell you to call dealer you brought it from. I reply that I think Toyota should know their product inside and out. I have also noticed that a few times the manual index does not match the page your looking for. I still love the car and will give my pros and cons of it when I get time.
  • Finally got the letter from Toyota last week which more or less admitting defect according to NHTSA exists in certain 2007-2010 Camry models. Since 2007????
    WTH? The letter is not dated nor is the envelope postmarked. It tells us what we already know. Remove driver mat until CAMPAIGN REMEDY IS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR CAR.
    Sidenote: if your carpet is getting soiled because the mat is not there to protect carpet tough luck suckers. Time for Toyota to get off their butttt and remedy this one way or the other. How many people paid for mats that they are told they cannot use and can decide to pay for off-brand or wait until the lawyers try to get the best deal for Toyota? Sure folks are saying that the mats are safe if we use the clip, but if there is a wreck and the mat is somehow involved, Toyota will say I told you to remove it.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    I have said this a 1,000 times - just use only one floor mat, and it can be either Toyota All-Weather or carpet mat, or a good aftermarket mat, like WeatherTech that is designed for your vehicle. Also, use the hooks to secure the mat. If you do these two things, you don't have to worry AT ALL. This is also in your owner's manual. What I said above applies to ANY car. Given the right circumstances, a mat interfering with the pedals can happen in any car. I had this happen years ago in a Ford and a Mazda.

    In the letter, I think they even tell you something like if you choose to continue to use the mats, use the hooks, use only one, and use the correct one.

    I have had my 2007 for 3 years, 2010 for 4 months - the mats NEVER move. Think of the odds here - of the millions of these cars on the road, there are only a VERY few problems. The NHTSA has found that in every case (I think it was less than 10), people were using multiple mats or did not have them secured.

    This has been WAY overblown by the media and the Toyota-haters. What Toyota is doing is making a change to the accelerator to make it more difficult to interfere with the pedal. But the only reason they are doing this is to accomodate those people that do not have the common sense or intelligence to use floor mats properly. If those people did, we would not be having this discussion right now. The dumbing down of America, and the blame-everyone, sue someone, for any reason society!

    Seriously, just use one mat, secure it, and be happy - you will not have any problems.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Disposing of the carpetted mats is a bandaid for a non-existant problem. A little common sense here is in order.

    If you have All Weather mats in the vehicle take the driver's side mat out and dispose of it.

    If not and you want to be ultra careful put the driver's side mat in the trunk.

    However, look at your carpetted mats.
    Are they hooked to the anchors by the seats? If not, hook them.
    In the anchored position can the mats come anywhere near the gas pedal? NO, there's 3-6 inches of room.
    The carpetted mats cannot interfere with the gas pedal...try it yourself.

    Use common sense and carry on.

    I'm not doing anything with my 2005 Prius mats. They are anchored in place since the day I drove off the lot and they haven't moved one milimetre. The Safety Recall notice is now kitty litter.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I'm not doing anything with my 2005 Prius mats. They are anchored in place since the day I drove off the lot and they haven't moved one milimetre.

    You don't take them out to vacuum? Ewwwwww! :P

    This mat thing has sure gotten blown out of proportion.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    "If you have All Weather mats in the vehicle take the driver's side mat out and dispose of it. "

    WHY? The All Weather mats don't move at all either. When anchored, they don't come anywhere near the pedals either. And they stay anchored, never move.

    Yes, my recall letters were sent to the recycler. And I will not get the pedal changed or remove my mats - no need to.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    "This mat thing has sure gotten blown out of proportion. "

    YES, by the media and people who hate Toyota or other so-called imports.
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