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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • laithy_74laithy_74 Posts: 35
    mbdriver, I meant habitat1 when I said arrogant because he attacked me as being disrespectful. I wasn't talking about you. You didn't say anything wrong.
  • laithy_74laithy_74 Posts: 35
    My post regarding the sales was also based on the fact that BMW and Lexus indeed outsold Mercdes so far this year. The Lexus GS isn't even close to E-class when it comes to sales, but I believe that's because the GS sedan isn't a smaller alternative to the LS, like the 5-series is a smaller alternative to the 7-series and the E-class to the S-class. It's too cramped, inconviniently-styled, and doesn't have any family resemblance to the LS. The ES300, on the other hand is very successful because it is pretty much a poor-man LS. So I do not see why the GS can't jump in sales if styled and sized adequate. The ES300 sold over 6,000 in March and the RX still outsells everything there, so just think about the possibilities!
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Give it a rest. Since you're so caught up in sales...the E-Class is the #1 car in it's class, in the world as it is also the best selling luxury car in the world. The E-Class is also the best selling car in it's class right here in the U.S....way ahead of the GS. Period. Lexus's GS doesn't even compare sales-wise, not here, or the rest of the world. Mercedes isn't going to drop prices on the new E because the current car is a hit, it only makes sense to keep prices level. Most GS sales are the GS300, the GS430 is way down on the charts, always has been even back when it was the GS400. In Lexus defense they only have 2 models compared to the 4+ that Mercedes has.

    BMW and Lexus outselling Mercedes doesn't mean much because Mercedes moves much more hardware from 65K on up than either of them, yet Lexus and BMW only outsold MB by a few thousand units. All 3 are running at around 50K or so for the first quarter. Hardly the bleak situation you always try to predict.

  • dzidzi Posts: 8
    I’ve been following this forum for a while. Great place to learn from knowledgeable E-class owners. Last November I finally bought my very first MB E320. It’s a 2002 model and has 2500 miles on it now. Great car except one thing bugs me constantly. I would like to get you guys’ opinion on this issue. When I stop at traffic light with one foot on the brake, after a few seconds I can hear a “knocking” sound from the back of the car. After a few seconds more there will be the 2nd sound. I took the car back to dealer. They replaced the fuel tank but nothing changed afterward. I took it back and got the service manager involved. He looked into the problem and told me that the sound is resulting from the “emission system purge value self-test”. The first popping sound is opening the valve and the 2nd sound is closing. He insisted there’s nothing wrong on the car and the sound is normal on all 2002 E-class cars. I can understand the mechanism of what he’s describing but could not agree with the loudness of the sound. I drove other 2002 E-class and don’t think I ever heard this kind of noise. Do any of you guys owning the 2002 model ever experience this before? It would be disappointing that I have to either turn the music loud all the time to cover up this noise or learn to get used to it. I would really appreciate to get you guys’ opinion on this and what I can do next. Thanks in advance.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    I don't have an E-Class but clearly that is unacceptable. I'd go back to the dealer and drive another with the service advisor and ask him where the so called normal noise is on that one. Some of these guys are real low lifes.
  • cce182cce182 Posts: 40
    First question. Is your E320 a wagon or a sedan? If a wagon, it is possible the sound has an easier time reaching the cabin (but this is pure guessing on my part). But, so what?

    I'm suspicious of the solenoid "self test" diagnosis. Sure, when the car starts up, it goes through an "initialization" (something like 'booting' your computer) and goes through a number of self-tests, e.g. Airbags, ABS, and emissions-control systems, but I don't understand why the self-test would have to rattle on while you're standing still somewhere in traffic.

    The difficult we face with ALL new cars, with their fancy electronics, emission controls, navigation, entertainment, ad nauseum, is that they are too technical for most retail service departments to keep abreast of their workings. They try, they get training and all that, but IMHO can't really keep up. I'm sure the "self-test" explaination was delivered with all sincerity, and I'm suspicious that it's probably wrong.

    When they tell you that something you don't expect "is normal" and "all of the others in this MY year do this", they're basically admitting that they don't know what the problem is, don't know how to fix it, and are too lazy to call the zone manager. If purge valve self-test IS normal, then ask them to replace your valve with a quieter one, or replace the vibration isolation between the valve and the chassis (assuming there is any). Take mbnut1's advice. Also, try another MB service department. Where I live, MB service departments compete for your business.

    Good luck
  • dzidzi Posts: 8
    The E-320 I have is a sedan. Service manager said this valve is inside the fuel tank and since they already replaced the tank once so they are not going to do anything more at this point. I don't know all these technical stuff and I just can't imagine an $50,000 car will have this knocking sound all the time when I stop the car in traffic. Everyone sit in my car all aware of this sound and I'm just too embarrassed to tell them this is normal to MB. I'm attaching the email from this service manager so you guys can tell if what he said make sense. I'm also in the process of contacting MBUSA and this dealership management. I'm still curious about other 2002 E owners comments if they can hear the same thing.

  • jsalemijsalemi Posts: 17
    This may sound like a dumb question, but what's the best way to clean & shine the wood trim in the cabin? A swipe with a damp rag? Same cleaner used for the vinyl? Windex? Pledge? Something else?

  • I have a question.. do they still have M-B Tex as an option on new Mercedes cars?
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    Try good ol' Pledge on your wood trim. It's the best way to clean it and keep the shine.

    I don't think the MB Tex vinyl interior is even an option in the U.S., except perhaps on the station wagon.
  • What a shame! M-B Tex is often the reason so many older Mercedes' interiors lookg good, 15 years later. No scratches or tears in the upholstery as compared to leather.
  • jsalemijsalemi Posts: 17
    Thanks! Pledge (like everyone else, it seems) now makes polish-laced wipes that would probably be real handy for cleaning the wood trim. I'll pick up a box, and toss it in with my cleaning supplies in the trunk.

    Happy motoring!
  • rbrenton88rbrenton88 Posts: 186
    Has anyone noticed that whenever an argument breaks out about this car vs. that car, the primary validation given always comes down to how many units were sold last quarter?
    Why would this matter to anyone except people whose paychecks depended on it?

    More people bought Fords last year than Rolls Royces. I guess that means Ford is better.

    Are there trolls on the Lexus board too? I'd take a look, but then I have no interest.
  • kappiahkappiah Posts: 3
    I have a 2002 E320 Sedan and I don't hear or experience any knocking noise when I stop in traffic or at a light. I have had my sedan since September 2001 and it rides quietly. I agree with the suggestion that you take a test drive in another 2002 E320.
  • I just saw a pic of the new eclass...looks sharp, a logical progression. It definatly would look better without the black roof...maybe a body colored roof.
  • The black roof is only if you order the optional big moonroof.
  • sfmartinsfmartin Posts: 59
    I have a 2002 E55. I had noticed an occasional "thumping" noise from behind the rear seat when stopped. Very subdued, my wife doesn't notice it. I had assumed it was fuel sloshing in the tank. Anyway, it's so minor I'm not concerned about it.
  • basaambasaam Posts: 1
    "As I turn into my garage or go to pull away from the curb" occasionally, the column makes a squealing sound that is clearly not normal. I have gone to the dealer a number of times during service visits, with them even replacing the column on the last visit but the noise returns.

    Has this happened to any of you? What did you implement to stop this from recurring?

    Thanks in advance
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    Are you sure it's not the power steering pump making the noise? I had a problem similar to what you describe in my ML320. The problem was the power steering pump. I could feel a bit of vibration in the wheel at the time of the squeal. Had the pump replaced and that took care of the problem.
  • EdsotoEdsoto Posts: 42
    Just took the plunge: E320; Silver/Charcoal;Heated Seats; E2;K2A... $48,000.


    Details to follow.


    If any New York City people are interested in a great deal on an E320 SE ($45000), I'll post the phone number.
  • bmms8bmms8 Posts: 86
    i booked a e-class for 2003, nd my dealer called me tday daling wih opions,evn they have no prices he gave me a clue on what thy are going to have. we are planning on a e5 and its basically the same optons, but some stuf are new. but one bad ting is that the e2 package will not be standard even though the airmatic will. he said th price will be about 54-55 K, but i think it is a god price, esecially for 20- something more hp, and the airmatic system as standard, he also said that th nav system will have a delay of a quater, 3 months, but he also said, tha it ill be digital, if ay one has more info plz tll me,ty (sorry if there are ny spelling mistakes)
  • boo20boo20 Posts: 85
    There's a spell checker below the editing window.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    While doing a routine winter tires replacement on my 99 E-320 4matic the technician noticed that my front right ball-joint is worn out at 37k km (23.12k miles). He said this is a common problem on the E-Class. Mine lasted a bit longer than usual because of the 4matic. You may want to visit this part at your next scheduled maintenance.
  • billsoterbillsoter Posts: 49
    I'm thinking of buying a used 97 or 98 E320 preferably from a MB dealer along with extended Starmark warranty. Does anyone have any advice concerning such a transaction? Also, I live in Northern Virginia. Does anyone have experiences, good or bad, with American Service Center, HBL of Tysons or Euro Motorcars?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Big difference in the engines. The 98 has a lighter more efficent V6. The 97 has the last of the line inline sixes. Some prefer the inlines for their smoothness. Some of the inlines had head gasket oil leakage problems. If you can't tell the difference in smoothness get the 98. Unbelievable fuel mileage for such a big powerful car.
  • jsalemijsalemi Posts: 17
    I bought my new E320 from ASC back in February, and I found them to be excellent to work with. Haven't had a chance to use their service department yet, but I've never heard anything bad about them in that area, either.

  • tomskyjltomskyjl Posts: 2
    I used to use Pledge and other brands for the wood trim. I found that they left an oily film on the wood surface which attracted fingerprints. I then tried Zymol Detail and am estatic over the results. Even though it comes in a tiny jar, you use only a very small amount at any time. It leaves a thin waxy coating which seems to last forever and gives a deep, subtle gloss. Here is a link to ordering the product.


  • namoonanamoona Posts: 1
    Edsoto can u post the phone number of the dealer in NYC
  • jsalemijsalemi Posts: 17
    I never thought of using Detail. My wife picked up some of those Pledge wipes, and they worked ok -- the only trick is to use the wipe on a big piece of furniture first to use up some of the excess Pledge on the wipe. Once it's dried a bit, it takes a couple of seconds to swipe it on the wood.

    I'll have to order the Detail next time I put in an order for cleaning supplies.

  • EdsotoEdsoto Posts: 42

    CBS car broker in NYC offered me a price of $44,500 for a 2002 SE - Silver/E2. He did not mention if it had any other options.

    Jerry was the POC: 800-313-5670.

    I got my silver/charcoal,E2,K2A, Heated seats for 48000 at MB Greenwich.

    Good Luck.
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