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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Sounds like you were in the market for a 2001 Aurora.
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    Nissan Maxima? YUCK! Should have checked out an Olds Intrigue.
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    Congratulations on the 2002 Aurora. You mentioned it has the new radio, does it offer the XM satellite radio feature that Cadillac is offering for 2002? I hope you enjoy the car.
  • In case any of you with vintage models experience the following, this should come as a relief. (I did not need a new transmission or a major tune-up!)

    Symptoms: the 95 Aurora would stall when coming to a stop. Once it stalled going into an exit ramp. The worst time was turning a corner while in a medium sized town. I had to muscle the steering wheel to get around the turn.

    The other thing was the transmission thumped while coming to a stop at each braking.

    My mechanic said that because both transmission and ignition problems happened at once, this meant it was probably what I will detail below. The other thing was that I needed to apply the gas in order to start the car.

    Reading from the invoice:

    Checked Foriac operation and found pintle stuck. Replaced and adjusted. ---------- $150.00

    IAC motor assembly ------------- $157.64
    Throttle plate cleaner --------- $ 13.20

    Other news: I live just 25 miles from NYC. Nobody I know was killed. Besides my own business, I work in the video department of a church. News trickled slowly, but surely, but by about 10:30 we quit packed up and basically acted as support and A/V personnel for church leadership.
    (I may be doing the Father Michael Judge memorial video through my own business)

    I called my mechanic to confirm with him our Wednesday appointment.

  • Although I've been a lifelong GM fan after my experience with the Aurora I just couldn't see spending 30,000+ on a new Aurora. Neither could I see spending the money for an Intrigue although I have rented one several times and enjoyed driving them. None of the long term reports I have read on the Intrigue (Edmunds and others) have had any good things to say about initial quality or reliability for the Intrigues they have tested. I've bought American cars for years when other people have told me the Japanese cars are better built, this time I decided to find out for myself. If you have Oldsmobiles that you have had good service from that's great, but go back and read many earlier posts on this board about the Aurora "nickel and diming" someone to death. If it were only nickels and dimes it would be one thing, but it's 3-4 hundred dollars every time it goes to the shop. The 60,000 mile service was $975.00 (Ignition wires alone are $275.00 installed at the local Olds dealer). Anti-lock brake computer lists for nearly $1000.00, but the local Olds dealer gave us a break and let us have it for only $693.00 installed.

    Well, I'll get off the soap box. I too am sorry to see Olds be killed off by GM, but if my experience is in any way representative of the quality of cars coming out of Olds today, we are better off without them.
  • At least you're honest about your opinions.

    My wife and I have had 3 olds. The first a '81 Delta 88 was killer. I loved that car, but my wife had to get something new. She got an '86 Delta 88 that was a pile. I had almost given up on Olds, mostly because of the blah styling. Then of course came the Aurora.

    Luckily I have not had any probs, but it's still under factory warranty.

    The Maxima's engine is a marvel. I don't like the styling too much, but Nissan's V6 is hard to fault. Good luck.
  • What part of the country are you from to get that kind of a deal. 7,500 off sounds like a super deal. I'm being told in my area, Ohio, about 5,000 off on left over 2001 Auroas. Did you check on a lease? what should a fair lease be for a one pay 24 mo or 36 mo.?
  • I also have a 2001 AV8 which has a noise that, after 3 visits to the dealer, was diagnosed as coming from the final drive part of the transmission. The noise is a whining type noise but is really only noticeable at around 75 mph but quite audible at that speed. I've tried an additive to quiet it down, on the dealer's recommendation, but to no avail as the noise is still there. My next plan is to drain the transmission and refill with Amsoil synthetic ATF and see if that helps. When I read your post I got excited that maybe there's a 'known fix' out there. Anyway, would you please let me know what speed your noise was heard at and what the dealer did to get rid of it. Also, how long did it take to do? This is one of the last problems I'm dealing with on this car but probably the most annoying. I'm ready to tell the dealer to swap out the transmission. I've had a myriad of other problems; some major and some minor. TIA for your response.
  • From NHTSA:
    Service Bulletin Number: 010101
    Bulletin Sequence Number: 177
    Date of Bulletin: 0101
    NHTSA Item Number: SB617758
    Model: AURORA
    Year: 2001


    Service Bulletin Number: 130201
    Bulletin Sequence Number: 180
    Date of Bulletin: 0102
    NHTSA Item Number: SB618111
    Model: AURORA
    Year: 2001

    The way I got such a good deal on the 2002 AV8 was to be the brother of a person eligible for the employee price. That took $5000 off the sticker. The other $2500 came from the $1500 loyalty coupon (from the 2001 Aurora) and the $1000 rebate on the 2002 models. I live in Northern CA, American cars don't sell well in CA (maybe that will change).
  • No, the 2002 Aurora does not offer XM (satellite) radio. Even Cadillac won't offer it until mid model-year. The nav radio uses the same software as in Infinity/Nissan cars. Where I live, there is not much road detail, but the highways and large citys are well represented. The GPS view is great, with real time view of satellites and position, altitude, direction, and speed. With the tracking feature (puts dots on the map to show where you've been) I can see tracks from both sides of the road (narrow 2-lane), way cool. I can tell the difference between the Bose (from the 2001) and the 6-speaker system on the 2002, but I have to say that this is one great sound system, I'm not sure that I gave up anything, just that they are different. Only 20 months of Aurora production left. Drive Oldsmobile, drive.

    I have no clue as to lease prices, my guess would be that because of poor resale, Oldsmobile leases suck unless GMAC puts up the big offer.

    BTW, the 2002 AV8 is EPA rated at 1MPG better than the 2001 model. I have no idea what they did to make that happen. New car smells great, drives great. Me happy guy on outside (inside guy still want's to cry).
  • Thanks hardesty for the service bulletin info. Funny, though, that the service manager never mentioned these to me. It was only upon calling him today that he confirmed knowing about the service bulletins. BTW- did your 2001 AV8 have any tranny noises? I think we talked about this once before and you said your car was noise free. Just checking....
  • Yesterday was the last day that new Oldsmobiles were for sale in our area. Our local Chevy/Olds dealer joined what they say is now most Olds dealers in the buyout program. The last new Oldsmobile was not our 2002 Aurora (it was next to last), it was our 2002 Silhouette Premiere AWD. A truck came and took the last 6 new 2001 Oldsmobiles off the lot as part of the buyout. It looks possible that the 2002 model year may be the last, even though the most recent public info from GM says otherwise. I download the weekly production numbers from and will keep an eye out for production drop-off. The next nearest Olds dealer is 40 miles away, so we are not likely to see many other 2002s in our area.
  • In reply to JCY2K1--my final drive noise was at low speed while cruising through town--about 25 to 35 mph. I think that is the predominant problem mentioned in the service bulletin. They replaced the final drive gears as well as several bearings and I believe the 2cnd gear planetary set. It definitely did the trick. I was worried what they may screw up in the process, but couldn't find any problems. They had the car for 4 days, but it took longer because parts were delayed because of the terrorist attack. I suspect the job is probably a half day affair once parts are there. Being an ex GM engineer, I would be surprised if your higher speed noise would be the final drive, but you never know. Does it come and go with slight throttle pressure?
    Also try putting it in 3rd (direct drive) gear to see if it may be the 4th-gear gear set. Also try neutral to see if it is engine speed related.I know my tires are very noisy at 80mph on certain road surfaces--much more so than is normally acceptable for touring tires--but since I normally love Michelin tires I'm not complaining. There may also be a ground-out condition with a heater or A/C hose--it's amazing how little it takes to telegraph noise into the cabin.
  • Yes, tipsicobob-the noise is only apparent in a gas on or foot pressing the accelerator condition. Does this mean anything? The noise goes away as soon as I take my foot off the accelerator.
  • Well that certainly eliminates the tire noise thought. Try d3 (3rd gear)at the same cruising speed--if that stops it, it definitely points to the 4th gearset--not the final drive. If it is still there, try putting it in neutral at the same speed, but rev the engine up to about the same rpm as when you hear the noise. If the noise is gone--it is definitely the trans and probably the final drive. If the noise appears in neutral, but with the engine revved up--it is an engine related noise--could be a lot of things such as an intake noise, an engine ground out, a camshaft belt noise etc. try those first.
  • Go to and see the 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0L at home. Look in car photos. My neighbors are probably a little confused, because from the outside, the car looks like the one that was here last week (save the chrome exhaust). GM has announced some great deals on new cars, so if you are tilting, go get one! Best wishes to all, stay resolute, stay safe, stay free.
  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    I hope to get to a dyno in the near future to see what a K&N really does, and then how it does with my air box mods. So far the air box mod has done great with no problems with additional water intrusion on those rainy days. I'll keep you posted.

    In addition, Granatelli Motor Sports offers a mass air flow meter for the Aurora 4.0 that is supposed to add some power due to lower restriction and it communicates differently with the computer. It sounds much like a chip improvement. They are going to fax me the dyno graph for the Caddy northstar. They don't have a graph for the Aurora. It's $250 bucks and is supposed to add 10+ HP at the rear wheels. Not bad if true. I'm not sure how this would work with a chip/computer upgrade if they ever became available. It is supposed to be really easy too -just the 3 screws that hold the sensor on and unclipping the electrical connection. The lower screw seems easy to lose. I don't have magician's hands, so I'll have the local mechanic help me out. It's a 10 minute job.

    Check out I hope I spelled that right.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I think my car needs a therapist. I have noticed that the car is VERY VERY VERY antisocial. It seems that the car refuses to be parked with the other cars in the lot and always seems to windup in a portion of parking lot by itself with no other cars around it. Sometimes, when it comes time to go to the mall it seems to get a little nervous about where in a potentially full parking lot it will be left. It also flat out refuses to go to malls during the Christmas shopping season.

    Have you noticed any of these behaviors in your Aurora? Is it something that is genetic to the car??
  • You may not get much performance increase in low end acceleration by adding the K&N or any other performance part. The PCM has torque management software that monitors the torque applied to the drive train. If the programmed torque limit is reached/exceeded the PCM will first retard ignition timing and then cut out cylinders to bring torque back under the limit. Depending on exactly what this limit is, you may not find much improvement in things like 0-60 times. At higher speeds where horsepower is more of a factor than torque, you may find a bit more improvement.
  • Hello all! I have a 1995 Aurora and I recently turned 100,000 miles. I am very proud be a member of the 'high mileage' club. The vehicle still operates fantastically - smooth, and powerful and free of major squeaks or rattles. Anyhow, I am wondering what people have paid for plug & wire replacements. I would like to do it myself, but that rear bank of plugs looks tough to get to. Has anyone tried? If not, what did you pay for the service?

  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    jimr97 - what you are describing sounds exactly like the traction control operation as described in the brochures. You can turn that off too. Anyway, I'm not talking about huge increases. My goal would be to get another 20 to 30 HP at the wheels by improving the exhaust, air induction, and perhaps trying the mass air flow sensor. I have my doubts that a micro tuner will ever be available for the northstars. I also realize that not all improvements yield their increase at the same point on the curve, so the totals might not really add up, but the total power throughout the acceleration does and that's what really counts anyway.

    There was a guy on the Lincoln LS board that did a lot of dyno testing on his LS V8 and he basically confirmed the added power. I've talked to people who have had the cat-back put on an STS and they swear by the performance and basically confirm the HP claims.

    I really hope to get to a dyno just to see what some indution improvements do. I'm hoping to see 5 more at the wheels. Anything more would be a bonus. Nothing radical, but I'm just trying to incrementally make it a little faster. I don't think that will overload anything. It would just have power similar to being between a stock SLS and an STS.
  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    Henry - yes, my car has the same antisocial problem. It really thinks it's something - all shiney as a mirror. It's so bad that (like I posted before) it will not even go for an oil change any more for fear of the goobers. Now I have to do it at home.
  • slovett1---I'm looking for the same answer,I was thinking of doing it myself,but I don't know,those plugs in the back.It looks like 2 hours of SWEARING to me.And I use to work on cars for a living and have changed plenty of spark plugs,but that rear bank looks tough!!Hopefully we will get an answer from our fellow AroarAians.
  • gisomgisom Posts: 144
    I bought bosch wires at autozone for $76.00 and bosch platinum plugs for $2.00 each. I too thought that the back side would be tough, but if you use a universal swivel attachment you really will not have a problem with the plugs. The nice thing about the wires were each # for the firing order was on them. But be safe and do one wire at a time. It took me about 2 hours to do it. Throw the pcv valve in while you are doing it. It is located on rear of the manifold on passenger side.
  • Who was it out there that dealt with the buzz/flutter noise coming from the pass side air ducting when the fan is turned higher than mid way?
  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    Added Ryan's 98 to the gallery, with pictures of the sound system mods he's installed.

    The Classic site just turned over 5000 visitors. Thanks Aurorians!

    Hi Pizza - looks like we're a couple of SoCal night owls.
  • Horay! Finally rolled up 1000 miles (in two months!) and my aftermarket warranty can begin. Funny, now that I can risk running my air conditioning, the compressor is not making noise any more! I'm sure this is temporary and the bearing rattle will come back as the r134a slowly leaks out again. It has a leak somewhere, probably in the evaporator in the dash. Who out there said they dealt with this too?
  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    Here's the lastest offical word...
    GM Announces Revised Oldsmobile Product Lifecycle Plans

    Detroit - General Motors announced today that its current plan is to end Oldsmobile production with 2004 models. GM previously announced that Oldsmobile products would continue to be produced and sold until the end of their current product lifecycles, or production would end earlier if market demand fell below economically viable levels. Oldsmobile production has remained unprofitable and, therefore, GM's current planning is to end production with the 2004 models. Here are the current product plans:

    Current Plan for Models

    Intrigue 2002 - production ends 6/2002*
    Aurora - V6 2002 - production ends 6/2002*
    Aurora - V8 2003 - production ends 5/2003
    Alero 2004 - exact build-out date TBD
    Silhouette 2004 - exact build-out date TBD
    Bravada 2004 - exact build-out date TBD

    * As previously announced

    Oldsmobile dealers were told that the Oldsmobile Dealer Agreements would continue with the term of their current agreement unchanged. This announcement gives dealers significant flexibility to best manage their business through this transition. Dealers will be able to continue operations such as selling Oldsmobiles, providing Oldsmobile warranty service, accessing the GM auctions and participating in Goodwrench Service Plus.

    In a letter to Oldsmobile dealers, Bill Lovejoy, group vice president, Vehicle Sales Service and Marketing, said "Dealers have been asking for more information about the phase-out of Oldsmobile in order to give them more flexibility. We intend to continue to provide them with timely information about our plans to help them plan their business."

    Oldsmobile dealers still have an opportunity to avail themselves of the Transition Financial Assistance Package, which was designed to help them plan and manage an orderly transition of their Oldsmobile business.
  • Gisom,

    Thanks for the info on the plugs. I'm relieved to hear that it wasn't too big of a deal. My father always says, "The difference between a hard project and an easy one is the right tools." Seems to be true. One question - Even with the universal swivel attachment, did you have to remove anything to get to the rear plugs? That ignition module seems to be in the middle of things.

  • garnes - I believe the traction control is independant of the torque management. Traction control will apply the front brakes and also possibly shutdown cylinders. Here's an bit of text from page 6E-1018 of the1997 Service manual about torque management:

    "Torque Management

    Torque Management is a function of the PCM that reduces engine power under certain conditions.
    Torque Management is performed for three reasons:
    1. To prevent overstress of powertrain components.
    2. To limit engine power when brakes are applied.
    3. To prevent damage to the vehicle during certain abusive maneuvers.

    The PCM uses manifold vacuum, intake air temperature, spark retard, engine speed, engine coolant temperature, A/C clutch status, and EGR valve position to calculate engine output torque. It then looks at torque converter status, transaxle gear ratio, and brake switch inputs and determines if any torque reduction is required. If torque reduction is required, the PCM retards spark as appropriate to reduce engine torque output. In the case of abusive maneuvers, the PCM may also shut off fuel to certain cylinders to reduce engine power.

    There are five instances when engine power reduction is likely to be experienced:

    - During transaxle upshifts and downshifts.
    - Heavy acceleration from a standing start.
    - If brakes are applied with moderate to heavy throttle.
    - When the driver is performing stress-inducing (abusive) maneuvers such as shifting into gear at high throttle angles."

    The very next section in the book covers traction control. Traction control may apply the front brakes, or it may apply the front brakes and reduce engine power by shutting off fuel to one or more cylinders.
    The book doesn't mention anything about retarding ignition timing as part of the traction control program.

    Based on the text, one could conclude (perhaps incorrectly) that the stock 4.0L has more torque available, but the PCM won't allow it to be used.
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