Isuzu Trooper Oxygen Sensors

mckellarmckellar Member Posts: 4
Where are the Zone 1 & 2 oxygen sensors loated. My OBC error says change them.


  • mckellarmckellar Member Posts: 4
    Could anyone please tell me where the Zone 1 & 2 Oxygen sensors are located. I would like to change them but their location may make it hard.
    Thank you
  • troopericantrooperican Member Posts: 4
    Hello Bill,
    If your trooper is 2.6 lt 4cylinder, the O2 sensor is located at the end of the exhaust manifold. It has one wire with a connector. The O2 sensor indication that comes on on the instrument dash is triggered by the odometer at certain millage. You need to remove the hex bolts where the light is located and you will find a switch, just move it and the light should go off. Hope this can help. If your trooper is V6, then two sensors are located one on each exhaust manifold.
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    hey there, i'm new to the trooper scene, haven't even really got to enjoy one drive yet, but still i love my rig. It starts up great, sounds really good, but when you go to give it a little gas, it bogs down, yet, other times, it revs like normal. i have replaced spark plugs and wires, battery, map sensor and O2 sensor, fuel pump and filter, all my vacuum hoses, replaced and or cleaned up all my ground points, i'm stumped, please help.. thanks for your time. 1993 LS 3.2 DOHC 4x4........ Also, since i replaced the O2 sensor, the light won't go out
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    Ok now I have a 1994 isuzu trooper and when I step on the gas I hear this buzzing sound like a kazoo type sound. And above the egine to the left top there is a long metal hose that hase a bolt and air is leaking through it constantly, it does not stop until the engine stops. Can someone tell me what those problems could be if you have them.
  • anywayanyway Member Posts: 6
    have you tried replacing the hose that goes to the injectors. That might help, they look like a buch of hoses all together that goes to the injetors. You can order from Isuzu Auto Parts. Cause the parts are hard to find unless you go to the junk yard and I would suggest putting old parts on old cars. Better buy them new your car will last longer.
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