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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • parumpparump Posts: 65
    Several new 3 series owners have reported problems with overheating due to a faulty radiator fan. For new car owners, what is the "normal" range for the temperature guage? Is there a way to identify a potential problem before the engine overheats other than the temperature guage (visual inspection for an axillary fan to operate)?

  • bavarianbavarian Posts: 63
    The E46 armrest is available from Circle BMW:$176
    for leather,$142 for vinyl. I wanted to have it already in place when I picked up my 325i so I had the dealer supply and install it for a total
    of $260 (Indiana)
    Laugh in the faces of those Chicago dealers and tell them I sent you.
  • larryintnlarryintn Posts: 103
    If your fan isn't working you'll notice fluctuations in temp relative to your speed. Go faster, car runs cooler; go slower, car runs hot; stop, car overheats.

    If this happens you can still drive the car as long as you can keep the temp in the normal range by any combination of driving faster (40mph+ should work) and running the heater of full blast.
  • parumpparump Posts: 65

    Thank you very much for the response. I will monitor the temperature guage carefully after receiving the car.

  • uge123uge123 Posts: 100
    I'm in Chicago as well. I actually ended up ordering the sport package also mostly for the suspension and not the tires. I ordered the wagon because my wife and I decided that we needed the space. I was going to buy winter tires regardless of the car we bought...just so I could ALWAYS make it to work. I've driven AWD versus 2WD with snow tires...and the snow tires make the most difference. I can't wait! My car is silver blue metallic! Whew!

    Getz1: I haven't read Shem's followup to House of God. But the original was true artwork. Heh. Hey, which med school are you attending? I thought your rant sounded too exact to be the work of a layperson. I'm an M4, soon PGY1 in Chicago.
  • I picked up my '01 325i in Nov. 2000, today I went to the dealership to find the same model like mine only better! The 4 spoke steering wheel including cruise control came as a standard two weeks ago?!? WHY??? Someone please tell me, please?
  • mrpeltynmrpeltyn Posts: 21
    Hi Everyone...I'm excited to say that I get my 325i on Friday if all goes as planned. What do you think of the following:

    1. I bought a titanium silver 325i, leather, auto, premium & sport, and in-dash cd. Sticker is $35,145. I am paying $33,350 from a salesperson who I believe to be very fair. I'm also getting the mats for free and 5.9%. Am I right on that this is a very good deal?

    2. How much is the 4th year of scheduled maintenance, and is the price negotiable? Is it worth it?

    3. Same question on an extended much is it, is the price negotiable, and is it worth it?

  • raftaarraftaar Posts: 2
    Need some help in color selection folks. This is mailnly because the color combos I'm trying to select are not physically available at the dealers. I've ordered the car, but have only this week to finalize the color selection.

    Does any of you have or seen Topaz Blue exterior with Black Leathereete? I am not a big fan of Wood trim per se. Is the wood trim worth/suitable with black interior? It seem to blend in as opposed to stand out. I saw a blue exterior/black leather/dark chrome alumin trim in Lexus IS300, which looked darn good. But I dont have the option of the dark aluminum or chorme trim from the dealer. Is there any aftermarket option I should look at?

    I looked at Topaz Blue with Gray interior and was not very pleased with the gray factor. I think a bit of darker shade in gray would have done a better justice. Thus, my inclination towards black.

    The car will show up in NJ in June end. It is may end production.

    Thanks ..

  • adam68adam68 Posts: 59
    I only like wood trim with the sand interior. Aluminum looks nice with the black trim.
  • adam68adam68 Posts: 59
    I agree, I think the BMW shade of grey is too light...would prefer a slightly darker grey.
  • getz1getz1 Posts: 63
    I am attending CCOM (DO), we rotate at Cook, Illinois Masonic, Oly Fields, Christ, St Mar Merc, Edwards, Edgewater etc. Also elective wise it is a free-for-all. I drew surgery for my first rotation arrgh. Man, it must be nice to be so close to drawing a paycheck even if it is only residnet change. Where are you doing your PGY1? You must be on pins and needles waiting for your car, man they are so much fun. I have a friend who has a 325ix wagon and says that she will never go back to the sedan; she swears that she doesn't notice any difference in handling between the two. If you didn't order a cd changer with your car (which I assume most people do), you can get an alpine 6 disc (same as factory) with a converter that runs through factory deck controls for around $350 at Tweeter, they also have some really nice Boston Acoustic speaker sets that they prefer for the 3 series (they sound very nice). What dealer in Chicago did you order from? I have had very good experiences with Laurel BMW in Westmont, especially the service department. Take care.
  • uge123uge123 Posts: 100
    Madashell2: BMW changed some of their pricing packages in 3/1/00 to include fog lights, cruise control, climate control, and a couple of other things (16" wheels standard?) seconadry to the release of the Lexus IS300. They must view that car as a serious threat to their sports car market, especially when it comes to value. The IS300 comes very close to the 330i in performance with a significant discount in pricing. Of course, after having driven the IS300, the BMW is more comfortable (even with sport package), more refined, more solid, and has more space in the back seat. Of course, the IS 300 should have spectacular reliabilty and is cheaper.

    Getz1: Surgery is a hoot, depending on where you rotate. You guys go to Masonic for that, right? I'm doing my residency at Rush. Yes is is nice drawing a paycheck...especially when your wife make enough to support the two of your and your paycheck is frosting on the cake.

    I agree about the wagon. After having driven wagon, sedan, and coupe, I've decided that there is no significant handling difference between the three. In fact, the most jittery handler was the couple. The wagon, with it's slight rearward bias, was very confident and easy to guide through high speed corners. The added space (we seem to have a constant stream of visitors) is a significant bonus. The A4 has more space but the BMW is a LOT more fun to drive. I can't wait! I can only hope that the factory is STILL running ahead of schedule.
  • uge123uge123 Posts: 100
    Getz1: We ended up ordering from Fields. Surprisingly, they gave us the best deal on a wagon in Chicago. Like others have pointed out, we could have done better if we had gone outside of the city, but neither of us have the time to service the car at a place that does not offer us a free loaner everytime. Also, we have friends who have bought from other dealers who take their cars to Fields and are very happy with the service there. Surprisingly, it's out LOCAL dealer. I didn't expect that at all.

    No, I didn't order a CD changer. I was going to install it myself later. The alpine 6 CD changer is the same as the factory one? So BMW IS still using Alpine? The Alpine 6 should plug right in, then, right? No fiddling with FM connections or anything like that? That'd be nice. I'll check that price against Circle BMW. Thanks for the info.
  • Thank you! I'm just a bit furious, I ordered my car back in September, If they had changed the pricing list in March 2000, then why the sales rep and the website listed the 4 spoke steering wheel with cruise control - only as a premium package. It listed cruise control as an option for $500. My 325i is black on black, sport package (17"), steptronic auto, sun roof and cd sticker price was $33,000. might have to do some serious surgery on that sales rep once I'm finished with him!!!
  • Based on my numbers, I am coming up with your deal being about $2000 over invoice. Not bad...depending on where you are, I have seen offers ranging anywhere from $1000 over invoice to MSRP flat. Several dealers are offering $1500 over invoice. But if you are pleased with the dealership, and if it is local, I think that is worth a few hundred bucks (ie when you bring the car in for service)....

    I am no help on the extended service costs. I THINK the extended warranty is around $2000. Are they negotiable? I am personally quickly finding out that EVERY SINGLE THING is negotiable (except the MACO/DAG fee and the training fee)

    Hope this two cents...
  • hendsa28hendsa28 Posts: 1
    I live in an area where it rains alot. And I currently own a front wheel drive car. I really like the new 330i! And I have some hesitancy with changing from a front wheel drive car to rear wheel drive car. I am still thinking front
    wheel drive cars are safer on wet roads...
    maybe that is old school' thinking?

    Has anyone who owns a 3 Series had any issues with loosing control, skidding, etc on wet roads?

  • fyi
    the vehicle I am ordering is about identical to yours, so I thought I would let you know my pricing. Not sure what sticker is. I have been working up from the invoice numbers. With the options you have (and assuming you have leather) I could purchase the vehicle for $1500 over invoice, or $29,635 + 1500 = 31,135
  • uge123uge123 Posts: 100
    I was not sufficiently clear on the pricing change. The pricing scheule changed in March 2001. The Lexus IS300 wasn't out last year.

    I understand your anger...but compared to've had the luxury of driving your Bimmer for 5 months now...I still have to wait until mid June.
  • micgamicga Posts: 56
    madashell2 - I think the previous poster meant to say that the price list/standard features changed on 3/1/2001. I don't blame you for being angry. Someone buying a 2001 325I in september should get exactly what a person buying one in March gets. That doesn't seem to be right.
  • getz1getz1 Posts: 63
    I believe BMW still uses alpine, and the after factory one that I have is not FM modulated, and it runs directly off of the factory deck. However it did require an adapter (around fifty dollars) to interface properly (I have no clue why). I believe it is a fair bit less expensive than ordering the changer from BMW even with installation. I have a 99 323i so I don't know if the 2001 still use the BMW Business deck, but the place I went stated that the changer works for all E46 models.

    uge123: I am going to do my Sx rotation at Oly Fields, a fair amount of people choose Masonic but the drive along with Q3 didn't seem appealing. Oly supposedly has a pretty decent ortho res. and I wouldn't mind seeing how it's run. I am totally with you on living off the wifes income (I am glad I am not the only one), my wifes a CPA and I get queazy when I see what kind of money can be made without 8 years of post grad torture.
  • 1x1x1x11x1x1x1 Posts: 3
    Are there any 16 inch wheels that fit 330i?
    My concern is that the brake disks are too
    large for them.

    330i w/Sport Package owners:
    What kind of tires and wheels do you have on
    your car during winter? I live in Chicago
    area and think it is better to switch to all
    season or winter tires during winter.
  • adam68adam68 Posts: 59
    Does anyone know who manufactures the standard 3 series head unit?

  • frank69mfrank69m Posts: 63
    I just got a 330i a week ago on black and they lowered the premium package by 1K and they threw in the Harmon Kardon for free....You guys should have waiting. How much did everyoneelse spend over the dealer cost. I got $1500 over dealer cost and the production of my vehicle was 3/1/01 and I got the upgraded new sapphire black...Guess I'm glad I waited.
  • alpine325ialpine325i Posts: 209
    My deal was $1900 off MSRP. I bought a 325i, Alpine White, Steptronic, PP, CD, HK, Heated Seats, and Sand Leatherette. I bought it from Devon Hill Motors, Devon PA. Awesome Car!
  • uge123uge123 Posts: 100
    1x1x1x1: I believe the standard non-sport package wheel on a 330i is a 16x7. However, the sport package does not change the brakes at all. Therefore, a 16x7 wheel (I believe 205 55/16's) should fit just fine. I'm planning on buying Bridgestone Blizzaks for the winter. About $400 mounted on steel wheels with covers from Tire Rack. Order them in the fall or you'll wait for a while to get them.

    These tires are great. I've driven my mother's old '84 500SEL in the winter on these tires and they drive like it's dry when the snow is a foot deep. Believe me, it's absolutely worth it. It was better in the snow than my friend's A4 quattro with all seasons!

    Getz1: Which BMW do you drive? Which snow tires do you use in the winter? Having a sugar momma is great, eh? Interested in ortho? Good field.
  • I plan to lease a new car this year. I haven't test driven either BMWs or Audi S4.

    With 330i can I get Auto-Dim Mirror and Lumbar Support separately w/o PP, and if so how much?

    I hope BMW runs another special lease because it's too late (and too early for me) to get a car by 4/30.

    I signed up for BMW Ultimate Drive in May so maybe that'll help a bit.

    I live in NJ and am concerned about auto-tran RWD being spinning its tires in sleet/ice. Is it very incapable or should DSC pull it out?

    How come 325's PP doesn't include Montana leather upholstery like 330's PP does? Yet 325's PP costs just $150 less.

    325 doesn't have option for lumbar support seats that's in 330i?
  • Sport Seats w/ZSP/ZPP.
    What's ZSP and ZPP in Sports package?

    It seems that with SP the driver's seat is 10 way adjustable (non-electric) and no memory seats? (which comes with PP) So if I order both SP and PP I lose those 2?
  • frank69mfrank69m Posts: 63
    I just bought a 330i cause my M3 lease expires. Let's see if anyone can beat this lease that I got 2 years ago for an M3:

    $259/month for a 1999 M3....

    Just wait like I did, BMW always has promotions. I also got 6.9% on my 330i, I thought I heard someone got 5.9%
  • I heard BMW is running that 5.9% lease rate. Particular dealer might not participate, you should sak for it.

    What options did you get, amt of money down, miles/yr, months lease, residual value, money factor, and monthly pay before tax?

    I am looking to lease this year.
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