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Homelink set up is not easy and incorrect as stated in Azera manual/Homelink website but follow instructions below in the sequence..

I learned hardway....(This is done for Hyundai Azera Limited for Craftsman Garage door openers with door sensors..)

- Hold down the #1 & #3 door openers on mirror until all codes are cleared. Flashing red. (Only 20 seconds not up to 30 seconds...)

- Unplug power of the Garage Door overhead unit for garage you want to program homelink.

- Hold the garage door opener (remote) controller up against homelink mirror in the car...

- Press and hold garage door opener button of the garage you just unplugged controller and the button on the homelink mirror you want activate simultaneously for 3- seconds. Then relese both buttons.

- Repeate above step for 3-4 times...(This is important to do for Rolling codes Garage Door Opener...)

- Put your handheld garage door opener controller away. You're now done with it - for the Garage door you are doing.

- Plug back the overhead Garage Door unit and then press "Learn" button on the unit. You 20-30 secs for the next step.

- *** Make sure Garage door sensor would not activate other wise you have to repeat this step...*** (I had my car inside garage...-but still was able to access overhead motor unit...)

- Go to car of Mirror/Home link button of which earlier it learn from Handheld remote and press and hold that button on the mirror until the garage door over head light turn ON/OFF.. then release that Mirror homelink button..

Test: Press Mirror Homelink button of just programmed and see if Garage door Open/Close...

Repeat process for additional garage door openers...

May be some had done different but this is what I did and works Perfect for Two Garage doors...


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    I don't remember any postings about problems with the Homelink setup. My garage doors, like yours, are Craftsman. I did notice that I can open/close the doors almost a block away whereas with the old car, the Jag S Type, I had to be about 2 doors away.
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    Some openers are simpler than others. Apparently some newer models use rolling codes, so you have to set the Homelink and the door opener itself almost at the same time. I had to help a friend set his Acura and I was in the car and he was on a ladder at the opener motor.
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    I just bought a Champion opener .
    I can't get it to work with my Azera and the Homelink website doesn't even have Hyundai listed. I guess I will have to use the remote and keep it in my car.
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    How's your beloved Azzy running ????
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