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Toyota Sequoia CD Changer Stuck!

trip10trip10 Posts: 1
I have a 2002 Toyota Sequoia and I have the 6-Disk built in disk changer and my disk seems to be stuck. I cant operate the CD player I keep getting the error 3 message. Can anyone help?


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I don't know much about them but from the posts I've read about CD changers in general, it's probably going to require a trip to the dealer.

    Or replace it with an aftermarket one.

    You may get lucky with one of the tricks listed in the Stuck CD Guide, but those tips mostly work with single disk CD players. Here's the link:

    How to Remove a Stuck CD
  • redleaf2kredleaf2k Posts: 1
    Actually it doesn't require a trip to the dealer at all.

    There are two screws behind the air conditioner vents on either side of the cd player, remove them. Use a screwdriver to pull off the face plate. The cd player should have 4 screws holding it in place, remove them. Disconnect the radio from the back you will have 3 to 5 connections depending on the model of your Sequoia (Toyota connectors are very easy to connect and disconnect). unscrew the two screws on top (really small screws) there should be 3 slide clips at the front face of the cd player holding down the top cover, raise these clips slightly and pull off the cover. You should be able to see your cds. You will not be able to save them. Break them in pieces with a pair of cutters and carefully remove them (I stress careful) from the unit. Replace the cover, plug in the connectors to the cd player and screw the mounts back.

    Everything should work fine when you turn your key.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Sounds like the voice of experience. :blush:

    I tore into my sister's cassette player one time when a tape was stuck and used some cutters to break up the cassette and get it out. Her radio still worked but the cassette player was trashed. :shades:

    Thanks for the instructions!
  • I have an 03 with the same problem. Take the unit out and remove the top cover from the radio. Two screws hold it down. You will be looking at the CDs. First look down the side of all the CDs and make sure they are aligned with each other. If you see one protruding gently push it back in line with the others. Be careful that the one you push back is not in the read position. But you will know the difference because the read position is half way out of the stack of the other CD's. Now with the top cover still still off, plug in the connectors at the back of the radio and it will go through a power up cycle. When it is done moving through each CD push the eject button and be prepared to help it push the top CD out. Push eject for all the remaining CDs. Thats' how I got all mine out. I think the problem is the unit goes out of alignment after years of being in the car or the rollers that pull in and push out the CD (load and eject rollers) dry out and do not grip as well. Good Luck
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I'm assuming you first tried power cycling it before you took the cover off?

    All this mechanical stuff like CDs (and hard drives) need to disappear and go solid state. Too many bits and pieces that can break or get misaligned on the players.
  • I have had occasional problems with stuck cds in a factory cd changer in a lincoln LS. I found a solution that has worked without fail every time and I was able to apply the same solution for a stuck disc in my home computer which is an Apple iMAC. After considering a number of alternatives, my main concern was that I could not risk any damage to the changer. As I sat in my car, I realized that if I had a long, thin device with an adhesive on one or both sides, I could grab and pull the discs from the changer. I went to the post office and got a few of the thin cardboard flat rate envelopes for express and priority mail. I cut off the portion of the envelope with the adhesive and discarded the other part. I doubled it over with the adhesive strips facing outward. I removed the protective strips from the adhesive and inserted the strip into the CD slot. Just like I assumed, it grabbed the cd and I was able to pull it out of the mechanism. I proceeded to pull four or five cds out of the changer. The cd player worked fine after it re-set. My cd also got stuck in my iMAC. The method worked like a charm on the first try. I am amazed sometimes how simple solutions can be. Let me know if it works for anyone else.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Something similar is mentioned in the How to Remove a Stuck CD guide, but using the postal envelope with the adhesive already on it is a great idea. Sounds a lot better than the Scotch Tape on the popsicle version - consider it stolen. :shades: :D
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited December 2010
  • glasslight,
    Just wanted to say a BIG thank-you for your tip on stuck cd.
    You are a genius in my book and it worked perfectly just as you said...first time and so easily just pulled the cd right out.
  • edsayloredsaylor Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    So I have the top plate off, but the cd slot itself is closed and won't allow me to manually eject the cd. Any ideas on how to open that?

    Thank you
  • We had the same issue with our 2003 Sequoia. I removed the face plate, the 4 bolts securing the CD changer, and then removed the top. But the CD would not eject because it was blocked. I removed the power cord from the back of the changer, and let it reboot. It tried to eject, but it required me manually helping it eject by gently pushing the CD through the opening.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    It is working normally now?
  • grammyjgrammyj Posts: 2

    The instructions to take the radio out were almost exactly like my car! We were able to get to the CDs but the changer is out of alignment and won't load any more. At least we were able to get my CDs out without damaging them. Thanks for posting this so we could do it ourselves!

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