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Nissan Sentra Starting and Stalling Problems

patpat Member Posts: 10,421
edited May 2015 in Nissan
Are you having any starting or stalling problems with your Sentra? We can talk about them here.

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  • jrizzjrizz Member Posts: 1
    I have a 02 Nissan Sentra SE-R spec v and it is having both problems. My car won't start but I have power. It cranks over but will not fire. I have 12 volts everywhere I can test and I still can't get it to start. I towed it to the dealership and this guy wiggled a wire and it started. the next day the engine cut out on the freeway and I had to tow it home. I can't get my obd2 reader to pull any codes. I have tested if it is getting spark and it is. What in the wide, wide world of sports is a going on here!
  • citybeachcitybeach Member Posts: 1
    I have an 03 sentra. I just changed the battery because I have had to jump start it a number of times. But after changing the battery, it does not start. At first, the lights worked but the car would not turn over. Minutes later, I tried again, and nothing worked---no lights, no clicking, nothing. I've been told that it could be a starter problem, or that the alternator fuse may be shot. Any other suggestions?
  • slvwinoslvwino Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone. I'm new to posting but not new to the site. Just yesterday I was having the same problems with my 04 sentra spec v. It would start but then if I cut it off and try to start it again, nothing. It was so bad that I even left it running while I ordered some fast food and it just cut off! I took it to a mechanic and he told me that it wasn't getting any spark, and that the cam sensor and crank sensor went dead. Anybody else get official word on their problems yet? And any help would be grateful. Oh and the guy says that it will cost me $307.61 to get it fixed. :cry: :sick:
  • jsmith178jsmith178 Member Posts: 2
    Hello everyone!! I hope someone can help answer my question!

    I have a '96 Nissan Sentra GLE. For the past 2-3 years (I've only had this happen to me about 5 times total). When going down the road, my car will all of a sudden just stall/die. The engine will just completley shut off leaving me with hardly any brakes and stearing to control my car. I've noticed that it only happens when it is somewhat hotter out and when I am getting low on gas (but not when my red light is on). The most it's ever done this is 2 times in 1 day. Once I finally come to a complete stop and am able to put it in Park, I can then start my car and off I go!!! Not only is this annoying but dangerous as I loose a lot of my brakes and steering. Please let me know if anyone else is having this issue!! Any suggestions anyone????
  • miakasanmiakasan Member Posts: 1
    I own a 04 Sentra 1.8S. I have had starting problems from the first few months. When I tried to start up the car, the lights would go on and the car would crank, but engine would not start up. I brought the car back to the dealership 3 times and they told me there is no problem. "It is normal for the engine to start up after 4 or 5 tries." I told my friends and they said it's BS. I lived with that for 4 years (37K miles) and last year the battery died. I changed it at Sears and the startup improved a bit but it was still not perfect.(took 2 to 3 tries). 2 months or so after I replaced the battery, I brought the car into the dealership for free inspection and oil change. The rep told me that my radiator was leaking and my head gasket was loose and that the car is dangerous (40K miles). Rep also said the head gasket was still under warranty so I told them to just fix both. I did some research online during the week that my car was in the shop and found out the starting problem might have to do with the gasket leaking and sure enough, after replacing them, the startup problem pretty much went away. It takes 1-2 tries now. I think I had a lemon to begin with but Nissan wouldn't fix it for u unless they can charge you something. I have other problems with this sentra but since they are not related to the startup issue, I won't take up space here... but I have to say, I don't know how much longer I should keep this car. It already costs me 1500 this year in repairs and "maintenance"
  • antraciteantracite Member Posts: 1
    Same problem here! No start up and stalled.

    I got stuck on the freeway once after my 04 Sentra shut off unexpectedly after coming to a stop because of traffic. All I can say is that experience was horrible! I almost got hit several times after traffic flow resumed.

    Nissan seems to have a problem with emissions systems. I had to replace several parts that I later learned where under and extended warranty (150000 miles). Its been a hassle to get my money back. No one is willing to help!

    Service is very poor at Nissan, you would think they would want you to come back.
  • HabsmanHabsman Member Posts: 3
    I have an 04 1.8 Sentra I have an electric problem, no fire on the spark plugs I checked all the fuses they are fine .Maybe a corroded wire maybe a sensor I'm baffled.
  • roberto9013roberto9013 Member Posts: 1
    i got a 2000 nissan sentra its ben running great sence the day we got it,one day shhut off the car like any other day went to start it the next day and i wouldnt start,messed wit some stuff jiguled some wires and cleand some stuff in finnally started drove for bout two and half weeks no problems now it only starts when it wants to and it dosent stay running for long we tryed all sorts of stuff and its starting to cost more money then i got and missed work do to towing any ideas will help thanks
  • charlene5charlene5 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 1.8s sentra and it has had cranking problems for over a year. Recently, it stalled twice after starting with the long crank. It doesn't have a problem first thing in the a.m., but when it does occur it is during the day, and it doesn't always happen. I had the spark plugs changed and the mechanic cleaned out something. I called nissan service and their mechanic told me it could be a fuel pump or the crank position sensor. I had already called nissan headquarters and they really were no help. They told me that I would have to bring it to nissan service. A friend has the same car and has the same problems, therefore, I know that it is a defect with the car. I really don't know what to do and don't want to keep spending money. I am bringing it back to my mechanic tomorrow and it will check it again.
  • HabsmanHabsman Member Posts: 3
    My electric problem is solved the dealer replaced the ignition control module (icm) warranty covers this up 100000 kms.Also several corroded wires had to be replaced ,very common problem with this car,I'm glad I went to the dealer I would never have found about the warranty ,this part is very expensive ,the job costs me about $300.
  • ser_specser_spec Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone. i am also having the same problem except i am geting codes.both cam shaft and crank shaft censor's.i have went to nissan and got both censors and to day i got to drive for about 15 miles and it did it again.if it wont start try primen the car for about 10 min then give it a shot if it dont work keep tryen took me about 45 min to get it started today.i have also noticed if u push it passed 4 grand it will do it faster. taken mine to the shop in the morning will let every 1 know what they say but im pretty sure its the ecu need programed again for the 3rd time in 5 yrs. not saying this will work for every one just wanted to give my input. :mad: but i love my car and i wont give it up no matter what it takes. also just to let u know u can get a ecu programer for about $300-$600 and u can get all the codes from on line when i find a good site i will let u all know but the dealers ship will charge u about 400 i was told by a friend.
  • joseph32joseph32 Member Posts: 2
    New here...need some advise/pointers. My Nissan loses power while driving; I know for a fact that when it loses power the spark plugs are not firing up...I step on the gas and nothing. First I thought it was the gas pump, but when I encounter this trouble and I switch gear the power comes back. My mechanic believes it's the distributor but he's not really sure as it can get very expensive. I've had this problem for the last six months, approx. 9k miles. I have changed the spark plugs and cables (original parts), and the distributor cap is fairly new. Does anyone here have any ideas as to what the problem maybe? this little car is my worrior car and would hate to give it up, it saves me a lot of money in gas as I commute 1hr each way when going to work.

    Any advise is highly appreciated.
  • ray111ray111 Member Posts: 1
    NOVEMBER 2007 -- Nissan is recalling 653,910 MY 2002 and 2005-2006 Altima and Sentra vehicles equipped with 2.5L engines. The crankshaft position sensor can overheat causing a brief interruption in the signal output from the sensor. If the interruption in the signal from the sensor is so brief that the electronic control module (ECM) logic does not have time to diagnose the condition, the engine may stop running without warning while the vehicle is driven at a low speed increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will reprogram the ECM. Certain MY 2006 Altimas which have been previously remedied under recall campaign 06V223 (Nissan R0606) are not included in this recall since the reprogramming for that recall also included this reprogramming. The recall is expected to begin during December 2007. This recall was the subject of a Recall Query, RQ06-001, conducted by the Office of Defects Investigation. 07V527
  • sputnamsputnam Member Posts: 1
    My 94 Sentra starts fine (cold), and I take off, then just about when warm air comes from the vents, it starts bucking, and dies. I roll to a stop, turn off the ignition, and wait about 2-3 minutes, and crank it over. It starts, then dies after a few seconds. I wait another 2-3 nminutes, and it will start, and die immediately. This goes on for around 10-15 minutes, then it will start, and I can drive away, like nothing happened. Once in a while, it will buck, but still stay running. This happens like clockwork, and almost exactly the same time/distance.
    When the car is still warm after some travel, it will do the exact same thing, but after a shorter time/distance - around 5 minutes. If the car was just on a short hop, and is still up to temp, it works fine. It's just when the car has sat for over an hour or so.
    Note: If I crank it over too soon after it dies, it just cranks, with no firing, and I have to wait an extra amount of time for it to restart,, but will still die again, and go thru the cycle. Anyone have any ideas?
    BTW, replaced fuel filter, plugs, wires, cap and rotor when this started.
  • sumergsumerg Member Posts: 1
    Took my mechanic a while to figure out that it was my coils. if one goes bad then you will have to replace them all.
  • ezeenaezeena Member Posts: 1
    Have a 96 Sentra GLX. Never had problems with the car until recently. It stutters and turns off when the car is stopped at a red light or stop sign. It stutters and sounds like its going to stop on the highway which scares the heck out of me. I’ve had 3 mechanics, including the Hartford Nissan Service Department take a look at it and no one can find the problem. Does anyone have any ideas as to what is causing my car to stutter and shut off? I've already spent $300.00 on throttle cleaning and diagnostic testing that revealed nothing at the Nissan dealer. Just want to know what is the problem so that I can have it fixed. Thanks.
  • rjulietterjuliette Member Posts: 1
    Hey there, I have recently been having the SAME problems with stepping on the gas and I get maybe 1500 RPM's . did you ever resolve this issue? We've changed spark plugs, and my mechanic said it may be the coil pack going out. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I hate the whold trial and error thing.

    Take care,
  • kimmie11kimmie11 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with Nissan Sentra 2000. Right now I can't start it. I took it to a garage and the mechanic hooked up the car to the computer and couldn't find anything. But I checked online and there is a number of very serious recalls having to do with starting and stalling. Contact Nissan dealer asap. Defective crank position sensor recall 01V357000 is just one of them.
  • mmccloud17mmccloud17 Member Posts: 2
    I have an 02 nissan sentra that won't start if puts forth a great effort. It did this a couple of months ago I replaced the fuel pump and then it was fine until now. Now it is doing the same no start noise as when it was the pump but now I can hear the pump kicking in and trying to run however it won't actually turn over. My check engine light as been on for several years unless I go down an EXTREMELY bumpy road it will go off. Someone PLEASE help.
  • mmccloud17mmccloud17 Member Posts: 2
    It also will not connect to a diagnostic code reader. It makes it seem like there machine is broke when hooked up to my car.
  • sentra2002sentra2002 Member Posts: 5
    The wire he wiggles is the MAF wire the mass air flow sensor wire can cause your car to stall out or not start check for cracked wire or move the wire around and when the car starts use tie strap to keep it the were its at
  • sentra2002sentra2002 Member Posts: 5
    sounds like a fuse
  • sentra2002sentra2002 Member Posts: 5
    definitly the MAF wire it is the leading source to many problems including yours wiggle it or replace it it fixed mine 2 years ago no problems except oil burning since
  • sentra2002sentra2002 Member Posts: 5
    Wiggle MAF wire that is the primary source of all problems with this car seems i outsmarted the dealer and mechanics and if the wire is really charred it needs to be replaced
  • mammimammi Member Posts: 2
    i have a 2001 nissan sentra..the battery is good, the alternator is good. it will only run about 20 minutes then battery needs charged, any ideas?
  • ashhugashhug Member Posts: 1
    I have an 02 sentra that did the same thing. Would run 15-20 minutes fine, and just shut off. Battery and alternator were fine. Turns out it was the crankshaft position sensor, which wasn't super costly to replace. A year later, I found out there had been a recall, and Nissan refused to reimburse me for the repairs I'd had done. Now my sentra refuses to start, and I've done the typical checks again. It's happened before, but after I had it towed to my mechanic, it started up just fine. Diagnostics were run, but no problems were found. I hate to have it towed again if it's going to be the same situation.
  • tb116694tb116694 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Sentra GXE with approx 106000 mi. Recently it started having trouble turning over when cold. My mechanic checked it out and said it was misfiring on #2 cylinder. He changed out the cylinder and it didn't fix the problem it made it worse. He said it was a computer issue and I would have to take the car to the dealer. My car which, was only not turning over well began to shake uncontrollably and want to stall at every stop. It is now sitting at the dealer waiting to be fixed. Any ideas? I sure hope it doesn't cost a fortune! I love my car.
  • tb116694tb116694 Member Posts: 3
    Ok, so the issue was a computer that needed to be replaced. Paid 1000 to replace it and the next day the service engine light came on again. Back to the dealership and they said that the cataylic converter was going out and that I have a leaking head gasket ($800 and $900 to fix). At this point is it time to trade or should I fix???? Seriously don't know if I can afford a monthly payment but don't know what to do!!! Any advice??
  • kmr106kmr106 Member Posts: 2
    Hello, I have bought a Nissan Sentra, 2001 few months ago. I am facing a weired problem. sometimes the engine stop suddenly while running and then when I turn the key the engine starts and run well. It doesnt happen always but frequently like every 15 days or so.
    I am a new driver and new owner. no ideas whats going on. It is a matter of safety because it stops while running.
    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  • kmr106kmr106 Member Posts: 2
    Hello have you got any solution for this?
  • prettibrwneyezprettibrwneyez Member Posts: 1
    Hi my 96 nissan sentra is now doing the same thing your car was. Did you ever find out what was happening? Thanks.
  • tb116694tb116694 Member Posts: 3
    Well, it was the computer and I had it replaced. After spending $1000 the very next day the car did the same thing and the check engine light came on. Back to the dealership and they checked it out and said the check engine light was on b/c the catylitic converter was going out ($800 to fix), and the sputtering on start was b/c the head gasket was leaking ($900 to fix). Needless to say we should have traded it in at that point but not wanting a note we fixed the head gasket, they said the cataylitic converter was not a necessary fix right now.
  • alpha1one3alpha1one3 Member Posts: 1
    Sound like what was happening to my 2004 sentra 1.8L. You check the orderwire throttle position sensor(TPS). It is possible that the throttle body is a mucked up and all you need to do is clean it with some throttle body cleaner and scrub with old tooth brush. You can buy a can of throttle body cleaner from walmart for $3 a can. This might solve the problem.
  • wise_guywise_guy Member Posts: 1
    I have a Nissan Sentra 2001. I face this starting problem every 3-4 months. When the engine is cold like when I try to start the car in the morning, I have to step on the gas to start it properly. I have had this problem twice before, each time my mechanic replaced all the sparkplugs and my car became alright. The car runs smooth n fine, once its started. When I went for state inspection, they got some error codes and told me that my car's electronic PCU is faulty n I need to change it but I cant afford a new PCU which will put me back by a $1000. My mechanic told me, because of faulty PCU, the spark plugs burn out really fast and need to be replaced. Can someone suggest me some options here. Thanks
  • luthfiyaluthfiya Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Sentra SE 1.8. It has 193000 KM. I have done all the maintenance since I bought it new. While driving the car it suddenly stalls, engine is running and the car is on drive, but the car is moving very slowly, like when it is on neutral. I replaced the tranny - 198000 clicks and had Nissan check it out and they advised me that it maybe a alternator malfunction, no guarantees, but maybe the problem. I bought a alternator and will have it replaced hopefully today and I am clueless - what next??

    When the car is on drive and moving, it drives well, however, when I stop at a traffic light, it goes back to "Neutral mode" and does not move. I have put $.1500 until now on the car, but the problem still exists and no, mechanic including Nissan dealership can identify the problem and fix it.

    Can anyone who owns a similar car and who may have experienced the same problem, advise me? I can't afford to go to Nissan Canada or a mechanic once again - I just got laid off from my my job! To everyone out there: Please, Please think a 100 times before you get a Nissan.
  • rad4runnerrad4runner Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    My 2004 1.8L Sentra exhibits same problem. Today I was driving and it just ceased responding to accelerator pedal. It did not shut off but I felt like it was running on idle - hence would not speed up (making others think transmission went bad). It happened months ago, too. I stopped, wated a few minutes, then it restarted. My brother-in-law who is a mechanic thinks Throttle position sensor is bad, or gets stuck. Makes sense. I will use this coming rainy weekend to stay in garage and take a closer look. Will report back as soon as I see anything. If easy enough to replace, TPS seems easy to find online: link title
  • aristotle929aristotle929 Member Posts: 1
    did you guys ever fix your problems? i have nissan sentra 2005 and i have the same problem too.. usually thats the throttle body issue.. you can try to clean it with a throttle cleaner but some how it wouldnt start still and will go to idle and some weird vibrations.. what you can do next is to relearn the idle process...

    watch this video might help..

    i will do this tomorrow first day in the morning. good luck!
  • ridgerunner835ridgerunner835 Member Posts: 10
    when i remove the gas cap on my 04 Sentra, it has a surge of pressure come from the filler tube(enough to blow fuel out). could this be the vent plugged? and where is the vent? the check engine light comes on when car is started and remains on while it is running,i am not sure if these 2 items are related though. i bought this car for my daughter 3 years ago and she 'gave' it back to me after she got an altima a few weeks back. the car has 171K on it and i just plan on driving back and forth to work in it mostly so i can let my silverado set(and save on fuel costs). has anybody had this happen or know what i need to start checking to solve this 'pressure' problem....i would really appreciate any one's input or experince with this type of problem.
  • usmc_jarheadusmc_jarhead Member Posts: 1
    luthfiya, the problem is your throttle body or throttle position sensor.
  • mooseracermooseracer Member Posts: 1
    My Sentra will not start good battery. The car does not turn over, I had starter tested and they said it is good. What next any ideas?
  • mcskimcski Member Posts: 1
    Car will start fine almost all the time. Occasionally car will try to turn over, but will not start. I will need to hold down the gas pedal to the floor, crank engine and then pump gas pedal and the car will catch and start. Can anyone help me with this issue?
  • clulsboutcarsclulsboutcars Member Posts: 1
    I hope someone can help me.

    My 06 sentra started acting up a couple weeks ago. When it is cold (first thing in the morning) it is difficult to start. Sometimes taking multiple tries and up to ten minutes.

    I can usually get it started and once I get it going - it runs just fine. I can usually get it started after work within two tries (a lot of times one try). Again it runs beautifully once it gets started.

    If I get home on time (before 6PM) and dont start it again until morning its difficult to start. I have noticed that when I get home late and there is less time between starts, it was ok to start in the morning.

    My mechanic neighbor was nice enough to clean the throttle body for me and other parts and it seemed to start fine once he did that. But once we turned it off it would not start again. then it did start later.

    We are very confused. He is going to check it with his computer tomorrow - but we were wondering if anyone has had this issue or has any ideas on what could be going on. Please help.
  • jobethjobeth Member Posts: 2
    Hi, I have a 2004 manual spec r and I have experienced over a year a very tempermental attitude, the car will "shut off" in mid stride... the battery is fine the radio will even keep playing but theres no engine work and just a ride till my brake pressure evens out and hopefully i stop in time. it also will idle low and shut off sometimes when im trying warm up the car. its has truoble passing emissions as the engine "check me" light will periodically turn on and off. i rountinely check fluids, change oil and sparks and spark wires. Ive also had vaccumed out the air filter to rid debris. I found that after replacing the alternator (which is still under warrenty and i plan on replacing again anyway), using a higher octane gas and starting/running the car for 10 mins before traveling has decreased the frequency of shut suspecting the fuel pump or lines leading into engine where it ignites is my next guess...there is defnately no gas or fluid leaks.. thanks to everyone else posting about this car, i see there is a recall part and im gonna get on that and also look into other suggestions. have a excellent day!
  • jobethjobeth Member Posts: 2

    heres a little light on the situation
  • blue95blue95 Member Posts: 10
    Help! '03 Sentra 1.8 auto 87K miles starts right up and drives fine until warm (maybe 10 miles) then engine quits. No sputtering, just shuts off. If I wait about 10 minutes it starts right up and drives fine for another 3 or 4 miles and then shuts off again. I nursed it 15 miles home in 3 mile segments with a 10 minute cooling off wait each time. Any ideas? Thx...blue95
  • sentradriver1sentradriver1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Nissan Sentra and when I stop at lights for a long period of time. My car feels like it is trying to stall. I sometimes have to keep my foot on the brake and the gas to rev it a bit so it doesn't stall on me. I have had a new battery a new alternator and a new MAF put in. I also believe he said something about O2 sensors as well.

    Why is my car doing this. I am a single parent and cannot afford to get a new car so I need to keep this one going but I also can't afford to keep putting money into it if we can't figure out what is the issue. Can someone please help with some advise?

  • irene2100irene2100 Member Posts: 1
    Did you find the answer? I just spent almost $600 replacing the fuel pump three days ago only to have the car stall a light. It's the same problem I have with my 2004 Nissan Sentra 1.8L It's making me crazy!
  • joseph32joseph32 Member Posts: 2
    My Nissan 95 GXE would stall, and not just at the stop lights but in the FWY as well. I know things can get very expensive...I figure with the help of my mechanic that one of the air/oxygen sensors was going out, and since these sensors can get expensive I paid a visit to the local junk yard in L.A. (Pick Your Parts) and found a sensor from a 96 Nissan sentra, and it worked.

    I suggest you visit the junk yard...the sensor is not difficult to replaced as it sits on top/near attached to the main air conduit.
  • pedropct3pedropct3 Member Posts: 2
    I has the same problem in my setra 2005 ? Any idea what going on?
  • executor13executor13 Member Posts: 1
    Alrighty here it is and def hoping for some good advice. Well I have a 2003 nissan sentra gxe engine with a electronic throttle body well I got another body for my engine didn't know afterwards that the 2002 nissan sentra gxe has a cable throttle body with a different throttle position connector so what i'm trying to get at is I'm going to convert my throttle body to a cable throttle body and maybe just leave my TPS connector unhooked will it affect anything??
    I'm kind of in a tight bind here not sure what route to take on this one...
    I have a couple ideas but want to def get some input here.. My ideas include getting different throttle body leaving TPS unhooked or possibly swap out with a 2002 sentra throttle body with the different TPS and possibly just snip my connector and attaching the other connectors for this TPS..
    Plz if anybody could help me out with this one I be really appreciated with it!!
    I could possibly help u out also if u can help me out i've done plenty of car work and know a d**n good bit about them
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