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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Hi Donald,

    You are right. I bet dealers would love to only have each car on their lot for a few days.

    Unfortunately, they carry inventory so we have selection.

    Right now, our biggest dealership in Boston as 92 E-class MB's on hand.

    They had 99 as of new years so they are coming down some. But for December their inventory increased about 10 cars.

    So if they tend to cars say 75 month in and month out, they are paying interest or opportunity cost on 365*75 lot days ... Another way to look at it is that they are financing $40,000,000 worth of inventory at 8% or so ALL year.

    Smaller dealerships of course, do less. They love to sell you a car at MSRP that you order.

    Imagine the profit they make on your deposit plus $5 - $7,000 on the day or two they have it, prep it and deliver it.

    Nice money if you don't have a big inventory.
  • Why not have 1000 E-class in inventory or 10,000? Perhaps your business model is out of whack! If you have that many cars sitting that long on your lot then you're doing something wrong. Get with the program if you want to compete! I'd find new finance company if you're paying 8%!!
  • My new 2003 E320 drives like a dream!

    I find the light from head lamps (regular not high beam) cover a shorter distance than other cars I have driven, though much brighter. Is the depth of the road ahead covered adjustable?

    Appreciate any thoughts..Thanks
  • monakhmonakh Posts: 16
    To the poster who requested info on DC Metro Dealers: I would avoid HBL like the PLAGUE. They have a salesperson or two who are very knowledgeable and courteous, but the dealership on the whole just is not up to par with EuroMotorCars. I picked up my E500 from MB Alexandria, and honestly my purchase experience was no different than my Accord purchase many moons ago.

    In retrospect, I kinda wish I had gone to Euro instead. And get this: I get to drive a Taurus from Enterprise (at MB Alex), when I am getting my V60 installed. I lamented about that to the New (Car) Sales Manager and he attacked me by saying, there are no dealers in the U.S., let alone the DC area, who offer a full loaner fleet of MBs. He went on to say that it is only something they do if your 'new' car happens to be in the garage long-term. The rationale was that they are servicing up to fifty requests a day (sounded untrue) and there is no way they can maintain a fleet that big. I was fuming when I heard this but chose not to comment, since it was clear this guy was an absolute dork--even if he owned a spankin' new C32 ;>

    Later my salesperson assured me that the manager mentioned above is full of you know what and that when the dealership is fully built-out (it is still under construction) they would no longer have Enterprise Rent-A-Car in the building. Rumor has it that HBL also has an Enterprise desk--can anyone confirm?

    Anyway--I paid close to 70K (with taxes etc.) for my car (got it for about 2K off of MSRP), I really was hoping for a better experience. However, perhaps it was my mistake to go to a dealership that is supposedly the first new franchise in thirty years in the country. I don't even know how true THAT is but they really are under construction.

    I do love my E though--can one be in love with their car? I get lost on purpose just so I can keep driving...won't be able to do that when the Navi comes in, I guess. Heh...
  • Monakh, Euromotorcars has an ALL Mercedes loaner fleet.
  • Monakh, HBL also has an Enterprise rental desk.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Anyone who needs a contact at Euromotors can e-mail me at The person I will refer you to is the father of one of my daughters classmates and did right by my attorney and business partner on two E320's last year. I have no vested interest other than to see professionalism and integrity rewarded with future referrals.
  • rayscarrayscar Posts: 70
    I bought an E500 from HBL. Took deliver on 11/2/02. I can't talk about every sales person there but mine was very nice and helpful. Has alsways responded quickly to me requests. The only service I've had also went well. I didn't need a loaner so I can't address that issue. So far I'm happy with HBL and so is one of co-workers.
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    I'll second everything mentioned about EuroMotorcars in Bethesda. Sales experience was a pleasure when I bought my 2000 E320, and service (using Andy Guida as my service advisor) has been excellent.

    Euro does, indeed, have a 100% Mercedes fleet of loaners!
  • I picked up my E500 for $500 over invoice at South Bay MB with no trouble at all. They have them piling up there. Further more, my co-worker received a call from a salesman at Caliber Motors in Anahiem Hills and was told "any E class on the lot $2000 below invoice and no luxury tax". Of course I don't believe it. We'll see if he gets it for that. I'm told that MB deals have end of Jan. deadline to move cars out. Not sure the reason. Could just be salesman hype.
  • That's great to hear about your great deal at South Bay MB. They happen to be the closest MB dealer to me. Have you had to use their service department? How was it?

    Also, who was your salesperson?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Luxury tax was phased out as of January 1, 2003, correct?

    How's the supply of Wagons out there? I was hoping to get a good deal on a 2003 with the old body style as a replacement for our SUV.
  • cticctic Posts: 291
    It's going to be difficult for the large dealers to have a 100% MB loaner fleet. I was at the dealer for my B service and they had ~120 appointments on the book today. I would imagine that any MB loaners would be reserved for SL,CL and S owners, though they deny it. I can't imagine that big elderly guy with the 2003SL after me driving home in the Suzuki I got. The dealer has 2 rental agencies working with them.
  • jjsanijjsani Posts: 14
    I know the nav system is not available yet, but is there any information/specs on what system be like, e.g. screen size, will it have voice direction prompts ?. Is availability still set for first quarter 2003?.
  • My dealer in NJ has all MB as loaners, albeit mostly C240s and a few MLs.
  • My salesman was Ola Amosun. I didn't notice any wagons and only a couple of old style E classes, but they have an offsite storage place somewhere. They had many new E-classes. Not a big selection on color, mostly black and silver.

    The service is much different from GM dealer. They're dressed in suit and ties and have offices to discuss your service visit. The will drive you somewhere if you want or I can give them one of the loaner coupons they gave me when I purchased the car.

    Sounds like if my wife could have waited a few more weeks, I could have saved the $670 lux tax and gotten a better deal to boot.
  • Bought the two key tools that remove the climate control unit (and radio) and bought the replacement bulb (part no. 002 544 02 94) for the climate control unit. Removed the climate control unit and replaced the bulb very easily (2 minutes).
    Clark 217
  • joeadpjoeadp Posts: 68
    Where did you get the tools?

    My red light on the climate control is not working
    so I guess it is the bulb.
  • shehzadshehzad Posts: 52
    I haven't purchased a mercedes from them since the mid - late 1990's but they are EXCELLENT. My salesman for life is Alan Jbaili, and from what I understand, he's still there. When I first dealt with him back in the end of 1995, I called him b/c I wanted to purchase the then new E class for my wifes birthday. He found the car in stock and although he refused to negotiate on the car (it was november, and the car had been out in the U.S. for a week), he did agree to give me free service for 3 years/36k (remember, this was the end of 1995, and if I recall correctly, only audi gave free service at the time), and to do a delivery service on my car For service, they would pick up my car from my house in McLean in the morning b/f I left for work, leave me with a mercedes (a c class every time, but who's paying attention) to drive for the day, and then return the car to me (and pick up the loaner then). Since I didn't have to pay for service for the first 3/36, billing was never an issue, but then, during the last 14k(up to the 50,000 mile limit)they took my credit card and just had me sign a reciept when they brought the car back to the house. At the time, I had gotten my previous mercedes serviced at American Service Center (but I never purchased from them as I always, until 1995 bought with European delivery for military), and figured out that I had spent somthing like 16,000 dollars on an 1985 diesel that they used to service. When I went in to negotiate the purchase the E320, and mentioned to the salesman that I had been a customer of theirs for over 10 years, and had, even though the warranty expired, still maintained my car at their dealership and paid the extra labor, the salesman would still not negotiate with me. I was so upset that I asked to speak with the owner of ASC, who subsequently called me at home a day or two later, and although he was very cordial, insisted that he would not lower the price of the E320 by even a penny, as they had just come out. After hanging up the phone with him, I figured if the owner of the dealership doesn't care that I've spent so much money on just ONE car at his dealership, and isn't even willing to go down by $500.00----(I just wanted a discount so I could tell my friends that I got a great deal) on an $47,000(in 1995-1996 dollars) vehicle, then I guess he doesn't want my business at all. And I have never stepped foot in American Service Center since. HBL---don't get me started on them---let's just say that they're a bunch of crooks. As I mentioned, I live in McLean, not 1 mile from HBL, and I would drive to Baltimore b/f I bought a car from those idiots. This has become a very long diatrobe, so let me just end it by saying to purchase from Euro---their standards for both buying and servicing a mercedes as truly what owners hope for when purchasing a European vehicle.
  • My husband and I are lifetime customers of EuroMotors as well. We have the same sales rep, Alan Jbaili. He is a consummate professional. Even though we have moved to Chicago, and other cities, we still will only buy a MB from Alan Jbaili and EuroMotorCars. The service really is that good!
  • monakhmonakh Posts: 16
    Such glowing recommendations are rare in this day and age. I wish I had bought my car from Alan J.! But more importantly, I wish I had given my business to EuroMotor Cars. The discussion about ASC would explain why MB of Alexandria treats me not very different from a glorified Honda customer (since they are a branch of the ASC).

    Oh and learn...perhaps when the E55 comes around...

  • mbe2003mbe2003 Posts: 12
    Well, here is an interesting one for you. I was driving my 2003 E-320 and hit a pot hole. The hit punctured a hole in the sidewall of my tire. So now I need to get the tire replaced. I call everywhere (OK, everywhere in Atlanta) looking for a replacement tire that matches - Michelin 225/55 R 16 95 H. Nobody has them. I call the dealer and they cannot find them either. Now I am driving on a temporary spare because I cannot find a tire that matches. So far the best estimate is a tire can come in 7 - 10 days.

    All this seems a little extreme. Anyway, the dealer is working hard to try to help but so far, not a whole lot of progress. At first I was hoping for a road hazard warranty, now I will just settle for a tire that matches so I can get the temp spare off the car. Thank God I do not travel a lot of miles everyday.

    PS: I still love the car but the handling with the temp spare leave a little to be desired. ;-)
  • monakhmonakh Posts: 16
    I have an idea for you: To get the handling back to where it was, replace the other three tires with the likes of your spare, should be perfect then!

    Just kidding :) Sorry to hear about your trouble. Did you try They have the most extensive inventory on the planet and have a heck of a website and great prices to boot (no pun intended).

    Give it a shot.
  • 2ndmb2ndmb Posts: 72
    Contact the Tire Rack or go to their web site at I'm sure they will have the tire you're looking for.
  • mbe2003mbe2003 Posts: 12
    My dealer seems to be coming through. Last night they put a similar tire on so I do not have to run around on my spare. When the replacement comes in, they will swap it out for the correct match. All with no additional cost to me.

    In my mind, not bad! I will keep you posted.
  • merrelmerrel Posts: 45
    Hey John I. of Atlanta: I too have a 2003 E320 MB and I purchased a spare but cannot get orig. equipment. Try Michelin # 91592 which is their XGT-H4 (225/55R16) This is as close as you wil get at this time. Merrel in Charlotte
  • janenejanene Posts: 2
    Does anyone know when exactly the new E w/4matic is going to be available? my 2000 e320 4matic comes off lease in April and I would like to get into the new E preferably w/4Matic.
  • mbe2003mbe2003 Posts: 12
    Everybody - Thanks for the suggestions. Here is where things stand. Tire Rack does not carry them, in fact, no one in the US but Michelin seems to have them and they only release them when the VIN for the car is supplied at this time. I think they are in the process of building an inventory.

    My dealer put a Continental on the car temporarily and will replace it when the Michelin comes in in 7 - 10 days. I am not holding my breathe, but at least I am driving my car.

    Thanks again for all the suggestions.
  • jgraveljgravel Posts: 54
    I was told next October. I'm also waiting. I don't understand the reasoning behind the wait because the technology is obviously available and working in the newer E, it's shipping with the wagon.

    Good luck,

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    The 2003 4-matic Wagon is the old model.
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