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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • cticctic Posts: 291
    When I got my car new it came with 3 or 4 plastic vials of concentrated colorless wiper fluid. Each vial is about the size of a Montblanc fountain pen.

    The volume of the wiper fluid container must be whopping big though because I've never had to refill it. I think each time you take your car in for service they refill it for you. In fact, I put the vials in the garage somewhere safe where they wouldn't get lost and now 3 years later I can't find them anymore.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,586
    I've actually gone in there and they said they don't negotiate off MSRP because (and this is a direct quote from the salesman) "Somebody has to pay for our full page Ad in the New York Times every week."

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • cticctic Posts: 291
    Not to mention the boss's yatch, kid's finishing school in Switzerland, mistress and his salary. MBUSA tried this MSRP thing a couple of years ago, but it didn't work. If they need to sell the car they will go under MSRP. If there's more demand than supply, then they won't go off MSRP.
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    I decided that I didn't want to park my car for the season so I put on a set of Blizzak MZ-01's. I got to test them a day later as we got 6 new inches of snow this past Saturday. With the combination of traction control and esp, the driving experience is much less white knuckle. I still think that FWD or AWD with snows is superior to my RWD C320. I still find even with the snow tires and starting in second gear that traction is lacking (as evidenced by the traction control light). Handling is greatly improved and dry handling with these tires are excellent. Can anyone suggest what else I can do if I want to acsend hills with snows in the white stuff (2-3") with greater ease? Should I put a couple of hundred pounds of sand in the trunk?
  • I live in Boston area, and planning to get a MB C320 very soon. Can anyone suggest a good dealer? Is the price negotiable? Can you tell me your experiences? Thanks.
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    If you don't renew TeleAid, what happens to your SOS button? Is it still usable for emergency roadside assistance calls? Does it still automatically call MB if your airbag deploys?
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    That's a very good question! My renewel is in February and I decided to cancel. I think $240 per year is a ripoff. I am not sure how the call center would react to a call from an unsubscribed vehicle. Does anyone have information on this?
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I'm reading in EC that Mercedes is going to add a C240 and C320 Coupe (ne Hatchback) this summer as 2003 models. Has anyone else heard this?

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,586
    A C240 Sports Coupe (Read: Hatchback) would be slower (but quieter) than the current C230 Kompressor due to the 24 less peak horsepower. It would not make much sense for MB to make this car.

    A C320 Sports Coupe (Read: Hatchback) would be a nice addition with 23 more horsepower & 21 more ft-lbs of torque than the current C230 Kompressor. It would also fill a price gap (Mid $30s - Low $40s LOADED) in the MB lineup between the C230 Kompressor and the CLK 320.

    I've been very impressed from what I've seen in dealer lots. Most of the C230 Kompressors are stickering for $28-$31K with a few exceptions. If they could do the same thing with the C320 Coupes and have most of them sticker in the $34-$37K range (barring fully loaded models with Command Systems ect...) it would be a good move for them.

    The MB C-Coupes could essentially compete with the BMW 3 Series Coupes (and the Audi A3s that are coming to our shores).

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • Is it possible that I can special order a RHD C-class from Europe (UK Spec) to the United States?
    What are the things such as tariff, paperwork, fees, that might be involved?
  • Which dealers in the NY/NJ area give you a price less than MSRP? Any recommendations? What levels are reasonable to expect?
  • What is the typical deposit amount and delivery time in the NY/NJ area for C240?

    I realize some options/colors take longer, but I will be flexible.

    What happens if for any reason e.g. layoff, you decide not to buy the car after paying the deposit? Do you lose it, or is there any other penalty?
  • I know some of you have asked if their are model specific sites out there for AMG owners. is brand new and looks great! Hope you make the most of it while checking back at EDMUNDS of course.
  • In response to posts 5017 & 5018...
    If you do not renew your TeleAid subscription, two things will happen:
    1. You will receive an error message (and a warning chime) each time you insert the key in the ignition. The Benz is reminding you that there is a malfunction (due to failed signal for TeleAid)
    2. The SOS button lights very brightly. It reminds me of a "Terminator" eye shining right into your right retina.
    For these two reasons, and because of the safety factors, I plan on renewing. I could not take the stress of the constant error message, coupled with the bright red light shining into my eye at night.
    So... you may want to think twice about that $240 savings...
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    There is no way to deactivate that light and warning chime if you don't renew? Sounds pretty bad. I was reading at that some people are reporting their credit cards were automatically charged for the renewal, and they went through hell to get it back. I don't know how it detects the system is deactivated, unless it tries to make a cell phone call every time you start the car.

    Also at, a contributor (who claims to be a dealer from SoCal) says that the 2003 C 4MATIC will be released in October.
  • 404c404c Posts: 146
    Surely there's a way to have the dealer eliminate the error message on startup and deactivate the red HAL 9000 eye looking at you from the instrument panel. I mean, do they really expect people who don't value TeleAid to put up with that sort of distraction if they don't feel the $240 per annum is money well spent?

    I certainly would never pay for that "service", having read many times of owners' experiences with the less than helpful minimum-wagers on the other end of the TeleAid line.

    The "negative option billing" that M-B USA seems to be employing in the TeleAid situation is illegal in some Canadian provinces. I can't believe that it's legal (notwithstanding the contract language to the contrary) in the USA.

    It makes me glad that TeleAid is optional in Canada. I guess we don't have to put up with the evil red eye and error messages if we don't order this overpriced option and pay its ridiculously high maintenance fee forever!
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I really object to this mostly useless item. Perhaps Mercedes will rethink making it standard.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,586
    I believe Tele-Aid is an option on the C Coupe.

    I've also heard from a dealer in NJ that 2003 4 Matic C-Classes will be available around October/November '02. Its funny you heard that froma So Cal Dealer. Who in SoCal needs 4matic anyway?

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    But that's the only Benz you've got a choice. In six months,I haven't touched the OnStar in my Catera,and I'm sure I won't be using it the last six months,either.
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    How do they get your credit card # on file to begin with, if the first years subscription is free? Do they force you to give them a card # to activate, even for the free first year? I guess I'll give them a card I plan to get rid of within one year when I order my car, this is nuts.
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    I had a C280 (2000) and I cancelled teleaid and did not have the evil red eye or a error message. I traded it last feb for a 2001 c320 and I plan to have it de-activated ASAP. I've never used it and it's a waste of money.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Yes, on my y2k C230 I had to give a credit card in order to activate the tele-aid for one year's free service. Also had to call and cancel and fax them a form so they would not renew the next year. Never did use the system except for the initial call to activate.

    I guess MB is operating upon the premise that having the tele-aid system is like having insurance, and you don't want to be without it. MB has done an outstanding job of bringing the C-class - a superbly engineered vehicle - within the economic reach of many (to include myself), but it is too bad that this one option does not mirror that approach.

    Imho it would make much more sense to lower the yearly fee to something reasonable - say $25 per year, and make up the difference on higher per-call charges like $10. when you really need to use it. I wonder how many people use it now, as the yearly fee is exhorbitant *and* there are per minute charges to boot!

    - Paul_P
  • Greetings:
    I'm interested in a pre-owned C-Class or E-Class (1994 - 1998). Would love to hear your ownership impressions as well as dealership maintenance experiences (good and bad).

    Are these cars overrated or are their elevated prices justified?

    Currently driving a '99 Accord with 85K miles that was purchased new. Has been an excellent car. Looking for safety and long-term durability in 1 package. Any advice is appreciated!
  • Why not flip open the button cover and put some black electrical tape over the lighted button underneath, close the cover and Ta-dah! The tape and the "red-eye" are covered up. Also if you scroll the screen to the error message and hold your reset button in it may suppress the error from popping up every time you start your car.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271

    I bought a 1995 C-Class new in 1995, and drove it for 40,000 *very* careful miles. During that time the following items needed repair:

    - Hood repainted due to paint spots on delivery.
    - Front grille replaced due to buffing scratches at delivery.
    - Power antenna motor replaced - making strange noise.
    - Radio replaced because station search buttons lost tension and wore out (my fault for pressing so much).
    - Instrument cluster replaced - gas gauge and tachometer inoperative when cold.
    - Air Conditioning condenser replaced - no A/C during the summer of 1998.
    - Trunk repainted for rust spots above license plate bracket in 1999.
    - Climate control aspirator sensor fan in overhead console replaced after warranty expired, $95.00. Had been causing climate control to vary in temperature for months, but I never could figure out what was wrong.

    All in all, because the car was under warranty I did not experience any economic hardship for these repairs - and was somewhat indifferent to their occurrence. However, had the car not been under warranty, I would have been taken to the cleaners as the above problems would have cost thousands of dollars to fix.

    One of the main reasons I traded for a y2K model C-class was because of the warranty. I did not want to drive my 1995 and pay for repairs when I could trade for the y2K which (with extended warranty I bought) is covered through 2008. Also, by that time my 1995 C needed new tires because the sidewalls were starting to crack, and it also needed to have 3 scratches repaired and 3 wheels (that I scraped on curbs) refinished. Those items would have been at least two to three thousand dollars to have done at the dealership, so spending the extra cash to get a new C-Class made sense to me. The new model also was a special edition Sport with a two-tone leather interior and all the options I wanted previously, but could not afford when I leased/bought my 1995 C220.

    I've not had any problems with the 2000 C-Class to date - not really a fair comparison however, as I only have 4,750 on the odometer. My second car and daily driver is a '93 basic Toyota truck with 139,500 on it. Cheap to drive, cheap to fix. Water pump replacement at 122,000 miles that I did myself in 4 hours only cost $27.00 for the parts!

    That's my experience - hope it helps you in your decision. For me it was just as cost-effective to buy/lease a new Mercedes than to acquire a pre-owned one, as I did not want to gamble with potential maintenance costs and the car being out of service periodically. I would expect you to find the mid-90's C and E MB models to be reliable vehicles, but not quite as reliable as those from Japanese manufacturers. This is why I make my Toyota my daily driver - that and to keep the dings and scratches off my y2K C's brilliant silver finish!

    Best of luck to you in your decision.
    - Paul_P
  • lcheulcheu Posts: 4
    I bought a brand-new Bordeaux Red C240 in Dec. 2000 from a major dealer in NJ. I now have driven the car for 13 months (12,000 miles) & decided to trade in the car for a BMW 325i station wagon (wanted a wagon & the BMW was cheaper than the MB & available in stick shift).

    When the BMW dealer appraised the car, it informed me that the entire car had been repainted. I was stunned, but was convinced when they showed me the evidence (paint thickness is 2-3 times the standard factory paint thickness, rough edges along the forward trunk edge, tape lines along inner door frames, etc...). These are things I never checked for or knew to check for since I was buying a new car that I had ordered from an established dealer. Naturally, this makes my car very difficult to sell & reduces the resale value by $2000 - $3000. I talked briefly to the MB dealer who has denied that they did anything to the car.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can proceed to get justice on a fradulent act by my dealer? I'm not looking for a long, drawn-out process, but a simple way to establish that the dealer was responsible for this deception & compensation for the loss of value & my time & effort to clear this up. Specifically, I would love advice on what people I should deal with at the dealer, MBNA & what documents will help support my case.

    Thanks in advance for any help that you may be able to provide.
  • jsn1jsn1 Posts: 3
    I didn't renew my TeleAid subscription when it came due last November on my C320. I haven't had any problem with malfunction messages when starting nor has my SOS light become annoyingly bright. I never used the system except to start the service when I bought the car and felt that $240 was too much to pay.
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    My wife is the primary driver of our C320. $20/mo. buys us peace of mind for:

    - Breakdowns/flats/out of gas assistance
    - Serious accident watchdog
    - Remote unlocking
    - Theft recovery
    - Travel information
    - Ability to report an emergency

    If none of this interests you then why pay for it?
    If you have never taken advantage of any of these features then you are fortunate.
  • I've heard that often when on the boat, if a car is damaged at all it is repaired while it is inspected at port. While your dealer has access to this information- perhaps your salesman may have not known? In any case your dealer or insurance company may be able to track down the right people to talk to to compensate your loss, or perhaps because of the inconvenience they can give you a good deal on a new MB wagen? While this is undoubtedly a poor experience for you, it's not uncommon with imports and as a recent BMW owner I know at least, I am much more satisfied with MB products/service as a whole. Good luck to you.
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