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Cadillac DeVille



  • fjk57702fjk57702 Posts: 539
    My 98 Aurora (which has a 4 liter northstar) did not use oil while I owned it. I traded it for a Seville @52,000 miles. The Seville has not used oil yet (@~4000 miles).
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    If you Caddy is still under factory warranty...RUN to the Caddy dealer and have them
    do a oil consumption test. Get it on paper so if
    you have problems down the road your covered !
    My 96 used a qt. every 1500 miles or so. My 90
    never used a drop! My 02 I am watching VERY carefully !............geo
  • Thanks for the long did you drive yours, and did you ever have problems related to oil consumption?
  • Have you done this or do you have knowledge of others who wished they had? I'm just wondering why you suggest this. Are you a dealer who knows about this, or just a knowledgeable owner? I'm not questioning your response, just trying to balance with other replies without overreacting.
  • My dad owns a 99 Deville. He takes it in for regular maintenance and does everything the manual recommends. When he was in for his last service call the cadillac dealer told him his brake fluid was contaminated and it would have to be drained. Cost over $200.00! They are the only people who work on his car. How can brake fluid be contaminated and did they do it? Was he scammed? Thanks.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I had a 95 Concours.

    It suddenly started using oil at about 20,000. I mean about a quart in less than 1,000 miles. It also developed a 'ping', that actually sounded like a lifter to me. Cadillac de-carboned the motor. Or something, they might have only taken it out and driven the **** out of it to clean up a stuck lifter. The ping was gone and the oil usage seemed to also get better.

    We don't put much milage on our cars. I only drove it to about 33,000 mile and got rid of it because the extended 6 year warranty ran out.

    We had several other problems with the car. It was bought off a 2-year lease at 12,000 miles. Without a warranty, it scared me to death about what future problems might cost me.
  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    Contaminated with what? Water, dirt, oil? If it really was contaminated, there may be other problems with the brake system that caused this to happen. Although it's tempting to believe that these sorts of things are a "scam" I think it's good to ask lots of questions (the trick is knowing what questions to ask) -- at least you'll feel better or at least more informed having some answers or letting them know that you're keeping an eye on them. If the dealer or shop can't earn your trust then I guess it's time to take the car elsewhere.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,502
    Brake fluid is hygroscopic -- it absorbs water from the atmosphere. The fluid absorbs water around the seals in the calipers and absorbs water from the reservoir. Some mechanics recommend bleeding the brakes and putting in new fluid every couple of years; especially for do-it-yourselfers that's a nice project.

    I don't think that's likely a major problem for a 4 year-old car. It might be preventative maintenance or a cash booster for end-of-the month at the service department...

    Changing it slows the sludge buildup at the caliper end, so calipers may last longer... but a good brake job after 40-50K is to just replace calipers and pistons. Moisture is blamed for some antilock brake mechanisms malfunctioning.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    My 96 was a oil hog from day 1. Never realised
    it but the low oil level light came on at 2k miles. Just figured it used oil because of break in. But at like 5k miles and up it still ate oil.
    My 90 never used a drop between changes. I took
    it back to dealer to have it checked and they did
    a oil consumption test and I had to keep track of
    oil used. It was on a GM repair order so I was
    covered down the road. Dealer wouldn't do much more about it. They did replace the PCV valve tho.
    Funny tho. at 80k miles it used less oil ....about
    a qt. between 3000 mile changes....GO figure ?
    It was a great car with no problems besides normal
    PM....Just the front $$$$ struts died before I traded it in on my 02. I did not repair them...geo
  • patpat Posts: 10,421

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  • redly_oneredly_one Posts: 122
    Anyone here have any experience with those years? Seems like the car is rated fairly well, has loads of power and room, and can be had at a great price.

    What are the pitfalls? What "goes out" on this car? Anything to look out for would be appreciated.

    reply here or respond to

  • Why wouldn't a properly maintained Caddy go at least 100,000 miles? Here in NY, a Chevy Lumina or Impala used as a NYC Taxi Cab or cop car routinely goes 200,000 miles before it is re-sold to be used by a suburban Taxi/Car Service, where it will go another 75,000-125,000 miles. Granted the bodies have more plastic in them than an L.A. chick, but why wouldn't a properly maintained Caddy go almost as long as you want to keep it, especially if it is owner driven?
  • abc246abc246 Posts: 305
    They are great cars. I had one and sold it at 135k miles to my mom! The car now has 160k. The major repairs were A/C compressor (guaranteed to go on any Cadillac when climate control is left in Auto all the time) and the A/C evaporator in the dash, both went out at about 75k miles. Total cost was $1500 at the Cadillac dealer.

    These cars are FAST! I could keep up with my friends Impala SS to about 60 and he would very slowly pull away to 100. It was hard not to fry the skinny front tires on full throttle take offs. The engine sounds great too.
  • abc246abc246 Posts: 305
    My 97 DeVille has 2 rattles that I have to fix. The front suspension has a rattle that I think is the say bar end links. Does anyone know if a repair kit is available or what is a good price to pay for new ones and where to get them?

    The next rattle is the passenger’s side front door bass speaker. Does anyone know the size of this speaker? The impedance? Is the door panel hard to get off? I see the side air bag is in the door panel. Any deactivation of the air bag needed before removal of the door panel?

    The engine also has a cold start miss for about 1 minute. I replaced the spark plugs with Bosch double platinum and the miss is still there. Not sure if the problem is the plug wires or one of the coils. Anyone had similar problems with a car that has 100k miles?

    I would also like to connect a CD changer to the standard radio. Will any GM 12/6 disc CD changer work with the radio when I hit the “source” button?
  • pre-Northstar. Still don't know about trouble free longevity, back when I was driving them, they were anything but. Took a ride in a friends 2000 today though, and was very impressed with the ride, handling and comfort. Also, surprisingly quiet. I could reconsider one possibly.
  • hydra2hydra2 Posts: 114
    Took my 2002 dts back to the dealer to perform the recall on the throtle body. While there dealer also re-inserted driver's outside rear view mirror that had popped loose when it struck a pylon at speed. Dealer also investigated an annoying rattle from the front passenger door/seat area whenever I hit a bump. Tech found and tightened a loose bolt on the power seat motor. No more rattle. Life is sweet again. Love my dts.

    Rented a black type x 3.0 auto. It is fast (almost instant power) and handles well in curves and corners. Great stereo. Averaged 18-19 mpg in 150 miles of spirited driving. The interior is pretty but a bit unrefined and cramped. The ride is firm and quite noisey, especially over low speed bumps, subsiding to a dull roar at expressway speeds. The type x was a blast to drive, but no match for my dts and probably not worth 40 large imho. Probably too noisey and unreliable to be in the running for a new car for dw.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    The X-type is a sharp looking sedan, but knowing that beneath the sharp skin is a plebian european Ford sedan platform makes it seem a bit overpriced. A Jag S-type or the new XJ would be a better match for the DTS.

    navigator3740, alot has changed with Caddies since 1990. The new ones are far superior(and I'm not just talking powertrain) than those old C-body Devilles.
  • mdm4mdm4 Posts: 33
    I own a 2000 Deville, sometimes when I slow down from highway speeds and try to accelerate the car hesitates and surges. If I press down harder on the gas pedel it finally kicks down and takes off. The transmission upshifts fine and most of the time it downshifts fine. Has anyone experienced this problem? I do not want to take it back to the dealer until I can tell them what I think that it is. I'm hoping that it is just an adjustment. Thanks for any helpful suggestions.
  • elkoelko Posts: 4
    i'm looking at a 94.anyone here ever had 1? its in immaculate shape,83k,i can get it for about $5600.seems like great deal to me,some are going for 8 or 9 on autotrader.but consumer reports doesn't give them to good of a rating.[non-permissible content removed] mag?also why does kbb and nada differ so much.i think edmunds listed it about 6200 or so.i just wanted to get some feedback on the 94 from other caddy lovers.thanks
  • I just purchased a 98 Deville with 34000 miles on it for $13000 (good deal???). I love driving the car. It just sort of effortlessly cruises up to speed with just the slightest noise from the drivetrain. The leather is perfect, and I bought an extended warranty which gives me 3 years or 45,000 miles from now for full coverage (except wear components). I was looking around, and a couple of local dealers around here are selling the 99 Deville for 19 and $20,000. The dealer is fixing one problem: there seems to be an uneven front brake rotor or two. They are going to resurface/replace.

  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAPosts: 15,294
    ...I purchased new in November 1993 and traded last January for a new 2002 Seville STS. My car had 96K miles and had given me no serious problems and few small ones. About the worst was a water pump replacement @ 85K miles which cost around $500.
  • elkoelko Posts: 4
    i'm trying to decide between the 94 deville-83k-mint cond. or 95 con.n-star-76k-needs major detailing to be sharp.$1000 more for the 95.i love the power of the northstar.but the 94 is hard to pass up,any thoughts?also what can be done to give the n-star even more power?
  • Tell them exactly what you wrote here. They'll know what to do. Probably reprogram the computer, but I had it too and its gone now. If they can't fix it switch dealers to one that wants to satisfy you! Go!
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    I think I'd go with the 95. The Northstar V8 and they old 4.9 liter V8 are two TOTALLY different animals.
  • Despite the login name, I own a 97 Sedan Deville; Bought it with 139000, and now has 143700 miles on it; I've expierienced oil usage as many of you have, my only question is has anyone tried different oils? I've used the Valvoline MAX-LIFE, Phillips Trop Artic, and they're ok; Also, I live in the Midwest, so weight wise I'm flexible; 5W or 10W/40? thanks for the time;
  • abc246abc246 Posts: 305
    From what I have read piston ring sticking is the most common reason for using oil. I would add a can of Reslone and drive it harder.
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAPosts: 15,294
    ...Pennzoil 10w30 or 10w40 oil in all my cars.
  • mdm4mdm4 Posts: 33
    Barry, Can you tell me exactly what the dealer did to your car to correct this problem? I found a TSB that deals with reprogramming the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). I called a couple of dealers and they were clueless. I would like to be able to tell them what I think the problem might be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • barry45rpmbarry45rpm Posts: 98
    Thats exactly what they did. Ask the dealer to reprogram the PCM with the latest program for your car. That will fix it. I have found that sometimes when I pass certain 1020 mile intervals on the odometer the car is less responsive or performs somewhat "off" as in your down shifts. I believe thats because in the programming, the engineers have told the car at that milage to use a different set of parameters, or programming. When enough people reach that milage & complain the car is not right, the engineers look at the program, rewrite some code & come up with an "update" or revised program to restore some former parameter, or something that was missed. I find that "changes in behavior" that are noticeable occurr suddenly and at a given milage interval. Call me crazy, but when I complain & they reprogram, the car runs FINE.
  • mdm4mdm4 Posts: 33
    Barry, Just spoke with the dealer, he has had my Deville since Monday to correct three recalls and he said that they found an update to the PCM software. I am picking the car up this afternoon, I will let you know if the 4th to 3rd gear surging is corrected. Thanks for your good advise.
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