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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Take a look at msg #4516 in this forum. Useful info on the number and kind of changes from 99 to 2000 - 2001.

    I just use prices in Boston Globe, ebay, etc. for car's actual value. What you pay for is your choice.

    Remember invoice - holdback (2-3%) on a new MB is what your new MB is worth the instant you take title, because the dealer isn't going to buy it back for more than he can buy it from MB for right away.

    Dealer trade prices and auction prices tend to reflect this offset from new pricing throughout the first 5 - 6 years of a car's life.

    So if a dealer can go pick up a 1999 320 coming off of a 4 year lease for $19 - 20K or less, that's what the car is worth. What you pay that's higher than that is your personal decision.

    Recent trades on ebay for example:

    Item # 2402654886 a 1998 E-320. at $18,700 the reserve is met and the car will sell today.

    Speaking of high mileage, there's a 1999 320 with 104K on it (just getting broken in as they'd say) on ebay now. The current price is $14,200 at no reserve.

    There's a 1999 AWD 320 with 65K with a buy it now price of $23,900 with Bose CD rear shade. see - - =2402423413 ...

    BTW..I love Toyota's despite what findav says. Toyota has the best manufacturing process on the planet. But there's a major issue with Corollas and Matrix's regarding sulfur smells in the cars and I have been active in posting there. to encourage people to chase Toyota for resolution. If Mercedes stank like swamp gas you might feel similarly motivated.

    So there!

    Never any offense intended here or there. Just the facts.
  • thanks for your reply mtrauman....I thought maybe it had been a problem for the technician to have found it.....I'm glad to know they were looking for it...I never would have seen it.....after the dash was replaced however the ashtray door and the other storage door won't close.....but that will be taken care when I get the catalytic converter repaired again.....
  • finadvfinadv Posts: 59
    #302 of 330 Toyota quality going down fast by footie Jan 20, 2003 (12:10 pm)

    I think that there's a lot of evidence that Toyota 'quality' is going down very fast across their product line.

    Wait until they start building the new Lexus RX330 in Canada and it gets hammered by problems.

    The best Toyota's to buy aren't new ones.
  • I was just about to pick up a 2003 e500 and the dealer just warned me that they just received a communications from the factory that the retrofitting that they were going to do on the nave in april is been put on hold indefinitely. Has anyone heard anything about this or is the dealer trying to sell me out of the nav. I was supposed to pay 1600 up front and have it installed later. Love to hear from anyone with facts.
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Thanks, Findav

    I do love'em but still think that they are letting their quality slide across the board. I still root for them to, but I also encourage all owners to stay in their faces about QA issues.

    I talk with one of my sales manager friends at New England's largest Toyota franchise as another benchmark. His take is that the problem level has risen significantly since 1999. Seeing the Camry and Corolla lose or drop places in the JDPower surveys is also a confirmation.

    They can get away with lower quality now than it took to penetrate the market here. Toyota fans like me need to stay on them to keep the benchmark high.

    They have a significant supplier education problem here in the U.S. that takes a long time to get up to speed. That's why they have special center in Kentucky to teach them the 'way'. The transition to increasingly high % of domestic content takes its toll.

    The Corollas and Matrix coming out of Canada are good but have had nagging 'little problems' that Toyota owners aren't used to. The new Lexus RX330 will be a significant challenge.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Um, the Toyota conversations are thataway --->

  • beepabeepa Posts: 12
    Believe me, it takes a LOT more than that to offend me. I did check out e-bay (why anyone would make a purchase like that on the Internet is beyond me --- & I own a computer store!) but the ones I saw were of "high mileage" 75k +, mine has 26k. Be that as it may, I love my new Benz --- so far and am satisfied with the price & dealer. On another note, I happen to have NAV in mine (love it!) and it takes the spot in the center console where the ashtray normally is. I don't smoke but I do use the lighter for my radar detector and cell phone charger (I'm not using the one that came with the car). Does anyone know if there is a retro fit for a power source adapter????
  • joeadpjoeadp Posts: 68
    WSJ article on a Dentist who purchased a car for over 75K and lost everything.

    The scam put the money in a trust account while the transaction closes.

    The trust account was owned by the thief.

    Lesson no money till you pick up the merchandise.
    Ebay also offers a holding account until the deal closes.

    I guess my point to Footie if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. You get what you pay for.
  • tusstuss Posts: 11
    could you post the wsj article, or the link to it on this site . . .I tried to look at it but couldn't find it.
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    That was a dentist who was purchasing a 55K M5, which retails for 75k+. He sent money to 10 different accounts upon request, and did not pay attention to a number of signs that may have indicated problem. For one thing, it would have cost him 55k just to Federalize German spec car to OBDII. Grey import for a 96+ model year is just not worth the effort, and you will spend more money.
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    I think you are all correct about due diligence in a large purchasing decision like this.

    I just checked ebay and their were 19 up for bid that were either carrying a Starmark warranty or Starmark eligible.

    If you are fortunate to live in or near a major metropolitan area like Boston, New York, Chicago, etc. then restricting your considerations to ebay listers you can actually visit, see and test drive a vehicle is a step towards minimizing risk.

    There are three or four here in Boston that are happy to have prospective bidders stop by.

    In addition some of the local Mercedes dealers have been offering vehicles on ebay. I think they are new to this and are going slow. Clair Motors in Dedham had several cars listed a few weeks ago. Foreign Motors West in Natick has two late-model BMW's on auction now.

    I've seen a Mercedes dealership in Houston offer pre-owned MB's as well as a few dealerships in Florida.

    Even though there are scam artists on ebay, the dealerships and big resellers realize that there is much more money to be made by selling a lot of cars at a good profit.
  • bud24bud24 Posts: 8
    My 2001 E430 4 matic is a great winter car, specially with Blizzak LM22s. It is rock stable, and has great traction, even on steep snow and ice covered upslopes. I thought it was perfect, until I used my wife's car which has a heated steering wheel. When its 0 degrees with 20 below windchill, I prefer to drive her car.

    Has anyone retrofitted a heated steering wheel into their E class?
  • lex10lex10 Posts: 30
    I am an owner of a 2003 E500 sport with 1000 miles on it. Love the car but noticed a couple of quirks.
    1-The front end/steering has a slight jittery feeling when going over small bumps.I was wondering if this is due to the air suspension?

    2-The radio got bad static a couple of times and after shutting it off and putting it back on again, several times, the static went away.

    3-When the car sits over night,it ussually takes several tugs on the door handle to open up the drivers side door, don't know if it's alarm related or cold weather related.

    If anyone has similar experiences or has any ideas on why these problems occur please comment.
  • Well it happened, I brought my current 2001 E320 in for it's schedule B service and I made the mistake of going through the showroom while my car was being detailed. I talked to the salesman and he put some very good numbers together, my only problem is, as much as I like the Stone interior (wish it were Java like mine) I like the Charcoal because I fear that light color will stain easily. The exterior will be black. Any thoughts, and is it worth getting full leather? I will be getting E2 Package, phone with voice, and cd changer. Also, do you think it's too soon to purchase now because, historically, the first year Benz always has terrible resale.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    There are definitely a few bugs in the new E-class - my neighbor traded his 2001 E55 for a new E500 a few weeks ago and it's been back a couple of times for electrical / remote control problems. But he still loves the car and isn't dissapointed that he didn't wait. Prior to the E55, he had a 1997 E420 that burned through headlight/foglight bulbs on a monthly basis. So he's used to first year bugs.

    Wasn't aware that first year Benz's are known for poor resale, but it makes sense given the bugs of recent new E, C, and S class models.

    He traded a black/charcoal E55 for a tectite grey metallic with charcoal interior. The car looks very sharp and he already is relieved to not have a black car. I'm sure you've either owned a black car before or heard the advice against black, so I won't assume to steer you away. But I will say the new E in tectite grey is a great looking alternative. The charcoal interior is the only way to go, IMO. My neighbor's previous E420 had an ash interior that constantly showed dirt and smudges. Don't think the stone would fare much better. He now jokes that it took him 3 E's to get the colors right.

    Good luck.
  • I appreciate all the good advice. I'll definately look at Tectite Greay! I may lease it so I don't have to worry too much about the depreciation. I'm seeing a lot of NEW E'S on the roads here in South Florida.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    was 1996. Not 1997. I've got the 96 to prove it. I bought mine almost 5 years ago so I can't say what happened in the first 1-2 years of life. I've only replaced 2 bulbs; a parking light and a turn signal. Other than that the only other repair other than frequent disc brake pads was the rubber suspension & steering bushings at about 75K miles.

    It is dark blue with the light cream interior and I don't think that the light interior is much of a detriment. The kick panels on the doors show some dirt but otherwise it is not a problem. But on the upside, it is far cooler to the touch in the summer sun than dark interiors I've had in other cars.
  • On my 1998 Merc E320 Sedan, it looks as if the side mirrors do not match. The driver's side has a yellow tint, while the passenger side looks 'clear'. Is this standard, or has one been replaced?
  • adeeladeel Posts: 9
    Hi, I am planning on leasing a 2003 E320 with Capri Blue exterior and stone interior. Any advice from owners if the stone interior will get dirty very quckly and how easy it is to clean . Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    Test drove the E500 yesterday for 15 miles, over rough pavements, highway, bridges, and local blocks. The car felt solid, no rattles over bumps, and at 80mph, no wind noise. 50-80mph acceleration was immediate, but braking from that speed was not as good as a S500 or earlier E55's.

    The steering wheel is tiny and tight, and felt not as attached to the road as the E55. Where the earlier E55 felt like riding on rails, the E500 reminds me more of a 3 series BMW. I am not sure if this is because the E500 I tested had only 91 miles, but just did not have that great 2000-2001 E55 feeling.

    The E500 ride setting of soft generate 70-80% of the ride comfort as the S500. But the tire noise in the S500 is louder than this new E.

    There was this rattle coming from the coffee tray in the back center section during part of the test drive.

    I put in a $500 refundable deposit on 2004 E55 after this test.

    As for colors, cannot decide now on whether going pewter silver, albaster white, or osedian black (the most sensitve to scratches).
  • retnavretnav Posts: 25
    On 28 Jan I bought a new E-320 Pewter silver with charcoal interior and full leather seats, sunroof and heated seats. Only 300 miles during cold and snowy weather. No problems so far---charcoal is a very pleasing and practical interior. I also have english heavy rubber floor mats which are great in this weather. I would guess leather seat inserts would be good enough, this car just happened to full and we bargained to a good deal as far as I was concerned. Dealer was HBL at Tysons corner and salesman, Charles Wynn, was outstanding. My experience was first rate, but now I can not get the dealer to answer my e-mails about a new owner orientation session if it is offered. How do any of you feel about the extended warranty-- 2years for 2k or Lojack--$895? Haven't done either, but what's your collective opinion?
  • I am interested in buying a new 2004 E320 this fall, does anyone know of any dealer on the east coast who would discount $2000 off the list price. Will be selling my own very low mileage 2000 E320 in August and looking for a dealer who will deal.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    but am I the only one who is irritated at how the media are playing up the murder trial in Texas as "Murder by Mercedes" ???? Would it gather headlines if it were a Kia? "Killed by Kia" ?? or by a Ford? "Flattened by Ford" ???
    Oh well, I guess that's the price we pay for owning "celebrity" cars...!
    Or maybe I'm just not a fan of the media hype..!
  • retnavretnav Posts: 25
    I would guess no one can tell what a dealer will do in Fall 2003. Cars will sell at msrp or more if there is enough demand. Dealers will usually only take less to get a volume advantage or to move cars when they can't or don't sell as many cars as they want. Currently you can probably get discounts on 2003's because they aren't moving as quickly as dealers would like. When you are really in the market the Edmunds price and TMV data are about as good as you can get. There are a couple of other good sites for pricing to give you about as much data as you are going to get short of knowing the dealer. Then it just you and the dealer and maybe this board as to what dealers are doing today----- but, what the situation will be next Fall?? If we could tell the future, we could get a better job.
  • hgphgp Posts: 11

    I am interested in buying a 2001 E430 Sport. Fully loaded except Navigation. 23K miles. What do you guys think is a fair price for this?

    Thanks for your input.
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Herb Chambers in Boston has 88 E320's showing in their inventory, down a bit from their 2002 year ending 101. (there are 27 E500's).

    If their inventory runs this high all year, you should certainly expect to get well below MSRP.

    Deal directly with their ISD's, via email, ask for detailed sticker. Make them an out the door cash offer.

    You can also shop their website for comparable offers from Lexus and Infiniti, so you can bargain.

    Clair Motors in Dedham, MA opened a huge new MB facility in Westwood, MA. They'll deal too. They have 30 showing in inventory and do a better job describing the options by number on their website than Herb does.

    Good luck.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I wouldn't think you'd get the same type of ride and handling from a 2003 E500 as you would a 2001 E55. One is for sport the other luxury. They aren't supposed to match up. The car you put the deposit on is the one for that.

  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    I am looking with intent to buy a 2000 E320. It's manufacture date was 11/99. I was reading in the insurance institutes for highway safety web site that starting Jan/2000 there were structural improvements to the E-Class. Can anyone validate this one way or another. Also when were the head side curtain airbags introduced? Thanks
  • joeadpjoeadp Posts: 68
    I purchased my 2000 on 10/31/1999.

    It has the side curtain air bags.

    The 2000 model year had over 2000 changes from the 1999 model year. I think that included the stuctural changes to improve driver occupant saftey. If I remember correctly the issue with the 1999 and earlier models was the driver door became adjar after impact. Saw it on 60 minutes.
    The 2000 corrected this flaw.

  • rg6rg6 Posts: 6
    Can anybody tell me where I can get a replacement cup holder for my 1999 E430? It seems to be easy to replace. I just need to know where I can order one from.
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