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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • The multicontour seats on my 18 month old '00 Silver E430 Sport (E,E2,E3 and K2a) look like new.
    The leather is holding up extremely well for a hot Florida climate. Most of my friends' Bimmers seats look like crap after 2-3 years, but they are beautiful at first. If I was leasing the car then I would want BMW leather rather than the Mercedes product.

    I checked my car's MSRP today on the MBUSA site. The MSRP is up over $2000 from '00 price. My guess is that M-B wants to raise the price now so when the 2003 shows up they do not have to increase the price much. Also, the 2002 will have discounts equal or greater than $2,000.

    I had my car detailed today in my garage. Here are the products I had used. I supplied the products and someone else supplied 3.5 hours of labor.

    Wash- Used wax-free, spot-free car wash (Zymol cleaner or equivalent)

    Wax- Zymol from WalMart. Great stuff, #1 rated Consumer Reports wax. #2 Internet rated product behind Zaino. If I had a Black M-B would have used Zaino. M-B recommends Carnauba based wax.

    Polish- Maguiar's car polish for Sport rims. Nu-Finish would work also.

    Leather care- Lexol cleaner and conditioner. I like the Lexol products.

    Dash- I used the M-B product "Pinnacle" dash protectant. This stuff is extremely low luster and better than Armor-All. The product is barely noticeable as far as lustre but really protects the dash. On the wood trim lemon-scented plede was used.

    Windows- Windex but Dirtex cleaner available for the toughest grime (not used today).

    Tires- Wet look tire protectant.

    My car looks like new.
  • waltowalto Posts: 34
    A post above cites the things not covered under the "premium" extended warranty: the radio, CD player, Comand, and telephone. But 98% of the electronic items in this car have nothing to do with these "entertainment" items. Most of the electronics *are* covered, including the engine and transmission controls, ETS, ABS, ESP, and the alarm and ignition system. In addition, *all* instances of the following items are covered: electric motors (70-79 depending on options!), wiring harnesses and connectors (including those for the radio, Comand, telephone, etc.), sensors, switches, fuses, relays, control modules, instruments, rheostats, potentiometers, alternator, voltage regulator, diodes, buzzers, actuators, timers, electro-mechanical valves, and solenoids. The entire climate control system is covered, as are the window regulators, sunroof mechanism, window wipers (no free blades though), A/C compressor and system, seat belts, and central locking system.

    If you're really going to keep this car for eight years, I can't believe that a $1,700 payment up front won't save you some money. The instrument cluster alone costs that much. For Pete's sake, even the towing charge to replace covered items is covered under the extended warranty. This could just be the deal of the century. Think about this before you let your one year window of opportunity expire. This is a very complicated car.
  • htohto Posts: 21
    When I test drive the MB, BMW, Lexus and Infinity. I like the MB seat, it is perfect for me. It's harder than the others but some how I felt good, especially for the long drive. The Lexus LS430 seat is comfortable at first but for the long drive, it's hurt my back.
  • htohto Posts: 21
    mbdriver, your CD changer is OEM or after-market one?
  • htohto Posts: 21
    It's kind of surprise to hear this. I would never think that a $50K car would do that. It may be a defected one but I though that it would never happen on a modern car.
  • LOL. I looked at mine and there was three 1/4" splitting around the same area you mentioned. Thanks, MB, for cost-cutting.

    My 12 (just sold) and 11 year old 300E (W124) still has perfect, like new dashes.

    Now the W210 are 5 or 6 years old, I wonder how long they will last. It does not seem they'll last as long as the W126, W124, and W140.

  • My CD changer is pure MB OEM. Haven't had a single problem with it. I also have COMAND and initially intended to use its in-dash convenience to play CDs. However, I used COMAND so frequently I opted to add the CD changer. Hope this helps.
  • There should not be any programming problem with the rolling code system for any model from 98 and newer. Mine is 97 and the homelink button is on the sunvisor. Homelink on the rearview mirror started in 99 model and up.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • I got OEM at Paid right at $600 includes shipping and a mounting box that is carpeted and holds the unit in place very nice. Instalation took 30 minutes. A friend did the same and I installed it in 5 min having the experience of doing it before.

    Seats: Personal choice. Certainly if you have vertebrate problems one cannot say the seats are no good. Only they don't work for you. I love the seats, but I don't need any special support.

    11k miles on o1' 430 and love this car. No problems. Finally got to be a passanger in back seat for first time. Nice seats and very quiet.
  • I've posted just about all the photos of the new 03 E classs that I could find.

    I did not take these photos myself.

    If you have some or know of others please post a message in the guest book.

    I'm trying to make a central location for all the pictures on the web.


  • On your sight, there is a black E-class with rear lights borrowed from a c-class, there is also a Silver car with a totally different rear light arrangement. What gives?
  • I'm going to update the descriptions later.

    The black one is taken in NY during the filming of Men in Black 2. These are the pictures that have upset MB b/c they were "leaked too early". Which is why some people are speculating that MB might officially unviel the E in Detroit in Jan 2002. We'll have to wait and see.

    The others (Silver & Maroon) I can't be sure of. I believe they are computer enhancements.

    Of course the interiors are real too.
  • Thanks for the pictures. They were great! Be careful about storing copyrighted pictures on photopoint though. They frown on that and it is also in the agreement.
  • Does anyone know out there whether the wagon versions of the E series usually come out the same year as the sedans? (They did in the C series this year.)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    It is my understanding that the redesigned E-class wagon will lag the new sedans by about 6-12 months. That was the case with the current E-class wagon/sedans.

    I am contemplating a 2002 model wagon purchase later this year or early next, assuming they continue with a $2,000 +/- factory incentive. Of the dealers I have spoken with, they are 50/50 as to whether there will even be a model year 2003 wagon; some suggesting it may not come out until early/mid 2003 as a 2004 model.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    The silver car is an obvious fake. Compare the tail lights to the real cars.
  • varigvarig Posts: 99
    A few months ago, someone posted a message that their dealer told them that they should expect the same incentives on the 2002 as was then available on the 2001. Has anyone else heard or been offered something similar. I had been looking at an E320 4Matic, but was undecided between it or an ML320. I wanted to see what changes they had made to the 2002 ML. I don't really have the luxury of waiting for the 2003 E so it will be between the E and the ML. Anyone have any comments regarding these 2 models.
    Thanks in advance.
  • The E320 is a quality car, the only problem with it is that its fit and finish is not up to the standards of the rest of the industry because the design is about 5 years old. Uneven body panel gaps, interior materials and seat comfort all will be improved with the new model. Don't get me wrong, the E is a great car, I have a 2000 with 22,000 miles & my dad has a 99 with 37,000 miles, neither of us have had any problems. If you buy one, inspect it very closely and if you see any flaws request a new one.

    The 2002 ML will have a freshened up exterior as well as a more "mercedes like" interior. I've heard the early ML's were prone to problems but they may have addressed them in this freshening up.

    I.M.O the E is the better choice for the long term.

    By the way, here in Los Angeles dealers have more E-classes than they know what to do with, so they are definately willing to deal, especially since the car is at the end of its production cycle.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,404
    You really can't go's one of the world's great cars. Remember the M-class is a "'bama Benz" and overall isn't up to M-B standards.
  • I just traded my 98 E320 for a 2002 E320. I hear alot of air noise. Could it be that new little antenna on top? Also, my neighbor traded her 98E420 for a 2001 and she hears the same thing. What could it be???
  • Please be more specific, what do you mean by air noise?
  • I own both, a 2000 ml320 and 01'e430.

    Ml was freshend and updated for 2000 to improve build quality on mostly interior to remove squeeks and reinforce weak interior fittings. 2002 takes it up a notch with 430 replaced by 500 engine, auto climate control and a few goodies. Im sure you have been over to the ml chat and know the goodies.

    The bama benz is less in quality than E class because its a different vehicle at a different price point. Base ML is 35k. Base E class is 47k. Thats 12k diff! And its the same engine and has state of the art 4wd! If the ML was up to E class it would cost the same, right? So its not that the ML lacks, its the E is excellent. NOw is ML worth the money? Can you get a 4wd E-320 for 40k? No. Can you get a 4matic wagon for 40k. No, in a sense the ML is a bargin. Its not as well constructed as Eclass, but serves the purpose with same engine,tranny, and perhaps awd system. I love them both, but they are very different. Some posted that ML is cheap. Well, its not cheap. Its cheaper.
    Good luck.
  • My M-B '00 E430 is extremely well built. The fit and finish is outstanding. The "gap" tolerances are the best I have ever seen. The dash, leather,
    etc. are top-notch. My only complaint relates to the electronics in the vehicle. In that department M-B is behind Lexus, Acura, Infiniti, etc. I appreciate the improvements M-B made to the E Class' materials in '00.

    My 1997 and 1999 Acura TL's were well built cars.
    But, my '00 E430 is significantly better. The '00
    Lexus GS400 I almost bought was a well built car as well. After a detailed inspection, IMHO
    the M-B E class' materials and body integrity are superior.

    The new "E" Class for 2003 remains a question mark. The "S" was significantly cheapend from '99 to '00. Although the new S Class is a great car it does not have much over its competitors as far as build quality. The first batch of new C Class vehicles had a lot of bugs to work out.
    The new "E" needs to prove itself.

    Chech this out:
  • I also agree the E is extremely well built, and the fit and finish are next to none.
  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    is Telematics.

    As of today, there is still no built in cellular phone offered by the three Japanese manufacturers that works well.

    Expensive as it is, the Motorola solution is quite elegant and for those having no choice but to take calls in their car, MB/BMW do offer a nice set up with the system integrated to the dash, stereo and speakers.

    I cannot emphasize the convenience not having to hook up the hands free ear plug, turn down the music volume, taking one hand off the steering wheel, quickly glancing at the screen on the phone to identify the caller, and answering the call pressing the button holding the phone in one hand.. And I'm going into how all the cables get tangled with the seat belt or the complication when you get the low battery alert.

    With the Motorola system in a BMW/MB, when a call comes in, the music is muted automatically; you simply look at the dash to find out the incoming caller, and move your thumb half an inch to answer the call.
  • I am still grappling with the cd changer issue for my 01 e wagon. I took the advice of a much earlier post and purchased a becker unit from continental imports. Much to our dismay we could not figure out how to install the unit in the wagon. Continental imports was great about returning the unit. I again checked with our local area dealers and no one was moving off the $1000 mark for install. After a few conversations with the parts department at the dealer I purchased the wagon from, I came away with the impression that no unit besides the true Mercedes changer could be installed with relative ease in the wagon. Is this true? I read a post earlier that someone purchased a unit from - was this installed in a wagon? I am about to accept defeat and fork out the $1000 for the changer from mercedes .I would love any input if someone who successfully self installed in a wagon and where you purchased your unit. I was also intrigued by the comments regarding the multi-contour seats. My only regret regarding my wagon was that I didn't spring for the multi countour. Is it possible to retrofit them into my car? I intend to keep this car for a long time.
  • My '00 E430 Sport has the K2a package. So, I agree it is great to have a voice activated, integrated phone option. For me, the phone is more useful than COMAND as I drive to work in my car. I rarely use my M-B for long trips or new destinations. The phone I use daily.

    The multicontour seats are nice. The only option I regret not getting is the rear sunshade. I planned on tinting my car which I did not due secondary to the "scratching" issue. So, I miss that rear sunshade.
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    You might want to ask your service department how much labor cost it will be to install it, then get the MB changer from
  • I know the maintenance schedules call for items like brake fluid flushes and other items not directly related to A or B service. As these are recommended maintenance are they covered under the 4-year free maintenance policy? I have heard conflicting information on this and I just wonder if anyone has any experience with these issues to share.

    Thanks to all,

  • What problem did you have trying to install the changer? Was it the wiring, or actually fitting it in place? I had a little trouble figuring out what to do to hold it in place, so I took some styrofoam I had lying around, and cut it to fit in the space in the rear passenger side well, and it is holding the player in place very snugly(not sure if that's a word, but you know what I mean). It doesn't look great, but you never see it except when you open the panel to change the cartridge anyway. I have yet to have a skip, and everything works perfectly. So, while this may be a little inelegant, I'll take it at a $550 savings.
    I haven't seen the MB changer, but I was under the impression that it is the Becker unit, with an MB logo. Is this correct?

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