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Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier



  • My 1.8T still going. I'll be hitting 7k in a few days.

    Come on take the plunge!!!

    BTW, is there Xeon blub replacement for the Jetta?
    Can I just replace it without any mod?

    - Allen
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    I live in Ohio now, but in DC I drove from Bolling AFB to Rosslyn and back every day. That means 295, Anacostia bridge, 395 and 14th St bridge. I avoided peak rush hour when I could, but even in heavy traffic, the VW clutch was no problem compared to the one on my Ford Ranger. I'd go with the stick!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Those are some VERY rough areas. I know co-workers who have nightmares about the Anacostia bridge. :) Maybe I will go with the stick. We shall see. Also, I was going to go for a Golf 1.8T. It's the same car, and it's about $2000 or so cheaper.

    I was worried today when I scanned Carmax's website and saw a 2000 GLX 5-speed with only 6K on it for $21,000. The car retails for about $24,000 and lost $3000 already in 6K. What does that say for resale???
  • gwd17gwd17 Posts: 13
    vocus, as a rule of thumb, every car loses 10% of its value once it rolls off the lot. That means a $24K car loses $2.4K immediately, bringing the price down to $21.6. That means the car actually only lost $600 after 6000 miles.
    I have the 1.8T stick, just about to turn 5K, loving it. BUT, if I had to drive in rush hour traffic, I probably would've gone with the auto. Fortunately, I rarely have to and most of my driving is highway driving so its not a problem shifting.
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    I originally wanted a Golf so I can easily throw my bike in the hatch. However, my wife thinks Golf's are for geeks and insisted on the trunked Jetta. While I do love the Jetta, I think Golfs look cool (the Euros have no hangups about hatchbacks). You're right, the dimensions inside are the same. Is the steering wheel-mounted radio and cruise control available on 2001 Golfs? Most importantly, the 6-disc CD changer is essential for combatting road rage during your commutes!
  • liz28liz28 Posts: 9
    Hi all! I am considering buying a 2001 Jetta GLS. Am debating on 1.8T or V6, want the sport suspension. BUT--the reason I am writing is that I have never bought a new car before. My last car I bought off of my dad. I understand the haggling idea--I've done some research--getting invoice prices, etc. Any suggestions on how to get a good price? Any etiquitte (sp) rules I should know about (like when do you ask for a test drive, when do you start talking money? should I go alone? Dress up?)or is there somewhere in these lists I can find this information. Thanks!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I don't like CD changers unless they are dash- or glovebox-mounted. Sometimes, I insert a CD into the player and only listen to one song on the disc. I would rather have the in-dash CD player than the disc changer in the trunk, even though it only holds one CD at a time. My Protege has a CD player, and I don't mind changing the disc.

    And the multi-function steering wheel is only available with the leather package on the Jetta. Of course, the Golf is $1000 less than the Jetta is and you can put more into the Golf. Plus, it has a rear wiper, which I always wanted. :)
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    don't do the Golf thing. they really don't deal on them as much, since people that want GOLFs, really want them. No competition. The Jettas have mucho competition in the marketplace, and their are more of them. You will get a better deal on the Jet.

    I have to start driving into SE near Anacostia and the Navy Yard about twice a month soon. One good thing about having a one will want to steal it....:)

    Also - new VW's have some of the best resale values out there... i should know since I sold mine....:(
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Dress any way you want, BUT don't let car dealers take advantage of you just because you are a woman. And they will probably try. Try getting a female car dealer (a little rare) if you can. Go to the dealer and pick out the color/equipment combo BEFORE driving it (when the dealer is closed, on a Sunday) so you get all the emotional stuff out of the way before talking numbers. On a VW, I would go $500 or so above INVOICE price for the car, and NO MORE! :) Also, e-mail a few dealers in your area with price quotes ($500 above invoice like I said). See what they say back to you. Also, keep in mind just because you buy a car at a specific dealer, you don't have to go there for service. You can take your VW to any VW dealer anywhere in the US.

    1.8T vs. VR6: The VR6 is said to be smoother and a little quicker than the 1.8T is, but it uses more gas as well. Of course, the 1.8T demands premium where the VR6 doesn't. So it's about the same. BUT the VR6 makes the front end of the Jetta heavier, and therefore makes it feel floatier from what I've read. The turbo engine doesn't do that. And, the turbo is about $1000 or more CHEAPER than the VR6 is. But that's your decision.

    Liz, good luck on your car buying experience. It will be a good one if you take into account the advice I just posted above. And, of course, go into the "new car" section of Edmunds' home page to do all the research. Very helpful.
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    Oh you sound SO naive!! You need some help. First, go into the dealer and tell tham right away you want to test drive both GLS's (a 1.8T and VR6). Drive them, ask questions, DO NOT talk price, and go home. When they ask you if you're ready to buy today, just say "I want to buy a new car, but I just want to test drive some today." They may ask to put your contact info down on an order sheet (which they will use later as your sales order). Politely ask the salesperson for a business card, complement their dealership and leave.

    Once you do that, come back here and post your thoughts, we'll go from there. Strategy wise, though, you should research pricing on the internet. What part of the country do you live in?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Before you go to SE, come get my Protege and they can steal that maybe. :) That way, I can get my new VW!!! :)

    Also, I will go with the one that has the best price when I decide to finally purchase my new car. I want either an Indigo Blue Golf GLS 1.8T or a (don't know what color yet) Jetta GLS 1.8T. We shall see what happens. :)
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Also, the FIRST thing the dealer will say is going to be, "How much you looking to spend on a monthly payment"? Guaranteed!!! Anyway, when he does, tell him you want the lowest one possible. And if he asks again, give him a ballpark figure, not an exact number.
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    vocus, I don't recommend even answering the the monthly payment question. I usually say that I'm not ready to talk financing.

    The Golf GTS is the 4-door, isn't it? I think it looks pretty sharp, and on the right day, I'm sure you can get a good deal.
  • liz28liz28 Posts: 9
    I have been bookmarking your suggestions. . .they all sound like good ideas! Naive? Well, I constantly haggle w/ the Honda guys on repairs, so I'm used to getting the young-woman-car-intimidation thing. . . .

    Anyway, I have already decided on the trim, etc. I want black/beige leather and the "luxury sport" package that has the 17" wheels and sport suspension (I plan on taking the car to my Driver's Education events on the track). Assuming that I like the feel of the test drive, I want _that_ car or I will not buy a car at this time. period. So I am hoping that the emotional thing has been handled.

    I plan on financing my car through my credit union, so I hope to walk in there pre-approved. If not, I was considering the "drivers-option" offered by VW, which is sort of a balloon-loan. (I find the monthly payment thing annoying--isn't APR more important?) My father bought his Pathfinder that way and was very pleased.

    I am looking to get prices on the VW, b/c I have a guy in my car club that says he can get me a good price--so I want to shop a bit before I present to him for an offer. I am willing to wait for the car I want as well.
  • Hey, I saw on VW's web site that they have this new wheel available on the Passat and GTI, it's called the Charleston, a 17 inch wheel. They want over $300 a wheel for it. I did see it on a Jetta the other day, and it looks really nice. Does anyone know if there is any other place that sells VW OEM wheels cheaper than VW?
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    Isn't that "driver's option" a lease-purchase deal? Leases, while lowering your payment, will cost you thousands more in the end if you buy the car out. Best to get a competitive rate from your credit union and an approved loan so you can go in with a sight draft (check from the CR). As a rule, a 7-8% loan yields a monthly payment of about $20 per thousand.

    Can you tell me more about your car club? I've always wanted to take a driving course on a track. Is yours a VW club?
  • liz28liz28 Posts: 9
    Yea--that Drivers Option is an Alt-lease. I guess the key is what you agree upon as the residual value to pay when the pay-period is over. I'm using it to buy "more" car for the money--as I expect to have the $ when the period is over. Maybe I'll just lease, but the payments are only 30 dollars more in the DO.

    About the auto club, I belong to the Riesentotter (sp) region of the Porsche Club of America--I'm in the metro philadelphia area. My father has a 1994 carrera 4 widebody, and I'm his associate member. We have 4 high-speed driver education events a year at various tracks. I drive dad's car on the track--we get an instructor for the weekend and basically learn how/why to slide curves, downshift--the whole deal. Our club generally lets other car guys into the events. I've seen Civics, BMW M3s, Corrados, Miata, Supra, Mustang... You just have to get your car "tech-ed" (a special safety inspection) and have a helmet. However, driving a porsche is nothing like driving my own car around (front wheel drive, front engine, etc). I'd like to put my Jetta on the track 1x or 2x a year, to feel how it performs nearer to its limits. That's why I want the sport package, stick, and the big wheels.
  • cac5cac5 Posts: 3
    Just some words about the black with beige interior... I had my heart set on the combination as well, and was unsuccessful in finding it. I placed an "order" for one, waited 2 months, and had it show up on the dealer's list as black with black interior. Did a search for all cars on lots and allocated in the Northeast, and there was not a SINGLE one in the greater Northeast. All were black with black, with a couple black and greys. VW does not seem to be making the black/beige too much in 2001. I ended up with a silver arrow/black leather which I am thrilled with. But anyway, just some food for thought.
  • liz28liz28 Posts: 9
    Silver/black would be my 2nd choice--maybe.

    TO change the subject: does anyone belong to a VW club. I plan on joining in my area (if I get a Jetta)--I was wondering what they were like. The Porsche club I belong to is very active/friendly--although we have 1300 members and I see the same 60 people all of the time.
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    I have a silver/black leather like cac5, and I love it too! My friend has a passat with the beige leather, and it shows wear more than blk. Some think blk is too hot in summer, but it was fine for me.

    Thanks for the club info. I used to race MGB's on grad-prix tracks. In southwest Ohio, I'm sure most tracks are oval, but I'll search for clubs.

    BTW, I visited one Philly area VW dealer and wasn't impressed. DC is only 3 hrs away and there are some good ones there. At any rate, a good dealer should be willing to scrub the areas inventory, and go get the car you want for no added charge.
  • liz28liz28 Posts: 9
    I am planning to look in Reading, PA for my purchase. Mostly cuz there is a guy in the cllub that owns Vision Porsche, VW, Audi and wants to give me a good deal (I told him that FREE was a good deal, but I don't think that's gonna pan out). Also on, I found what I was looking for at $500 over invoice 65 mi away.

    The VW guys on the Main Line are kinda jerks--everything is like thousands over list because people want the cars and will throw money away.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    i had the jetta GLS VR6 black with beige leather. SWEET!! That was all they had when I bought mine - they have lots of them here in NORTHERN VA dealers.....dark blue with beige leather too.

    My next nice car will have black leather again though. Beige looked rich, but got dirty often.
  • liz28liz28 Posts: 9
    I will check out the blk/blk leather. You have convinced me. . . I need to go home now (yes, I was posting at work ;-) ). I'll check in tomorrow. You all are real nice, and it was a pleasure to "meet" ya.
  • Edmund's road test of the Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.8T is now being featured on their main page. Here's the direct link to the Spin Around Town: 2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.8T, by Erin Mahoney. What do you think?

    Happy Motoring. ;-)

    Pocahontas, Host
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    I agree with most of the testers comments. It's things like cup holders, small spaces, and cramped back seats that we Jetta lovers overlook for the richness, performance and fun offered by this car.

    However, I disagree with her comments on the clutch pedal and brakes. I think the clutch is relatively light compared to other cars. And once used to the brakes, they work awesomely, allowing for smooth yet powerful stops. These brakes are leading the class!
  • The breaks on the Daewoo Nubira are very good too. I have never owned a Volkwagon, but he Daewoo have very good breaks. Before this, I drove a Plymouth Neon that was not too good!
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    she Jetta can not be compared to he Daewoo.
    Before starting to compare this vastly different entities I advise you to make an appointment with your spiritual adviser (request an explanation of the role of "yin and yang" in the modern car world). ;)
  • I got a price today for a jetta gls tdi lux&leather 5sp. Msrp is $21,750. He knocked of $500. I tried to go from invoice up, but he showed me about that. He said you could do that with other dealers, but by the time they add all that add on crap it ends up being msrp then add tax. So my car would be $21,250 + $185 for "fees" then add sales tax. Because of supply and demand for this car,this is his bottom line. Any other dealers in ct I should try? Is this a good deal? Thanks Shawn
  • I have heard somewhere that there is an after market chip for Jetta 1.8T that increases the
    engine power by 50 hp. Does anyone here have
    had any experience with it ? Where do you buy
    it and get it installed and how much does it cost ? Thanks for your responses.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I know it costs around $500 and boosts horsepower to around 200 or so. Go to the VW Passat file (current one) and scan through. They talk about it somewhere over there. But be warned that using the chip does void the factory warranty.
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