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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    I wish I had not started this aluminum head matter. There are scores of fine and dependable automobiles using the Fe/Al combination. They are a little more sensitive to coolant maintence but that is a trivial cost. On overheating, one of the reasons to use Al components is that they dissipate heat more efficiently than iron. That, and weight reduction, has spurred on their use. Properly maintained, these engines are not a problem from my reading of the automotive industry. Whether you choose the 3.4L or the 3.8, I am sure you will be happy with your purchase.

    To Stnel on the 1963 Corvette. It was definitely iron heads on iron block. The head gaskets most likely would have been copper. The first aluminum heads appeared on the Corvette in 1967 (RPO L89) and only 16 were made. They were offered on the 427cid, L71 435hp engine. I cannot recall how many L89s are left but I believe you can count the "real" ones on one hand. The number of imitations is over 100. Price now for the real thing is over $500,000. Just a little trivia.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    After reading it again, I must have noticed they were made of the same material and assumed cast iron.
  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    I FINALLY got the Wheel Liners installed this morning! Look Great! Now I have to get those rear Flaps back one, I got a bonus at the dealer when I picked up my car, (2) Nice greasy finger marks on my headliner just infront of the sun visor, they put the keys up there..Grrrr!!!

    On the the Intrique or any Olds the 5 year warranty is nothing more than the Basic 3 year 36,000 Mile Bumper to Bumper Warranty with 2 years of the Optional Warranty for 2 more years, the last 2 years only covers major Components that are listed and it is NOT Bumper to Bumper after the 3 years or 36K miles are up, But you get it for free and not $1000.00 or whatever it costs. I know because we looked at an Alero this afternoon, and a Tracker and a SS Monte Carlo and a few Base Impala's, We may replace the Z24 Cavalier soon... I really Liked the White SS Monte Carlo, it had CLOTH Seats and the Sunroof, I wanted to TRADE my Impala for it right then, Then I came to my senses, I know how you prospective buyers feel! What a RUSH! I have to stay away from car dealers or I will get the BUG!! Although a Monte SS And a LS Impala would look great in the driveway, not that the Impala LS and the Red Cavalier 1999 Z24 do not, It is just too small of a car! That is why it is over 2 years old and just turned 15k, My Impala is 16 mos old and just turned 16K.... Don
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    Ford Taurus info in a Chevrolet Impala forum:

    3.0 Vulcan (the Cow :) ): I believe it's an iron block with aluminum heads. oh and its a whopping 155 hp. :)

    3.0 Duratec is aluminum from head to toe...
  • mediumfrymediumfry Posts: 239
    I fixed my B pillar buzz tonight. Turned out to be the seat belt retraction mechanism on the passenger side. It was secured tightly to the frame but had an internal rattle in the mechanism. Holding the edges of the unit securely calmed it down.

    The trim pieces were designed and installed by a genius. I needed a single socket to take off the upper seat belt clip and the rest of the pieces snapped out and back in like a dream.

    I stuffed a piece of folded cardboard between the mechanism casing and the pillar steel to dampen the vibration. A seemingly cobbled solution, but cheap and effective.

    At 7200 miles that's the only problem so far. I love this car!
  • jijcojijco Posts: 49

    I don't think the LS suspension is harsh at all. Firmer, maybe. I like it, but I would rather have the stiffer springs/struts from the police package, or the whole police package on my LS for that matter, for increased durability and handling in turns.

    As far as the 60/40 seats, I don't think it is not possible. They don't makt it that way, but with a special order from the right dealer, with the right circumstances, maybe. Besides, the police package isn't stock and generally not available to the public, especially with the LS trim, but there's at least one here in Honolulu, and the "motorized, senior police officers that drive subsidized private vehicles may use the Impala among others, in stock form or any police packages available for that specific vehicle, with all the bells and whistles, too, if they want. Except for the sunroof. I'm not sure if they allow that. (They use a removable roof mounted metal strap for the single blue strobe light). So, it may be possible to get an LS special ordered with the 60/40.

    Also, we have the new car show in town at the convention center this week, going to check out the new cars. Would be nice to add a new Chevy Trailblazer SLT to keep my LS company.

  • bdimebdime Posts: 130
    That new Trailblazer would look nice with the LS next to it. I looked at one in my dealer showroom and almost drooled on it. We already have a 250 Pick-up to tow the 5th wheel so we don't need the payment or the tow capacity for normal driving. Tried to talk the boss into her test driving one-(she's eyeing the GMC Envoy)- we'll see.
  • frankb7frankb7 Posts: 18

    Thanks for the response.

    Yea, I am amazed that these sales people don't know if the 60/40 can be ordered or not. The two local Chevy dealers hemmed and hawed when I asked, and then looked in the glossy brochure they hand to customers, to find out the answer. Duh! I can do that. I sent an E-Mail to Chevrolet, and they said the bench seat' cannot be ordered on the LS, but my question was stated incorrectly (bench seat'). Maybe if I asked about 60/40 seat, I would have gotten a different answer. I don't get it. Aren't the base and LS manufactured on the same line? If so, what is the big deal to put in the 60/40 seat in an LS.

    Not sure what you meant by a 'special' order. What, is it up to the dealer? What would they base the decision to put in a special order on?


  • cyyzcyyz Posts: 37
    Don't know if, in the US, your option pkg's change from state to state but in Canada, the L36 engine pkg includes the custom aluminum wheels and touring tires. The 1SB pkg also includes the power heated side view mirrors and the AM6 custom cloth seat pkg must be denoted as trim level 'C' because the AM6 code applies to both the basic and upgraded interiors. The base interior is denoted as the 'B' trim level. So if you really want the upgraded custom cloth interior with the driver's power seat, side impact air bag, pull down rear w/ centre armrest, make sure they put down you want trim level 'C' and not just as AM6.
  • Well, I no longer have a hesitation problem with my 2000 LS impala. Not because it was repaired, but because GM repurchased the vehicle. Thursday, I signed the final papers and received the check from GM. What a relief. I liked the design of the Impala but do not feel bad about getting rid of it.

    Everyone concerned with this buy back including the local Chevrolet dealer, The Better Business Bureau, and two guys from GM, located in Fla., were very efficient. Each time that I called any of the persons concerned, I would give them my name and they knew exactly who I was. Never any fumbling around to determine who I was and what I wanted.

    I have abandoned the Impala line and have purchased a 2001 Buick Regal LS. I will pick the new car up sometime next week. Some people call this car an AARP vehicle. This may be true, I guess, but it should serve me well.

    I would like to thank everyone on this message board for your concern and help in assisting me with this problem.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    ... administrative interruption.

    Sometime in the next week or two, the name of this discussion will be changed dropping the "XI" designation.

    Now that we have moved to our new platform, we no longer have a requirement to stop and restart discussions after a certain number of posts have occurred. Therefore, this discussion can be regarded as the permanent home for Impala conversation. The "part number" designations on all of our discussions will probably eventually confuse new members, so we will be gradually dropping them from the titles.

    We'll also be altering original discussions in the Archives to differentiate between the first and the current.

    I just wanted to give you a heads up - and by the way, if you are subscribed to this discussion, a name change will not affect your subscription.


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  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are using them. There are quite a few in Canada's Capital (Ottawa). Today I parked beside an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) version. That is our equivalent of State Troopers. Not at a donut shop, but the Bank, BTW. Pretty mean looking car, I must say. Had that push-bar up front and and the small hup-cap wheels. Seemed to have a bench seat but it was difficult to say at a quick glance with all that computer equipment installed where the console would be. I suspect it was a Base car with the 3.8L and the Police goodies. Single exhaust but the tires were somehow different. And I do not know why. I had just a brief chat with the Officer as he exited the bank. His only comments were that it is very comfortable as his "office, it handles and brakes exceptionally and it hauls %^$^ when pushed. I think he was pleased with his ride.
  • night_owl1night_owl1 Posts: 760
    Thank you for the head's up on the change. It really bothered me that things would change here, sometimes dramatic changes, and we wouldn't get any warning.
  • night_owl1night_owl1 Posts: 760
    Jacob, you are actually going? I went last year and I was really dissapointed. Only the state of Hawaii would build a convention center with no parking. The "million dollar car display" was 4 cars. A million doesn't go very far when you include a top of the line Lamborghini and Ferrari. It was a lot better when it was at the Blasdell
  • night_owl1night_owl1 Posts: 760
    We've hit the 2K mark on the Impala How-To page. To celebrate, I've been working on a new page with a list of TSBs and some new news and tips.

  • night_owl1night_owl1 Posts: 760
    These are addressed in TSBs. See the TSB and News page for the specific TSB numbers.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    Someone wrote that their tires do not get rotated according to the pattern in the owner's manual.

    What I have done to avoid this is mark each of the 4 tires with a white crayon ie: "TO LF".

    Then I check what went where.
    This gives the guys a clue how I want it done. Approached with the right attitude, they haven't seemed to mind.
  • bdimebdime Posts: 130
    Drove my Impala in some 50 mph winds + gusts today. Have to say it held the road pretty well and I was able to keep up with the idiots driving 70mph but I refused to do over 72 (let them be crash dummies!). The wind was really bad on the open road stretches and on the bridges but I felt secure and not as much movement as the old SUV. Average of 22 mpg but you would expect that. The real fun was watching my sons college team play Rugby in that wind- the ball literally got hang time! (They won by the way) Hope the weather is better wherever my fellow Impala owners are.
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    It is indeed unfortunate that things came to that conclusion. Mais, c'est la vie. I am sure you will be very happy with your new Buick Regal and I wish you well with it. It is a fine auto although I do not know what an AARP is. What never ceases to imaze me is how so many people get satisfaction from a particular automobile brand/model but the majority just drive on and on without problems. I guess it is just the luck of the draw. But that cannot comprehend why GM cannot diagnose and remedy its own problems on a particular unit before going to the extent of buying it back. That one gives me problems! Why not just pull the engine and replace? That is cheaper than buying back the car.
  • Platour

    AARP is an organization that deals with older persons. They sell auto insurance and many different things at a reduced rate. When someone calls a car an AARP car, they really mean that the car is for old people.

    GM could have replaced the engine, but the engine was not the problem. It was some component other than the engine, so replacing only the engine would mean that the problem would remain.

  • mediumfrymediumfry Posts: 239
    Before now I had never heard of buy-backs without colossal hassles. I don't know for sure why GM decided to do this so willingly, but I give them credit for doing so, for these reasons:

    1. It allows the customer to think that GM cares about them personally. Those people seem to be going back and buying other GM models. This is a success for GM if that happens after a potential nightmare. That might make it worth the cost in the long run.

    2. It keeps them out of lawsuits which can be very expensive and painful to both parties involved, while the lawyers rake in the dough.

    3. The way most service departments are, it is highly unlikely they can be generally trusted to replace an engine without creating as many or more problems than they fixed. Thus the nightmare continues. One person somewhere in Edmunds boards said "Factories don't make very many lemons, service departments do". I agree.

    4. They can use the car they buy back to study problems and learn.

    Maybe GM is not that smart...maybe these aren't reasons they decided to buy back cars. If not, though, at least they're lucky. Meanwhile, my car is nearly perfect and I am really proud of them.

    BTW: AARP stands for American Association of Retired Persons. Just FYI. So much for T&FLA's.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    teo - I have a brochure for the Mercury Sable and it has the Duratec as all-aluminum. Just as iusecad says. It doesn't give any info on the Vulcan. I imagine if the block and cylinder head were both iron, it would say so in the brochure. I'll have to see.

    bdime - I guess they don't name Chicago the windy city for nothing. Glad your son won his Rugby game.

    On AARP - I believe you have to be 55 to join. Once one spouse joins at 55, the other spouse can join at 50. I talked to my neighbors a few days ago and they told me this. I always thought it was 50 all the way around. In one of the car ads I saw in newspaper, they were giving a $500 discount for AARP members.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    what I could find is on '99 engines, but they're still built the same...

    1999 Engine Guide

    I hope this helps! :)
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    The American Association for "Retired" Persons is really a misnomer.

    I know for a fact that the age to join AARP is 50. Cost is just $10/year.

    When you approach your 50th birthday, AARP will automatically send you an application to join.

    Why is AARP a misnomer? As the age of "retirement" has been pushed higher than 65, the age to join AARP has dropped over the years. That's right, starting a few years ago, many of the baby boom generation born between 1946-1964 canNOT collect full Social Security retirement benefits at 65. The later you were born, the longer you have to work before retirement - as far as the feds are concerned.

    Why did AARP lower the age to join? To increase their membership base.

    And for those who look disdainfully at growing older and being eligible to join AARP, consider the alternative.

    Some recent well known people to join the list of potential AARPers include Kirstie Alley, Jane Seymour, Rush Limbaugh and Phil Collins. The big "Five-Oh" comes sooner than you think.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    "The big "Five-Oh" comes sooner than you think."

    Indeed it does. And it sure beats the alternative. ;->

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  • norbnancynorbnancy Posts: 118
    Good idea, Duraflex on marking tires before rotation. Keeps pattern consistent. I do my own rotation so that I also get the correct wheel lug torque and correct tightening pattern. This reduces the likelihood of warped rotors. Enjoy the ride.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    iusecad - the web page you gave me had the exact information I was looking for. Thank you!

    duraflex - Thanks for the information on AARP. I'm glad to hear that the age is 50. That'll be 5 years sooner that I can join!
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Thanks for the lead on AARP. It does not operate in Canada but the web site has some very interesting information.
  • watusiwatusi Posts: 17
    yesturday i was driving up I287 in new jersey a large pickup truck in front of me lost a couple of those large orange barrels that they use for highway construction, thanks to the supurb braking power and fantastic handling i was able to dodge all three of them doing close to 70 mph. the lady behind me driving a 97-99 taurus had to swerve off onto the shoulder as she couldnt brake fast and my impala kept on going and didnt miss a beat....i love this car more and more every day
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    The snow is not gone yet but the roads are bare. Had a nice drive today at highway speeds. The Impala is a joy to drive. Tracks very nicely at speed with no movement in the steering wheel. Brakes are VERY solid and strong. Did a few tests on a deserted road from about 50mph down. Cruise control is +/- 2mph. Bucket seats are very comfortable after finding my ideal position on the driver's power seat. Gave the baby brother 3.4L engine a shot at 100kph (60mph) and it moved up to 140kph (~88mph) very quickly. You people with the 3.8L have overkill>g>. Do not do that very often but.....Five minutes later caught a nice Impala wave from a Provincial Police Officer going in the opposite direction. Glad he did not pick me up moments earlier. Nice day in a nice car. BTW, calcium chloride (salt) came off the carpets with dish detergent and some gentle rubbing. Now ready for spring. Bring it on. Need the heat to do a polish job. I love it when a weekend comes together (borrowed from the A Team).
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