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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • I just had a lovely conversation with Lisa at Courtesy Motors and as everyone has said she was a pleasure to deal with. She quoted me a price of just around $1700 for my 01 wagon. She also gave me an option for an extended warranty for my 99ML (we did not purchase a MB warranty within the required window.) Its a warranty offered by Daimler-Chrysler and allows purchase after the 1 year window. She quoted me around $1800 for an additional 3 years. I think its 7 years or 75,000 miles whichever comes first. The price is good and allows for repair at any MB dealer. One real positive vs many after market warranties we looked into was the review period of 30 days to read all the mice type. Sounds like as good a deal as I can get for an extended warranty for the ML.
  • For some reason I can't read your profile, but I seem to recall you are in the Atlanta area.
    Ddi you price your extended warranty at the Atlanta dealers?
  • I bought my 95 E320 3yrs ago with 50K miles, I now have 90K on the clock and it still feels great, not a squeek or rattle, I thought about trading it in for a 01 E class and after driving it. I was dissapointed. First, the sales guy was an absolute moron and told me that my car was really not worth keeping on the lot as a trade and they would have to wholesale it, I asked him about the other 93-95 E's on the lot with 85-95K miles on them he had no answer. I asked him does he want to make a sale or not, after 30 seconds of more BS out of his mouth, I left. I went to another dealer and they were going to offer me 2 g's more than the first dealer I went to. Service at the dealer in southern calif has really gone down the toilet. Also it just did not have that solid benz feel that I have been used to for the last few years of drving it. I think I might keep my 95 till the wheels fall off (which might be a long time) who knows. One other thing I noticed, the sheetmetal on the newer body style are about 18 to 20 gauge steel as opposed to 16 gauge like the 95 and older. The paint looks great for being almost 7 years old. Anyone else out there with a 94-95 whos happy with it, yeah the new ones are cool looking too, but there's just somthing about the older ones they built.
  • dmac8dmac8 Posts: 54
    My car ownership experience includes 2 MB's. A 1979 240D, and a 1986 300D. At the same time I got the 86, I also purchased a 1986 Acura Legend.

    Most Japanese cars of the '70's and well through the 80's were much more rust prone than the MB products of even the early 70's. However, imho, MB products declined from the 79 I had, to the 86. I think todays MB's have declined even further.

    Part of this is attributable to the fact that volumes at MB have increased dramatically, and the Japanese have pressured them from a pricing standpoint. Consider the MB 6 cylinder engines. They are derivative of the v8's, purely for manufacturing economy. The in-line 6 could go for a very long time.

    Driving an MB at night and seeing the 3 pointed star atop the hood, is a very self satisfying experience, and MB prices this into the product.

    But as far as integrity of cars like Acura is concerned, I still own my 86 Legend, with 160,000 miles. The dealer where I go for service, regularly works on the same model, most with over 250,000 miles and the highest with just under 500,000.

    A friend has a 1987 300 E with the same miles as my Acura, but it has cost him $9,000 more in repairs to get to 150,000, never mind the original cost.

    Both cars however, are pretty good at 90mph on the freeway.
  • nkali:

    Keep the W124!

    I used to have two W124's (now only one). My wife insisted on a W210 so I traded one W124 for the W210. In term of handling, the W210 cannot compare with the W124. The W124 handles much better, feels tighter, leans less in turns. The W210 is too soft for my taste. It feels like a Cadillac Deville. Some people have changed the stock shocks for heavy duty and sport shocks and said they feel better afterwards.

    The workmanship and material quality of the W210 cannot compare with what is in the W124. Just in this discussion alone, people have seen cracked dashes for 1 - 4 year old W210s.

    Another thing was a big surprise to me. The truck in the W210 (looks much bigger) is not as deep as the one in W124.

  • On September 5, I posted a message, asking everyone to sort out the various tire and suspension upgrades for my E320. I complained that my car was wallowing, among other things. mbdriver wrote that he couldn't understand why I would say that, as his car hadn't ever wallowed.

    By coincidence, I brought my car in for service the next day, complaining of a slight creaking noise from the right rear shock area. It had seemed so minor that I'd listened to it for months without bothering the dealer. Turned out to be a bad shock and, just like that, I've gotten back the marvelous road feel the car had when it was new. Talk about not putting two and two together!
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    You mentioned the very poor service that you get from a dealer in So. Calif. Would you mind mentioning what dealer that might be?
  • htohto Posts: 21
    I apologize if I offended you. But, the car would run at 200K miles, it is the reliability not the integrity of the structure of the car. You want to understand what I was talking about? You go and test drive the car of its first year of a model and you drive the new last year car of the same model then you can tell how much different between an old one and a new one, on Japanese cars and German cars. It is the integrity. I owned more Japanese cars than German cars. Including, Toyota supra, Nissan Maxima, Toyota Camary, Lexus GS300, BMW 5 series. After 5 years, BMW was still holding up much better than the others, even I have to bring it to the shop for repair more than the Japanese cars. I'm currently having a Lexus LS430 and MB E320. The Lexus is amazingly quiet, it still performs flawlessly after 10K miles, no doubt about its reliability for over years. But, for daily driving, I still want to drive my MB for the reasons that we all knew.
  • I was referring to laguna niguel MB, I have had very good service from Caliber in Anahiem Hills, where do you have your cars serviced ?
  • Boy are the dealers in So Cal loaded with inventory of E 320's Most have at least 10-30 2001's and a lot full of 2002's.

    Just purchased a 2001 E 320 with e2 and k2 options for $ 8000 below sticker and $3400 below invoice.

    Most of the dealers I spoke with would do $2500-2900. No Desert Silvers' unless you want them loaded.

    Neat car. Will be interesting to compare to my S 320.
  • Good for you in avoiding an expensive and unnecessary upgrade to eliminate the "wallowing"! I guess a bad shock really can cause problems.
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    I have my cars serviced at MB of Laguna Nuguel also and have gotten very good service. Several years ago when I first got my ML which is a 1998 I was having some trouble with the a/c. I was able to speak with the technician and explain exactly to him what the symtoms were as opposed to just going trough the service writer. In so doing I was able to establish some credibility with him and was able to convince him that I knew what I was talking about. As a result they were able to fix the problem which was a loose pin in one of the connections to the a/c. This caused it to sometimes to revert to heat instead of a/c.
    They also now have a new service manager who is outstanding and I would recommend that you talk to him if there are any problems. Caliber Mtrs. may be good also but it is too far for me to drive since I live in Laguna Niguel. Plus I like the free weekly wash jobs and annual detailing.
  • I recently was in Stuttgart on business. The E-Class has to be the single most common vehicle on the road, especially since it represents the majority of cabs and police cars.

    (As a cab, the meter was actually projecting the fare in the rear view mirror, so that the dash itself was uncluttered and almost standard. I thought it was a nice touch.)

    It actually makes me trust the car's quality even more as it is used in "severe duty" applications.
  • htohto Posts: 21
    Over Stuttgart, they use it as cabs. Over the USA, it is the luxury car that not many people can effort it. Is it fair? :-) What is the difference between them?
  • ... not a whole lot. There are a couple if items:

    - Diesel engine
    - High-end synthetic seating surfaces that feel like leather, but are easier to clean. I wouldn't know the difference.
    - No climate control, heated seats, etc.
    - Cab instrumentation

    They are otherwise the same vehicle. The main difference is usually the engine configuration.

    But I do need to mention that there is a cultural difference. Those German cabs a spotless. You can sometimes see the cabbies mist the cars and clean them while they're waiting for customers.

    What really ticked me off was the following: My colleague got a new C-Class as the mid size rental, I didn't. ;) They come with very nice cloth seats and far less features than you'd expect in the US, but they are still very nice cars. It had a very nice 6-speed manual as well.
  • nvcnvc Posts: 21
    pvrick - what dealership in SoCal did you get 8K off? What is you actual price, before tax and license?
  • I would also like to know where to get $8000 off. The 2001 E320's were stickering at $50,000. Your telling me I can pick one up for $40,000? That's the same price as a well equiped C320.
  • Was offered $49,000 out the door on E 320 with E 2 and metalic paint. 6-800 less if white. My calculations have this at $44,783 with metalic or $43,983 white. Sticker on metalic is $50730.
    From dealer in Long Beach, Torrance or Riverside. NOT for Downtown LA or Newport Beach.

    I bought E 320 w E 2, K2a, metalic paint, heated seats (came with) for $46,370. List is $54,340.

    See Richard at Long Beach or Arron at South Bay in Torrance.

  • Thanks for the info!
  • Sounds like they might have turned things around there at Laguna Niguel benz, you have a point on the free weekly carwashes, I do used to bring in there often but a couple of times, things ended up getting broken, my power headrest and my center console door, they told me they would not fix it at the time since there was nothing to prove that is was not broken before it came to the car wash. A few weeks ago I took it for my annual detail, they told me that the power headrest was not under the starmark warranty, I informed them, it was broken there when someone was adjusting the seat, and if it was not going to be fixed, I will call MB directly and explain the situation, well it was amazing of the results...fixed, for nothing. Are you happy with your ML ?

  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Don't worry, you didn't offend me.

    As for the integrity of cars, my neighbor has the original 1990 Lexus LS400 and it seems as good as new. But I've only owned two cars in my life, so I'll take your word for it.

    By the way, you are one lucky person to have both a Lexus and an MB!
  • the MB chat tonight has been cancelled. I hope that those of you in NYC or Washington are okay!

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    Yes, I'm happy with my 98 ML now after many ticky tacky problems with it when it was new. I have stuck with it taking it back to the dealer many times. Laguna Niguel MB worked with me and have corrected all of the problems. I now have nearly 50K on it and it continues to now run very well.
    I also bought a new E430 last year from them and the car is incredible in the way it performs.
  • To those of you who live in New York City, and in particularly Manhatten, we want to assure you that we share your deep pain and sadness. Same to our Virginian members civilian or military. You are not alone in this.
  • Thanks for your thoughts. It certainly has been a somber atmosphere for us lucky ones who are here.

    It seems everyone in the NY area has been touched by this tragedy.

    Best Regards,

  • I noticed yesterday that my passenger side lights
    seem to have a bit of "moisture vapor" inside of them. The rain here has been horrific as a tropical storm passes through my area. My car has been in as much as 4 inches of water. This thin film inside the lights usually dries clear within an hour of being out of the rain.

    Can moisture seep inside these lights? If so, does the heavy rain on the ground create an environment for the moisture to get in from the bottom of the car?

    Before yesterday I never noticed this problem. Regular rain storms and car washes with the hose do not seem to cause this problem. Should I bother going to the dealership and getting the driver's side lights replaced? The driver's side Xenon and driving lights do not have the problem.
  • The bulbs are located inside a sealed housing. When humidity sips in, it condensates on the exterior glass. This is an indication that your cover "seal" is damaged and must be replaced. The dealer will certainly replace the seal under warranty but may not do so for the bulb before it is dead. On my 99 E320 4matic, the dealer replaced the driver side seal, then after few weeks he had to replaced the whole cover to stop moisture. Please keep us informed.
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    I wouldn't be too concerned about the moisture as it is more than likely condensation and should dry out within a few days when things dry and warm up. Those lights do have a certain amount of humidity in the space as it is not a vacuum so when the light is cooled down from the rain condensation will form on the inside of the glass. This problem is exacerbated by the high humidity in the area where you live.
  • Thanks, the lights have already dried out.
    I have never seen so much rain here and the humidity is high. My car has been through as much as 4-5 inches of water and the splashing-up was intense.

    Should I wait to see if this problem re-occurs?
    Does having Xenon lights alter my approach?
    The problem was only on the passenger side which was exposed to extra heavy splashing and intense pressure as the water pooled on the side of the roads.
  • If moisture is dried out completely then you should not worry about it. This moisture sips from the inside when the light assembly is splashed by driving rain. It is waterproof by not water resistant. I am glad your problem is gone.
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