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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • Went to the local Auto Zone today to pick up some car care products.It was quite busy, as I exited the store to a packed parking lot a big smile broke out on my face(people must have thought I was looney)You see,as I looked around it dawned on me,DAMN! I have the best looking car here!(no other aROARa;s)And it's not even close!!!
    AHH!! What a joy to be an aurorian!!
  • Aurora sales (in USA) from AutoSite:
    2000 through August - 17,607
    2001 through August - 18,130 (+1%)

    2000 through August - 26,824
    2001 through August - 27,020 (+0.7%)

    2000 - 90,233
    2001 - 83,143 (-8%)

    2000 - 21,600
    2001 - 15,329 (-29%) remember the line shutdown?

    2000 - 44,144
    2001 - 29,044 (-35%)

    2000 - 200,318
    2001 - 172,666 (-14%)

    Build #s
    2000 through August - 219,380
    2001 thought August - 189,832 (-13.5%)

    GM total
    2000 - 3,833,591
    2001 - 3,285,310 (-14.3%) Olds better that GM average.

    GM killed the Intrigue by pricing it high and the other W-body cars (mainly Impala) low. The Bravada suffered a lengthy sales stoppage while the front suspension was fixed. The Alero continues to outperform GM as a whole by a wide margin. The Aurora and Silhouette, by staying at last year's pace should be considered shining stars.
  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    GM dumps the division with the best selling model during a recession, runs off to China to create a new market in uncharted territory, and brings Saab here from Europe. Sounds like the execs just want some more frequent flyer mileage before they're canned.
  • Anyone with a CD changer get the error message "E 30" when trying to access a CD? My changer has been temperature sensitive since I got the car. I would play CD's at temps above 70 deg or so, but it wouldn't work at colder temps. Lately, it has been getting worse.

    A dealer once told me the magazine could be causing the problem. AT $80 for a magazine replacement, I decided not to do anything about it. Sending the changer unit out for repair would cost over $300.

    Has anyone had any experience with this on a 1995 Aurora?
  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    Darren13 - Congrats! That is a whole lot of car for 11+k. Aurora's are probably less likely to be beat on and neglected/abused. Don't feel bad if you have to drop some $$ into it in the future. Just consider it part of the purchase price. If it is really clean, then that sounds like a great deal.

    Hardesty - thanks for the numbers. Interesting. Any car holding its own or increasing sales in this economy is incredible.

    I agree with you about the Intrigue. We looked at one and then an Impala. We got the Impala loaded with everything and all upgrades and On-star for less than an Intrigue - plus it has significantly higher safety rating with side air bags and all. No side air bags for Intrigue. Impala mileage is incredible too. Not that the Intrigue is a bad car but the Impala is one hell of a car for the money. My wife really liked it. The 3.8 is not as fancy as the 3.5, but is a great engine nontheless. No offence to Intrigue, but we really liked the Impala better. I think GM out-did themselves with that car, hence the lack of "rebates".

    Zinc1 - I agree with your GM executive analysis. Another thing I can't understand - you should see our Impala's air box. It is hopeless. It is WAY more restrictive than the Aurora box that I've rambled about. ALL the dirt ends up on literally a few square inches of the filter. One look at the box and it is self explanitory how the engine is being suffocated at full throttle. It could be SO much better if simply redesigned. I don't see how to modify it much. I'm looking at the Pontiac air boxes (they get another 5 HP from their 3.8's - and I think the engine is identical). Maybe I can swap. Why do they do this???!!!
  • Looks like with only 2001-2003 on the plate for the current Aurora, there will be fewer V8 models built than in the 1995-1999 run. I guess we will hold on to the 2002's (Aurora & Silhouette) until someone comes back to some "real" style, something that has attracted me to Oldsmobiles since 1995 (the last Cutlass Supremes are still good looking cars). The 1995 Aurora and the cars that have followed it have all been pleasing to my eyes. I don't see much else on the market today I could do anything more than settle for. The near future does not look good either (apparently the new designers at Cadillac secretly think the Aztek is cool).

    I think that if GM, Ford, and DC could figure out how to put 5 year warranties on all of their cars and trucks (can you say build quality?) that they would gain back some of the market share they have lost in recent years. I think that the added warranty on current Oldsmobiles has clearly shown just how important this is to modern consumers. At a time when sales should just plain tank, they are selling well, and I think that the security of five known cost years is the main reason. People are certainly not looking at resale values and thinking that the rebates are any great bonus, these cars are being bought for the long haul.

    OK, I'll get down off the box now. I am really going to miss Oldsmobile (but nowhere near as much as the people that don't own one).
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    I've always thought that GM built pretty darn good products for the most part, but they make some of the dumbest business decisions ever. Like dropping Oldsmobile, now that is a dumb move. 2001 Bravada sales are way off because the 2001 model went out of production at the end of 2000 or the very beginning of 2001. I don't think those numbers includes the 2002 model which has been on sale since the spring. I also don't see why Intrigue sales are way down, even though some of you say it is overpriced. If you think the Intrigue is overpriced, go look at a fully loaded Nissan Maxima GLS, Toyota Camry XLE V6, or VW passat. These are the Intrigue's main competitors and they all cost more fully loaded and have less features. None of the other even offer a stability control system or Onstar and they do not have features like traction control and ABS standard. The Intrugue has alot of high tech hardware and really shares more than you think with higher end GM products. Olds shot themselves in the foot 6 years ago. When the first Aurora came out, it was supposed to be the division's new direction and it was if you had $32K to spend on a new car. Otherwise, you were left looking at Achievas, Cutlass Cieras, and Eighty-Eights. Olds should have immediately followed up on the Aurora with the Intrigue and Alero, not waited until 3 years later. Again, that was a GM's fault for delaying new car development programs in the early and mid 90s.
  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    mosaix - you hit it right on the head. I drove a used/used up 94 cutlass calais or something like that as a loaner. All I can say is - PU. what a crummy car. If they were still making the same stuff in 95, 96, 97 then yeah they waited too long. The Intrigue and Alero are really nice, and it blows my mind that a lineup like they have now is being dropped.

    And your high price comparison is self explanitory. The imports are unbelievably expensive, but people eat them up. I think there is a perception (among some people) that an import is just better/smarter at any cost and carries a certain snob attraction. Yeah even a Camry. Logically, none of this makes sense, but people pay big money for all sorts of name brand things that are not any better than another brand.

    My wife is a flight attendant and she works with a different crew each flight. She noted many flight attendants just won't buy American for no other reason than it isn't cool. Sad really. Some people don't feel complete or competitive unless they have that Honda "H" on the car.

    Now if any of you have a Honda, Camry, whatever, please don't take offence. My point is that some people buy things for weird reasons.
  • The numbers for the aurora production are for the 2001 model which started production in early 2000. So the comparison is flawed. Aurora should be able to outsell Park Avenue shouldn't it???!!!

    Intrigue numbers are worse than the Regal. Intrique has the expensive shortstar engine, it should cost more than the Impala.

    I have long wondered why Buick and Oldsmobile were both in production. They seemed to me to have exactly the same products. At one time there were diffences in engines and buick really had some interesting automatic transmission ideas that are now part of GM's hydramatics.

    If the Aurora/Intrigue's were on the new sigma RWD chassis, the european flavor might be more successful than it has been.
  • Buicks aren't the same cars as Olds since the mid 90's. Starting with the Aurora - they went on their own paths. The riv was a little the same as the Aurora, but enough different not to be the same car.

    I think GM is skewing the numbers to get rid of Olds because they think it will make their stock numbers jump.

    On top of that, Buicks are the ugliest cars this side of the Pacific Ocean - why would someone want to purchase a car that looks like an insect?

    Olds is a far better brand than Buick, GM is just afraid they will lose their traditional older buyers if they dump Buick - which, by the way, sells fewer cars than Olds does.
  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    I think Buicks look like the Alien, from the movie, but the Riviera was a nice testbed for gadgetry. The current Olds lineup is a great middle-ground offering between the kid's Pontiacs and Gramps' Buicks. The biggest competition for Olds within GM was probably from Chevy or Cadillac. Aurora/Intrigue could fit into the Cad lineup nicely. And an Alero with a 4.6L Northstar would be awesome.

    But I agree with Hardesty that Cadillac, and GM in general, are leaning toward the chiselled look with hard, straight lines. Not at all like the new Olds models. Funny, though, that Jaguar has done well with the muscular look for decades. And how about the sleek Chrysler bodies? The PT Cruiser is a hit with rounded lines alone - surely not for the gutless engine. I'm sure GM has done the polling and found the market likes the 'Aztek' lines better than the retro-looking rounded shapes. Or maybe they're just gambling, as they are in China.
  • I replaced my rotors a few month ago with the autozone carried brand. I also bought the carbon-metallic pads with them. The stopping power is quite good, and there is very little noise.

    I had looked at buying some cross-drilled jobs, but just could not bring myself to paying the 3X as much. I don't do any weekend racing, and I don't spend more that 20 minutes in stop and go traffic, so I don't have to worry too much about heating and fading.

    Total I spent about under $160 on pads and rotors. No too bad, considering there are monster front rotors on these babies. Of course I'm compairing that to my old VW Golf :)
  • from autosite for year to date (august)
    Buick century - 94K, lesabre - 99K, regal - 36K, park avenue - 24K = total 250K
    Olds alero - 83K, intrigue - 29K, aurora 18K, silhouette 27K,bravda - 15K = total 172K

    I think buick is doing much better than Olds. Granted the product lines are different, which is in fact why I bought my Aurora. I did have an electra T-type which was every bit as good as the Aurora for its time.
  • I wish I could remember where I had seen this statistic, but it had the two divisions' numbers broken out for pretty much the entire decade and there was one year where Buick beat Olds. The numbers I saw were siginificantly different than what autosite has, but without the real data I am useless!

    This is all beside the fact that Buicks are ugly as a bucket of hair these days.
  • In years past I am sure that Oldsmobile did much better. In fact the first generation Aurora did well enough that a second generation was done. I am not trying to start a which is better argument and styling is a matter of personal taste (or lack of). Assuming that the autosite production numbers are "real", I can see why GM is giving up on Olds. With 5 product lines they are selling way behind buick with only 3 (century and regal are the same). The Bonneville outsells the Aurora too. The current Aurora is now the "old" olds 88 and 98 lines. The olds 88/98 buyers of old have really been left out in the cold by oldsmobile. I don't know who made the decisions at GM to change Oldmobile into what it currently is - certainly either buick or olds needed to change since they were too much the same basic car. Anyway the intrigue and aurora's are not selling that well.
  • What? What does an iMac have in common with an AroarA? Well...That is why I write to this faithful forum...To hopefully answer this question:

    When a CD gets stuck in an iMac (not that I own one), you can insert a paperclip device into the right side corner of the slot and it will eject the CD...

    So...As you can guess...CD's will no longer eject from my AroarA player. So is there a quickie manual release button on our CD players? Hidden? I didn't read about one...I'm too afraid to start randomly inserting paperclips into my CD player for fear of ... of... well... I will break it.

    and NO...The CD's are not illegally burned copies!

    and YES...The music is real good.
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    Buick didn't get the boot because they are more profitable than Olds. Olds' best selling model is the Alero which is also their cheapest, hence lower profit mergin. Conversely, Buick's best seller is the LeSabre which has much more mark-up than smaller cars like the Alero. Additionally, Buick isn't having to give away extended warranties to sell their cars. I like both divisions and right now Buick may look better financially, but looking down the road at product and future trends, I think Olds would have been worth keeping.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Intrigue has been uprated to 30 mpg hwy. for 2002. I wonder if they have done the same thing to the aurora? Lets hope they haven't put a taller gear in it.
  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    vwbus - That was yet another problem I had. Had to replace the unit - radio, tape, CD - because the dealer said they didn't replace, or repair, just the CD. Found a dealer 20 miles away that dealt with a local shop that sold refurbished units for $300, with a trade in of the old one. They wanted $750, I think, for a new unit.
  • It's pathetic when a new head unit cost $750. You could go out and buy an VERY nice cd player for that much. Heck you could go out and buy a cd player an amp and a couple replacement speakers. Only problem is certain things wont work after that. (ie. seek button, volume, some DIC components)

    It seems that if I dont drive my car very much (to work and back) for a day or two it will run great the days following. Must just be me.

    I hope they get the scumbags who did what they did today. They're head should be ran over by an aurora with the traction control off.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Today was an eventful day for me. I have a sister who is a nurse that is participating in taking care of the wounded. I have firends that I have known for 17 years that live across the street from the WTC and found them to be safe. However, that was before the two towers collapsed. After they went down I could not make contact again due to the phone lines being jammed. Thank God that the television camera showed their housing development on T.V. and I could see that it was untouched. My long time neighbor (20 years) finally checked in, so everybody is accounted for except for a cousin that works in the area. However, since she works with my neighbor, I think all my friends and loved ones made it through.

    Needless to say, I did not get any work done today. This kind of things show us how little our Aurora repair complaints really matter.

    God Bless the American People.

  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    I was wondering about you, Henri, and tpken from the Bonny thread. Glad to hear you were spared much grief. A lot of things closed down here, in L.A., I hope we're not overdoing it in CA. Terrorists shouldn't have so much power.
  • My father was on a flight from New Yorks Kennedy airport to West Palm Beach, FL. His flight took off from Kennedy about 15 minutes before the first plane hit. His plane was ordered to land immediately at the nearest airport, which ended up being Charleston, SC. The airline then arranged for passengers of the flight to catch a bus down to Florida. Praise God that he is ok.

    On a personal note, I work at the Buffalo airport and to say the least, it was very trying being in the midst of all this. There are planes everywhere at the airport and it is all very surreal. I used to shuttle customers to and from the airport and there was a man that used to use the service all the time. Out Monday AM, in Friday PM. He told me once that he worked in the World Trade Center. As of now I am uncertain of the status of this man. I know for a fact that he has at least two kids. This is a senseless tragedy and the perpetrators must be eliminated at all costs. Stay safe out there and good luck to all.

    Thank you all and God Bless.
  • One of the great things that this country stands for is freedom. Freedom to choose. Freedom of speech (like this forum), freedom of expression, and most importantly, freedom of religion.

    Lets remember to be respectful of other cultures, regardless of their background. Innocent people from other nations who live in the USA should not have to fear for their lives on the street. If we hold strong as a public, we can demonstrate our amazing tolerance as US citizens.

    Without this, we are nothing.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    I'm north of Boston, not NYC area (thankfully) and have been watching the carnage on TV - not sending much time in TH here. My prayers and thoughts go out to all the rescue personnel as well as those families impacted by this tragedy.

  • Just got my 2k1 Aurora back from warranty work. I still had some minor tire disturbance at highway speeds, a warped console door, a heated seat swith which didn't light at night and a final drive whine at low speeds. I was most worried that they wouldn't tackle the final drive noise--but surprise--all where taken care of. I still have some tire disturbance, but suspect it is primarily uniformity and not unbalance. This has been an ongoing problem with all G bodies since the 95's and is still not totally solved. They gave me a LeSabre loaner for several days. PU.
  • I just picked up the 2002 Aurora 4.0 (cherry/neutral) today. It is going to take some time to figure out the nav radio, even with the extra book. The car was built 24AUG2001 according to one of the build sheets (9:37PM on Friday), got here 13SEP2001. Took a longer loan at a lower interest rate than on the 2001, so no out of pocket cash and the same payment even with the horrible first year depreciation. I decided to go with a six year loan for now (non GMAC) so I took the $1000 rebate, which made for a total of about $7500 off MSRP of $38405. My 2001 only had the 3yr/36k warranty, and this one has the 5yr/60k, so the car and warranty will outlast Oldsmobile. My "BYE OLDS" plates should be here soon, my wifes "2K2 OLDS" plates are already here, but her van isn't. Hope all are well ... before I drove off the lot, I took the dealer ad plates off and replaced them with prints of Old Glory that I made on the computer.
  • After 3 and a half years and 55,000 miles and over $7,200.00 in maintenance and repairs we got rid of our Aurora last night. We bought the car with 39,400 miles on it and enjoyed driving it, but just couldn't justify keeping a car that cost us $.66 per mile to own and operate. That's twice as much as the next most expensive car we have owned since I started keeping detailed records. My 97 S10 pickup which was purchased new and now has 83,400 miles on it has cost us $.337 per mile to own and operate.

    The Nissan Maxima we bought instead is something of a step down in quiet and comfort, but I'm hoping for much lower operating expenses.
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