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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • Just got my new battery in today. When I parked the car for the weekend, it would still start slowly, but was dead (click, click) this morning. My dealer buddy got the new Delco in within a few hours. Lists just under $150, my wholesale cost $105 plus tax.When I popped the rear seat, the battery in there looked new! But as it was a Delco "Freedom", it was off the assemblyline. The charge eye was still "green", but apparently that only reads one cell. Mine had a bad cell and was two months short of 7 years old! Very heavy battery.
  • Zinc,

    I posted where I got a quote from AAA Rims for center caps at $25 per on your board. They are new aftermarkets types.

    Seems like a reputable company, but I have never dealt with them before, or really talked to anyone who has.

    BTW, thank god your board is threaded. I really hate wading through these flat boards..
  • DREW>>>>> toss me some info on your carfax report, where it was registered in NY, etc. ill let you know whyafter i see the dmv city.

    also if you could tell me the color combo, thanks.
  • It's been awhile since I've been here. Good to see all the classic customization goin on.

    I own a 97 Aurora, bought 10/00...42k miles. Bought a warranty from [b]Auto Connection[/b]. 800 bucks/no deductible/bumper to bumper including wear and tear.

    They were to bill my credit card x amount a dollars per month, for 6 months, until paid in full. by that time, the OEM warranty would have run out. Coverage with this warranty was to be effective immediately ( for $49.00 ) on 11/01/00.

    A/C went down the flusher 6/01. Called Auto Connection, they said I hadn't paid in full= no coverage. Turns out, they stopped collecting the premium from my credit card in 04/01. They collected 580 bucks from me, stopped collecting - then denied the claim.
    They wouldnt let me make up the difference, they wouldnt give ANY refund, they wouldnt even consider me buying ANOTHER warranty and applying a credit.
    I have a complaint in to AZ Atty Gen - Fraud. Alos working up a complaint to the US Postal Service( contract came thru the mail) and the FBI( wire fraud ). Probably wont get anywhere, but will cause enuff grief for them.

    In the mean time, the alternator went, the battery is on it's last legs ( can't find a battery replacement except at the dealer.165 bucks..agh..)

    The temp gauge used to be rock solid on 200, now it's a hair short of 200 and runs as hot as 240. I seem to recall that there was a specific thermostat to use, to replace existng. I thought it was in this message board, but i can't seem to find it. I also don't see any mention of it in any service bulletins. Anybody recall this ?

    anyway, even with all this, this car is still the overall (performance/economy/cost) best car i've every driven. Went to North Carolina and back (from Illinois) getting 25.5 mpg..@ 70mph..the mpg seems to be better at higher speeds..too wacky.

    anyway..thanx for any info on the thermostat.

    rock on !
  • redskin>>>>>> Here is the info.From the beginning, on 9/1/94 under info source has New York motor vehicle dept.BELLPORT,NY. Under comments says,registered as private vehicle.On 3/21/95 Info source is Inspection CO. NEW YORK Thats all it says, gives no specific city.Under comments says,vehicle inspected.(mileage-7,893)On 3/29/95 info source is New York motor vehicle dept.SMITHTOWN,N.Y.Under comments says,Title issued,AND potential odometer rollback.(mileage-13)Thats it for the New York info.Color-Combo is light blue,silver mist,teal take your pick.With blue leather.
    If you know something really BAD about this car break it to me GENTLY!!Actually I've had her 2 years plus,with few problems.(KNOCK ON WOOD)THANKS.
  • Nope, its not that one.

    My father had a '95 - Black/Neutral... he leased it(any miles over 55,000 for the term are charged at 15 cents a mile) so needless to say the odometer "went kooky" one day...

    So, it wasnt yours, because we are in the Buffalo area of New York and the colors dont match.

    They say in the owners manual that if the odometer has been rolled back, then you can see silver lines in between the numbers.
  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    Hey, Brett, thanks for the info. I think that should work! I'll pass it on to him.
  • My rear window seal on my 98 is poping out on the lower driverside. :o( Also I believe my fuel pressure regulator is going out. My aurora starts hard and I can smell gas when starting. Could the fuel pressure regulator be the problem I have with the surging?

    Question; If it is common for Auroras to have the fuel pressure regulator go bad, and the rear window seal to go bad then why not make a recall?

    Also how much does it cost for the fuel pressure regulator and how much does it cost for the part and labor? Is this something I can do on my own? I've taken off the plastic Aurora piece on the engine and remember seing a diagram with it on there and didnt look to hard to get at.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Now that we have the Owner's Club, are any of you interested in doing a live chat one night???

    sHOP KiNG
  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    Karen was nice enough to start a separate thread for this great thread that Henry started. If anyone wants to add to it, it's under "You know you're obsessed with your car when..." I did take the liberty of reposting the first ones I could find, but probably missed some (apologies to Henri and Hardesty for reposting their additions).
  • MATRIXFROG-GOOD TIMING.After dealing with a hard starting-stalling problem for about a month i've got her fixed up and running smooth.In no small part to the good people at this site.That's what it was all right, the Fuel PRESSURE REGULATOR.Much Thanks to everyone who helped me to diagnosis this problem.It's an easy fix no tools needed.(unless you count the socket to get the engine cover off)Just make sure the clip is on correctly,the first time I did it it leaked,just had to adjust the clip.I have a freind who owns a carquest parts store got it for $68.00 his list-125.00 Called the dealer they wanted $141.00 Who knows what they would have wanted for labor?? AHH! Life is good when you can avoid the dealer!! (where I live anyway)
    redskin024- see no silver lines-good sign??
    matrixfrog-I don't think I had a surging problem to begin with,but that whole subject confuses me-maybe I did.My main problem was excessive cranking to start engine and stalling at low idle.The rpm's would also fluctuate at low idle.Well problem solved THANKS EVERYONE!!!!!
  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    I called the reference that Corsa gave me about the cat-back exhaust system. This guy has it on a new Caddy STS. He was not sure about doing it (his neighbor is a guy at Corsa and they needed a Caddy to do for pictures and filming) Anyway, they promised to go back to stock, but this guy really likes it and kept it. He said it is not too loud for normal driving (barely noticable on the highway), sounds tough, (not exactly his words - but I'll keep the human anatomy out of it), and most importantly it is definitely more powerful. He can feel the difference. It sounds like a very livable system. I really hope this happens.

    Magnaflow 1-800-959-9226 makes high flow catalitic converters too. These may be good to do with the cat-back system, but I think it may be best to stick with the stock size so as not to lower exit velocity. My understanding is that exit velocity is good for scavanging the engine. The trick is to reduce the back pressure without lowering the exit velocity too much - otherwise you lose low-end torque.

    I submitted some questions to magnaflow about the converter. I'll let you know what I find out. They don't make a cat-back for the Aurora either. But they do for the Lincoln LS and the Lincoln LS guys said it was LOUD.

    Blk97 - yeah these northstars like to use oil. I'll bet the 0 to 60 runs burned some.
  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    Blk97 - have you considered duralube? My buddy works with machines building machines and they had this old thing that just had a shaft/sleeve arrangement. It always got hot and smoked. He put some duralube on it and he swears it has been trouble free since. Neet story. Does anybody have experience with this stuff? I'm thinking of using some, but you would have to use 2 because of the 8 quart capacity. It is supposed to be about 20% when using it.

    Fjk - thanks for the 98 pricing. Very interesting. I remember drooling over the Aurora
    years back, but that $39,000+ sticker slapped me back to reality quick. I still can't believe I own one now (6 months later) after finding an almost-new hardly driven 98 for half price.

    Someone here mentioned the possibility of this car being a classic, and I have to admit to wondering myself. It is a remarkably beautiful car inside and out. With Olds gone, maybe that will add to the interest.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Hello again,
    Since the latest postings did not address my question, I will ask it again.

    Is anybody interested in having a live chat now that we have the owners club????
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Henry - yes on the chat!

    Garnes - I know I've posted before about the "original" Aurora becoming a classic... and I really think it will. How many were produced in its 5-year lifespan? Something like 200,000? While this isn't an ultra-low volume like a Viper or Prowler, it's much less than the yearly volume of, say, a Camry, Accord, or Taurus. Combine the fact that it has head-turning design, and, with the impending death of Oldsmobile, I think it is destined to become a classic. What other late-model Olds would fit that bill? Not the Alero or Intrigue, or the new Aurora or Bravada... or even the last 98 or 88, for that matter.

    I also know what you mean about being able to afford one. When they came out in '94, I was interested, but it would have been a tough stretch for me to get one (I wasn't even 30 then). I instead chose to get married, buy a house, etc., and dreams of Aurora ownership languished. I helped my mother-in-law find her pearl white '98 last fall, and occasionally looked. When I stumbled across my pristine black beauty (with all of the options/colors I would have wanted had I ordered the car), for less than half of the sticker price (thanks to whomever posted the price list - my Aurora stickered for over $40k!), I had to pinch myself... lost much sleep in the month of March, until the deal was done...

  • Drew43-Thanks for the info. I checked (my local parts store) and they list it as a Fuel Injector Pressure Regulator made by GP-SORENSEN for $86.99 w/ a 1 year warrenty. I dont want to get the factory one because obviously it had problems. (Unless they made an updated version). This isn't a facotry one is it?

    BTW I had a friend who's mom drives and Aurora and he said she had to get the same thing replaced but it costed her a little over $250.00. The must of raped her w/ labor charges.

    Henry- Im up for the live chat. I'd prefer it if we could do it during the day because Im still swapping over parts from my old computer to my new computer and have not yet installed my modem drivers at home.

    It's gonna be time for a new set of brake rotors soon. Any reccomendations? I've heard the company Brembo brought up a few times in here. Prices? Does any one in here have cross-drilled vented rotors? Just wondering.

    Zinc- Just a suggestion but on your webpage you should start listing mods people have made to their aurora next to their photos.
  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    Matrix - I agree, but they have to tell me what they have first - and pics of their mods would be great too. And, speaking of mods, here are some very rough copies of custom Aurora header info from Ramon Duvernay. The scans aren't sorted out yet, but the info's there for anyone who wants to research it.

    Henri - Most anytime is okay by me for a live chat, this coming week anyway.
  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    Hammen2 - Hey, we both bought our almost identical 98 black Auroras last March. I don't have the chrome wheels, but really don't care. They are both good. I'd guess we are about the same age too. I'm 35. I'm tall and have always liked big cars.

    I would guess the total number of classics at about 125,000. I'm basing that on reading somewhere that about 25,000 were made in one of those years. I'd bet that in 10 years they will be somewhat uncommon. I may be wrong on this, but I seem to remember the original Mustangs being produced at 100,000+/year easy. I think a lot of the common cars are similarly numerous.

    Yeah, there really isn't anything in the luxury/sport segment that comes close to looking as good as a Classic Aurora. Some of the others can boast about marginally better acceleration or ability to manuver around pylons (never have run into those yet other than lane closures), but they are slab sided, box like, and just plain ugly - and cost WAY more. The Aurora is a work of art inside and out. And some simple mods can always make you move faster if you want it. can't say that for lack of styling.
  • nne3jxcnne3jxc Posts: 134
    I was talking to a friend of mine about this same subject -- he happens to be the exceedingly lucky owner of both a 1972(?)Olds 442 convertible with the 454-V8 AND a 1998 Aurora. Of course a comparison was made between our Auroras and his 442.
    We think you can make a decent case for the Aurora being the '90s (and final) version of the 442 -- you can even make the numbers work: 4 liter, 4 speed, Dual exhaust. Well... not really, but it DOES have two exhaust exits. :-)
    Could our cars be collectables like the old 442s in another 10-20 years? Who knows -- it's nice to think so.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    4 door sedans are rarly worth anything in terms of "classic" cars. The most likely outcome is that the car will become an oddity that will have a small but devoted following (like now). It may well go down as the last near great Oldsmobile. The problem is that the car costs so much to maintain/operate. That was its downfall and it will be remembered.

    Don't get me wrong. I like my car a lot. I am even the one that made up the name Classic for the old body style. But my conversations with car buffs leeds me to believe that the car will never truly be a collectors item.

    One other point to consider, the aROARa is a very high tech car. You guys think its costs a lot to maintain it now . . . just wait ten years from now!

    Try getting a module replaced or the center console replaced on a car from a defunct company. Baby, I hope you are starting a trust fund for the car now.

    However, "she" is still my baby.

  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    No, four door sedans have been looking good for years, and I really think that stigma is gone for today's cars. Look at a 2 or 4 door Grand Prix. They both look good. It used to be that the four door version looked terrible, but not anymore. I just don't think it really matters as much now.

    Zinc - I printed out the header stuff. Looks interesting. Thanks again for more great info.

    Well Magnaflow said they don't sell any high flow catalytic converters for 1996 and newer cars. Something about newer emissions and they aren't up to them for those years. It seems Superchips web site lists stop at 95 for most GM cars too. I wish something would break.
  • henri--stop it your scareing me!!
    stupid question#1-and i'm sure you'll be getting more from me in the future-In the 2 years plus i've owned this car i've put about 15,000 miles on her.In the DCI the tranny fluid life still reads 100% I know you don't change it like motor oil-but still, should'nt it have droped at least a few per percentage points??? just wondering.
    well i'm going out to hit her with some meguires #7
  • jfb7jfb7 Posts: 11
    I was just wondering, due to the fact that Oldsmobile will sadly be off the market soon, how that fact is affecting sales of the new Aurora? Are dealers having to discount big-time to move them? I really love the styling of the Aurora, especially the newest one! Any opinions as to what one could expect to pay for a loaded out V8? Do you consider it to be a high quality, well-built, luxurious, great handling and reliable car? Are any of you skeptical of Olds' claim to always have sufficient parts availability and their promise of continued service over the course of the 5 yr. warranty period? Thanks for your input!
  • A lot depends on which part of the country you are in. Overall, Aurora production in CY 2001 is equal to CY 2000 (at a 12 month pace just shy of 40,000 cars). Here in CA, Oldsmobile (and all other "American" brands) are not faring well this year, so buyer bargining power is strong. In most cases, however, you should be able to bargain most GM cars to right about invoice (as published on Edmunds, etc.) plus regional advertizing (1% of MSRP - destination where I live), then apply any rebate or special financing. I think that in much of CA, you could do even better, especially on 2001 models. You should be able to get that near invoice price even on a special order. For your information, the "rock bottom" on the 2002 Aurora is 87% of base MSRP + 86% of option MSRP + destination. This is the GMO (GM employee Order) price. It is below invoice - holdback and does not add any advertizing cost. 2002 models currently have a $2000 rebate and 2002 models a $1000 rebate. If you have one of the $1500 Oldsmobile loyalty coupons, the deal gets even sweeter. While I consider these cars a bargain at these prices, don't be fooled into thinking that this value will hold after the sale. Look at the prices being paid for late model classics and assume that a new Aurora will be worth the same when the same age. New Auroras have the advantage of the 5 year, 60,000 mile warranty, and judging from my first year of driving a 2001 AV8, may never need to use it, but it is one of the reasons that I ordered a 2002. If you like to trade cars every few years, then a new Aurora is NOT a good choice, but a used one IS. Both versions of the Aurora are a blast to own, baby, and most of all, DRIVE! As for future availability of parts & service, Oldsmobile models will most likely continue to be produced through their current chassis life cycle, and like any other car, will continue to have parts & service available from GM dealers for a long time to come. My local dealer is a Chevy/Olds outfit, and the vast majority of their business is Chevy, so I expect to continue them as the long term service center for both of our 2002 Oldsmobiles.
  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    I think the Aurora basically qualifies as having true dual exhaust. It runs the length of the car through a single pipe (and resonator) that I'm sure has the same cross sectional area as two pipes would, and the flow is split to two separate mufflers. If it were separate all the way down, I'm not sure it would really be better.
  • I'm surprised I haven't seen much discussion about the onstar sytem.I use the hands free phone option and frankly like it better than expected. It is analog rather than digital, but now I understand why the total system uses analog--the cell availability is much wider than digital and it operates in areas where my digital won't. One problem however is that you can not send key tones if you get a recorder or a menu . I solved that with a nifty $12 keyring tone generator which i just hold up to the mike when needed--works grt.
  • From the Associated Press:


    GM said Friday it would end production of the Oldsmobile line with the 2004 model year, although production of the Intrigue and the AURORA would end sooner.
    "Oldsmobile production has remained unprofitable," the company said in a statement.
    Sales of Oldsmobile vehicles through August were down 14.5% from the first 8 months of 2000.
    Production of the 2002 Intigue and AURORA V6 will end in June. The last AURORA V8, a 2003 model, will roll off the assembly line in May 2003. The exact end of production dates for the 2004 model year Alero, Silouhette and Bravada have not been set.
  • blk979Aurora -

    "recommended" is AC Delco.
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    I have Onstar on my 2001 Intrigue and I really like it. I paid the extra $200 and upgraded to the premium package like Cadillacs have and I also use the personal calling feature. You can change the system to where it will confirm your number commands with a tone rather than repeating the number, however, I don't know whether this will trasmit a DTMF tone or not. I basically like the hands free feature for when I'm driving and it works so much better than aftermarket installed cellular phones as far as sound quality. The system is analog and the reason is the analog format has one standard(AMPS) versus 3 for digital. And analog coverage is still superior than digital in alot of areas, especially rural areas. The unit uses a 3 watt transciever so it can power up alot more than a typical .6 watt handset. Onstar became standard on 2001 Auroras sometime after production had begun in 2000 and was optional on 98 and 99 models. I've only seen a couple of older Auroras with Onstar(or it could have possibly been just an installed cell phone) as the antenna is the giveaway.
  • Thanks for the advice everyone -- I am now the proud owner of an Aurora -- silver on beige, '96 w/ 47k miles. The car is extraordinarily clean (cleaner than most 1 year-old cars). The previous owner must have been obsessive. The car checked out at the mechanic -- though he recommended, and the dealer agreed to complete -- new rear brake pads, new rear shocks, and AC coolant. It drives so wonderfully. I can't believe I got it for $11.7k. It's great to be a part of the club.
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