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Hyundai Elantra 5-door



  • eschesch Posts: 1
    Hey, new to this forum.
    I have 120,000 on my '02 GT, been through a few problems, but still love the car.
    I have a crack in the converter/manifold, and called the dealer for info.
    They say the recall affects 99-01 Elantras. I am wondering how many people have this issue, since the engines were probably made in early 02. What are the chances they will recall 02? I am obviously out of the warranty (long drive to work everyday).
    Anyone have any ideas??
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    It could also be a bad motor mount. If the "rough idle" means you feel more vibration, one of the symptoms of a bad motor mount is that you feel more engine vibrations in the cabin.
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    It appears to me that your dealer is mistaken. The coverage is 1999 - 2002. Ask your dealer to look-up this TSB # 05-01-001-1. As you can see at the very bottom the coverage stops at the end of January 2002. If your car was made in January your in if not your out. The date of manufacture for your car is on the driver's door plaque.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - ---------------------
    Technical Service
    MARCH, 2005
    1999-2002 ELANTRA,
    1999-2003 TIBURON
    This TSB supersedes TSB# 05-01-001 to include additional part information and
    part return shipping instructions.
    Exhaust manifolds on some 1999-2002 Elantra and 1999-2003 Tiburon vehicles with
    2.0L L4 engines may crack and require replacement.
    Inspect the exhaust manifold for cracking and, if necessary, replace the exhaust
    manifold with a new part using the following service procedure.
    NOTE: This photograph shows an example of an exhaust manifold crack. This is
    for illustration of a possible crack location. Cracks may be smaller than
    shown in this photograph.
    Page 2 of 8
    • Models: Elantra and Tiburon vehicles with 2.0L engines
    • Affected Production Date Range:
    • 1999-2002 Elantras: Produced through January 31,2002
    • 1999-2003 Tiburons: Produced through January 31,2002
  • Good afternoon. I was wondering if you were able to find a store that sold the Advance Autocraft Silver 24-5 battery? I live in Texas and have not had any luck finding a store here in the DFW area that carries that particaular battery. I guess Advance Auto might be located up north?? Thanks in advance.
  • There are Advance Autos in Texas; click on this link. Looks like you'll need to drive to Tyler, Abilene or Waco though.
  • Anyone know how many oxygen sensors are on the 2001 Elantra GT?

    I am considering adding a Hyrdocarbon Oxygenator system to my car to improve my engine's efficiency (should increse fuel efficiency at least 5-8 mpg). I'm almost at 100,000 miles now.

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Two that I know of: front and rear. I know because the Hyundai service tech mentioned front and rear O2 sensors when one of them went out a couple of years ago.
  • Just found the Canadian website for Hyundai. They are introducing the 2006 Elantra. Appears that ABS and moonroof will now be standard, at least in Canada. I did a build your car thing and the price for the new Elantra with the options that I specified came to a little over $21,400 Canadian, somewhat over $17K in US dollars.This would be the Elantra GT hatchback with auto tranny. The options I chose added $553 Canadian dollars which were side visors, sunroof deflector, winter wiper blades, block heater, and carpeted floor mats. In Canada, if you choose any color other than black or white there is a $125 charge (Canadian dollars.).
  • I thought the 06 Elantra was going to get a total redesign? This looks exactly the same as the 04-05. Six years is a long time for a single basic design.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    The '07, due next fall, is the redesign. There is a discussion here on that new model. For awhile, there were many erroneous reports that the new design was coming out for '06. But Hyundai seems to be lengthening its product cycles--the Accent was replaced after six years, and the Sonata after 6-1/2 years.
  • you apparently get everything standard except maybe the auto tranny. When I did the build and price it was for a GT 5 door with AT. There was nothing in the options lists except for things like sunroof wind deflector, carpeted or rubber floor mats, locking lug nuts, winter wipers, block heater, side sills, rear spoiler, nose mask, touchup paint, emergency kit, etc, etc, etc. No major items whatsoever in the options list. It seems it is just coming with everything on it standard, so I'm sure the MSRP is going up, also. Wonder if the US will be along the same lines as Canada???? The only thing that would bother me, if US is similar to Canada, would be having to pay extra for a color other than black or white. Guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. I know Hyundai has done things a little different in Canada than they have here, so will be interesting to see what shakes out.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    I just read about 250,000 Elantras are being recalled...something to do with the passenger front seat air bag..
  • smith20smith20 Posts: 256
    Check the Elantra problem and solutions thread . . . there's a discussion about this recall over there.
  • I had to replace the battery in my 2001.5 GT yesterday after almost 4 years of
    Chicago weather and a little over 50K miles, which sounds about average from what I've read in this forum. I had also read the Consumer Reports
    article about the Advanced Auto Silver 24-5, but was told that the GT uses a Battery Group Size 47, a size not reviewed in the CR article.
    I ended up buying a Sears Diehard International for 99 bucks because I'd run out of
    research time and had to get the car running. Has anyone been able to use a standard Group 24 replacement battery (without mods) ?
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    My GT is the same age (2001.5) and I'm going to replace the batt before the snow falls. A little research shows there are only two good choices:

    1) Sears Diehard International $99.99

    2) Interstate Mega-tron $89.99

    For $10 more I'm going for the Diehard as you did. Thanks for the info.
  • But Hyundai seems to be lengthening its product cycles--the Accent was replaced after six years, and the Sonata after 6-1/2 years.

    It makes perfect sense if you think about it: Hyundai is trying to improve their quality reputation, right? When is quality the worst? When a new model is introduced and all the bugs are being worked out. And if they are purposely spending an extra year on the new design to work out the kinks, maybe the new Elantra won't have the quality hit usually associated with new models. Heck, if it is really just a variant of the new Kia Spectra, they can let Kia take the quality hit while they protect the main Hyundai brand. (That would explain why the Spectra was all new as a 2004.5 model while the Elantra gets the redesign 2+ years later.)

    I don't see a six year design cycle as a bad thing, necessarily. If they plan for mid-cycle updates (like the new grill the Elantra got in... 04, was it?), you can keep the design fresh a bit longer.
  • I don't think they still do it, but the first year's hit used to stay in South Korea, as they got the new models a year before we did. I was just remembering the previous Elantra, which was refreshed for 99 and 2000 and redone in 2001. So I figured this one was refreshed for 04 and 05 and would be redone for 2006. And I thought I had heard the 06 would be totally new. Obviously not.
  • New in 07. Like I said, though, it may be that the new models are available in the U.S. as Kias (Spectra == Elantra, more or less).
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    It could be that the '07 Elantra will be a completely different car than the Spectra (e.g. bigger, different platform), due to Hyundai/Kia's strategy to increase the brand differentiation. I haven't seen anything saying that the new Elantra will be a re-skinned Spectra, but maybe it will be. The Elantra may at least have different engines than the Spectra--unless Kia changes those too.
  • I saw a spy photo claiming to be the new Elantra hatch and it looked very much like the Spectra5.
  • FWIW, in my trip over to my local Hyundai dealer yesterday, the sales guy (very briefly!) showed me a brochure of the '06 lineup that included the '06 Elantra. Just got a glimpse and nothing more but the grill definitely looked significantly different than the current model. Makes one wonder why they won't release ANY info on these upcoming cars.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    You could ask the same question about other manufacturers, such as Honda. They are extremely tight-lipped about their new models. Maybe Hyundai is trying to emulate more than just Honda's product quality.
  • gtovritgtovrit Posts: 53
    Long time no check...
    My car was made in July 2001, and it's a 2002 model, so your car is probably covered. A recall like this should have nothing to do with the number of miles on the car.
  • I need a gear shift lock -- something that will 100% prevent would-be robbers/towers from shifting the gear out of Park. Does such a thing exist that will fit the 2001 GT (Automatic)?

    Thanks in advance.
  • HI- I'm new to this forum. I own a new '06 Sonata. The problem is- I do not love the car. I was replacing a 10 year old Honda Accord sedan that I loved. I had done all my research on the Elantra GT and was set to purchase if I liked the test drive. I did.. but I also liked the look and feel of the new Sonata, and the dealer offered such a great deal, that I bought the Sonata.
    Now, 2 months later, I wish I had the Elantra GT because it is the good looking, sporty car I had been looking for.
    Does anyone have experience with both cars and can give me a pro vs. con between the models? I am actually thinking of trading in or selling independently to get something different. Thanks for the help.
  • smith20smith20 Posts: 256
    I have an '04 Elantra GT and I enjoy it very much. However, how do you know that you won't have buyer's remorse if you do in fact get the Elantra GT. When it came time for you to plunk down the money two months ago, for some reason you chose to go with the Sonata so at that time it was the more appealing car.

    I'm not trying to be critical, I just want to point this out because it will certainly cost you a few thousand dollars if you decide to trade in after a few months and you should be sure that switching to the Elantra is going to be worth a few thousand dollars to you compared to sticking with the Sonata. Furthermore if you do switch to the Elantra and it isn't what you think it's going to be, you'll be a few thousand dollars poorer and feeling the same way.

    Even though I own an Elantra, I have my eye on a Sonata and wonder what it's like to own that car, which is just the opposite of you. So this could be a "grass is greener on the other side of the fence" situation.
  • Smith 20-
    I think that you are the same nice person who responded to my MPG question over on the Sonata site.
    I am not sure if I would love the Elantra GT- that is why I asked for feedback from owners.
    BTW- I think the Sonata is a great car- truly an acceptional value. It is very well equipped, super quiet, and extremely roomy on the inside. My only issue is that the steering wheel is too far away for my arms to be comfortable, no matter how I adjust the seat, unless I want my knees crammed into the dash.
    This is a relatively small issue.
    The sportiness is what I miss.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Driver's comfort is very important. That's one of the things I like most about the Elantra--its driving position.

    Before you decide, ask your dealer if you could take a GT on an extended test drive. Many dealers use Elantras as loaners--I got a GT 4-door this fall for a loaner. So maybe you could even rent one for a weekend. That will help you decide if you really like the GT enough to trade in the Sonata.

    You might want to wait a few weeks to trade the Sonata for the Elantra, if you decide to go that route. Rebates on the Elantra are at their lowest point in years. They are bound to go up--not guaranteed, but with year-end coming and also the all-new Elantra out next year, I think rebates on the Elantra are bound to increase. So you might at least wait until the year-end. The other good news is that if there is an owner's loyalty rebate on the Elantra, you would qualify for it! And of course the extra good news is that since the Sonata costs more than the Elantra, you shouldn't have much cash out of pocket in a trade and maybe can walk out with a little cash, depending on the rebate situation.
  • I rented an Elantra (GLS) on a two week vacation, liked it so much I bought one (GT). That might work for you. I rent cars all the time just to try them out.
  • smith20smith20 Posts: 256
    Well comfort is certainly very important, and from what I have seen/read it seems like Hyundai actually took a step backwards on the seat comfort on the Sonata. I think the dual knob adjuster, such as you will find on an Elantra, is very effective for adjusting the driver seat into a comfortable position.

    One thing you might want to consider is that the Elantra is in its final year of the current generation and will be completely redesigned for the 2007 model year. Perhaps if you could wait a year you might be able to get more of the car you desire with more advanced features and technology as is found in your Sonata. Just a thought of another option you might want to consider.

    But as for my experience with my Elantra GT . . . I enjoy it very much . . . so much that it has motivated me to stick around on the Edmunds message boards long after we purchased the car so that I can tell other people about what a good car the Elantra is and what a good company Hyundai is. :)
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