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Cadillac DeVille



  • The buttons on the cruise were changed but there was no change in the efficiency of the cruise system. The new buttons were indistinguishable from the old ones. Guess I could have put a small mark on the old ones to know they were changed for sure.

    While there is no more oil leaking from the oil filter the
    service tech wants to change the "oil filter adapter".
    Since this is a part I am unable to see I have agreed in that the car is still under warranty.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I am not sure what you mean by "efficiency". Your cruise control problems were that the speed you were trying to "set" would not be the speed that the cruise actually was at. This has nothing to do with "efficiency". Either you cruise set buttons are working right or they are not, but this was an intermittent problem, so have you had the repaired car long enough to determine that it is not fixed.

    If it is not fixed, then you have a problem in the wiring I think.
  • Does anyone know how to get the trunk lock crest or the hood ornament off of an 88? Anything you can tell me at all will help, as I have no idea whatsoever about how to do either. Thanks,

  • The technician drove the car the day he changed the buttons and said that the performance of the cruise was consistent
    with this model car (2004 Deville) so I could carry this on indefinitely but am content to use as is. It was not my intention to bring it up again but when I had to take the car in for the oil leak I let them have another look at the cruise and change the buttons. I will mention the question of the wiring the day they put in the new oil filter adapter part. Many thanks for your input.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    Either the cruise controls are now, with the new buttons, working right; or they are not working right. As I understood your problem, it was intermittent, so have you actually driven the new buttons long enough for them to fail or not?

    Either there was a problem of some sort with the cruise controls, or the operator was sending by accident extra signals, so that the cruise settings would shift.
  • Drove 125 miles today no change in performance of cruise.
    I did not plan to bring this issue up again at the dealership in that they had looked at it three times before and failed to find the problem. The cruise as it works is adequate but no match for the 98 Deville or the Chrysler products I drove in the past. Since highly trained GM personnel have driven the car and said that the performance is in the normal range I am ready to put the matter behind me. Have you read the paper regarding GM lately? Lost half its market value, cut its dividend in half, tens of thousands of layoffs and much more as you may know. My neighbors while liking the Cadillac product switched to Lincoln in that they felt the
    customer service at GM was poor. I am not a Lincoln lover
    but would buy a Lexus if there was a dealership near me.

    I have a busy life and WOULD NOT have spent any more time on the cruise issue if the car hadn't developed the oil leak but since I was there anyway I let them have one more chance at the cruise. Incidently the new Service manager at the Chrysler dealership owns a Chevrolet with the same
    problem, his works the same as mine, it was his opinion that there is no way to correct (probably an inability to diagnose the problem by GM).

    While my next car may be another Cadillac my experience with this whole issue leaves the question open.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    Well, my 2002 Seville's cruise control works very well. My understanding of your problem (I went back to the original posts) is that your cruise settings drift downward from the set speed by several MPH. One thing that has never been clear to me is just when this took place. Either you set the speed at say 65 MPH and the cruise takes over and the speed of the car slows down right away to say 59 MPH; OR.... the cruise takes over and you are cruising at 65 MPH to start with, but after some period of time (say 10 minutes or more) you notice that you are now cruising at 59 MPH. If your problem took several minutes to appear, then I suspect that you may, at times, accidentally push down on the "set button", which is the coast button when the cruise is engaged. Punching the "coast" button one or more times will reduce the speed by 1 MPH for each hit.

    GM is currently well on its way to bankruptcy. They lost about $5 billion in the last quarter, or $20 billion per year. They will be in chapter 7 soon.

    It is too bad that your life is so busy that you have no time to enjoy life. I am retired.
  • I am busy enjoying life to and sitting around a dealership is not what for me is enjoyment. The oil leak re appeared after by 125 mile journey yesterday. The dealership was good about getting me in within an hour of my call. They
    changed the oil filter adapter gasket. hopefully that will solve the oil leak. We will need some time to see if that solves the problem. The speed after the cruise is set drops immediately from one to six miles an hour and then stabilizes. Often it will only drop one to two miles an hour
    but has dropped as much as six after the cruise light has lit on the dashboard. As said before I can live with it, actually has caused my driving skills to sharpen in that I have to watch the speed more closely than in any previous car I owned. I prefer the style of the Deville and Cadillac
    line over most other cars I have seen so I think we would agree that life isn't perfect. The oil leak is another matter in that if not resolved soon it would cause a serious reservation about build design and the time factor spent at the dealership. We will see. Many thanks for your continuing interest and responses.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Northstars do not have a usual block and 'oil pan'. They have a 'split block' design, with a major seal a significant ways up from the bottom of the block.

    This seal is well known to leak as the motor gets some age on it.

    The motor has to be pulled to replace this seal. Expensive.

    I think you should be aware of this so you can start building your 'serious reservation about build design' because it could happen to your car.

    And, have you heard about blown Northstar head gaskets?
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    One needs to be very careful not to let a coolant leak go for any length of time, particularly if the leak involves a head gasket.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    Since the drop in speed from the set speed takes place immeadiately, there must be some additional signals from somewhere that is interpreted as a coast signal. Can you add the missing speed by pushing the accelerate button a few times to add the missing miles per hour? Each time you push the accelerate button down will add 1 MPH. Of course, the problem is that you may also generate some additional coast signals too...

    As I have pointed out before, my cruise control does not do this. Your cruise control system, or perhaps more to the point, your cars entire electrical system is compromised somewhere, so do not be surprised if the car shuts down somewhere, sometime and refuses to move. This will probably happen at the worst possible time.
  • The resume accel. button corrects the problem one mph at a time and is very accurate. I doubt the car will shut down as you suggest as it has never done so after eighteen months of ownership. In addition it has been driven by three Technicians from Cadillac who I think would have at least warned me if there was that potential. In addition there is another Cadillac owner that posts here with a similar problem with no history of a shutdown. More likely a flat tire than an engine shutdown related to this quirky cruise control. I think that the worst that will happen is that the cruise system just quits but the rest of the car continues to work. My original warranty runs until July of 2007 and my extended bumper to bumper warranty runs until 2011. I think my protection in this regard is adequate.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    That would be me with a 03 DeVille and a quirky cruise !

    Had dealer check it out once and they "reflashed" the PCM.

    I still think its us old farts and those confusing steering
    wheel buttons ! The "old fashoned" cruise on the stalk on
    my other GM vehicles work flawlessly !!!!!!!

    Almost 30k miles and NO other problems or issues.... :shades:
  • day9day9 Posts: 57
    I may need to buy a car soon and i am struggling with this idea. For the same amount of mony to buy a new impala ($22K), you can buy a 4- or 5-years old top-line Cadillac with 30K or 40K miles. I may need to drive a lot on highway and I am assuming the Deville will be more comfortable than the Impala. But with Cadillac, I may have to use Premium gas and pay more on maintainance. There is also the image issue. So what do you guys think about this? Please give me some input.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    If the resume button, which is the same switch as the set button, only pushed the other way, can adjust the speed with no side effects, then I wonder just what the actual problem really is. I suspect that you are having problems setting the speed correctly for one reason or another and the cruise system is working perfectly well. It must be that or there are shorts in your wiring which probably would by this time have caused additional problems.

    I will agree with you that your electrical system is probably not going to cause any serious problems. However, your warranty will not make an inoperative car more convenient, it will just pay for the expense of repairing it.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    An aging Cadillac would not have a warranty. The Cadillac would probably be more comfortable than the Impala, but you need to try both out to see. Impala's are not bad cars and the engines are much less complex than Cadillac's aluminum DOHC V8.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    DAY.........In my neck of the woods Syracuse NY a Caddy
    dealer has 05 ex-rental/lease DeVilles 3 to 19k miles advertised for $21,999.............

    Another dealer has 05 Impalas also ex-lease/rentals
    with 9 to 25k miles $11,900 100 to chose from !

    These cars all have the balance of factory warranty.

    Shop carefully and good luck ! :shades:

    PS......Get the Caddy !!!!!!!!
  • day9day9 Posts: 57
    Thanks, geo. Do you have the Caddy dealer's number or website?
  • I own a 2004 Deville, have considered a second car. The one I would first consider (have not test driven) is the Mercury Grand Marque or the Ford Crown Victoria). To me these are very attractive cars but more importantly I believe they are the best value in the large sedan market. There are several 2005 currently available at the local Ford dealership. The amazing part is the price, one of them in white with a little over 15,000 miles on it(LS model) is priced at $14,900. It is a certified car. It has most of the features that my Deville has but the price is what caught my attention. You may not be attracted to the Ford line of cars but if you haven't considered or are not familiar with the line you may which to consider for a second car. I suspect they are available in most areas of the country at similar prices.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Crest Cadillac W. Genesee St. Syracuse NY is the place.
  • day9day9 Posts: 57
    Thanks, Brem. To me, I have always want to drive a Caddy and I suspect its build quality will be better.
  • I have a 1983 Cadillac Coupe de Ville with the 4100 motor. Whenever I get up to around 45-55 mph, my Service Soon Light comes on. When I put the car into "diagnostic" mode, I get a trouble code #39. I have a Caddy Manual that says this code means a "torque converter clutch engagement" problem. My question is: can I reach this TCC solenoid without having to drop the transmission or is the TCC located inside the tranny?
  • Yes you are correct the performance and build quality in a Cadillac will be better. With a budget of $ 22,000 you can probably find a 2003-04 with reasonably low miles and in good condition. I have considered a Grand Marque only in that I will only use for local driving, won't put many miles on it and the incredibly low price for a 2005 large sedan with a v8 engine and very high safety ratings. I have never owned a rear wheel drive car and as you may know the Grand Marque is rear wheel drive. Best wishes and when you find the car let us know about it.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    yes, I think it is in the transmission. My FWD Seville needed one, which involved removal of the engine to get to the transmission. Your RWD should be much easier to repair.
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    A couple months ago whatever was hanging up the seat and reducing the legroom released and the seat actually goes back farther which makes the car more comfortable to drive. Mileage continues to get better, last week after filling up and doing some highway driving the mileage was over 30 mpg. Just getting broken in at 41,000 miles.
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    Actually in southern Indiana for about that same $22,000 you can buy a one to two year old Cadillac Deville with less than 18,000 miles in top notch shape with lots of time and miles on the warranty. Check it out in your area.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Yep, those ex-rental base Deville 2005 sedans are all over my area for about $22,000 and less than 20,000 miles.
  • day9day9 Posts: 57
    Thanks. Also i don't know if it is just me that I feel the 2005 looks better than the 2006 DTS.
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