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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • wohlfwohlf Posts: 14
    Dealer has a 9-5 Areo 2000 with vented seat and 17 inch BBS wheel options. It is a 5 speed (my preference) with 8500 miles and was put into service March of 2000. Right rear wheel has "curb scrape" on about 1/4 of it; otherwise it is like new. Red/Tan. They want $31k. Is this a good deal, bad deal, great deal, horrible deal...

    Does anybody know the 48 month depreciation % for this car.
  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    I used to use it 15 years ago when remote car alarms became popular. Back then the transmitting range was only a few feet so the under-chin trick worked great. And if your alarm "falsed", which was frequent, you didn't have to run all the way to your car to disarm.

    I can't imagine brain damage for 2 seconds of transmitting. Standing in your kitchen waiting for the microwave to finish your Marie Callendar's meat loaf does much more brain damage than a little remote.

    Finally, your brain is not the booster, your feet are. Your body is used as a ground and acts like an antenna to extend range.
  • david35david35 Posts: 12
    My girlfriend has a 1996 Saab 900SE and the water pump needs to be replaced. Can anyone give me advice or direct me to a website where I might ask for advice on replacing this myself?

    Much thanks,
    An edmunds Subaru town hall guy:)
  • gurukaguruka Posts: 2
    Does anyone have personal experience with this adhesive film? I bought a set for my 9-5 but I haven't put them on yet. I'm wondering if they will get scratched by the headlight wipers. I mean, Saab made the lenses out of glass instead of plastic for a reason. I'm sure they work for stone hits, but what about abrasion resistance?

  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    is this a take off of DUNE .except that they used this trick to blast the enemy....
  • Leahy1Leahy1 Posts: 3
    Hi Wohlf - the deal on the 9-5 seems pretty good. I think it is hard to compare because there aren't many deals out there. If you do a search on you will see that the best asking price is about $33,000. I picked up a 2000 Aero with 1500 miles, BBS, and 5spd. I'm very pleased with the car!
  • 4426444264 Posts: 67
  • At my 40k service to my '99 9-5 the service guy tells me that I need new front brakes. A good portion of driving is commuting highway, so I'm a little suspicious. Then he tells me that Saab rotors are thin and can't be ground upon pad replacement, so new front brakes are going to cost $605!!! Is this true about the rotors?
  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136
    If you don't have any pulsing when braking then I would change the pads and keep the rotors. If the rotors are damaged, I would go to and check on one of their sponsors. I am sure you can get a good deal.

    Drive Safe,

  • smerksmerk Posts: 1
    I am trying to decide between buying a 9-5 from the 2000 year versus the 2001. I can get a below invoice price for the 00, while the 01 is between invoice and MSRP. I have never owned a Scab before - just coming off a lease of a BOW 328i. Any Scab lovers or haters care to comment to help me in my decision?
  • bg10bg10 Posts: 9
    This place is dead since they ran the Saaber off, so I guess somebody has to answer your question. First you didn't mention model so: as to the Aero and SE, I don't think there are any significant differences except for the addition of On Star, so take the 2000 and if you want On Star, you can get that separately. As to the base model, it gained 15 horsepower and I know not how much torque, so if you are looking at the base model, the decision depends on how important the extra horses are to you. Of course it could easily be as simple as a chip change so maybe you could buy the 2000 and get a 2001 engine management chip and save money. Then again it might not be that simple. I'm sure somebody else can/will comment on that.

    By the way, I have a 2000 9-5 Aero and am quite happy with it. It replaced an Alfa 164S which my wife did in while I was out of the country. It was my third Alfa in a row but I wouldn't go back to an Alfa now, the Aero's turbo torque and handling is just too much fun.
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    i was not aware that he had been wasted.
    can they actually do this on this board.
    the place is no fun any longer.
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    ..."wasted". He elected not to return after another guest took their personal disagreements with him beyond this board and my control.


    Sedans Message Board
  • I am looking for a 2000 with low miles. Choices are saab 9-5 se or aero, volvo s60t5 or s80t6, lincoln ls or a seville sls. I want 2 adults to be comfortable in the back seat but I'd also like to be able to beat high school punks in camaro's. Any thoughts?
  • As a relative of a GM employee, I have some sort of "preferred" pricing. I'm looking at a 9-5 V6 with an MSRP of around $38k. Through GM I can get it for around $34k. It doesn't sound that great. Are dealerships doing better than that right now?

    Also, anyone know if Saab will ever accept GM credit card rebate earnings?

    Thanks in advance!
  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    Your numbers are off quite a bit. The base price of a 2001 9-5 SE sedan is $39225, not "around $38k". Invoice on this vehicle is $36326. If you can get it for "around $34k", you'll have saved $2000 or so off invoice... all with no haggling or negotiation. Find another new car, especially a European sport sedan, with an instant $5000 discount just for being related to someone.

    I'm not trying to be a jerk here, just hoping GM folks know a good deal when they're handed one on a 24 carat gold platter.

    The GM card question is probably best asked to Saab NA.
  • camsmcamsm Posts: 2
    Looking at leasing a 2001 9-5/SE, 4DR.
    MSRP: $39,820
    Capitalized cost reduction: $2,000
    Residual value: $19,511.80
    Lease term: 36 months
    Monthly factor: .00121

    Is this a good or bad leasing price? 1st time Saab owner. Have also been looking at the Audi A6 and the Lexus ES 300.

  • camsmcamsm Posts: 2
    Oops! Also forgot to mention the Gross Capitalized Cost. It is $36,445.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    smerk... There really wasn't that much info in your post to talk much about it but... sounds to me like the '00 is the way to go. I'd look at an 2000 Aero if you really want something special. As far as owning a Saab? Hard to predict how happy you'll be but it would be interesting hearing your thoughts being a BMW owner. If you do buy the Saab, I hope you'll stick around here.

    FWIW... Jan. & Feb. are my busiest months of the year so not only have I not been around here much, I haven't been driving the 9-5 much. Yesterday I had my detailer clean it up and we went out last night with friends. It sure was nice to spend time with the Saab again. Our friends had never been in a 9-5; needless to say, they were very impressed.

  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    I ran your numbers and came up with a payment of $480.10. That's pretty good.

    I seriously considered the A6 and, to a lesser extent, the ES300. One compromise you'll have to make is that when you lease a Lexus or Audi, you will pay full market price for the car and an interest rate that is rarely discounted. I'm talkin' 9% interest. The money factor on the 9-5 deal works out to be 2.9%. Plus you're getting the 9-5 near invoice; no way you'll get that deal on the A6 or ES300.

    I guess the big question for anyone considering these cars is what's more important: Cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus have great pedigrees and certainly make a statement. Saab's image and pedigree is, shall we say, unfocused in the U.S. so it won't have the same impact as the other brands.

    My personal motivation was to drive the best car possible with the lowest payment possible and little or no money out of my pocket. To me, this is the core essence of leasing. But leasing means different things to different people. That's why the car market is so terrific - there is something for everyone. Best of luck!
  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    Stole this off

    Can I use my GM Card points?

    Earnings accumulated by holders of The GM Card (the standard blue or gold cards) may be applied toward the purchase or GMAC SmartLease® of a GMO/GMS vehicle under this program, excluding Saab and Saturn. The new GM Card (the copper or platinum cards) earnings may not be used in combination with the GM New Vehicle Purchase Program.
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    L8 apex,
    thank you for clarifying.
    re---caddy--- went this route recently and after 18 months sold the car at a $25.0 LOSS.
    the caddy looks great,but after a few thousand miles it begins to fall apart on you.literally.
    the suspension becomes soft and the handling loses the had little,but still....
    and the north star engine------well,1 quart of oil every 700 miles and at times 400 miles was just too much.--the long term prospect did not look good at all.
    the oil cooler hose came off at one point and I spilled lots of oil in my driveway.
    the accel.pedal just fell off---at 850 miles new.
    the brakes did not.---took a recall--twice to fix them. many other problems---- (it reminded me of my 85 jag.xj6. )
    i got on a first name basis with each of the service writers in two dealerships,.. and so on.........

    so far the Saab ,with 22,000 miles no major problems other than two ecm recalls in 3 months. and a sticking transmission--would not go into gear --out of park---fixed by the dealer.

    in July i am going on a 10,ooo miles plus trip,circumnavigating the usa from fla. up to vt. to vancouver via montana ,of course to try out the car's flat out driving composure down to--wyoming and up,then down to l.a.-- new mexico,etc..--new orleans, and finally fla.

    by the end of this trip we will know what this car is made off.
  • I just turned 6000 in my July 2000 Aero (manual). Over the last 100 miles the engine has begun to hesitate momentarily when pulling away in 2nd gear, i.e. there is a marked power loss for a split second before it recovers. Initial pull is fine, then it almost dies, but kicks back in again before losing all momentum.

    Very scary in busy traffic, especially when pulling away from a junction or traffic island when I seem to lose all the pulling power for a split second before it picks back up again. Doesn't happen all the time, though -- it's happened three times over the last 100 miles, and again this afternoon. Now I'm getting concerned.

    Could this be a turbo or fuel pump failure, or that old ECU issue I thought I'd gotten away with? (I understood the recall on the ECU only affected pre January 2000 models.)

    Mystery is, this never happened inside the first 6000 miles. Anybody got any suggestions? I know I'm under warranty but my less-than-clever dealer often needs help with these kind of things, so any moral support would be gratefully received.

    Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks a lot.
  • We have a 94 900SE since new, a lot of trouble, battery die in the first year, back door feel sticky, my children often have to pull twice and hard to open the door, muffler rust through in the second year, slow leaking of water from gasoline hatch to the trunk, the spare tire compartment was rusty and moldy, fungi and mold grow on the carpet's under-surface in the spear tire compartment ( I am sure these fungus are flying all over in the passenger compartment too, we had been breathing all these fungi for the last 2-3 years without knowing it.). Regional maintenance manager was irresponsible and arrogant. Asked us "Were we going to sue the company?, sounds like if we were, he will not repair the car. We didn't have much option. Although the carpet was cleaned, we still not sure are the air ducts cleaned? We have been stocked with this car since. We are in the position to buy another car now. We are going to trade this Saab in, hope any of you who are looking for the car beware of such conditions.
  • Looking to lease a new saab 9-5 with premium package, manual transmission, mica paint,and 15k per year in lease.Just wondering if anybody can give me a figure to shoot for in monthly payments.
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    sound like the ecm.
    had it been a non-ecm car i would say carburation or timming.
    but it is a computerized car so ----ecm.
    read up and you will note that they installed two units in mine ---one in november or december 20000 and the second one in january 2001.
    i asked why and was told stumbling and engines dying.
  • Thanks for that - I suspected the same. But I just got back from the dealer and they wouldn't entertain the idea. Because my chassis number is outside the recall list for the suspect ECMs they don't see an ECM failure as even a possibility.

    They did swap out the 'dump valve' for a new one, however. Not entirely sure what this does but it sits under the bonnet just behind the top of the radiator grill. I believe it releases turbo pressure at lower revs, e.g. between gear changes etc. to avoid the engine being constantly blown. Sounds like this might help if mine was sticking - I guess we'll see.

    Thanks for your thoughts.
  • bg10bg10 Posts: 9
    Actually it is call a waste gate. Its purpose is to keep the turbo from generating too much pressure. The ECU decides how much turbo pressure is required for a certain situation, throttle position, speed, RPM, etc. and opens or closes the waste gate as required to keep the pressure at that level. The waste gate dumps excess air/pressure back into the intake in from of the turbo so the excess air circulates back through the intake system.

    Actually the waste gate could be generating the symptoms you described. When you let off the throttle to shift, the waste gate would likely open to dump off excess pressure and if it stuck open momentarily, the pressure would quickly drop off after you hit the throttle in second gear. It could also be the ECU. Since the dealer quickly changed the waste gate, it makes me wonder: has he seen this before? Did Saab tell him to look for this? Did a fault code for the waste gate show up when he checked out the car? Time will tell but this could have been your problem
  • Thanks for the very clear explanation - that's really helpful.

    My dealer wouldn't accept an ECU fault because there were no error codes in the system, and also because my chassis number is outside the range of vehicles recalled for known ECU failures. That in itself isn't a guarantee that mine doesn't have a problem, I'm sure, though I guess we have to start somewhere and the waste gate seems a reasonable place to begin.

    In the absence of any error codes or previous experience with my problem on this model, the dealer was unsure how to move forward, so they called Saab Technical -- it was they who suggested the dealer change the waste gate as a starting point.

    I'm observing the performance and, as you rightly say, time alone will tell. I'll post my findings given a few days to see how it goes from here.

    Thanks again for the info. Best regards.
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