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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • lrcobralrcobra Posts: 82
    I agree with you 100%. And yes I can picture the beach scene. Only thing is it would be on the east coast maybe around Hatteras or somewhere thereabouts. I would love to be able to have a stable full of the kinds of retro vehicles they are bringing out now. I liked the versions of old but the newer ones are more my style.
    I can remember a few years back on the boardwalk in Myrtle(before it got all grown up and commercialized) watching the parades of teens driving their customized rods' down the streets blaring their radios and having a blast showing off. Noone was hurting anyone and all that were watching were reminiscing about days gone by.
    But enough of that I am going back to the site Teo gave us and dream some more.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    According to postings in the 300M forum a while ago, the Charger project has been cancelled. I'm not sure if it is true or not, but given DM financial woes, it makes sense. So a great idea - like so many others that never see production - dies on the vine.

    Meanwhile, every Chevy dealer in America has new Impalas sitting on the lot for immediate delivery to lucky buyers who will enjoy driving a great road car that's a credit to its name..

  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    I have been a died in the wool Chevy fan for over 35 years, however over the past few years General Motors is completely out of touch with the consumer. This is the 6th year of the same old Cavalier, now there talking about a 4 door Z24 .(WOW!) Where was that 4 years ago. The Malibu is about as stylish as vanilla ice cream. I remember 3 years ago John Moss (the Chevy guru) showing pictures of the Malibu SS with 260 HP with 17" wheels at the Sema show. It never happened. Right from the start of the 00 Impala ruomours of an SS with a big V8. John Moss made comments in Motor Trend Magazine watch for it its coming.(NEVER HAPPENDED!) When I saw the first Monte Carlo SS high-sport model I believed that Chevy wouldn't spend extra money to make an Impala SS, GM's John Zarella indicates that the present Impala will bite the dust in the 2004 or 2005 model year to be replaced with a larger more luxury model. Probably from their Holden division. The new Chevy Pickup the SSR will probably be outdated by the time it gets to market. This is the purple pickup that is replacing the Camaro as their Sports Car/Truck.

    Back in the early 60's when Chevy made great looking cars and sold tons of them. with sheets of engine options for their 283's, 327,s & 409,s. Great looking exterior emblems with crossed flags, SS emblazed emblems below the Impala logo, Stainless steel trim, great looking lines. They were the industry leader. Now its plastic everything (to save weight) They could have really made the Impala base and LS stand out if they had used a few cues from the millions of cars they sold back when they were King. Even the current Impala LS. 2 interior colors. Funeral home gray and plastic looking beige. (I know they offer blue in the base model) GM must have warehouses full of this bland gray plastic and seat cover material. It certainly doesn't make the car inviting in my opinion. What ever happened to nice interior colors like reds, blues even black that is offered in the Monte. When current cars that compete with Impala like the Intrepid that at least offers 17" wheels, and a sport package Intrepid Sport or R/T.

    Now with Ford making old things new again with their (you've got to admit!) great looking 49 Ford retro, that will be hitting the market before this Chevy SSR truck that we saw sneak previews of 3 years ago.

    With GM's share of the market less than 28% (at one time had over 50% of the market) don't you think they should get rid of their current future planners and pay the bucks and get the proper designers to give the GM consumers what they really want.

    Hopefully GM will see the success that Chrysler is having with their PT (now also GT) Cruiser & Ford will have with their Ford Focus (that comes in about 89 models) 02 T/Bird and 49 Ford.(GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND AND GET RID OF THE BEAN COUNTERS) and retro the 57 Chevy belair, or 63 Impala SS, or at least offer the Impala enthusiasts the 2002 Impala SS with 17's, bold grille, 60's crossed flag emblems with the SS where it belongs below the Impala emblems, and oh yes, did I forget Nice Interior Colors that make the car standout!!

  • cookie01cookie01 Posts: 369
    Too call their cars whatever they want, too bad --Gerry Kobe didn't know the Charger isn't going to happen. Dork, do your homework....
  • jeffreyw1jeffreyw1 Posts: 145
    What magazine did you read this in because I would love to get my hands on it. General Motors is very so much out of touch with what the consumer wants and are willing to buy. I think the only thing most of the time they are worried with are the sales figures and cash profits. I for one know they would sell many of these Impala SSs since they are going to stop producing the Chevrolet Camaro. I think this is another failure on their part of getting rid of such a great, affordable for most sports car. They would have more sales of the Camaros if they would have redesigned them way earlier to make the Camaro a more appealing car. I am a big fan of Chevrolet cars and trucks. I would have many of them if I could afford them. May all have a great day!
  • tomaso7tomaso7 Posts: 91
    To Teo, Re: Only one sedan got the 5 star rating (Less than 10% chance of roll over)and that was the Honda Accord...may be the car's double wishbone suspension setup helped to achieve that rating. I can't believe I have something to add to Teo's remarkable knowledge on the auto industry. Anyway, the ratings were based on the ratio between length and width. No suspension or tires were used. GM and Ford reps agreed that the ratings were accurate only to the point of ratios but would be and are different when suspension and tires are taken into account.

    AND TO THOSE who ask for all different types of options be available for the Impala: the Impala, and especially the FULLY loaded LS are the best valued cars available in North America. I checked numerous autos and the options available and the Chevy Impala had the best value bar none. GM can do this because only a few interior options, etc... are available. Storing and installing too many different options would increase the price of the car and then you probably wouldn't have bought even a base model because the average price of the Impala would have been too high. The car uses plastic to keep the weight down and that means the car gets better mileage.

    Re the plastic panels below the dash - I might be wrong but doesn't the air bag on the passenger side explode from below the dash because the cost would be too much if the bag blew out from the dash - meaning a new dash would be needed? Perhaps the panels are flimsy for that purpose - to allow the air bag to deploy. Just wondering.

    To Platour - hello fellow Canuck - you asked a question about where the 3.4 was made and then someone answered it on another post, well on that post of yours with the engine specs on a page from the net, included the exact info you asked. On one of the lines it read = Ramos Arizpe, Mexico AND Townawanda [ didn't that place burn to the ground?] New York.

    To Teo: would you please explain what a 'W' car is as opposed to the other lettered vehicles.

  • Behind the grills in the door is a mid and a tweeter mounted side by side. I think the rear deck speakers are co-axial. Presto, 8 speakers. =) I collected most of the bypass info, see the following page.

    I was thinking of replacing the amp, but I can't find a plug that will fit the harness. Radio Shack sells a pin connector that I think will fit, but it's a special order item. =P The spacing between the pins is greater than the typical .100 spacing. Anyone found a plug yet?
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Tomaso7:::Thanks for the clarification regarding the criteria used for the NHTSA new roll over tests. I am sure the test is very far from perfect, but it can be a very valuable tool to help prospective buyers in selecting a vehicle with better stability dynamics. Obviously, a vehicle that has a higher center of gravity (SUVS and some taller Vans)has a greater propensity to lose traction and control over a comparable lower to the ground car. There are too many variables to determine roll over propensity on a vehicle such as tires, suspension setups, speed, road conditions, etc.

    The term "W-Body" car is GM's internal lingo to identify the platform type used to build certain sedan/coupe models. The W-Body cars were first launched in 1988 when most of the old intermediate GM rear drive sedans and coupes (Regal, Cutlass, Montecarlo,etc) were switched over to this front wheel drive platform also known as the GN-10 cars. Current W-body cars or GM 'intermediates' are the Impala, Montecarlo, Regal, Grand Prix, Intrigue and Century. Essentially, the Y2K Impala rides on a 'perfected' 13 year old W-body platform. Aside from the exterior styling of the car (And other minor components), main platform and powertrain components have been around for years, so this car is already 'tried and true'.

    Our Impala will be the last W-body variant and quite possibly the last car to feature the 3800 Series II V-6 engine as it will replaced in the year 2005 with the all new "Mid-Lux" platform and probably featuring the 3.5L "Shortstar" DOHC V-6 engine borrowed from the Intrigue (To comply with the stringent SULEV emissions). It's likely that the next generation Impala will be a more luxurious, larger RWD sedan (Perhaps a retro 1960's look, who knows?)

    Joe::: Where did you read about the cancellation of the '03 Impala SS...can you provide a link to the article?

    I am having steering problems folks! I wonder if any of you at any given time has ever experienced the following:

    At slow speeds, only when turning the wheel right I feel a very akward 'Clunking' coming thru the steering wheel and if I am braking I also feel this loose 'clunk' in the break pedal. It is a faint noise but when turning the wheel right (No matter how much) the steering shaft suddenly feels loose...very disconcerting.

    However, when driving straight or making left turns at any speed, the steering feedback feels perfectly normal and solid the problem only comes up when turning towards the right.

    I went back to 'dig up' some of the old Oldsmobile Intrigue forums here in Edmunds and I was shocked to find out that our fellow Intrigue owners have been experiencing massive 'intermediate steering shaft' problems on the '98 and '99 models, usually replaced between 15K and 20K miles on the average. The problem described in there (Faint clunking sounds when turning only right) is amazing to the last detail of the issue I have know in my car.

    The Intrigue has a known TSB for that problem, but I doubt the Impala has exhibited a similar steering problem. Furthermore, the Intrigue uses a different Steering shaft than the Impala (Different part numbers) but the basic design could be the same (thus sharing the same defect).

    I am taking the car in tomorrow and I will show some of those Intrigue responses to the service writer so their tech can get straight to the root of the problem.

    I know is not a brake problem (Brakes were checked last week) and I doubt this is related to the engine cradle, altough I will mention it.

    If you ever experience any sort of loose feeling or clunking sounds coming from the front end when turning the car, take it back to the dealer.

    I appreciate feedback from anyone that has experienced a weird behavior in the Impala's steering when making right turns.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    That has had the same exact steering problems that I am having in the Impala:

    "Shaft Problem

    I posted this back in Sept and am doing a cut and paste. So far the fix is still good:

    Had the intermediate shaft replaced this morning. Service sheet says: " Found excessise clearance in intermediate steering shaft, causing clunkning noise when steering. Inspected, tested, and replaced intermediate steering shaft. Reinspected, retested, repair complete.
    .5 hours of labor.
    part #26078302"

    This was the "new" part Harlan mentioned and said there shouldn't be any problems with these. I hope so.

    Car feels entirely different (in a good way) since fix. Hope it lasts.

    Easiest way for me to reproduce was at a stop, take foot of brake and let car roll, then pump brake while turning. Never going more than 5mph. It would occure at other times but this was the sure way for it to happen on my car.

    Hope anyone else having problems can get it resolved.

    PS I have a 99 with a 10/98 build date."

    I am going to call Chevy Customer service to have a file open up.

    I'll keep everyone posted.
  • Good Luck at the shop and I hope it's nothing major. Keep us posted.

    Brakes = Has anyone been having a problem with brakes regarding noise when applying the brakes? Maybe they just need cleaning, to much brake dust?
    I'm going to have them checked within the week at inspection time.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    This part is under strong suspicion...anyway here is the part number for the Impala should any owner experience the 'right turn clunking' problem:

    Intermediate Steering Shaft (Y2K Impala) Part #26079240

    Heavenbound::: Brake squaling during braking is normal in these vehicles. The reason is that the brake pads in most new vehicles are metallic or semi-metallic which last longer but tend to be a hecj noiser too. Old brake pads made of Asbestos (Cancer producing material)were quiter but didn't last as long. The dealer can put some 'dressing' to your brakes and silence them for a little while but watch and see after a month the squaling will comeback.

    Have the dealer inspect your brake system anyway.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    When I compared prices/specs/options last year, the Impala LS had the best value between the cars I checked. I agree with you in this point.

    But two sister GM cars, Buick Regal LS and Pontiac Grand Prix GP, were only marginally more expensive. Something like tens to low hundred dollar difference, not thousands.

    This is when comparing MSRP. only. After accounting for GM rebates and dealer discounts, they were substantially less expensive, than Impala LS with the same equipment / options.

    Likely, the same is true with Oldsmobile Intrigue. Not sure, though: no direct comparison is possible with different engine.

    After this comparisons I test-drove a supercharged Buick Regal GS and was sold on its power.
  • YES, there is a 2k Impala LS with 11k for bid on ebay from texas. the high bid is $12,000 see it
    lots of pictures. thought it was neat to see one for sale on ebay.
    p.s. must have been in an accident.
  • This is the headline from an article in my march 2001 issue, page 19. The project was killed in sept. due to budget cuts. that stinks!!!!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    The SS got axed. I wonder if GM could, at least, drop the S/C 3800 in the Impala and rebadge it as a GS trim? I think it is much easier to deal with existing hardware (S/C 3800) than trying to deal with torque steer issues on a V-8 equipped FWD car. My feeling is that the SS will re-appear in 2005 on the Mid-Lux car.
  • tomaso7tomaso7 Posts: 91
    Impala owners - why go back to RWD? I drove a 1981 Oldsmobile Delta 88 for over 10 years and I hated the car in the winter. Then I owned a 1995 Saturn for 3 years and it was super in the winter and snow. Then I had a Lumina LTZ for another 3 years with traction control and it was a cinch to drive in the snow. The Impala LS is even better. Also, back in the 70''s I raced in slaloms with the FWD Audi 100 LS, 1973. This FWD under steered dramatically but not so much that, ahem, I won the Canadian Slalom championship for my class. All to say, FWD is fun to drive anytime. NOW, for those guys in the warm weather states and southern British Columbia, I can see why you would like the RWD - but I also like the extra room the FWD gives in the front and the back without the huge hump. Regards to all.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    why couldn't GM make both?
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    if GM would replace the Impala with a RWD on the new mid-lux chassis if it turns out to be a big success for them in its current configuration. Might they not be inclined to reintroduce a Caprice model as their RWD flagship and leave the Impala in its present niche? Now nixing the Malibu is not a bad idea since it is just about the most bland looking car on the road.

    Teo - do you think GM really plans to axe all of these front drivers that people are so enamored with? Seems like a hard sell to get them back into RWD after all these years of being told they need at least FWD if not 4WD.

    One potential problem with this scenario is that GM would probably downgrade the present great car we know as Impala into a warmed over version of Malibu in order to play up the new RWD car and still have an inexpensive FWD offering.


  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    You've got the same problem I've experienced with my Impala - I hadn't noticed the "right-turn only" nature of the problem, but in thinking about it, the places I KNOW I feel the clunking ARE right turns. Let me know what you find out - I ran mine by the dealer yesterday at lunch, planning to show my sales guy my pin set, and then casually mention the clunking problem (a similar visit got me straight into the shop before to look into the "ticking" problem, but they never came up with a cure). Unfortunately my salesman moved to another dealership (which is a shame; he'd sold Chevys for years, and was a big help with my ordering my Impala last year).
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Also wanted to pass along that I find this site much easier to use, now that there's a link when I first log on that takes me straight to my message center (and bookmarks). This place is much too unweildy without easy to use bookmarks.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Now that I've had my Impala for almost a year, I'm getting the itch to replace my wife's '95 Prizm LSI with something safer, nicer, and more useful (I feel guilty; she doesn't even have power windows). I'm trying to steer clear of SUVs, but I COULD use something that gave me the ability to haul things on occasion. But I hate the thought of getting lousy gas mileage all year long, just to provide the occasional ease of hauling something bulky. Thought about buying an old truck just to knock around in, but my garage only holds 2, and I don't think my neighbors (or my wife) would like to see a rusty '65 stepside parked out on the street. A wagon would be ideal (I was looking for one when I ran across the Impala), but there aren't that many to choose from.

    So, speaking as a family of four with room for only two cars, any suggestions for a good compromise vehicle to go along with the Impala (either currently on the market or on the near horizon)? My garage is also fairly shallow, so the other vehicle can't be any longer than the Impala (and it would be better if it were shorter). I'm thinking the Buick Rendezvous might be the answer, but I don't know how long it will be before it debuts.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    You wrote: nixing the Malibu is not a bad idea since it is just about the most bland looking car on the road.

    Let me disagree.

    Other equal, my wife and I always would select the more bland-looking car. This is why we own Malibu and Regal, and not, for example, Eclipse and Grand Prix.

    A lot of peoples / families have the same tastes. The peoples why are driving Malibu, Buicks, older Oldsmobile models, Accords, Camry / Avalons, older Volvo models, Cadillac, etc.

    The people with conservative tastes constitute a substantial pool of customers, and they tend to be good customers: stable, loyal, creditworthy... It would be huge mistake if GM dumps the customers.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    The Buick Rendezvous is already advertised by GM:

    I believe, it will appear at dealers really soon now, but who knows?

    The Pontiac Aztec is already available. It have a lot of common with the Rendezvous. Unusual appearance, a lot of people consider it ugly (I do not, though). But the vehicle was designed exactly for the purpose you described, and, probably, would satisfy your needs.

    What bother me, though: is it prudent to buy from the first production batch of a first-year model, even more if it a vehicle of substantially new design? This concerns both Aztec and, especially, Rendezvous.
  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    Finally!! I posted here a few weeks ago about the DIECAST 2000 Monte Carlo and I had Hoped that one day the 2000 Impala would be made in 1/18 Scale (BIG) and geuss what?? MIASTO is making a 1/18 version of the 2000 9C1 POLICE IMPALA!!! Click the link for a Peek!! I love it!!!

    WOW!!!! can't wait to get my hands on one of these!!!!! Don
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    My tastes are about as conservative as they come, as evidenced by my present and prior cars - Suburban, Grand Marquis (2), Taurus, Camry, DeVille (3), Delta 88, Cutlass, LeBaron. Still - it's nice to have something that looks fresh and interesting as the Impala today.
    Of course, at 45, I am feeling a bit of mid-life crisis too! I'm ready to shun the 'comfort lounge seats' and landau roof for buckets, a floor shifter and a rear spoiler!! Truth be known - I'm even growing a goatee!

    Isn't it great to have such variety offered for consumers? You must be acutely aware of this.

    Have a great day - BTW have you driven up into the mountains of NH or Maine yet? There's a nice blanket of snow everywhere now - it's prime winter time here.

  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Don:::: That 1/18 Scale Police Y2K Impala looks gorgeous!!!!! Wow!!!! can't wait to get my copy either! Most of my 1/18 collection is from Maisto and based on their assembly quality and rich detail, I am sure this one is going to be a complete show stopper! Do you know when Maisto is going to release it?? Thanks for the pics!

    Nosirrahg::: I left my Impala at the dealer's service dept a little over an hour ago. I told my service advisor that based on my Internet research, this problem is very likely caused by a faulty Intermediate steering shaft since owners of the Olds Intrigue and other W-body cousins have also reported the "right turn only" clunking steering noise problem. The problem is kind of tricky and unless you pay close attention on everyday driving, you don't really notice it
    until the steering wheel 'loose' feeling begins to worsen as the car racks up miles. At low speeds, while turning the wheel to the right, press the brake pedal...the clunking is also felt there. Once you return the wheel straight or make a left turn, the steering feels solid and no clunks are felt. Even owners of other GM and Non-GM domestic cars and trucks with Intermediate steering shaft problems report clunks only on right turns....why is that? I have no idea.

    The Delphi/Saginaw steering systems on GM cars of recent, have had problems with their intermediate steering shafts. The most chronic cases of this issue have been reported by owners of the Olds Intrigue. I am surprised that no more Y2K Impala owners have felt this problem and no TSB are available either.

    Now that I think about it, I think my Impala has had a very mild and faint clunk in the steering when making right turns, probably since I first bought it, but again, it is very hard to notice it at first since it doesn't affect steering feel or performance when driving at normal speeds.

    Anyway, I'll let you know aht the dealer finds out. My gut feeling is that the shaft has a case of excessive 'play' warranting the need to replace the part...let's wait and see.

    My wife and I are considering replacing her reliable but small '97 Mercury Tracer sedan this year when Pontiac releases their practical and very nice looking Pontiac Vibe Hybrid/Sportwagon at the end of the year. The car will also be sold as the new Toyota Matrix and will be based on the all new 2003 Toyota Corolla platform. The crossover vehicle will offer 2 powerplants (With Toyota's VVT-I technology) producing 130HP and a Vibe GT version producing 185HP! Both, a 5 speed manual and a 4-speed auto and All Wheel Drive will be offered as options.

    I prefer the Pontiac Vibe version to the Toyota Matrix Sibling. Not only the Pontiac will be less costly, it also looks better in my opinion...and you can use your GM Mastercard points to get it. These sport wagons will be built at the Toyota/GM joint venture NUMMI plant in Fremont, California.

    Really neat alternative to a bulky SUV or a 'soccer mom' get the best of two worlds!

    Check them both out:
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    The 2002 Pontiac Vibe GT will have a 6-speed manual and a high performance 185HP!
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    yurakm - I agree I'd have more misgivings about getting a "first year" Aztek or Rendezvous than I did the Impala, but at least one could sort of look it as the Astek being the first year production, and hopefully the Buick would benefit from that.

    teo - I've had my clunking problem for awhile, and while it became noticeable on right-turns only, I can now feel it whether turning left or right (or even when braking at low speeds).
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