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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • notwithstanding some small electrical problems a slight oil leak which I accept as teething problems ,and a handsfree phone saab harness that no one seems to know what to do with(dealer included) in my area now that it is installed!,I am extremely satisfied with my 2001 9-5 linear wagon after 25000kms. Aside that is from an absolutely awful drivers seat that has become impossible to feel comfortable in in 105kms to work. I have read in your columns others ideas to their same problem, sitting a certain way , posture seat cushions etc. all of which is creative if not ideal. The truth is the seats are simply TERRIBLE they dont belong in a car of this price range. Things were passable at first hence the purchase,but now after such little mileage the foam has softened and there is insufficient thigh/knee support the lumbar adjustment is altogether insufficient the leather is slippery which compounds the lack of lateral lumbar support. WHAT to do? I have just spent a wonderful weekend ina 2002 Aero with NO seat discomfort in 700KMS. A trade-in which was tempting would be indulgently expensive, I priced today one 2002 Aero seat installation at a minimal 6000 plus 15% tax in canadian dollars in the Toronto dealer area. Any practical suggestions?? I,d really like to keep the car , and probably buy a Saab all over again.
  • If I were you, I would check into some aftermarket seats. Recaro makes absolutely excellent seats...they dont have lots of features, and they arent full luxury connoly leather(typically cloth)...but they are comfortable over long distances.
  • I had the same problem, and it had to do with the onboard computer that controls the automatic transmission, which the dealer replaced
  • Thanks for advice on this. Did yours happen under warranty as well and was in an 02 or earlier model?
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    In response to aronl's comments on the 9-5 Seats. I agree that they could be better but I'd hardly say that they're "Terrible". I guess everyone is different. I've even read reviews that claimed they are some of the best. I definately don't agree with that either. The Aero seats are more appropriate for this Class of car I'd agree. We've had a '98 9-5 and now the '02 with the same seats. I would like to have seen them improved but the issue was not enough to keep me from buying again.

    As far as the Recaro Aftermarket Option that "Wishnhigh".. mentioned: Those are as good as you will find but I have to correct him on a couple of things.. Recaro's are most definately available with High Grade Leather and with many other Features typical with Luxury Seating. When I shopped them for another vehicle, I seem to recall that they will even match the OEM leather or fabric of a vehilce to match the rear seats but I can't swear to that one. I know there was a supplier who offered that.

    Don't expect to find any cheap deals but I'm willing to bet that even the more luxurious seats available from Recaro with numerous power options will be cheaper than the Aero Seats from Saab with standard power features. Purchasing a complete Seat from a manufacturer is OUTRAGOUSLY expensive no matter what seat or what manufacturer. I remember the old Aero Seats from the 9000 were $3,000US each if you were to order as a part from the Dealer. Those old Aero seats were awesome and as good or better than any Recaro I've tested. What gives Saab? Why don't you have something that Good anymore? GM maybe?

    Good Luck

    PS. My experience with Recaro was from shopping them a few years ago. Things may have changed in their product offering now of course.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Wishnhigh made comment about "Connelly Leather".. I'm not sure if Saab uses this supplier or not. Connelly hides are found in such Premium makes as Rolls Royce and they do offer the best quality to be found. If Saab uses this supplier, you can bet they are not buying anything close to the Grades used by Rolls Royce.

    On a Sad note.. I understand that Connelly Leather Company has been in very serious financial trouble recently. The last article I read about them mentioned a Bankrupcy but I'm not sure if that has happened yet or not. Lets hope not.

  • actually, I was just kidding with the connoly leather comment. I have ridden in many cars with Recaro seats, and all of them were comfortable, but none of them were luxurious in any way...just standard seating with impeccable ergonomics.

    It actually suprised me to see that they do offer more luxurious seats...Im curious to check that out.

    Have you ever priced Recaro lux seating with OEM leather?
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    It has been several years since I've shopped them. I was interested in purchasing a Calloway tuned and bodied Z-28 and it was in despirate need of a suitable set to match the Extreme performance and new exotic body.

    At that time they had options for Leather, cloth and various Power Adjustments. I'm not sure if heating was an option or not. Of course a basic seat was also available which wasn't cheap but certainly comfortable. I'm sure a seach on Recaro would find the information. I beleive they are mostly sold direct which is fine accept installation could become a problem.

  • Due to the unavoidable realities of Washington, D.C. parking and driving, and, just once, to a moment of personal distraction under the influence of a short skirt on a hot day, my silver 2001 9-5 is starting to exhibit a fair gallery of scrapes and tears on the front and rear bumpers. Any ideas on the best way to patch or mask these? Thanks all.
  • Does anyone know if Saab will be adding Navigation as an option to the 9-5 for 2003 (or 2004)? The folks on the web site only respond with "OnStar is currently available."

    Supposedly for 2004 Navigation will be available on the new 9-3 (it won't be available in the 2003 models. Damn...)
  • I am considering buying the above - wondering if this group will help me out - I test drove a 6-cyl automatic - what a great car; is the 4 with a manual a good choice too?

    And what reliability issues have you encountered?

  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    There has been a lot of talk about this in here and over at so I suggest you spend some time looking thru old posts and learning. There's much to know.

    Cliff Notes: The 4 cyl has had a few probs with the turbos but that seems to be all. The V6 is even less problematic; I've never read a post anywhere complaining of a major problem with that engine.

    Saab's QC has improved significantly since '99 and the reliability of the newer cars bear that out.

  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I think the 4 with a manual is probably the best Saab you can buy.

  • Hello all,

    I have a '99 9-5, which I purchased new. The car is great with one exception. I seem to blow a low beam headlight every 3-6 months. Both sides blew of this week which has prompted my inquiry to the board.

    Have others experienced this? I know it's been 3 years and why should I get concerned now but...these are $15 ea to replace.


  • Does Saab have a certified used car program like M-B, BMW, etc.

    If so, any details?

    Thanks in advance!

  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I had a '99 and now 2001. I didn't really have any headlight problems as you described but I have heard of others who have. In 39 months I replaced 3 bulbs.

    One thing that some seem to believe is that the Daytime running light feature causes short bulb life. I don't know if thats true but you could disable the DRL's by pulling the fuse. It's described in your owners manuel as an option since they are not mandatory in the us.

    As far as the replacement cost, Many people don't realize that the headlamp bulbs are covered under warranty. You may be out of warranty by now but mine were always covered. I didn't realize it until I had the car for a awhile and went to purchase a replacement. After I got the bulb the service manager noticed and said to me they are a warranty item. Intead of issuing a credit to me, I just told him to give me a second one for back up at no charge which he did.

    Good Luck
  • Thanks for the response Drew. Boy, this board has sure gotten quite since my last visit. What happened to all the Saab enthusiasts?
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    I just got my 2002 Arc wagon and I'm noticing I get a nice little ache in my neck and upper back while driving. Didn't get it in the 2 test drives I took. I'm petite (5ft 2in). Does the slightly forward angle of the headrest just take getting used to? My last car (a Merc Sable wagon) had huge seats that offered no head/neck support for my little frame. Now I've got head/neck support like crazy, but it kinda hurts! Any feedback on just the headrests would be appreciated.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Try reclining the seat back a little more. I notice that smaller people, my wife included, tend to have the seat back in a very upright position. I can't imagine how they do that without back discomfort.

    If you need the seat back way forward to enable a comfortable reach for the Wheel, try moving the whole seat forward a bit to shorten the reach then recline the seat back a little more. It may take some work but I'll bet you will find a comfortable position eventually.

    Good Luck
  • Hello All,

    I have been admiring Saabs for a long time and am almost ready to take the plunge.

    Looking at buying either a used '99 or '00.

    Any ideas if there is a difference, and any recommendations?

  • ajaymeajayme Posts: 74
    For first hand help try:

    Great bunch of folks with good Saab knowledge-good luck.

  • bszetobszeto Posts: 24
    Hi, I'm just wondering about the reliability of 1999 9-5 SE's with V6. I saw a very good deal - $27K (Canadian, taxes included) for a 9-5 SE V6 with only 52,000 km. Any major problems to be aware of?

  • rghesselrghessel Posts: 122
    I'm planning on getting a 2003 9-3 (waiting for the Arc next spring). Unfortunately, where I live in Chicago the only dealer that is remotely convenient to me is Perillo. Perillo has a lousy reputation (amongst my friends anyway) for customer service. Moreover, their Saab "dealership" is crammed into their Lincoln showroom, in a building that looks like it should be demolished.

    My question: is warranty service for Saab only available at dealerships? Just curious if I'm obligated to bring the car to the dealer for warranty work (not to mention the free oil changes for the first 36 months...)

  • I live in Chicago and use the Saab Exchange in Highland park, which I think just moved to Lake bluff. I can not say enough about there service. They reat you right and are always very nice. Closest to a Lexus dealer & well worth the 30 min ride from Chicago.

    I shopped at Perillo for the saab new and the salesman did not even want to get up from his desk to do a test drive. After dealing with Perillo on my BMW service, that by the way was horrible, I decided to buy from the Saab exchange. I bought a 2002 9-3 loaded car for $800 over invoice with absolutely no hassles and Like I said earlier the service is top notch! I would not even think about going back to Perillo. Hope this helps.
  • rghesselrghessel Posts: 122
    Thanks for the advice. I've heard many people laud the Saab Exchange. At a minimum, I think I'll eventually buy the car there. Unfortunately, I live on the north side of the city (Edgewater) and work on the South side (Oak Lawn), so having to drive 30 miles north makes taking it up there for service is almost impossible...
  • rob999rob999 Posts: 233
    If you work in the far South suburbs of Chicago, maybe check out Flikkema (Lansing??). I have not worked with them directly but I have heard good things about them.
  • Have a 2001 with 35K, 4 Dr. 9.5 SE.

    Yes, Saab has certified plan, same as BMW with 6 yr. and 75 (or 100) from in service date. Changed it effective 2002 models to match BMW, Audi and Merc., V-6 engine is very reliable, have not heard of any problems except noisy power steering gear. Re: 1999 vs. 2000 V6, unchanged, some changes in 2002 Model.

    Have driven both 170 and 185 HP (believe those are correct but could be off) smaller turbos and newer (2001) version much sweeter engine.
  • I need to replace 2 of my Michelin MXV4's. I only have 7 months to the end
    of my lease and I would appreciate more economical alternatives to mix with
    the 2 almost new remaining MXV4's. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • I am interested to learn what people are paying for 03 9-5 Aeros (wagon or sedan) with touring package. I have a 2000 9-5 SE and considering the Aero among other cars.
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