2007 Dodge Charger 5.7 Hemi (add horsepower)

valatariavalataria Member Posts: 12
What can I do to give my 2007 Dodge Charger R/T with 5.7 Hemi more horsepower. I presently have 240 hp. from stand still this car will hardly burn the rear wheels.


  • xtecxtec Member Posts: 354
    I think you mean 340 HP.You can add a cold air intake,change exhaust to a cat back high flow system,add a performance chip,headers.If that doesn't do it,trade it for a SRT.
  • drydenrtdrydenrt Member Posts: 2
    You need to get rid of the ESP nanny thats keeping you from roasting the tires. Go to www.noesp.com and purchase the by-pass relay switch from them for $50.00. It's easy to install with basic knowledge and makes all the difference in the world. Cold Air Intake is a better bang for the buck than the Cat-Back Exhaust system, although the exhaust system sound will quicken the pulse and put a smile on your face. Superchips Flashpaq Tuner is also a great item if you want to take it to the next level. I put all the above on my Charger R/T plus a Throttle Body Spacer. I'm researching new tires for the car because I can't get the tires to grab. The small amount of peddle required to break-em-loose is almost rediculous.
  • valatariavalataria Member Posts: 12
    This message is for drydenrt: I purchased the NOESP-01 and installed as described in installation instruction. I connected the black from noesp to blk w/green stripe, green to green w/white stripe at the ESP switch. Then attached the red to the violet w/light blue stripe going to the front of vehicle, then connected the yellow to the other cut violet w/light blue wire going to the rear of vehicle. then performed the check as described and no click was heard from relay. My question is, does the vehicle have to be in drive for the relay to operate.

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  • valatariavalataria Member Posts: 12
    This message is for drydenrt : I reviewed your response and purchased and added the NOESP replay and it works wonderfully. I am now interested in three items you installed on your vehicle. 1. Flashpaq Tuner 2. Throttle body spacer and 3. Cat back exhaust system. I would like to know where you purchased your products from and the brand names. I located several different types of cat back exhaust,throttle body spacer and not found Flashpaq Turner. If it would not be to much trouble, will you please help me with this request.

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  • bdoyle733bdoyle733 Member Posts: 3
    I've found a few more mods than listed here and am trying to build a FAQ in another thread (Performance FAQ Input needed) to help us all. I'm hoping others who have experience with the mods below can help answer the questions that follow:

    Custom Fit Ignition Wire Set (15 hp, $150)
    MSD Blaster Coils (? hp, $500)
    Cold air intake (14 hp, $300)
    FLASH Chip/PROGRAMMER (20 hp, $500)
    Aft-Cat™ Exhaust (20 hp, $760)
    Performance Headers & Exhaust (24 hp, $550)
    cat Mid-pipe (n/a, $450)
    UnderDrive Pulley Kit (12 hp, $230)
    Cam/Spring/Pushrods Kits (60 hp, $525)
    Torque Converter (N|A, $400)
    Transmission Cooler (N\A, $100)
    Suspension upgrade ($1100)

    I'm looking for input on:
    - Install Order (What has to go first and what gives the biggest HP gain for the buck)
    - install hrs (how many hours to install if I take it to a speedshop or mechanic, so I can estimate installation price)
    - hp gain
    - Fuel efficiency gain
    - Approx Cost (Hardware only)
    - does it Void the Warrenty?
    - Recommendation Best Value
    - Recommendation Best performance (regardless of cost)
  • valatariavalataria Member Posts: 12
    My 5.7 Hemi was recently rebuilt by the dealer for a knocking noise. Motor completely torndown and all pistons removed. Dealership replaced rod bearings,main bearing,oil pump, but did not replace the piston rings. My engine had 19,975 miles and I made it very clear that the piston rings are to be replaced and the service director told me the rings will be replaced. Now, I have contacted Chrysler Corporation with my concern. I know that I will probably start burning oil,fouling spark plugs,and even blowby. Do you think i am right. What do you think about this repair ?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    The knocking has to do with bearings, not pistons, (unless they were hearing piston slap) so I see no harm done in not replacing the rings, based on the accuracy of their original diagnosis I mean.

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  • valatariavalataria Member Posts: 12
    Engine has 19,975 miles. All pistons were removed during the taredown. Then all pistons were reinstalled without replacing the piston rings.What is the chance that this engine will now have blowby or excessive oil consumption in the future.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    No more than if they stayed in there. You can't hurt them by removing them. You might have greater risk by installing new rings. They might not seat, whereas we know the older rings are well seated.

    It really all depends on how carefully they measured cylinder bore wear and how carefully they inspected the pistons and rings. I would think they'd be crazy to re-install worn rings or put pistons into an egg-shaped cylinder bore.

    Not sure why your engine started knocking---one hopes it was not oil starvation but rather manufacturing defect or cap bolt stress.
  • valatariavalataria Member Posts: 12
    I was told the knock was coming from oil pump out of tolerance. I have never heard such a thing. I post this question to two highly recommended machine shop and both said that they have never heard that. Both shops also said unless the pistions were reinstalled exacltly in its original grove,the possibilities are high that blowby will occur. Block should have been honed and new rings installed and that's the only way they can gurantee repair. This is only what I have found during my local search with machine shops and both agree on piston ring replacement.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Never heard of the oil pump problem either.

    Well of course the machine shop is going to say that, because they don't want any chance of a comeback whatsoever; on the other hand, the dealer is not going to be paid by the factory for throwing away perfectly good piston rings, and I can't see any reason to hone such low mileage cylinders. If you put in NEW rings, then yes, I'd hone probably. But the original rings, pistons and cylinder walls are old friends and very well acquainted.

    Ring groove is merely a matter of placement. The ring sits in a groove in the piston. I presume a mechanic would not be so stupid as to not vary the notch in the ring grooves so they don't line up top to bottom, or at least check that.

    If you're asking: could a mechanic make a mistake re-assembling my engine, the answer is SURE.
  • nightscopenightscope Member Posts: 2
    Well if you are loaded with extra cash one can suggest doing some serious engine work but if not and just wanting a little more out of your expectations do what I did.
    Magna-Flow exhaust and Airraid air intake unit. Low temp thermostat and new platinum plugs slightly off spark. AMAZING. Under a thousand bucks and worth every dime. :)
  • regy14frregy14fr Member Posts: 1
    Try Diablo Sport Trinity T1000 you will get between 60 to 80 HP.
  • bdoyle733bdoyle733 Member Posts: 3
    Hmmm, Got the diablo and went with their standard tune for CAI and 93 octane. I feel like I got a much bigger bang for the buck out of the CAI. I haven't dyno'd or anything but I really don't think I got 60 - 80 hp out of the diablo.
    What other tune items did you change?
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